Top 10 Best Hair Brushes in 2022 – Reviews

Best Hair Brushes

We all love our hair looking neat, and straight. Unfortunately, there are those instances when it will be all tangled up, curled, frizzy or too rugged. To solve this problem, you need to use the best hair brush. The right type will untangle the hair without breaking it or causing pain, it will require little effort, and it won’t harm the scalp.

To find a good item, you need to consider the head size, handle length, bristle type, bristle shape, material, comfort, design/shape, and ergonomics. After reviewing the many products, we concluded that the following were the top 10 best hair brushes in 2022.

Best Hair Brushes in 2022


10. Haveia Velvet Touch Paddle Detangling Hair Brush, Gold

By: Haveia

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This detangling hairbrush from Haveia straightens and smooths the hair effortlessly and is designed for thin, thick, straight, curvy, wet, or dry hair. It also protects the scalp from injury and also massages it.

The high-quality brush features a comfortable rubber grip handle and nylon bristles for quick and simple untangling of the hair. It isn’t affected by static and this minimizes frizz. Thanks to the floating air cushion design, it minimizes the pressure on the hair during brushing guaranteeing you of a neater look.

9. SUPRENT Velvet Touch Paddle Hair Brush


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You will like this detangling brush for many reasons. One, it is one of the fastest when it comes to detangling or removing knots from the hair. Two, it works on any hair type whether wet, dry, thin, thick, smooth, coarse, fine, or curly. Three, the nylon ball bristles not only untangle and straighten hair but also massage the scalp. Four, it is ergonomically styled and requires little effort while providing maximum comfort.

Other reasons it’s a good choice include high quality, effective, touchable air cushion, and easy to clean.

8. Bsisme Hair Brush-[Upgraded] Natural Boar Bristle Hairbrush

By: Bsisme

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This hairbrush by Sosoon will help you to straighten your rough or tangled hair. It’s also a good choice for eradicating the frizz. The stylish brush comes in a comfortable size for easy handling and you can use it for a long period without getting tired.

It comprises boar bristles to endure everyday use and won’t fall off easily. Together with the nylon pins, it will straighten your hair, eliminate excess oils, massage the scalp, and leave it looking shiny.

7. Conair Professional Hair Brush Set

By: Conair

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This vented brush set is designed for any kind of hair and will help you achieve the desired look. It is medium size and will fit well in most hands. The professional looking brush features ball-topped bristles which will untangle the hairs without harming the scalp.

It has a decently sized head that firmly secures the bristles and penetrates in between the hair for maximum effect. For better handling and comfort, it has soft ridged grips.The hairbrush set is suitable for domestic and commercial application and works with soft, hard, thin, thick and dense hair.

6. Beautify Beauties Hair Brush

By: Beautify Beauties

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Regarded as the best detangler brush in the market, this piece by Beauty Beauties will smoothen, uncurl, and untangle your hair. It’s suitable for wet and dirty hair and can be used by children and adults. The light brush boasts of sturdy and effective bristles that penetrate deep into the hair without bending too much or falling off.

They feature rounded tips to protect the scalp from damage and also to prevent hair breakage. It is ideal for any hair type including short, long, straight, thick, thin, wavy, and curly.

5. Crave Naturals Detangling Brush, Pink

By: Crave Naturals

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Just as the description says, this brush is designed to detangle your hair and works on straight, wavy, thin, thick, short, long and other types of hair. The pink brush is fit for both kids and adults and is one of the most ergonomically styled and user-friendly brushes on the market.

It comes with plastic bristles for easy untangling and simple cleaning and a soft grip handle. The cone-shaped bristles spread the hair sideways for easy brushing and is more effective on hard or thick hair.

4. Ineffable Care Boar Bristle Hair Brush set

By: Ineffable Care

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This brush set consists of vented and curved brushes all designed to straighten or remove knots from your hair. The brushes are suitable for thick, thin, long, short, wavy, curly and other hair types. It is targeted at women and comprises boar bristles and nylon pins for improved performance whereas the rounded tips safeguard the scalp.

It features an oversized head for better coverage and quick brushing and a nice ergonomic handle for maximum comfort. Besides detangling the hair, the fine bristles also help to massage the scalp.

3. Denman Cushion Hair Brush, 7-Row

By: Denman

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Holding the fifth position in this review of the top 10 best hair brushes in 2022 is this piece by Denman. The hairbrush is common and is used by adults and children. It’s loved for its simplicity, effectiveness, and durability. The versatile unit works on any kind of hair whether short, long, thin, thick, wavy, curly, treated or natural.

It consists of nylon bristles which are very effective and durable and nylon pins for minimizing static which causes frizz. It is suitable for shaping, smoothing and polishing and has a natural rubber pad for improved comfort.

2. Wet Brush Pro Detangle Hair Brush, Metallic Purple

By: Wet Brush

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The Wet Brush will work with wet and dry hair and is perfect for the young and old. It features super soft IntelliFlex bristles that are famed for their versatility and smooth operation. The bristles are firmly fitted in the large head and won’t fall off during use.

It is effective for all hair types including curly, short, long, thick, thin, treated and untreated. Other than the hair, it also works on wigs and extensions.

1. Wet Brush Pro Paddle Hair Brush, Blackout

By: Wet Brush

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Untangling or removing knots from your hair shouldn’t be an uphill task. What you need is this Blackout hairbrush from Wet Brush. It features high-quality bristles which will remove the knots without needing too much force. The rounded tips slide smoothly while preventing injury to the scalp.

The brush is suitable for both wet and dry hair and comes it a good material that isn’t affected by wetness or oils. It has a soft grip handle that feels smooth and comfortable and is suitable for men, women, and children.


Straightening or untangling your hair shouldn’t be a painful or hard task. You don’t need to lose a few hair strands or damage the scalp because of using a poorly made brush.

You also don’t need to keep buying new brushes because they don’t last long due to the bristles falling off, the head losing shape, or they lose their elegance. These reviews have summarized the top 10 best hair brushes in 2022. Choose any and enhance your hair and overall looks.


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