Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines for Any Purpose & Budget


Cleaning floors can be a real pain in the neck: the incredibly repetitive and boring motions; hands get tired very quickly; the back starts to hurt about 10 minutes in, and after you are done, you smell like chemicals.

Additionally, if you are mopping up wood floorings, you can go overboard with the amounts of the cleansing formula damaging your flooring in the end. Due to the fact that I have been a carpenter for over ten years, I know this aspect, and even I wear down my floor in my house.

However, as it turns out, there is a solution to this. I have never really considered floor cleaning machines a viable option for me. However, I was incredibly impressed with one of them when I started using these machines some time ago. 

Now, I am eager to share my experience of using floor cleaning machines with the world via this article. To preserve your wood and other types of floors, you have to choose a correct one for yourself.

7 Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines to Check

I organized the currently best cleaning devices into a nice list down below. The list contains my personal favorites as well as some recommendations regarding the cleaning machines. I have picked out one ‘best’ (in my opinion) item and one premium item.

I ordered the other entries on the list in a specific way, starting with those that offer the best quality and best value. I also tried to keep the list balanced by including options of cleaning gadgets that distinctly different from each other. These floor cleaning gadgets are the best ones that are currently available to all.

1. BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940 – Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner Overall

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Bissel is the biggest maker of products for floor care in the whole of North America. This company trumps the competition and dominates the market with about 20% market share. Bissell is a well-established business with a long and respectable history.

The company has gained such respect for itself as a result of continuously bringing excellent products to its clients. This cleaning machine is an excellent example of the quality that you can expect from this company. This tool is a powerful combination of the extreme killing of germs and convenient cleaning.

Firstly, this cleaning gadget is suitable for all kinds of hard surfaces. Sealed hardwoods, tiles, linoleum floorings – this cleaning gadget can do anything. This cleaning machine offers multiple modes in order to deal with various types of dirt in the most effective way possible. The modes change the amount of steam output, leaving no chance to dirt.

However, when I was using this machine, I felt like the modes do not change much. The thing is that the steam coming out is not that substantial between the modes. Do not take my word the wrong way, after using this gadget, there was no dirt to be found. Most of the time, the lowest-powered mode was enough to do the job.

The manufacturers have conducted their research on customer preferences comprehensibly because they added a nice feature that similarly-priced cleaning machines lack. The feature is Spring Breeze fragrance discs. It adds that the recognizable and pleasant smell that regular mops leave behind.

What you get with this cleaning gadget is a collection of accessories for this product, encompassing two pads for mopping with one being scrubby and the other soft and two Spring Breeze disks. The scrubby pad is for especially hard cases like dried, impossible-to-remove stains.

Both of the pads are made out of microfiber, which is a big boost for the efficacy of cleaning. Additionally, the cleaning machine is extremely easy to handle: the steering combined with an impressively long cord makes cleaning an enjoyable task.

This cleaning machine is my top pick. I believe that this cleaning machine has nailed the optimal correlation between performance and cost. The mid-range price and the exceptional performance makes this cleaning machine a great choice for everybody.

2. BISSELL, 2554A CrossWave – Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine

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Yes, another product from Bissell: it just exhibits how awesome a Bissell company is. Bissell CrossWave is what I would consider a professional wood floor cleaning machine. This machine is what I would have chosen if my job was to clean floors every day.

This cleansing gadget is an excellent tool that costs appropriately. This is my premium pick. If you have money and desire to spend them on the quality cleaning machine, then this is the choice for you. For the premium price, you will be getting quality and great performance.

This cleansing gadget is one of the best that Bissell has to offer when it comes to cleaning floors. The gadget provides you with outstanding cleaning capabilities like flexible turning, vacuuming, and mopping both the floors and rugs.

First of all, it is cordless – no annoying cord will get in the way, and you will not trip upon it. Just get this cleansing gadget out of the closet, turn it on, and start cleaning! Secondly, the power supply in the cleansing gadget is 36V: it is the most powerful battery in this type of device. The incredible suction will get rid of any floor dirt!

Moreover, this cleaning machine has two separate tanks so that the unclean liquids do not get mixed with the cleaning solution. On top of the tank with dirty water, there is a supreme filter. It picks up the debris and cleans up the water so that your floor would not get washed by unclean liquids after a couple of minutes of use.

This cleansing gadget has an intricate brushing mop head that was specially designed by Bissell engineers. It is unique in that it works on many floor types. The pivoting head makes the cleaning machine usable even in the tightest corners. Additionally, the cushy handle has a smart place switch on it, with which you can choose between modes for rugs and floors.

When you buy this cleaning machine, you get quite a lot for your money. You receive a total of 16 oz. of multi-surface solution, 16 oz. of liquid for pets, a dirty tank strainer, the uniquely designed brush, and a 3-in-1 docking station where you will charge up your cleansing device.

As soon as you receive this cleansing gadget, you can use it. It assembles instantaneously and intuitively. The only problem with this gadget is, of course, its price.

3. BISSELL SpinWave Powered Mop and Cleaner, 2039A – Amazing Hardwood Floor Scrubber

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And yet another excellent product from Bissell, but do not think that this is another steam mop from this company. Bissell SpinWave has a bit of twist to it: it is an electric spin mop.

The tank on this cleansing gadget can contain up to 28 oz. of cleaning formula. The spray is not automatic, so you have complete control over how much water to use. There are also two buttons on the handle: they spray different amounts of water so that nothing gets wasted in the end.

This cleansing gadget has inside of it a powerful motor that spins the two mop heads. This aspect makes this cleaning gadget perfect for people who have some problems with their back and movement in general. The only thing that the operator of the cleansing gadget has to do is simply guide the device where needed.

Nonetheless, be careful when there is not a lot of water in the tank. This cleansing gadget can get out of control without any weight pushing it to the ground.

4. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multifunctional Steam Mop: Excellent Electric Wood Floor Cleaner Machine

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Do you hate cleaning damp areas like the tiles in your bathrooms? Well, Light ‘n’ Easy has a solution for you. This trademark is quickly gaining popularity due to the quality of the products the company puts out. The Light ‘n’ Easy Multifunctional Steam Mop is an excellent mix of cleaning efficiency and portability.

This hardwood floor washer has an incredibly comfortable handle, so your hands do not tire after long cleaning sessions. It is also remarkably light, which is a contributing factor to the easy of this gadget’s use. This cleansing device and so even the highest points inside your house can be reached. However, this gadget does its best when it cleans the stains, as well as dirt that accumulates over the years.

One negative point of this cleaning device that should be pointed out is its small water capacity. At maximum, the device can contain only enough liquid for about 10 minutes. This is not a problem for someone who lives in a small flat, but if you live in a big house, then maybe you should consider other options.

5. Bona Premium Hardwood Floor Spray Mop: The Best Hard Floor Cleaner When It Comes to Simplicity

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If you do not want to get bogged down with the mechanics and technicalities of your cleaning machine, then Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop is perfect for you. The well-established brand, Bona, had a simple concept, which they realized in the form of this cleaning device.

The biggest plus of this gadget is its easy-to-use nature. Just fill the tank, turn it on, and let it do the magic. Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop has an amazingly absorbent mop pad that picks up all of the dirt from your floor.

One thing to note is that if your floor is made out of dark woods, then this mop may leave streaks after using it on the floor. I did not experience it, but a number of people who bought the produce indicated this.

6. Oreck ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine – The Best Wood Floor Cleaner Machine for Outdoors

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Do you need an effective and industry-level floor cleaner for your business? If so, then Oreck Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine is the answer you have been looking for for so long. This cleaning device can be easily used on any floor. In its essence, this device is not a mop by no means, but rather it is a floor buffer.

Oreck Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine is the most popular option on the market when it comes to a floor buffer. The insane torque of the motor that spins the brush puts this cleaning device into the category of industrial-level tools.

Buying this floor buffer is not the best option if you just need a mop for your home. It cannot clean crowded place, and it never was meant to complete such tasks. Oreck Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine is in another category of cleaners. It is something that you would see cleaning the halls of a big conference building.

7. Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop – 3 in 1 – Great Scrubber Machine to Clean Hardwood Floors

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Another cordless instrument, but be wary! This one is not a steam mop: Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop is a spinning scrubber. This product came from Gladwell, a brand that emphasizes creating exemplary customer service.

This instrument is a versatile one, being able to do waxing and quick spraying apart from mopping. Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop has two high RPM motors inside: they are incredibly fast. So much so, that it feels like you are polishing your floor clean.

The gadget’s base is incredibly thin, making it very comfortable to use. However, the base can break after significant pressure, because it is so thin.

How to Choose the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner Machine for You

Hard Floor Cleaner Machine

Now, let us review how does one choose a floor cleaning machine. As you have seen, all devices have some pros and some cons. Here is how to come to a final decision.

First Things First – Define Your Budget

There is an incredible number of mops, scrubbers, brushers, and other floor cleaning machines available only. The price range varies a lot: some machines cost as little as a couple of outings to McDonald’s while others break the ‘hundreds of dollars’ mark.

Do not waste your time looking at and learning about the products you will never buy. Set a price range within which you can comfortably pick a good floor cleaning machines. While not setting the limit too high is self-evident, do not set it too low. You do not want to get a floor cleaner replacement each month.

Reviews Are Great, But Think about the Floors You Have

I know the feeling: reading countless reviews can disorient you. After learning so much information on various floor types and floor cleaners, you may end up buying something that is not best suited for your particular situation. The second thing to pay attention to after the budget is the floor types in your house/apartment.

Different floor types require different approaches to cleaning. For example, laminate flooring requires a minimal amount of water, so that it does not start to warp or even worse – come off from the foundation. So, in this situation, a floor cleaner with spinning mop heads would be perfect.

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laminate floor type

Tile flooring is in stark contrast to laminate flooring, as the former requires a lot of water plus a mop with a very detailed and aggressive mop head. This will allow the floor cleaner to get all of the gunk and old dirt out of the spaces between tiles.

The more research you will do on your floor types, the less are the chances that you will degrade your floor. You do not want to destroy your floor, as the floor repairment bills are extremely high. You can optionally talk to the manufacturer of your flooring to get some more insight on this matter.

Also, after researching various floor types, you will know exactly what you need. The time spent on choosing a floor cleaner will bу much less.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Only at this point in your floor cleaner choosing journey would benefit from customer reviews. Narrow down the list to the top 3, and then Google the product names, actively looking for customer reviews. The reviews will bring you crucial insight that you might have never got just by reading product descriptions.

As was mentioned above: all products have pros and cons. There is no perfect floor cleaner that will work on every surface efficiently and without leaving any marks behind. In the review section, you will find a lot of useful information that you will use when making a final decision.

Also, while you are reading customer reviews, you might find that some of the people refer to or even recommend other floor cleaners that you did not even initially find. Be sure to check out those too! More often than not, the best performing product is the one that attracts the least attention.

Is It Comfortable?

Last but not least: do not forget to think about whether the floor cleaner suits you in terms of its comfortability. Think about such questions as: “Is it too heavy for me?” “Is it too big for me?” “Do I have to bend over to use it?” and so on.

If you bought some floor cleaner and it is just not comfortable to use, then send it back and ask for a refund. Either you or your loved one will be using the floor cleaner pretty frequently and consistently.

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steam cleaner

I have also researched the internet and found the most popular questions asked about floor cleaning devices and floor cleaning in general. Here are the answers.

Are Steam Cleaners Good for Hardwood Floors?

Most of the steam cleaners perform just great on hardwood floors — however, not all of them. In general, steam cleaners do not spray out enough water to hurt the floor. You want to always use the lowest steam output mode possible on the steam cleaner, not to deteriorate the wood.

Also, do not mistake sealed and open hardwood floors. On open wood flooring (also called unsealed), a steam floor cleaner is not recommended to use. That is the most efficient way to destroy your floor.

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What Is the Best Thing to Use to Clean Hardwood Floors?

If preserving the wood is the most important thing to you, then the safest way would be using a regular mop and microfiber dust mop. Firstly, wash the floor with a very light cleaning solution and then use the microfiber dust mop. But this an ideal option.

Of course, I understand that nobody in the world has this much time to waste on the floor, so any of the steam floor cleaners set to the lowest output will do. I prefer the floor cleaners with spinning mop heads for hardwoods, because I can control the water and cleaning solution output.

How Often Should You Mop Wood Floors?

In areas with a lot of people coming through constantly like a kitchen or corridor, mop the floor once or twice a week. In more secluded areas, you should mop the floor once a month.

After All of the Hard Floor Cleaner Machine Reviews

Thank you for reading the article. Hopefully, you have learned quite a lot about floor cleaning. I led you on a small excursion through various floor cleaning machines, discussed with you what is the most optimal way to choose a floor cleaner and answered the most popular questions on floor cleaning.

I chose Bissell PowerFresh as my top pick because I believe that it is the best option for most people. I recommend it to all my real-life friends when they ask for my advice. And I recommend you to consider this option as well.

Now, I would love to hear back from you! Did you like the article? Which option from the list you liked the most? Let me know in the comments below!


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