Top 10 Best Healthy Organic Cooking Oils in 2020 – Reviews

Best Healthy Organic Cooking Oils

Simply put, organic oils are derived from naturally grown plants that have been grown without using harmful fertilizers, hormones, and other GMOs. Just being derived from organically grown plants isn’t enough.

This goes as far as the type of seeds which were used and the agricultural methods used including planting and harvesting methods. Again, a lot of emphasis is also put in how the oil is distilled and the post-distillation care offered.

Organic Oils Regulation

Labeling and selling cooking oil as organic wouldn’t be a demanding task if that’s what the consumers wanted. However, to protect the users from manipulation, there are statutory bodies assigned with the role of approving whether the oil is organic or not. What this means is that producing it from organically grown plants isn’t enough. If it hasn’t been approved by the regulatory bodies (for instance, Department of Agriculture, USDA), then, it isn’t organic.

For oils to be certified as organic, 95% of their total ingredients should be organic. Again, they should have a label showing all the organic and inorganic ingredients therein, and the name of the certifying body.

Best Healthy Organic Cooking Oils in 2020


10. Hollywood Safflower Oil


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With 50-years experience in this sector, Hollywood is undoubtedly a leading brand in the production of hygienic organic cooking oil that’s safe for our health. Most cooks prefer calling this Safflower Oil a kitchen pal due to its versatility. It can be used almost anywhere where oil is needed. It has a high boiling point and doesn’t bring additional colors or unwanted flavors to your food.

Again, its ingredients are all natural and have also been pressed with natural expellers. This organic cooking oil is loaded with Vitamin E to not only make your meals delicious but also healthy.

9. Piping Rock Macadamia Nut Oil Cold Pressed


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This Macadamia Nut Cooking oil claims to have more good acid than olive oil. Again, it has a higher smoke point making it ideal for the preparation of various recipes. It’s obtained through the first press of Australian Macadamia.

If you have a problem managing your cholesterol levels, then Piping Rock Macadamia Oil will aid in stabilizing it. This oil won’t add an overly irritating smell of the nuts in the food. You can also take it as a supplement and use it for massage.

8. Better Body Foods Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


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This organic coconut oil by Better Body is an excellent replacement of cooking oil or butter. It’s derived from the first press of organically grown healthy coconut through chemical-free cold pressing.

Again, it’s Kosher and USDA certified. It has a light sweet aroma on your fries and cookies. Since it’s coconut oil, this product is loaded with good fats which act as direct sources of energy for your body. Moreover, you can use it in place of your makeup remover or as a skin moisturizer.

7. Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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While most cooking oils are sold as extra virgin, not many of them are near the qualities required for extra virgin oil. However, most of our honest reviewers and oil experts seemed to be highly impressed by the qualities of Olive Oil.

It’s USDA certified and has been derived from the first press of high-quality olives. It’s a perfectly healthy choice for a variety of uses in the kitchen. It can be used for sautéing, salads, fries, marinating, etc.

6. Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Zoe strives hard to meet international standards required of all olive oil producers. Consequently, their extra virgin oil has received several awards including the ‘’Best Choice’’ and ‘’Fruitiest Oil.’’

This high-quality oil is a result of much effort and dedication put to deliver the best out of a unique combination of Cornicabra olive groves and other freshly picked fruits, pepper, basil, and artichoke heart. This Spanish oil is somehow darker in color than other cheaply pressed oils since only the best goes in their pressers.

5. Sky Organics Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


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Scientists and nutritionists have of late discovered numerous health benefits associated with coconut oil. And now, Sky Organics load all those benefits in a 16.9 FL Oz container and bring it to you at a very pocket-friendly price tag.

This oil has exceeded the requirements of both the USDA and Kosher. Sky Organics derive the oil through mechanical pressing at extremely low temperatures required to protect the health nutrients. This coconut oil will aid in your digestion and will also give you a good-looking vibrant skin.

4. Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


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From Carrington Farms, in the Philippines, this is the best-selling coconut oil on Amazon today. Derived from the healthy fresh meat of coconuts means this extra virgin oil traps loads of nutritious elements in it.

This oil will not only help you in improving your metabolism but in managing your weight as well. Carrington Organic Oil has been reached at without the addition of any bleaches or deodorants. Again, it’s Kosher certified and doesn’t contain any gluten or GMOs.

3. Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil


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This Extra Virgin Organic Oil by Nature’s Way is what your family needs for healthy living. It can be used in various ways. For instance, some of your family members will be applying it on the skin and hair. It’s loaded with beneficial components that help in fighting dandruff and lice. When used on the skin, it helps in combating acne, pimples.
Again, it can be taken orally as a dietary supplement. Taking 1-4 tablespoon daily will assist in improving your digestion process and rate of metabolism. You can also use it for cooking or in dressing your salads.

2. Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil


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This is another great offer from Nutiva. At the price that these 2 packs come at, you must admit that eating unhealthy oil is now by choice, not budget constraints.

This oil can be used for baking, sautéing, or in salads. It’s loaded with ‘’good fats’’ which are a natural source of energy for our bodies. You can also opt to use it as a natural skin care product. Previous users appreciated its slightly sweet smell and great taste too which makes eating it easy.

1. Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


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Coconut oil is always more beneficial in its unrefined form. That’s the secret that Viva Labs has relied on to come up with the most reviewed and highly rated all-natural oil today. With 15,000+ positive reviews, you need to give this oil a chance.

This oil can be taken as a supplement to help in weight management. Again, it has a way of bringing everyone to the table and holding them from the appetizer to the desert. It’s also good in skin re-hydration and hair care.


So far, organic coconut oils have proved to be the most versatile with several ways of taking them. Viva Labs Organic Coconut has been the most reviewed in this category, and we can’t hesitate to flag it off as the best. However, this doesn’t denote the fact that other organic oils also have numerous benefits in our health. For those who prefer olive oil, you have Zoe and Kirkland Signature just a click away.


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