7 Best Gas String Trimmers: Top Gas Weed Eaters in 2022

Best Gas String Trimmers

Over the years of working as a professional carpenter, I have learned not only about different approaches and technologies of woodworking and home improvements. I have also understood that everyone has unique personal preferences, and there’s no “one fits all” solution for maintenance and remodeling of one’s house.

If there is one thing that everyone likes, it is a green well-trimmed lawn. A well-maintained compound makes the entire household look neat and clean. Some people delegate the trimming work to special services, while others like doing maintaining their backyards by themselves. If you are among those who love gardening and taking care of your lawn, you need a good gas string trimmer to perform the job effectively.

There are several reasons to have a gas string trimmer in your household. First, this equipment requires little capital investment compared to a mower. Second, it is easier to use, and all such tools are fuel-efficient. Apart from that, they require minimal maintenance

But what are the other factors that would make you buy a particular gas string trimmer and not the other? What features make a durable gasoline weed trimmer? I have prepared detailed information on how to choose the right tool and included some of the best-performing products below. I hope that my expert tips will help you to make an informed decision on buying a reliable gas string trimmer.

7 Best Gas String Trimmer Reviews to Check

In this section, I have reviewed seven gas trimmers that proved to be well-working and are worth your attention. I will highlight the important features of every product, along with its benefits and limitations.

1. Husqvarna 128LD Straight Shaft – The Best Gas String Trimmer Overall

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When you think about the equipment for outdoor tasks, the Husqvarna company may come to your mind. It is a manufacturer of some of the best weed trimmers on the market.

The main thing that will draw your attention as soon as you get this gas trimmer is its transparent fuel tank. This feature helps to monitor your fuel level so that you won’t get caught by surprise.

You have to combine two-cycle oil with unleaded gas to operate the device. What I like about this Husqvarna model is that the gadget has a powerful engine. Thus, when you gas up the tool and get ready to start working, the machine will start up without any delays. This Husqvarna 128LD gas straight shaft model that is one of the most powerful tools you can currently get on the market.

Also, this trimmer has an air purge that is responsible for emptying excess air from the fuel system. Thus, you do not need to worry about breakdowns caused by this air in the carburetor.

The gadget comes with some useful attachments. The edger will be great for perfectionists who want to keep their lawns extremely neat. The cultivator will be an excellent option for any home with flower beds, as it can trim such areas perfectly. This model also has a pole saw that helps to lengthen the gadget. It allows you to get even to hard-to-reach areas.

I find it fantastic that this device weighs only eleven pounds. As for such a powerful tool, it is pretty lightweight. Besides, the dimensions of the trimmer are 12.2 by 10.25 by 40 inches. I would recommend this tool for all homeowners who want to maintain their lawns, as well as gardening enthusiasts in search of multipurpose equipment.

2. Remington RM2560 – Potent Gas String Trimmer

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The RM2560 gas string trimmer is another powerful and versatile equipment both for small and large compounds. It has a sleek design and a comfortable handle. You can easily trim your lawn with this Remington tool because it cuts grass up to 16 inches. The length of this device is better than that of standard trimmers that cut only a few inches at a go. Thus, with this equipment, you will have to spend much less time taking care of your garden.

The Remington RM2560 model has a straightened shaft that allows you to reach all areas, such as on flower beds, and other hard-to-reach parts of your compound. I love this feature because, thanks to the Remington RM250 tool, I do not have to trim the corners of my lawn with some additional device. Once I cut any area, I do not need to do a second round.

The machine has a 25cc engine, making it one of the most potent trimmers you can find. With this power, the tool comes as the multipurpose equipment. So, you can easily transform the gadget from a cutter to a bump by changing the head of the device.

Like most of high-quality gas string trimmers, this Remington model has a super-fast starting technology. It will begin working immediately, as you press the button. Unlike traditional trimmers that take time to start, with this one, you are guaranteed to save your time.

What is more, you have the freedom to set the handle in the position you want. Since this trimmer is maneuverable, you don’t have to hold the tool in a specific position. You can adjust its size to your liking and trim your lawn comfortably.

3. Husqvarna 967055801 – The Best Gas Weed Eater for Commercial Use

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This Husqvarna model is more powerful than most of the other trimmers in terms of cutting width. It can trim a whopping 18 inches of grass and flower beds. This width is big enough to allow you to trim your lawn within an hour or two, depending on its size. 

Unlike the common trimmers that require you to combine fuel and oil, this Husqvarna 967055801 model uses unleaded gas only. The gadget has a powerful four-cycle 25cc engine. Thus, it can handle a large lawn without a problem.

It is easy to open the trimmer head. The manufacturer has designed it in a way that everyone can open and replace the detail without the help of an expert. Also, I love this equipment because it has a translucent fuel tank that gives you full control over the machine. You can quickly tell when you are running out of fuel and gas up the device in time.

The Husqvarna company always adds an air-removing system to all its tools to protect the carburetor. I recommend checking out the instructions on how to set up the air circulation using the air purge. The detailed user guide that comes within the package also explains what to do if the unwanted air got in the carburetor. All in all, this heavy duty string trimmer from Husqvarna is a durable and powerful tool that will help you to trim your lawn in the shortest time.

4. Hitachi CG23ECPSL – The Best Gas Powered Weed Trimmer of 69.6 Inches

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If you are environment-conscious, then you will definitely like this Hitachi CG23ECPSL trimmer. Whether you want to purchase the equipment for personal or commercial use, this tool is guaranteed not to produce fumes beyond the acceptable emission levels.

When choosing a trimmer, you want a device that will not strain your back when at work. Thus, you will love this tool because it is 69.6 inches in length. This size will allow you to trim your lawn without bending or stretching mush.

One thing I hate about gardening equipment is how some tools vibrate when in use. I usually get irritated by the vibration, and it makes me get tired within a short time. However, the Hitachi equipment has an anti-vibration feature. Therefore, you can operate this tool for longer without getting exhausted and finish your work without taking breaks regularly. 

This Hitachi CG23ECPSL trimmer has a potent 22.5cc engine that allows the gadget to do its job well. The model weighs 10.3 pounds only, making it the lightest device on this list. Therefore, handling this equipment is extremely easy because you can lift it without much effort. It is the best trimmer for anyone in search of a lightweight tool that meets acceptable emissions levels.

5. Poulan Pro PR28SD – The Best Gas Weed Trimmer of Short Length

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This Poulan Pro model is one of the most affordable yet quality gadgets available on the market. The device is lightweight and easy to operate so that it can be a good match for those who haven’t used such equipment before. 

It is easy to start the device because all you need to do is to pull the start string. So, you do not need to worry about a complicated setup or maintenance of the tool. Also, once you finish trimming your garden, the gadget’s auto-return option will automatically reset it. The next moment you lift the device, you need to press the start button, and the tool will start running immediately. There is no waiting time so that you can save your fuel, thanks to this feature.

This Poulan Pro PR28SD model allows some useful attachments. You may install either a pole saw, a blower, an edger, a cultivator, a trimmer, or a brush cutter. These options make the equipment ideal for anyone who looks for a durable multipurpose device. For example, if you intend to cut something in your compound, you just need to attach the corresponding detail. If your lawn requires simple trimming, the hedge trimmer attachment will come in handy. 

The device weighs fourteen pounds, and it is slightly heavier than most of the similar trimmers. However, it should not bother you because you will use the equipment a few times a month only. If the weight is a crucial factor for you, check out other models mentioned in this article, such as the Hitachi CG23ECPSL trimmer.

6. Craftsman WS205 – The Best Gas Weed Wacker with Multi-Position Handle

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If you are a tall person, you want a weed trimmer that will fit your height. Otherwise, you risk bending too much while at work and straining your back before even finishing trimming your yard. The good news is that this Craftsman WS295 model has an 11-inches handle that is long enough for tall people.

This device also cuts a width of around 17 inches. Thus, within a few rounds, you can finish trimming your lawn with this tool. Unlike some cheap gas weed eaters, this wacker will take a short time to trim any garden, no matter its size.

Besides choosing a trimmer of efficient length, you also need the model comfortable to handle. This WS205 model features a straight shaft with a well-designed curve. Thus, when holding it, you won’t struggle with inaccurate cuts and missed corners.

This equipment weighs only thirteen pounds, meaning you can carry it all over your garden and lift comfortably. It is an important feature to note for those who want to use a lightweight gadget. Also, it has a heavy-duty 25cc engine that allows the trimmer to perform different cutting tasks without a problem.

7. Bluemax 52623 – The Best Gas Powered Weed Wacker & Dual-Line Trimmer

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If you like equipment with attractive designs, you will fall in love with this Bluemax model. Its sleek design with blue and yellow details is pleasant to the eye. Moreover, the remarkable functionality of the tool also makes it a good choice for homeowners with small to large gardens.

It is a two-in-one gadget that combines a trimmer and a cutter. Thus, you can replace the device’s heads, depending on the tasks you need to do around your compound. 

I want to warn you that this equipment is not for commercial use. It neither can handle a lawn with very thick grass nor trim large tracts of land. Although it is not designed for heavy-duty tasks, this Bluemax 52623 model is fantastic for small compounds and light gardening tasks.

It has a recoil starting system that won’t waste your time when you want to use the gadget. Even when in cold weather, you won’t face difficulties starting the machine. Besides, this model features an anti-vibration handle that makes it stable while at work. Thus, you will not get tired operating this tool. The stability of the gadget will also help you to finish trimming and cutting grass fast.

A Buying Guide on Gas String Trimmers

man using a string gas trimmer on a lawn

When it comes to buying some gardening equipment, one should keep some useful buying tips in mind. The idea is to find the right tool that will make your life easier. On the other hand, you want a durable device that comes at an affordable price. 

As there are many manufacturers on the market, offering some quality gas string trimmers, it can be challenging to make a selection of the tools to consider purchasing. So, how to narrow down your list to the one trimmer that will serve your needs effectively? For this purpose, I have prepared this section highlighting some of the important aspects to consider when selecting a gas string trimmer for your lawn. 

The Power of the Engine

When buying a car, the first place you will look is under the hood. With string trimmers, it’s all the same because the primary focus should be put on the power of an engine. You need to figure out the produced horsepower and the number of the cylinders of the selected model. 

Such tools usually come either as a two- or four-cylinder unit. The latter produces more power and has better speeds.

Why does the power of the engine matter the most when making a gas string trimmer comparison of similar models? This characteristic determines the strength and effectiveness of the device, as the engine is what powers the equipment. Therefore, the more potent the engine is, the better the performance your tool delivers. It also means that a trimmer with a powerful engine can handle heavy-duty jobs.

The lowest engine power you can find on the market is 15cc. The main advantage of such capacity is that the equipment will consume less fuel. However, it will take much more time to trim a lawn with such a tool as if you were using a trimmer with a 25cc engine. With a low capacity comes a low speed.

The Nature of the Shaft

Gasoline weed trimmers are available either with straight or curved shafts. The curved ones can bend between the spinning trimmer head and its handle. Such a tool will be a perfect match for small people. A device with a curved shaft also comes as more durable because such a design allows the flexibility of the drive cable. The curved shafts also have a better balance than straight ones that increases their maneuverability in hard-to-reach areas. 

On the other hand, trimmers with straight shafts are considered a better option for taller users. Also, such models are usually more powerful and suitable for maintaining large areas. Also, a tool with the straight shaft allows for working for extended periods. The downside is that this type of string trimmers comes at a higher price tag compared to devices with curved shafts.

The Cutting Width

gas string trimmer in action

The cutting width can be compared to the working space operated by the device’s blades when cutting grass. The standard width of most gas trimmers is between twelve to fifteen inches. However, there are also some durable options with a cutting width of over fifteen inches. 

The larger tools require less effort to operate and have a higher cutting rate. Therefore, if you want to buy a trimmer for maintaining a large yard, it is essential to consider one with a larger cutting width. 

The Weight of the Trimmer

The last crucial point to consider when buying a string trimmer is its weight. Unlike with the mowers, you will have to carry a string trimmer all the time you use it. Therefore, it is essential to buy a trimmer that is comfortable to handle. Also, it is important to pay attention to the overall length of the device in combination with its power. A potent tool won’t be lightweight, so you need to set priorities when buying a string trimmer or any other gardening equipment.

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FAQ: Choosing the Best Gas Weed Eater for the Money

The thing with trimmers is that they may seem complicated to use. Therefore, to help you to answer some questions people usually have when choosing a weed trimmer, I have addressed several widespread concerns about this equipment.

What Are the Basic Maintenance Practices for a String Trimmer?

To prolong the service life of any device, you need to perform some regular maintenance practices. It will help to keep the performance of the tool and protect it from wearing out or breaking down. Some of the basic maintenance practices for a string trimmer include:

  • Cleaning after use
  • Changing the old spark plug
  • Changing fuel as per the manual
  • Replacing the trimmer line when needed
  • Changing the air filters when needed

What Safety Features Should I Look For?

An important aspect of any quality gas string trimmer is its safety features. When using such a tool, you expose yourself to some risks. Therefore, as a rule, always check for a model with a safety guard fixed around its head. Also, make sure to wear personal protection while operating the trimmer.

What Is the Best Length of a Trimmer?

gas string trimmer

There is no universal length of such a tool because different people need different tools. If a string trimmer doesn’t fit your height, you will have slightly bend or stretch all the time. Also, the device may cut either over or under the desired level of your grass.

What is the right position to set your trimmer? I recommend always maintaining it about two to three inches from the ground for ensuring even cuts.

Getting the Right Gas String Trimmer

Everyone likes a well-maintained lawn. However, achieving such a look requires the right tool for trimming your compound. In this article, I have provided the seven gas weed trimmer reviews so that you could choose the best equipment to keep your lawn neat and know how to use such tools. 

For all the seven models I have selected and used so far, I have included details about their engine capacity, functionality, and competitive features. You can also find some of the strong points and drawbacks of each product in the corresponding review section.

Also, I have emphasized some of the vital factors that you need to consider when buying gas grass trimmers. In short, the power of an engine determines the performance of the equipment. It also affects the other aspects, such as the size, price tag, and speed of your trimmer. Besides, you need to pay attention to the nature of its shaft and its weight. Keep in mind the specifics of the usage and proper maintenance of such devices to ensure their long service lives. 

What are the other maintenance practices that you find important? What factors do you consider when purchasing a gas string trimmer? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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