The Best Gifts For Boyfriends (2021 Reviews)


Struggling with figuring out what gift to give your boyfriend this holiday season? It can be challenging to find the absolutely perfect gift for your boyfriend, especially if you have not been dating for very long. After all, without a deep understanding of your boyfriend’s likes and dislikes, it is nearly impossible to think of the perfect gift off the top of your head. Even if you do know your boyfriend inside and out, brainstorming gifts can be difficult and frustrating.

To help you choose the perfect gift for your boyfriend, we sought out the 25 best boyfriend gifts available. Whether your boyfriend likes traveling, cooking, or relaxing, you’ll find something on this list to match his interests. Be sure to check out our lists of the best gifts for gamers and the best gifts under $50 for more great gift-giving ideas. Looking for a gift for the special lady in your life? Check out our list of the best gifts for girlfriends.

Budget Gifts for Boyfriends

1. 37-in-1 Wallet Multitool Card

37-in-1 Wallet Multitool Card

Whenever you really need a ruler or box opener, you never seem to have one. This wallet card multitool solves that problem by including 37 of the most commonly needed tools all on one, card-sized piece of metal. From a cable peeler to a bottle opener to a screwdriver, this multitool has every tool your boyfriend might find himself in need of.

Key Features:

  • 37-in-1 tool
  • Fits in a wallet

2. 50 States, 5,000 Ideas

50 States, 5,000 Ideas

If your boyfriend loves to travel, this book will give him plenty of sights to see in all fifty states. Richly illustrated, this book is a reliable guide to planning your next trip or finding experiences closer to home. From museums to beaches to hotels, this is your boyfriend’s one-stop guide to every state.

Key Features:

  • Showcases best travel experiences of every state
  • 5,000 ideas

3. Beard Brush & Comb Set

Beard Brush & Comb Set

If your boyfriend has a beard, he needs a high-quality beard brush and comb. Beards can take a lot of upkeep to keep them looking well-groomed and maintained. A good brush and comb are necessary to make this happen. This set includes a pocket-sized, high-quality beard comb and brush to keep your boyfriend’s beard smooth and shiny. Made of durable bamboo, this brush and comb are both long-lasting and eco-friendly.

Key Features:

  • Beard brush and comb included
  • Pocket-sized
  • Made of bamboo
  • Money back guarantee

4. Electronics Organizer Travel Bag

Electronics Organizer Travel Bag

With the rise of technology and the internet, the number of cords the average person needs to carry with them has also gone up. From smartphone chargers to earbuds, the number of electronics you need to carry can get overwhelming, especially if you’re going on a longer trip. These cords can easily become tangled, lost, and broken. Get your boyfriend this electronic organizing bag so he can rest assured that all his cables will get to where he’s going in one piece.

Key Features:

  • Lots of storage space
  • Keep everything together
  • Easy to carry
  • Waterproof

5. Momoday Bluetooth Music Soft Warm Beanie

Momoday Bluetooth Music Soft Warm Beanie

Featuring a built-in Bluetooth headset, this beanie is a wonderful gift for any boyfriend who loves listening to music. If you live in a colder climate, this gift can be particularly useful; it will keep your boyfriend warm and allow him to listen to music all at the same time. Fiddling with earbuds and a hat can be quite the hassle. Take that burden off his shoulders by giving him this gift.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth
  • Knitted for fashion and warmth
  • Set-in mic

6. RAK Universal Socket Grip

RAK Universal Socket Grip

Searching through all your attachments to find just the right bit for your power drill can be a huge pain. Take this weight of your handyman boyfriend with this universal socket grip. It fits literally anything that will fit into the socket. Completely self-adjusting, your boyfriend just has to snap it onto his power drill, and then he’s good to go. No more fiddling between tools or trying to find that one tool to get the job done.

Key Features:

  • Universal
  • Self-adjusting
  • Stainless steel
  • Includes power drill adapter

7. Wizsla Magnetic Wristband

Wizsla Magnetic Wristband

If your boyfriend spends long hours working on DIY projects or is in a profession that involves working with his hands, this is a must-have gift that will make his life a lot easier. These magnetic wristbands are designed to hold nails, bolts, drill bits, and other small metal objects allowing your boyfriend to work with both his hands-free and decreasing the likelihood of one of these small objects getting lost. We’ve all worked on a project where we lost an important screw or bolt. These wristbands will prevent that from happening.

Key Features:

  • Two wristbands included
  • Securely holds drill bits, nails, bolts, and more
  • Ideal gift for the DIYer or mechanic
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Mid-Range Gifts for Boyfriends

8. 20pc Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Tool Set

20pc Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Tool Set

While you can grill with minimal equipment, grilling or making BBQ is far easier when you have specialized tools to get the job done. Gift your boyfriend everything he needs to grill your dinner and have a good time doing it. This grill tool set comes with over 20 pieces, including a spatula, tongs, knife, silicone basting brush, eight corn holders, and much more. Everything is made with high-quality stainless steel and is dishwasher safe.

Key Features:

  • 20-piece grilling set
  • Stainless steel
  • Storage case included
  • Dishwasher safe

9. Burt’s Bees Men’s Gift Set

Burt’s Bees Men’s Gift Set

Men need to take care of their hands and lips too, even if they don’t necessarily tell you so. This gift set includes everything your boyfriend needs to keep his lips and skin healthy as well as an all-natural shaving cream and aftershave to keep his face hydrated. As you can expect from products made by Burt’s Bees, all of the products included are high-quality and all natural.

Key Features:

  • Includes five all-natural skin care products
  • High-quality
  • Comes in a ready-to-gift box

10. Majestic Pure Shaving Kit

Majestic Pure Shaving Kit

Every man has to shave. Why not make it something your boyfriend looks forward to with this high-quality shaving kit. It includes everything he needs to shave and enjoy it, including an after-shave balm, shaving cream, pre-shave oil, and a shaving brush. Everything is extremely high-quality and designed to make shaving a joy, not a hassle.

Key Features:

  • Four-piece shaving kit
  • Extremely high-quality
  • Handcraft brush included

11. Man Bomb Set

Man Bomb Set

Though they might not tell you, men like bath bombs too. But, no man is going to be caught using a bath bomb full of girly scent and sparkles. Get your boyfriend this set of manly bath bombs so you can enjoy a relaxing bath and still feel like a man while doing it. With three different bath bomb types included, this gift set has a little bit for everyone.

Key Features:

  • Six bath bombs
  • Includes scents “walk in the woods,” “leather” and “black amber ”
  • “For the manliest of ”

12. Pacific Prince Complete Beard Care Set

Pacific Prince Complete Beard Care Set

If your boyfriend is rocking a manly beard, then this beard care kit is a must-have. It features premium beard balm, conditioning beard oil, an anti-static, wooden comb, and a beard brush – everything your man needs to keep his beard looking and feeling its best.

Key Features:

  • Includes all beard care must-haves
  • Soften and condition with the balm
  • Hydrate with the oil
  • Detangle and shape with the comb
  • Tame flyaways with the brush

13. Spa Life All-Natural Bath and Body Set

Spa Life All-Natural Bath and Body Set

Men deserve spa days too. This bath and body set has everything your boyfriend needs to smell and look clean and put together, including shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, body scrub, bath crystals, and a sisal sponge. The relaxing fragrance is sure to help him relax after a long day at work and leave him smelling manly for days to come. If you don’t believe that men enjoy pampering, you should go check out some of the reviews.

Key Features:

  • Seven-piece set
  • Sandalwood fragrance
  • Designed for men

14. TAC-FORCE TF606WS Engraved Pocket Knife

TAC-FORCE TF606WS Engraved Pocket Knife

Every man needs a pocket knife. With a 3.25-inch blade, this pocket knife can handle most everyday tasks. It comes with an assisted opening feature and is partially serrated. Perhaps most importantly, it can be engraved with your boyfriend’s initials, making it a truly personalized, one-of-a-kind gift.

Key Features:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Engravable
  • Weighs five ounces
  • Assisted opening
  • Partially serrated

15. The Man Can

The Man Can

The Man Can is a 100% all-natural skincare set for men. It includes soap, shave gel, bay rum oil, hand butter, and a body mitt – everything your boyfriend needs to keep his skin in tip-top shape. High-quality ingredients and a manly scent will keep him smelling good for days after use.

Key Features:

  • All-natural
  • A complete skin-care routine in a can
  • Manly scent

16. Whiskey & Rum Barrel Aged Coffee

Whiskey & Rum Barrel Aged Coffee

This is perhaps some of the most unique, and high-quality coffee money can buy. Each flavor is barrel aged in either a whiskey or rum barrel, providing subtle flavor tones that only this coffee can provide. Each coffee is individually crafted and roasted by a real, professional roaster. This sampler set even comes with a twelve-ounce coffee mug to take your boyfriend’s experience up a notch. If your boyfriend needs a coffee grinder to enjoy his new coffee, you might want to check out our product buying guide for coffee grinders.

Key Features:

  • Three different barrel-aged coffee flavors included
  • Artful crafted and prepared
  • Comes with a 12-ounce mug

17. Wooden Docking Station

Wooden Docking Station

If your boyfriend tends to lose his things, this wooden docking station will make his morning routine a little less stressful. It is designed to hold everything your boyfriend might need to keep track of, including his iPhone, wallet, and credit card. All your boyfriend’s important belongings can be kept on this stand, ready for him to grab as he heads out the door.

Key Features:

  • Un-cluttered storage
  • Versatile
  • Premium wood
  • Mirror integrated

18. Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Collection

Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Collection

Does your man love all things spicy? Then you should consider gifting him the premium hot sauce collection. It comes with four different hot sauce flavors that are extremely flavorful. Unlike some low-quality hot sauces, these are not just hot because they can be; each bottle is designed by a chef to have incredible flavor. Plus, it comes with a book of zombie legends. And who doesn’t like zombies?

Key Features:

  • Four bottles of hot sauce included
  • Flavorful
  • Comes with a book of Cajun zombie stories

High-End Gifts for Boyfriends

19. Backgammon Set in an Inlaid Wooden Box

Backgammon Set in an Inlaid Wooden Box

Backgammon is a strategy board game that is easy-to-learn and fun to play. This wooden set is carved out of handsome birch and olive wood and inlaid into a box. Simply unlatch and unfold, and the board is ready to be played on. Even if your boyfriend doesn’t know how to play backgammon yet, this is a beautiful set to learn on.

Key Features:

  • Everything you need to play included
  • Birch and olive board
  • Inlaid box

20. BBQ Smoker Wood Chip Grill Set

BBQ Smoker Wood Chip Grill Set

This is the perfect gift for any amateur grill master in your life, including your boyfriend. With three different kinds of wood chips included, this set provides an affordable opportunity for your boyfriend to discover their favorite smoke flavor. Each set of wood chips are 100% natural and packaged in resealable bags for easy storage. This grill set also includes some other items necessary for smoking BBQ, including a thermometer and easy-to-follow instructions. It even comes with specially made, smoked sea salt to bring out that smoky flavor.

Key Features:

  • Three different wood chip bags included
  • Comes with a stainless-steel smoker box, specialty BBQ thermometer, easy to follow step by step instructions, our favorite smoking recipes, and flavorful hickory smoked sea salt
  • Comes in a ready-to-gift box

21. Exotic Meat Crate

Exotic Meat Crate

What man doesn’t love jerky? This crate includes a variety of exotic meats for your man (and you) to eat. From wild boar BBQ jerky to maple duck jerky, this crate has a little bit of everything and features new tastes you boyfriend has probably never had before. Plus, it is also a great way for you and your boyfriend to try something new together.

Key Features:

  • Many different types of jerky included
  • Exotic
  • Wild game and premium “normal” meats

22. Hangry Kit

Hangry Kit

You can’t go wrong with food. This kit includes a variety of snacks to keep your boyfriend full and satisfied. From pistachios to jerky, there is something in this pack for everyone. And, who knows, maybe your boyfriend will find a new favorite snack.

Key Features:

  • Variety of snacks
  • Only high-quality, brand-name products included
  • Comes in a ready-to-gift box

23. Premium Men’s Gift Tie Set

Premium Men’s Gift Tie Set

Does your boyfriend spend a lot of time at the office? Or perhaps his job requires him to wear a tie? If he finds himself wearing ties often, this complete tie set will keep him looking sharp. It not only includes three ties but also comes with three pocket handkerchiefs, four tie clips, and four cufflinks to match. Each tie is made only of high-quality materials to look handsome and last for years to come. There are three colors available so you can easily choose one to match his style.

Key Features:

  • Set of ties and accessories
  • High-quality materials
  • Non-fading colors
  • Durable stitching

24. Whiskey Decanter Set

Whiskey Decanter Set

With everything needed to enjoy a nice glass of whiskey, this is the perfect gift for men who enjoy a drink every now and then. It comes with a globe-style, etched decanter, two etched drinking glasses, a set of stainless-steel whiskey stones, and a metal pour funnel. Not only is this set extremely practical, but it is also a work of art and a wonderful conversation starter. It holds an entire bottle of whiskey and looks pretty nice while doing it.

Key Features:

  • Work of Art
  • Decanter, two drinking glass, set of whiskey stones, and more included
  • Large size
  • Certified by the FDA as safe for use

25. Whiskey Stones Gift Set by Royal Reserve

Whiskey Stones Gift Set by Royal Reserve

No one likes watery liquor. These whiskey stones chill drinks without watering them down, leaving the full, rich flavor at complete strength. With beautifully crafted glasses and a set of matching tongs included, this set has everything your boyfriend needs to start enjoying his alcoholic beverage right away. Plus, it even comes with a handsome storage box to keep everything in one place when not in use.

Key Features:

  • Includes whiskey stones, two cups, and a pair of tongs
  • Beautiful storage box included


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