Top 10 Best Golf Push Carts in 2022 – Purchasing Tips for Buyers

Best Golf Push Carts

Are you looking for great golf push cart this season? If so, we bring you the best Golf Push Carts that are accessible in the market today. We have broken down and compared some the incredible golf carts for you to make a wise decision when choosing the product. This guide and reviews are a 100% effective and reliable so know that you are in the right hands today.  With that let’s go direct to our top 10 Golf Push Cart reviews in 2022.

Factor to Consider When Purchasing the Best Golf Push Cart:

Type of handle

Golf is an interesting and relaxing game. But, you require carrying numerous gears with you when compared to other sorts of games. Whenever you are carrying a lot of weight, you cart can be weighty and can be problematic to move with it around particularly if its handle are not strong enough. It’s good to look whether the handles are ergonomic to offer you cool maneuverability and a better grip. Also, the handle needs to be padded in order for you to have a comfortable grasp.

Larger wheels

I would prefer choosing a golf cart that has larger wheels. This is for reason that most terrains of golf courses are different. Many wheels functions well on smooth and solid terrains, small wheels can be challenging when ridding on a rugged terrains. Whenever your cart is made with larger wheels, it will be simple to roll on rough surfaces and bumps with ease.


No one wants to be replacing golf carts after some time. You require searching for a long lasting model which will serve you for a long time when playing golf. Search for golf push carts manufactured with surfaces of aluminum since it’s resistant to rust and corrosion. This means that it can last for long time as contrasted to other materials.

Braking system

The brake plays a big role with regard on controlling the cart, particularly when riding downward. Choose a cart that has a durable and lightweight frame for you not to have troubles when rolling your cart from place to place.

Weight and Size

The carts are likewise accessible in different sizes. A mid-size golf cart is simple to move with it around. Moreover, storing the golf cart will be simple. The weight is another important factor to look. If your cart is heavy, it will be difficult to ride together with the added gear weight.

Best Golf Push Carts in 2022


10. CBEC 3 Wheel Easy Fold Freestyle Golf Cart

CBEC 3 Wheel Easy Fold Freestyle Golf Cart

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Discover the fineness of this three Wheel Freestyle push cart. It has an extremely maneuverable design making it ideal for your projects. Apart from that, this cart usually comes with seven different unique patents making it a tech answer for your desires.

This unit is durable and compact for improved performance. Also, the unit is lightweight and with a sturdy design to match many performance usage. It is easy to store and to set up.


  • Lightest Pushcarts with only 15 lbs.
  • Comes with free Carrying Bag
  • High tech design
  • Highly maneuverable design

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9. GolferPal Electric EasyPal Auto-Folding and Unfolding Golf Cart

GolferPal Electric Golf Cart

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This item is the first auto-folding or unfolding golf cart in the world. With only one touch, the cart will fold or unfold by itself in few seconds, no stress. Utilizing new technology, the cart is designed to seamlessly distribute the bag weight across your cart. You just require putting less energy into pivoting and tilting the cart.

It has 4 large wheels to provide an easier ride on irregular terrain. It has a battery that last for more than to six months when using it regularly. With all these features, this EasyPal cart still folds down and it’s a lightweight and compact models.


  • Folds or unfolds automatically
  • Well-designed angles that help distributing the weight
  • Pivoting and pushing and is easy
  • Make pushing through rough landscape simple

8. Spider three Wheel Golf Cart that have Seat

Spider three Wheel Golf Cart that have Seat

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The Golf cart is a stable, light weight and simple to move the cart with Ease. This cart is simple to steer around and you can push it along with only one hand. Its seat has storing area for your car keys, golf balls, phones and additional accessories. It also has a covered storage at the console.

Its 2 back wheels are removed to ease storage and its front wheel typically folds back and under and to enhance a compact storage in your closet or car. The seat can be removed for compact storage by pulling out and up the seat support. Comes in three colors (Black, Founders Red and White) the Spider cart is prepared to carriage your golf gargets in comfort.


  • 3 Wheel Design that have a Stable Base
  • Folds to a compact size for Closet and Trunk Storage
  • Ultra-Light and Durable
  • Relaxed Glide Ball Bearing Wheels
  • Elastic Bag Strap Holders

7. Tangkula Swivel Push and Pull Cart 3 Wheel Golf Trolley

Tangkula Swivel Push and Pull Cart 3 Wheel Golf Trolley

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This Cart is perfect for you with a rotating front wheel. It is easier to maneuver with it at any place that you need, and the wheels are also pretty durable and stable. Another added advantage with this cart is that all the 3 wheels can be removed, giving it a great feature for storing purposes.

Talking about keeping purposes, this Tangkula Swivel 3 is folded easily. This is where its removable wheels design is convenient for additional compactness.


  • It Easily Changes direction
  • Foot Operated Brakes
  • Sturdy Lightness
  • The foldable design absolutely saves the storage room.

6. Clicgear Rovic Swivel RV1S Golf Cart

Clicgear Rovic Swivel RV1S Golf Cart

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The Clicgear RV1S cart is a great addition to your golfing routine. It usually folds into a small unit and has a durable design component for improved performance. With the inclusion of the front wheel that usually swivels assist to enhance maneuverability.

This cart is additionally lightweight and a durable design for supreme performance. Also, the cart comes along with a foot brake system for full console and easy parking for additional storage.


  • Easily folds to 13” x 24” x 15”
  • Front wheel usually swivels increasing maneuverability
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Include foot-brake system
  • Include cup holder accessory tabs and umbrella mount

5. Clicgear Golf Push Model 8 Cart

Clicgear Golf Push Model 8 Cart

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Advance your golfing game by having the Clicgear cart. The unit usually folds with no trouble and has a full console outline to match your requirements. Apart from that, the unit is additionally lightweight and has a long lasting design construction.

The cart comes with a handbrake to ensure that your cart is well packed when you are not using it. The whole set is obtainable with an umbrella mount and cup holder to increase performance.


  • Double front-wheel brake system
  • Ultra-stable with long and extra wide wheel base
  • Built in with umbrella mount,
  • Easily folds to 15” x 27” x 17”

4. Bag Boy Golf Tri Swivel II Cart

Bag Boy Golf Tri Swivel II Cart

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The cart provides easy maneuverability and has a front wheel which rotates 360 degrees. It usually locks the wheel in the place by having the remote Lock when travelling on hills or extended long distances. The cart is simple to fold with 3 easy steps making it perfect for storage.

Likewise, it comes with a great design and equipment that make it extra attractive to many golfers. You can simply fold it, making this cart even more savvy and handy when you put it inside your car.


  • Easy 3-step folds for enhanced storage
  • Weather resistant and lightweight
  • Mounted handle parking brake
  • Long lasting handlebar grasp

3. Bag Boy XL Quad Golf Cart

Bag Boy XL Quad Golf Cart

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Make your golfing involvement much extra convenient by having this Bag Boy XL Quad golf cart. It has a simple one-step adjusting holder can accommodate all golfers with any height. Apart from that, the presence of the extra-huge bag that carries your accessory makes it ideal to store your items.

The parking mounted brake assist to make sure the cart remains in one place irrespective of the terrain.


  • Super compact for transport and storage
  • User friendly
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Stand and cart bag friendly
  • Parking brake

2. Clicgear Model Golf 3.5+ Push Cart

Clicgear Model Golf 3.5+ Push Cart

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Its lightweight and compact design, this Clicgear Push Cart offers a lot of storage and makes transporting fun and easy. It can fold into a size of 13 inches by 24 inches by 15 inches, making it easy to store and simple to transport. This cart has airless tires, three maintenance-free and an easy-to-utilize hand brake for making it parked when you are not using it, and it accommodates baggage of all sizes.

Its full console has built-in pencil, tee and ball holders, and durable storage cup holder, umbrella and net mount. This cart comes in 7 different colors.


  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Easily folds to 13” x 24” x 15”
  • Hand brake for keeping your cart parked
  • Includes cup holder

1. CaddyTek 3 Wheel EZ-Fold Golf Push Cart

CaddyTek 3 Wheel EZ-Fold Golf Push Cart

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The CaddyTek Cart combines functionality and ease-of-use at a great cost. It is patented with One-Click key technology; this cart usually folds into a small size (16.5” wide by 28.4” height by 14.4” long) in 2 steps for appropriate storage.

With a strong and solid aluminum frame, it has a lot of storage with an insulated cooler. This cart additionally comes with a space and pockets for tees, golf balls, an umbrella and other items.


  • Weighs less than 18.5 lbs
  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Storage rack and umbrella holder included
  • Mesh net on the handle


Golf carts provide you perfect way to move with your golf gears across the green fields. However there are many sorts of carts accessible in the market, but their quality differs. Hopefully, from the review and guideline above, you will be able to get the best golf carts that will take care of your needs. Choose one of the above push carts, and you will never regret.


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