Top 20 Best Hawaiian Shirts for Men in 2022

Best Hawaiian Shirts

A shirt is an upper body garment having a collar and sleeves with the front opening enclosed by buttons. It can be made of different fabrics such a poplin, satin, linen, etc. The first linen shirt discovered belongs to the First Dynasty Egyptian tomb at Tarkan which dates back to the 3000bc. One of the most popular types of shirt worn today is the Hawaiian shirts, also called the Aloha shirts, meaning a casual wear. The Hawaiian shirts are has originated in Hawaii. At first the Japanese tailors started making shirts from the left-over materials of Kimono but in 1936 a shirt producer termed the particular type of shirt as Aloha shirts and started to provide them to the local civilians through his own store named as Ruler Smith in Waikiki.

Hawaiian shirts are also named as Aloha shirts which portraits a sense of warmth and welcome towards its tourists. The Aloha shirts represent the culture, lifestyle and attitude of the Hawaiian people. They were initially made of the leftover Kimono dress materials and the first store was at Waikiki to sell the Hawaiian shirts.

List of 20 Best Hawaiian Shirts for Men in 2022

Janduakar Mens Casual Flower Print Hibiscus Short Sleeve Hawaiian Aloha Shirt (Blackflower,L)$11.99Buy on Amazon
LA LEELA Men’s Spread Collar Palm Tree Button Down Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt L Blue_W132$23.66Buy on Amazon
LA LEELA Men’s Vintage Palm Tree Beach Camp Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt M Orange_W138$21.10Buy on Amazon
Palm Wave Men’s Hawaiian Shirt Aloha Shirt L White with Navy Floral$19.99Buy on Amazon
V.H.O. Funky Hawaiian Shirt, Shortsleeve, Surf, Blue, L$17.99Buy on Amazon
SSLR Men’s Pineapple Casual Button Down Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt (Large, Navy)$24.00Buy on Amazon
Hotouch Mens Hibiscus Tropical Shirt Aloha Hawaiian Shirts Navy Blue L$27.99Buy on Amazon
SIR7 Men’s Hawaiian Flower Ptint Casual Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt Pink XL$15.99Buy on Amazon
JEETOO Men’s Pineapple Floral Short Sleeve Hawaiian Aloha Shirt, Blue, Large$16.99Buy on Amazon
Made in Hawaii! Men’s Hibiscus Flower Classic Hawaiian Shirt Collection (3XL, RED/White)$28.99Buy on Amazon
Brooklyn Athletics Men’s Hawaiian Aloha Shirt Vintage Casual Button Down Tee, Black Pineapple,…$17.99Buy on Amazon
Tipsy Elves The Tall Martini Hawaiian Shirt: MediumBuy on Amazon
Men’s Hawaiian Shirt Aloha Shirt L Vintage Blue Pineapple Floral$25.00Buy on Amazon
Amazon Brand – 28 Palms Men’s Standard-Fit Tropical Hawaiian Shirt, Sunset Scenic Light Blue, LargeBuy on Amazon
SSLR Men’s Cotton Button Down Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt (Medium, Red Hibiscus)$19.90Buy on Amazon
LA LEELA Men’s Regular Fit Palm Tree Button Up Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt XL Blue_W140$24.43Buy on Amazon
Hawaiian Shirt 35 Mens Bamboo Tree Print Beach Aloha Party Holiday Turquoise XL$19.24Buy on Amazon
ALVISH Hawaiian Shirt 43 Mens Allover Scenic Party Aloha Holiday Beach Turquoise L$18.72Buy on Amazon
Hawaiian Shirts for Men 42 Tropical Palm Trees Print Aloha Holiday Beach wear Purple$10.99Buy on Amazon
SSLR Men’s Flamingos Casual Short Sleeve Aloha Hawaiian Shirt (Medium, Blue)$19.00Buy on Amazon

20. JEETOO Men Flower Print Aloha Shirts

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These cool and casual looking shirts are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester which       makes’ it comfortable as well as light weight. The beautiful prints with flamboyant colours set in the mood for a beach vacation or tour on the cruise. They even have a utility pocket on the front part of the shirt. These shirts give quite a pleasant feel and are also easily available at a quite moderate price.

19. LA LEELA Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt

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These ultra-stylish shirts are quite smooth and light weight and made up of likre material. They have an opening in the front part of the shirt enclosed by buttons all the way down. The best part about these shirts are that their colour neither fade away nor do they shrink after washing and even their maintenance is pretty low cost as they don’t require any special attention and be washed easily within the machine.

18. LA LEELA Shirt Casual Button Down Short Sleeve Beach 

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This kind of Aloha shirts are made of a special type of material named terivoile that feels like silk when draped on the body. This textile is made in a process by weaving polyester hence making it breathable. It keeps oneself cool even under the sun during the scorching heat of the summer. It might feel like silk but doesn’t need any special attention. It doesn’t even get wrinkles which add on to its speciality.

17. Palm Wave Men Aloha Shirts

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Made of 100% cotton this breeze material shirt makes an excellent and trendy outfit for the summers. They form a perfect gift be it friend, boyfriend or family. These shirts can be gifted on occasions as well as just as an appreciation gift. They come with coconut buttons and also with an utility shirt pocket on the fore part. They are suitable for any kind of beach vacation, beach party or for a casual walk along the park.

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16. V.H.O Funky Hawaiian Shirt for Men Shortsleeve

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The 100% terivoile made shirts come in a variety of flamboyant colours such as purple, green, turquoise, red and orange. The comfortable fit of the shirt is its real eye-catcher. The quality of fabrics used for the making of these shirts is of premium kind and better than the rest of its competitors. It has a front pocket which makes it easy to carry small items and is made in a way of casual button down shirt.

15. SSLR Pineapple Cotton Shirt

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The perfectly tailored shirts portray a feel of the Hawaiian beaches with its exotic pineapple prints. Being made of 100% cotton, it feels very soft and comfortable. Its features include collars, short sleeves, rounded hem and also a short pocket at the front. It is generally made in China and can be machine washed. They generally made of the button down shirt type and a great outfit for the beaches.

14. HOTOUCH Men’s Tropical Floral Print Shirt

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The Aloha shirts are sure to make the heads turn and mark the advent of the summers. These shirts are made of either 70% polyester and 30% spandex or 95% cotton and 5% spandex. They are not only comfortable to wear but also provide cooling effect during the hot weathers. Its bright yet subdued colours are suitable for all age types. They are just perfect for holidaying by the beaches.

13. SIR7 Men’s Hawaiian Flower Print Casual Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt

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The premium quality shirts are made of 100% cotton. The shirts can be worn at various occasions including beach parties, colleges, business trips and they look quite fashionable. Professional printing technologies make the shirts look quite vibrant and colourful and even the colours don’t fade away after washing and are also provided with anti-wrinkle facility. They are a great form of gift for any occasion.

12. JEETOO Men’s Pineapple Floral Short Sleeve Hawaiian Aloha Shirt

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The slim fit casual aloha shirts are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. These poplin shirts have buttoned cuffs and buttoned up-front. No bleach is required to be used and simple hand washing is enough. It is a very relaxing t-shirt for a pleasant and enjoyable vacation as well as any formal and business trips. It gives a crisp silhouettes look around the sleeve and chest of the one wearing it.

11. Alohawears Clothing Company Hibiscus Flower Shirts

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These Aloha shirts made in the home-grown companies i.e. Hawaii itself. They are made of 100% cotton which gives a very delightful feeling even in the summers on the coastal areas. These shirts come in a variety of colours and the eye catchy part of the shirts is that they have dual printed colours on every shirt, the base colour is one and the hibiscus are made of a contrasting colour.

10. Brooklyn Athletic Men’s Hawaiian Shirts

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These shirts are made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester that make it super comfortable and come in an athletic or slim fit size. The Hawaiian shirts are made in a reverse pattern and faded designs through Hawaiian inspired designs to lift up the retro look through casual t-shirts. They give a very vintage look and come in various prints such as aqua leaves, black pineapples, blue pattern, pink flamingo, etc.

9. Hawaiian shirts for Spring Break and Summer

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These Hawaiian shirts are made of funky colours and their patterns are all the more jazzy. This button down Aloha shirts are have quirky graphic patterns inspired from the coastal areas be it palm leaves, pink flamingos or bananas. They can be worn with any subdued coloured shorts or trousers such as tan, off-white or black. Made of comfortable material they are a great summer wear.

8. Hawaii Hangover Men’s Shirt Aloha Shirt The New Classic Map Flamingo

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These 100% cotton soft shirts have brought back the classic designs of the coast which includes the pictures of flamingos, palm trees in a white and navy collar theme. This button down shirts have coconut buttons and have a matching left pocket where one can easily carry small items easily. The shirts are also packaged with extra buttons for the convenience of the user.

7. Amazon Brand Cotton Tropical Hawaiian Shirts

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These shirts are quite fashionable and can be worn either on beaches as well as for the formal business tours. They are made of 100% cotton with vibrant prints that adds on to the tropical feel of the shirts. These shirts have coconut buttons with left chest pocket and are quite at the chest. They have side hem with chest vents and the sunny beach prints on the shirts give it a tropical look

6. SSLR Men’s Cotton Button Down Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt

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These Hawaiian shirts have taken the world by storm due to its light weight and jazzy nature. These shirts come in a variety of colours and are a perfect fit for any vacation like camp, cruise, sun beaches, etc. They can be washed either by machine or with hands and hence are quite low maintenance product. These shirts are quite easy going and the perfect blend of design, colours and materials make it stand out.

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5. Regular Fit camp Palm tree Hawaiian Shirt

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These shirts are made of terivoile material which has anti wrinkle quality. They are versatile in nature and feels’ smooth when worn. They are form an ideal outfit for cruise parties, resort vacations, Caribbean evening theme party, bachelor stag party, etc. These shirts depict the tropical coast of the Caribbean islands and give a refreshing feel when worn. They can be worn as beach wear, swimwear, beach weddings, casual wear, etc.

4. Hawaiian Bamboo Tree Print Beach Shirt

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These Hawaiian shirts are made of 100% polyester and are free from getting wrinkles. They have bamboo prints and even flower prints that makes them look extremely exotic. These shirts have machine stitched front pockets and coconut buttons which adds on to the oomph. They are light weight and short sleeved that makes one feel comfortable all the time.

3. Ocean Scenic Camp Party Aloha Holiday Beach Shirts

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These Hawaiian stylish shirts have camp collars and short sleeves and have button closure. The fabric used for the production of these shirts is polyester which is of a premium quality and makes it extremely comfortable. These shirts have genuine wooden or coconut shell buttons that adds the extra bit of attractiveness. They are quite an amazing outfit within the moderate price range that they come in.

2. Men’s All-overs Coconut Tree Print Beach

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These shirts come in strongly contrasting colours which are quite the head turners in the crowd. Made of soft 100% polyester textile they are one of its kind. These products are free from defects and are assured to make one comfortable throughout the day. Bleaches should not be used on these shirts and are required to be dried in shade and ironed low for its cleaning and maintenance.

1. SSLR Men’s Flamingos Casual Short Sleeve Aloha Hawaiian Shirt

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These voguish looking shirts come in a variety of brilliant colours such as blue, red, yellow, black, etc. These shirts are straight fit in shape that gives a crisp look to the personality of the person wearing it. They are super comfortable and an amazing outfit for the summer vacations on the coastal areas. Made of 100% polyester they don’t get wrinkles, hence making it look fresh at all times.

Benefits of having Hawaiian Shirts

The Hawaiian shirts have different kind of patterns on them and are usually short sleeved with a pocket on the left chest which makes it convenient to carry mobiles or wallets for men. They have buttons for the entire length or sometimes just up to the chest. Conventionally Aloha shirts were manufactured for the local residents of Hawaii with quilt, tapa or simple floral patterns. But in the recent times the quirky designs and patterns of palm trees, drinks, surf boards and other island tropical components have replaced the traditional patterns of quilt and floral designs to make it look more modernised. The printing pattern of these shirts are generally on the interiors, hence, the colours on the exteriors are more subdued and dim and gives the vibe of the warm tropical surroundings. Earlier it was cotton and silk that was used for the production of the Aloha shirts, whereas rayon, the first synthetic fibre was not appropriate until 1940s.

The climatic conditions of Hawaii are mostly moderate, but due to its closeness to the equator, the sun’s rays are generally strong out there. The Hawaiian shirts or the Aloha shirts are ideal for such weather conditions. The Hawaiian shirts’ makes even a short sleeved shirt look simply classy. Due to its unique and colourful patterns it can be paired with any light neutral tone colours such as white, grey or tan coloured shorts whether for a casual stroll on the shores of the island or a walk in the park. The Hawaiian shirts are like the fashion renaissance throughout the world. People belonging to different parts of the world, has added different meanings to it. For some it is the cool and casual vacation wear whereas for some it means the office formals as they are considered equivalent to the formal coat pant and tie. Due to its soft hues and comfortable fabric, the Hawaiian shirts look very pleasant and enjoyable. The Hawaiian shirts are very popular among the men society and it also reflects the culture, lifestyle, personality and attitude of Hawaii. People with a quirky sense of style can easily wear these shirts to parties and outings. The prints of the Hawaiian shirts prominently depict the mood of joyfulness and glee.


The trend of the Hawaiian shirts are here to stay and not fade away. In the recent future it is rather expected to grow more in its popularity not only in Hawaii but also in the whole world. The Hawaiian shirts are a quintessential symbol of Hawaii. Today the Hawaiian shirts are sold by a variety of brands and can be found anywhere and everywhere. We can find them in our local markets as well as online stores. Due to its rich colours and comfortable material it is a must have for every man in his wardrobe.


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