Top 10 Best Hair Dryer in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Hair Dryer

Whether your hair is thick, fine, curly or straight, a hair dryer is a must-have item. Hair dryers help you look good and ready for any occasion that comes your way. Apart from styling different looks, they also come in handy when you need to dry wet hair and get rid of frizz and tangles.

With several brands and models out there, we understand that finding the right hair dryer can be problematic. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 10 of the best hair dryers that will be worthwhile in this review.

Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing The Best Hair Dryer

  • Hair Type: When it comes to choosing the best hair dryer you need to consider your hair type. If your hair is thick or curly, you will need a powerful hair dryer that can produce high temperatures. On the other hand, if your hair is thin or fine, a lightweight one will do.
  • Temperature: Just like I mentioned above, thick or curly hair requires high temperatures than fine or thin hair. When looking for the perfect option, consider the heat settings and your hair type before buying. In addition, it’s important to check if the heat and speed setting can be adjusted separately. You will find some dryers have temperatures and speed functions in one place which means that if you want to change the heat you will change the speed too. This can be annoying especially if you want your hair dryer to go faster but release cooler air.
  • Weight: Many people do not pay attention to how much their hair dryers weigh, it is a very important factor. If you have thick, long hair you will find that a heavy hair dryer can be tiresome. A lighter hair dryer is easier to use and works faster than a bulky one. It is advisable to carry a lightweight one even when traveling
  • Technology: Most hair dryers use tourmaline and ionic technology. This technology can make a difference in how soft your hair can be. These technologies are known to make your hair look healthy and shiny while minimizing heat damage. The tourmaline technology also helps in minimizing drying time.
  • Cord: You need to pay attention to the length of the cord especially if you don’t use your hair dryer in one place. If you are operating a salon business you will need a hair dryer with a longer cord. This will enable you to move around freely as you style your client. In case you are traveling or you need to dry your hair in front of the mirror and the plug is far, opt for the one with a longer cord too.
  • Wattage: Once again your hair type will determine which hair dryer wattage is suitable for you. If your hair is thick and curly it is wise to choose a hairdryer with 1600-2000 watts; for normal to medium hair look into a range of 1300-1800 wattage; for thin, fine or damaged hair consider hair dryers with 1200-1500 watts.
  • Attachments: Attachments like diffusers and concentrators can greatly improve how you want your wear your hairstyle. For example, diffusers are a better option for ladies with curly hair since they provide bouncy and soft results. On the other hand, concentrators curb frizz if you have damaged and thick hair. In addition, they also help if you want to wear your hair in waves and curls.

Why You Need a Hair Dryer

  • Styling Hair: Hair dryers are handy when you need to style your hair in a hurry for any occasion. For instance, some come with attachments such as a diffuser, straightening comb and concentrator nozzle that you can use to style your hair straight, curly or wavy.
  • Eliminate Frizz: They use special technology such as ions, tourmaline, and infrared heat to leave you with healthy and smooth hair that is frizz-free.
  • Dry Wet Hair: Just like the name suggests, hair dryers are mainly used to dry wet hair especially after showering or even if you have been rained on.

Best Hair Dryer in 2022


10. Jinri 1875W Negative Ionic Far Infrared Blow Dryer with Diffuser Straightening and 2 Speed 3 Heat Setting

This is another amazing hair dryer by Jinri. If you are looking for a compact hair dryer that you can carry with you on your road trips or when traveling then I would recommend this one. It is powerful enough to dry your air up to 50% faster.

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With technology such as negative ions and far infrared, you are left with soft, shiny, healthy and heat damage-free hair. It comes with 3 attachment nozzles that allow you to style your hair whether straight, curly or wavy. The 3-heat and 2-speed setting allow perfect use for all types of hair. Last of all, this product comes with a 2 years warranty.

9. VASLON 1875W Negative Ionic Ceramic With Cold Shot Button,2 Speeds 3 Heat Settings,1 Diffuser and 2 Concentrator Nozzle, Black

This ETL Certified Valson Hairdryer uses Tourmaline Ionic Technology to leave you with a smooth, frizz-free and shiny hair. If you are traveling and looking for a lightweight dryer then this is the one. It comes with a diffuser and two concentrators that will greatly help in styling your hair. With its powerful, long-life AC motor, your hair will dry in a matter of minutes and you will enjoy using it for a long time.

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There is flexibility when it comes to styling thanks to the adjustable speed and heat settings plus cool shot button. This helps to prevent heat damaged hair. Furthermore, it comes with an air filter that works to keep the dryer easy to clean and durable.

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8. Jinri 1875W Ionic Ceramic Far Infrared Blow Dryer

Topping our list is another ingenious hair dyer by Jinri. It not only leaves your hair smooth and shiny but also frizz-free. This hair dryer uses negative ions technology and infrared function to lock in moisture and protect your hair from heat damage. It uses a durable AC motor that distributes heat evenly on your hair to dry faster and avoid hot spots. The 3 temperature and 2-speed settings and cool shot button provide much-needed flexibility when it comes to styling.

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With attachments such as concentrator nozzle, straightening comb Pik and a Diffuser, styling your hair straight, curly or wavy is a breeze. The air filter is removable and ensures the dryer works perfectly and is easy to clean. Lastly, it has passed ETL and ROHS certification and comes with a 1-year replacement and 2 years warranty which is an added advantage.

7. Jinri  1875W Negative Ionic Ceramic With 2 Speed, 3 Heat Settings Cold Shot Button, (violet)

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If you are looking for a lightweight hair dryer that will leave your hair smooth and silky then this Jinri Hair dryer is your go-to product. It not only leaves your hair frizz-free but also locks in moisture thereby protecting your hair from heat damage. You can style your hair with precision thanks to the included diffuser and concentrator nozzle. This hair dryer features low noise and uses 1875 watts to dry your hair faster without getting fatigued. It also features 3 adjustable modes for temperature setting and 2 High/low speeds setting and a cool shot button making it very flexible to use.

This hair dryer uses Ions technology that gets rid of static electricity that is caused by styling and helps to eliminate frizz while still maintain hair’s moisture. In addition, it has Tourmaline Ceramic coating that provides heat distribution evenly to dry the hair inside out quickly. Lastly, it comes with a 1-year replacement and 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.

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6. Beautural 1875W Ionic, 3 Heat Levels & 2 Speeds Settings, Cool Airflow, Concentrator & Diffuser Attachments – Black

Beautural Hair Dryer does wonders when it comes to eliminating frizz. It uses ionic technology to lock in moisture to keep your hair frizz-free, silky and healthy. With the included attachment such as diffuser and concentrator, you can style your hair straight or wavy. It comes with 3 adjustable heat level and 2-speed settings plus an additional cool air button that ensures you get the right temperatures for styling your hair.

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This hair dryer is lightweight and has an ergonomic design that allows comfortable use from any angle. In addition, it has an air intake filter that makes cleaning easy and enhances protection. This product has a 30-day full refund, just in case you aren’t satisfied with it and 12-month warranty with responsive customer service.

5. Berta 1875w Four Accessories Negative Ionic Ceramic 2 Speed, 3 Heat Settings, Cola Red

Berta 1875w Four Accessories

The Berta hair dryer is perfect for those days that you are in a hurry and need to style your hair for the expected occasion. It comes with 4 attachments that include; a Concentrator Nozzle, two Diffusers and one Straightening Comb Pik that allow you to dry your hair faster, minimize frizz and add volume. With the two-button settings for speed and three heat settings, you can control the temperature and speed in order to avoid heat damage.

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A feature that you will also appreciate about this hair dryer is the 2.65m cord that allows you to move freely while working on your hair even if the plug is not nearby. Additionally, it uses negative ion technology that is good for your strands leaving them healthier and silkier with less static. Last but not least, it comes with a 1-year replacement and 2 years warranty too.

4. Kaleep 1875w Negative Ionic Hair Blow Dryer, AC Motor Infrared Heat Low Noise, with Concentrator & Diffuser, Black

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The Kaleep blow dryer works well, especially on the frizzy hair. It features negative ion and infrared functions, which provide moisture to damaged hair leaving you with a smooth and beautiful hair. With its strong yet quiet AC motor, your hair dries quickly which is advantageous in the winter season. This also comes in handy when getting ready in a hurry.

This hair dryer also comes with attachments for meticulous styling. A concentrator and diffuser that provide a smooth and perfect straight result you wish for. It features a 9-foot cord that means you can use it freely anywhere you are. The hook that is above the cord is for storage and allows you to hang it to cool off after use.

Lastly, it has 3 different heat temperatures and 2-speed settings that make it convenient for use on any hair type. Another advantage of this hair dryer is the ALCI Safety Plug with earth leakage protection.

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3. Remington D3190A Damage Control Ceramic Hair Dryer, Ionic Dryer, Purple

The Remington hair dryer uses advanced technology such as negative ions to reduce frizz, ceramic-coated grill that produces infrared heat to dry hair faster and tourmaline technology that prevents heat damage while enhancing shine. The 3 heat settings plus 2 speeds setting allow flexibility in styling while the cool shot button produces cool air to help maintain your style throughout the day. With the three attachments, you are free to wear your hair straight, curly or wavy at any time.

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2. Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer, Pink

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Conair uses high-torque DC motor, tourmaline ceramic and ionic technology to leave your hair frizz-free, smooth and shiny. The high-torque DC motor also helps to dry hair faster. It comes with a concentrator that is used to achieve sleek straight styles and a diffuser that helps to achieve waves and curls. When it comes to styling the 3 heat level and 2 speeds setting allow you to choose the desired temperature for each style. It also features a cool shot lock and a hinged filter that makes it easy to clean and maintain.

1. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

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Do you like to wear your hair straight and smooth? If the answer is yes, then I would highly recommend this hair dryer. With its powerful 2000-watts, you are assured of silky hair no matter which hair type you own. The 8mm concentrator helps you to achieve smooth and frizz-free strands.

It features a ceramic technology that produces gentle, even infrared heat that prevents heat-related damage. The 4 heat settings are great when you want to achieve voluminous shiny hair.


We have kept in mind that everyone has different hair and needs and that’s what makes the above 10 hair dryers outstanding. Each hair dryer has a unique feature that will work perfectly for all different types of hair.

Make sure you consider the features that are important and pick the one that is best for you. You can trust the above products for they are of good quality, durable and reliable. What are you waiting for? Go grab one of this top 10 hair dryers and enjoy blow drying!


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