Top 10 Best GPS Speedometers Reviews in 2021

Best GPS Speedometers

Speedometers are an important part of driving.  They give you details about the speed you are driving at. Knowing this is important to avoid over speeding which can be dangerous to you and other road users. It also helps you not to go to slow and inconvenience other people. Maintaining proper speed is also essential to avoid getting a ticket for not adhering to the set limits.

While the normal type that comes with cars was work, it may not have the best visibility due to the positioning or wear and tear. Or maybe you may find repairing or replacing a broken piece a little expensive. In such a situation, you’ll find GPS speedometers a better solution. They are easy to install, work well with most vehicles including boats, ATVs, bikes, and also have a large display. In this article, we will show you the top 10 best GPS speedometers in the market.

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#10. GPS Speedometer OZ-USA 60mm gauge odometer battery meter digital dash

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This is a good choice for any car owner. It should also work well with boats, motorcycles, TVs and much more. The simple unit installs easily and doesn’t need any drilling or using extra harnesses. It’s a light piece and is also very compact. This makes installation easy and also doesn’t take up lots of space. It’s made from tough materials and can handle the vibrations, heat, different temperature, dust, glare, moisture, and other things well.

It is designed to work with a maximum speed of 999mph, which means it is suitable for any application. The unit shows the values in kph, mph, and nautical mph. the digital display is large and has easy-to-see digits. The backlighting improves viewing even in dark situations. It works with 12 and 24 volt systems. Compared to other options, this piece is accurate and also energy efficient.

#9. AUTOOL X100S Universal Car Solar Digital Meter GPS HUD Head Up Display

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With this GPS speedometer, you are more assured of staying within the set speed limits. We love the basic design which makes fitting and using it easy. It’s fairly thin and lighter than most options in the market. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and also won’t add unnecessary weight. The yellow display offers better visibility and also gives it a cool appearance. The speed is displayed in mph as well as kph. It can be powered via different electrical sources. These include connecting it to the cigarette lighter socket or attaching it to a solar kit. At whichever point, it does run great. 

One amazing aspect about it is that it comes with a fatigue warning. If you drive for more than one hour continuously you get a warning. It also beeps in case you are over speeding. Setting the parameters is easy and the information is accurate. Other than indicating the speed, it also displays the distance traveled.

#8. Universal GPS Speedometer HUD MPH and KM/h Plug & Play Over speed Warning

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You don’t need to drive blindly without knowing the speed you are at. With this GPS speedometer, you’ll have accurate information at all times. The universal gadget works with almost anything that has wheels you can use it in a car, truck, boat, yacht, golf car, scooter, motorcycle, ATV, caravan and much more. We love the slim and lightweight which makes fitting it on a small space easy. It also doesn’t cause any obstruction.

The display is well lit for easier reading. The digital numbers are also fairly large. It supports both kph and mph modes making it a good choice for anywhere in the world. It comes in Plug & Play meaning you won’t need to download or install programs, apps, or software. The screen can handle the bright light well and is less susceptible to sun glare or reflections. It also has good visibility even in the dark or dimly lit situations. Like other top picks, it also comes with over speed warning.

#7. Heads up Display Cars Universal GPS Speedometer 3.5 inch HUD Digital Car Compass…

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This is among the best GPS speedometers in the market. It comes with a 3.5-inch multi-color screen. It is larger than most pieces out there and also has better clarity. The HD display does play a role in good reading. It is suitable for vehicles, bikes, boats, mobile homes, caravans and much more. Installing the piece is straight forward and doesn’t need additional accessories. Simply identify the most suitable location, connect it to the cigarette lighter socket, or any other power outlet.

It works right from the pack and doesn’t need any calibration. It supports both mph and kph and also shows the distance covered. The Nano-Technology in the display does a great job of eliminating double reflections, shadows, and glare. You’ll be able to see the digits even when the sun is directly shining on the device.  The technology automatically adjusts the brightness and this saves you the hassle of doing it manually, which may cause loss of concentration. It’s a high-quality piece that will handle the different temperature, vibration, and environmental factors. It and also comes with a decent warranty from the manufacturer.

#6. KingNeed Original Universal GPS Head-Up Display Speedometer Odometer

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This GPS speedometer works with any vehicles. It’s also suitable for motorcycles, boats, ATVs and more. It runs via 12V and can be connected through the car cigarette lighter socket. The unit features a strong GPS receiver which is also very accurate. It allows the speedometer to display the results fairly fast. The unit also projects to the windshield and the details are visible even on a bright sunny day. You can adjust the screen brightness to match your individual desire or the surrounding. Installation is quick and simple and doesn’t need any tools or additional attachments.

 Like other Plug & Play devices, it should work right from the pack. It’s compact and has a space saving design. It will therefore not clutter the space or look out of place. Another good thing about it is that it has an alarm or alert t to warn if you are exceeding a set speed. This helps to prevent accidents or fines. The gadget is among the simplest to operate and also looks nice.

#5. Universal Vehicle Smart HUD Display – 2.6″ Digital Mini Car Dashboard Heads Up

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You can install this unit in all types of cars be it trucks hatchbacks, sedans, minivans, light trucks, or caravans. It also works with motorcycles, ATVs, and boats. The unit has a decent indicating range to suit most speeds. The 2.6-inch display shows the results on mph and kph. The figures are large and also clear. This improves readability even in poorly lit surroundings. The easy to read digital screen is more tolerant of reflections, double images, and shadows.

Its b well made and handles shocks, vibrations, bangs, and falls well. It’s also waterproof, rust-resistant, dustproof, and doesn’t mist or fog. The energy efficient piece uses minimal power and won’t put stress on the power system or battery.  It relays the results in real-time and is pretty accurate. You don’t need to calibrate it from time to time. High precision combined with good reliability and easy reading makes it one of the best GPS speedometers in the market.

#4. AndyTach 3-3/8” ATACH DIGITAL GPS speedometer with high speed recall

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This digital GPS speedometer is fit for any vehicles including marine vehicles.  It’s also useful for motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles. The gadget monitors the driving speed fairly well and is easy to use. The small size and slim profile help to minimize space wastage.  It comes ready for installation and use. It won’t be a hassle to handle it. The space-saving nature minimizes any possibility of obstruction. You can monitor the speed in different units including mph, knots, and kph.

It has a range of 0-300 which is practical. The numbers are easy to read and also clear. The backlighting is equally good and reading the device at night or in the dark surrounding isn’t a problem. Other than speed, it also shows the distance, satellite positioning, over-speed alert, and maximum speed. It’s waterproof, dustproof and handles vibrations, shocks, and move well. It automatically stores the data and doesn’t consume lots of energy.

#3. LeaningTech Original Digital Universal Car HUD GPS Speedometer Over speed

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This universal HUD GPS speedometer work with vehicles, boats, motorcycles, TVs and much more. It’s simple, installs easily and doesn’t require additional attachments or programs. You also don’t need to drill holes or make any modification. It’s lightweight, small and is also compact. Installation is easy and the combat nature takes up minimal space. It’s made with sturdy materials to handle vibrations, temperature, dust, moisture, and more.

It has a high speed and remains accurate at very low as well as high speeds. It displays in kph, mph, and mph and since it is digital and has a large screen it’s easy to use. The backlighting is also good even in dark situations. To prevent you from over speeding or breaking the laws, the unit has an over-speed alert. The gadget is accurate and consumes minimal energy.

#2. GPS Head-Up Display Speedometer (quick and easy installation)

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Why drive without knowing the speed you are at? You also don’t need to invest in costly gadgets or do lots of modification to the existing system. With the SEI GPS speedometer, you’ll get precise information on your current speed. It comes in a universal style to work with any vehicle including marine vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, bikes, and much more. All you need is to simply insert the specified end into the standard car cigarette lighter. It should come on without problems and shows the speed via the large digital display. The slim profile and lightweight make installation quick and easy. It also conserves space easy and prevents obstruction.

The well-lit display is easy to read and the numbers are large. It shows both kph and mph and will be fine in different regions in the world. It’s Plug & Play and doesn’t need downloading or installation of programs, apps, or software. It put-up with bright light and glare and also has good visibility even in poorly lit surroundings.

#1. IMPROVE T600 Universal Car HUD Head Up Display Digital GPS Speedometer

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This universal GPS speedometer displays the information pretty fast. It monitors the vehicle, boat, bike speed and works well in any weather including rainy, snowy, and sandy conditions. It’s ideal for everyday use and works with a 12V system. It displays in both kilometer and miles and the results are clear and visible in bright as well as poorly lit surroundings. The HD display screen is larger than most alternatives and is less affected by double vision, glare, and reflections. Other than ensuring you have good views it also safeguards the eyes from strain and too much brightness. 

Another likable thing about it is that its energy efficient. In addition to speed, it also shows the distance covered and also alerts you in case you are over speeding. The auto power off function will switch off the gadget when not in use. This prevents energy wastage and also conserves battery power especially when the car isn’t moving.


You don’t need to drive without knowing the exact speed you are at. This may be risky especially if you are driving too fast. You may also exceed the set limits and the next thing you know is that you get a ticket or are fined. Also, driving too slow will cause inconvenience to other users and you may get angry stares or angry drivers tooting at you.

Your existing piece may also be faulty and will give you erratic information. A  GPS speedometer is one of the best solutions to the above issues. It’s easy to use, reliable has large clear digits, and works great with most vehicles. In the above read, we have reviewed what we believe are the 10 best GPS speedometers in the market. They should fit easily in the vehicle, work great and display accurate information.


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