Top 10 Best GPS Trackers For Vehicle in 2021 – Reviews

Best GPS Trackers For Vehicle

Many people sacrifice a lot to purchase a vehicle. In fact, it is one of the most prized possessions for quite a number. Unfortunately, while you strive so hard to buy and maintain it, there are some unscrupulous people who will steal it at the slightest opportunity. This may mean losing it forever, your business or lifestyle being affected, or suffering from depression.

Fortunately, you can always track your vehicle even when far away. You only need to install a GPS tracker which will not only locate your vehicle but also keeps a record. You can send a command to disable it in case of suspicious activity. The following are the top 10 best GPS trackers for vehicle in 2021.

Best GPS Trackers for Vehicle in 2021


10. XCSOURCE Waterproof GPS Tracker

This GPS tracker is perfect for motor vehicles, motorcycles, boat, truck, SUVs and many other vehicles. It is very small and can discretely be installed in different sections of the vehicles. It runs on the GSM/GPRS technology and is powered by an integrated long-lasting 1000mAh battery that stores power for up to 120 days.

The waterproof unit (IP67) comes with a magnetic design for easy installation and is resistant to road vibration, dust, and impact. It allows you to monitor the vehicle via your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop PC.  Check price on Amazon

9. Vyncs Premium No Monthly Fee Car GPS Tracker

You don’t need to be a victim of car theft. Stop them dead in their tracks by installing this miniature GPS tracker. It is connected to the cars OBD system and will track its movement at all times. Unlike other types that require a battery, this one draws power from the vehicle’s system whether it’s running or it’s off.

It is very energy efficient and draws very minimal power. The unit shows the vehicle exact location, trip history, rapid acceleration, braking, over speeding and much more.  Check price on Amazon

8. Amcrest AM-GL300 V3 Portable Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker

Amcrest AM-GL300 V3 Portable Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker

This particular GPS tracker is quite small. It was designed to use full quad-band transmission, to its advantage. It can be used anywhere and you can even define specific zones that you want to monitor. This tracker can also be used to avoid specific zones.

This is thanks to its intelligent geo-fencing attribute. If you want to further define your boundaries, you may choose to establish three different types of zones. You will even find its long battery life impressive. A full charge will take you 10-14 days.  Check price on Amazon

7. AwareGPS AWAAS1P1 Wired 3G GPS Vehicle Tracking System

With this vehicle GPS tracking system, you will have peace-of-mind knowing you can instantly check the vehicle’s position and also its history. The small unit can be easily fitted inside the vehicle, preferably in the dashboard. It comes with real-time tracking that indicates the locating, fuel mileage, driving habits, working hours, off hours and much more.

It’s also very easy to install since it comes with 3 wires and user-friendly instructions. It’s perfect for trucks, SUVs, light trucks, private cars, commercial vehicles, motorbikes, boats and many more.  Check price on Amazon

6. Scout Universal Vehicle GPS Tracker, Black

7. Scout Universal Vehicle GPS Tracker, Black

Prevent the theft of your vehicle by fitting this GPS tracker. It comes in a universal design and will work with any vehicles as well as motorcycles, ATVs, boats, SUV, golf cats, personal watercraft and more. Installation takes only a few minutes and will start relaying the information after the installation.

The black device allows you to monitor the location, speed, fuel mileage, working duration, stopping duration and much more. All this information is accessible via the phone, laptop, tablet, or desktops. Thanks to the robust construction, it isn’t affected by vibrations, impact, mud, water, or dirt.  Check price on Amazon

5.  Linxup OBD Real Time 3G GPS Tracking

Linxup OBD Real Time 3G GPS Tracking

This vehicle GPS tracker comes with real-time tracking meaning you get accurate information about the vehicle’s whereabouts. It connected to the car’s OBD system and will still continue to track it even when the car is switched off.

The car tracking device works with most vehicles including boats, motorcycle, and golf carts without a problem. It uses Google Maps to track the speed, mileage, fuel mileage, driving habits and more.  Check price on Amazon

4. MOTOsafety OBD Vehicle GPS Tracker

This vehicle tracking device will give you peace by letting you know where your vehicle is, how it’s been driven when it goes beyond the stipulated boundary or any suspicious activity. For instance, it will notify you about power disconnection or low battery which may be due to attempted tampering.

The unit worked with the cars OBD systems and is very accurate. It’s also among the easiest and quickest to install courtesy of the simple design.  Check price on Amazon

3. Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vyncs offers a GPS tracker with no strings attached. The purchase will not include any contracts or monthly fees. Even shipping it will be free. The GPS is highly accurate and state of the art. An Accelerator chip was also incorporated in the tracker. In case the driving is unsafe, it has the capability of immediate detection.

When you buy it, you will get 1 year of service, 1 year of data plan, and a SIM card. You will even get a web account and an Android/ iOS app.  Check price on Amazon

2. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Vehicle GPS Tracker

If you value your vehicle, then you should fit this gadget. It will constantly monitor its whereabouts and relay the information to you. The device relies on Google Maps to give the exact location and accurate information. It will also give details on how the vehicle is being handled.

For instance, you’ll be notified about over speeding, operating at odd hours, instant braking, reckless driving, long stops, and much more. It can be used with most vehicles including SUVs, trucks, minivans, motorcycles, quad bikes, golf carts, and watercraft.  Check price on Amazon

1. AMERICALOC GL300W Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker XW Series

This portable GPS tracker is perfect for anyone concerned about his/her vehicle. It will be your “3rd Eye” when you can’t access the vehicle. The handy gadget can be used instantly and doesn’t attract any monthly or hidden charges.

It gives information about the exact location, entry and exit time, mileage covered, speed, operating hours, area covered and much more. All this information is accessed via a phone, tablet, netbook, desktop PC, or netbook.  Check price on Amazon

You don’t have to worry about losing your vehicle to thieves. You shouldn’t rely on gadgets or systems that don’t work very well or require regular maintenance. With the best GPS tracker, you can easily monitor your vehicle from anywhere. You can use your phone, tablet, netbook, laptop, or desktop PC.

Other than just showing you the exact location, the best gadget keeps a history of its movements and allows it to be started or stopped remotely. Simply use these top 10 best GPS trackers for vehicle in 2021 review as guide to own a good product.


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