Top 10 Best Garment Bags for Travel in 2022 Reviews

Best Garment Bags for Travel

A garment bag for travel is no ordinary bag. As its name suggests, this bag is mainly designed to help you carry your garments when going on a business trip or weekend getaway. It is built to carry garments and make sure you reach your destination with all of them in good condition. In other words, this bag helps reduce wrinkles on clothes. It is great for carrying suits, dresses, shirts, ties, bow ties, and even shoes. Ideally, most garment bags have small pockets, which are useful for carrying small items such as ID cards, passports, pens, keys, money, etc. In the following top 10 best garment bags for travel reviews, we have brought you premium brands so you can have an easy time choosing what’s suitable for your needs.

Table Best Garment Bags for Travel

ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag for Travel & Business Trips With Shoulder Strap (Black)$30.33Buy on Amazon
Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag, Black, One Size$38.97Buy on Amazon
Convertible Garment Bag with Shoulder Strap, Modoker Carry on Garment Duffel Bag for Men Women – 2…$35.19Buy on Amazon
AmazonBasics Premium Travel Hanging Luggage Suit Garment Bag, 21.1 Inch, Black$38.52Buy on Amazon
London Fog Buckingham 44″ Wheeled Garment Bag, Black, One Size$174.99Buy on Amazon
Carry-on Garment Bag Large Duffel Bag Suit Travel Bag Weekend Bag Flight Bag with Shoe Pouch for Men…$43.99Buy on Amazon
Zilink Black Garment Bags Suit Bags for Travel 54 inch Breathable Dresses Cover Bag with Gusseted,…$17.99Buy on Amazon
Garment Bags for Travel, Carry On Garment Bag for Business Trips with Shoulder Strap, Mancro…$29.99Buy on Amazon
Garment Bag for Travel, Large Carry on Garment Bags with Strap for Business, Matein Waterproof…$32.99Buy on Amazon
Magictodoor Anti-Gravity Carry On Garment Bag for Travel & Business 42″ w/Anti-theft Tsa Lock$19.99Buy on Amazon

1.ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag for Travel & Business Trips

1. ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag for Travel & Business Trips


Every time you are traveling, all you want is peace of mind and, if possible, create memorable experiences. The ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag is a nice purchase because it is designed by a manufacturer that understands all of these. So, whether you are headed for a weekend getaway or a business trip, this is the bag to consider.

It has lots of zipper pockets not to mention boasting a large capacity so it can carry all your travel essentials; making sure you are at peace. Ideally, this garment bag does a good job of keeping clothes clean and free of wrinkles. This means when you reach your destination, all you will do is to relax and enjoy your new environment – no ironing at all.

Besides, this garment bag is designed with convenience in mind in the sense that it can easily fit all large overhead bins. Needless to say, you will not have any problems trying to fit into the overhead bin of the plane you have boarded. The manufacturer believes in its quality and provides a 100-percent money-back guarantee to make sure you are fully satisfied with how it works.

The garment bag is available in two colors, and we think this is great. Best of all, the colors are laidback; making the garment suitable for both men and women. These colors are black and luxury gray. The price of this garment bag is also great.Key Features

  • Sleek, Fashionable Design: Allows you to travel in style and get compliments here and there.
  • Shoulder Strap: It is both adjustable and detachable; hence, it will provide you with comfort and versatility.
  • High-quality Zippers: They are more than ready to overcome rigorous use and even abuse.
  • Waterproof Exterior: Prevents the rainwater, splashes, and spills from reaching and drenching the content.
  • Fray-resistant Material: It is sturdy enough to withstand the test of time.
  • Elegantly Imprinted Full Interior Lining: It is another thoughtful feature that shows how well made this bag is.


  • Great for those who travel a lot
  • Fits loads of clothes
  • Little to no wrinkling in clothes
  • Hangs beautifully on the door or wall when not in use
  • Closes easily even when packed with lots of clothes


  • It would be better if the strap was a bit thick

2.Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag

. Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag


The dimensions of this garment bag are 23 inches wide by 22 inches high. And when the bag is opened, the height stretches up to 44 inches high. From these dimensions, we can say with a lot of confidence that this garment bag is decently-sized. It is not too big to the extent that you will have problems traveling with it or too small to the extent that it will not just allow you to carry the number of clothes you plan to use while you are away.

We are thrilled to note that this garment bag is available in a variety of colors. These colors are Black, Red, Navy, and Grey. They are great colors that do not shout or get dirty quickly. Moreover, they are suitable for men and women.

Another great thing about this garment bag is that it is very easy to care for. If it gets dirty, all you need to do is to spot clean. You do not need to wash anything, which is great because, for someone who travels a lot, time is invaluable. Simply spot clean it and you are good to go.

Like the first garment bag in these reviews, this brand is packed with lots of amazing features. And this means you will have a great time using it. It has plenty of storage slots and compartments not to mention being built with comfort in mind so you can carry it for hours without bothered by fatigue. What’s even better is that despite the numerous incredible features, this garment bag is fairly lightweight. It weighs just 9.3 pounds.Key Features

  • Inside Center Hook: It makes suits and blouses very easy to pack.
  • Center Hook: Allows you to store numerous items.
  • Collapsible Internal Top Handle System: It combines with the top carry handle to make the bag easy to transport while rolling or carrying.
  • Inline Skate Wheels: They ensure easy maneuverability.
  • Fold-out Design: Helps minimize wrinkles in suits during travel.
  • Main Compartment: It is spacious and comes equipped with zippered mesh pockets.
  • Included Straps: They help secure items inside the garment bag.


  • The size is perfect and the quality is excellent
  • Holds a lot of clothes
  • Great for anyone who needs to pack for a quick getaway or conference
  • Holds up well to abuse
  • The price is outstanding


  • Not airline friendly when used as a carry-on

3.Modoker Convertible Garment Bag with Shoulder Strap

3. Modoker Convertible Garment Bag with Shoulder Strap


Versatility and convenience are two invaluable things in the 21st century. That’s why we are happy to have this convertible garment bag in these reviews. It combines the features of the garment bag with those of a duffel bag to provide you with stunning results and make sure you are a proud user. The garment bag is a perfect choice for someone who always goes on business trips or like heading to weekend getaways.

With it, you will reach your destination with wrinkle-free dresses or suits. Well, this is where this garment bag/duffel bag becomes very convenient to use. When used as a garment bag, it measures 37.5 inches long by 20.8 inches wide and boasts a capacity of 45L. When used as a duffel bag, it measures 22.8 inches long by 11 inches wide by 11.8 inches high. The weight, on the other hand, is 2.5 pounds.

Not every garment bag is built to convert from a garment bag to a duffel bag and vice versa. Therefore, the fact that this brand is able to is something that cannot go unnoticed. Besides, this bag weighs just 2.5 pounds; hence, it is very easy to carry and manage. It is also available in 3 different colors.

Well, the colors this garment bag is available in are black, gray, and blue. They help make this bag perfect for men and women alike. Another thing you should note about this garment bag is that its size meets the airport requirement, which states that a bag should not have a height that exceeds 51 inches (130cm). That being said, you can carry this garment duffel bag as a carry-on luggage item.Key Features

  • Polyester Fiber & Jacquard: Makes the bag scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and anti-tear.
  • Shoulder Strap: Allows you to carry the bag as a shoulder bag. The strap is adjustable so the bag can fit your shoulder as expected.
  • Left Side Pocket: It is a shoe pouch; meaning you will have a convenient place to store your shoes.
  • Right Side Pocket: It is designed for keys, passport, and other small items.
  • Convertible Design: Allows you to use the bag as a garment bag or duffel bag.


  • Great for carrying professional attire
  • Gives you peace of mind when traveling
  • The handles feel secure
  • The shoulder strap seems sturdy
  • The bag is very well designed
  • The company is easy to deal with


  • A bit tricky to zip up

4.AmazonBasics Premium Garment Travel Bag

4. AmazonBasics Premium Garment Travel Bag


Although this garment travel bag does not look large, it can hold up to 3 suits or dresses with plenty of room to spare. Well, the excess room is great for storing toiletries, ties, shoes, and belts, among others. The travel bag measures 20.7 by 21.1 by 3.9 inches when folded. And when unfolded, it measures 43 by 20 by 3 inches.

It is clear from the first paragraph that this garment bag is well-sized and will no doubt serve you well when it comes to carrying clothes you plan to wear while on a business trip or weekend getaway. What’s more, this bag weighs 2.8 pounds, and this means you will find it very easy to carry around. To care for this bag, simply wipe clean and you are done.

It is a great travel garment bag that will keep your clothes not just securely but also wrinkle-free. It has a simple design that makes it very easy to use. Moreover, this garment bag is available in two different colors, which are Blue and Navy Blue. The colors are simple, and they do not get dirty fast. Plus, this bag is available in two styles, which are 21.1” and 23”.

What we really like about this garment bag is the limited 1-year warranty it comes with. Most bags are not backed by a warranty. Therefore, this manufacturer cares is something buyers should not overlook. The price of this bag is also insanely low; making it a great purchase for anyone on a budget.Key Features

  • High-quality Polyester: Enables the bag to provide reliable and long-lasting strength.
  • Sleek, user-friendly Design: Provides ultimate convenience while making sure you are able to travel in style.
  • Deluxe Organizer: It is great for keeping small items such as keys and passports.
  • Shoulder Strap: It is detachable and adjustable so you can have an easy time carrying the bag.
  • Interior Mesh Pockets: They are multiple and provide extra storage space.
  • Zipper Closures: They ensure items are securely stored.
  • Short Loop Handle: Makes the garment bag easy to lift or load in or out of the trunk.
  • Two Tie-down Straps: They have buckle-style closures and help keep garments securely in place.


  • The price is very competitive
  • The bag is well constructed
  • The included shoulder strap is very handy
  • The bag closes up beautifully
  • Fits perfectly into overhead compartments of flights
  • It has a lot of pockets


  • Could be designed in such a way that garments work with gravity and not against gravity

5.London Fog Buckingham 44” Wheeled Garment Bag

5. London Fog Buckingham 44” Wheeled Garment Bag


It is important to note that this garment bag is checked luggage. However, this should not prevent you from buying it because it is loaded with a lot of good features. The garment bag measures 22 by 23 by 4 inches when folded. When opened, the bag measures 22 by 23 by 44 inches. And the weight of this bag is 10 pounds. Well, compared to other bags in the same class, the London Fog Buckingham Wheeled Bag is a bit on the heavy side.

Again, this should not make you overlook the bag because the heavy-duty construction simply shows that this wheeled bag is sturdily built and will no doubt stand the test of time. The bag is ideal for hanging suits, jackets, skirts, dress shirts, and dresses, among others. It will make your travel experiences worth remembering by making sure you are not inconvenienced at all.

We have noted that this garment bag is not available in many colors as some bags we have already talked about in these reviews. We have also noted that this bag s quite costly. But again, this should not be an issue, considering how well made this bag is.

London Fog is a dedicated company that does a good job of making your life easier. It has been around for quite some time; therefore, it understands exactly what you are looking for. Although the garment bag above may have a few caveats, this does not blemish the overall performance. So, go for it with confidence knowing that you are investing in a quality garment bag that will serve you well.Key Features

  • Hidden Locking Handle: You can zip the handle away when not in use. This helps promote convenience.
  • Top Carry Handle: Makes it easy to lift the garment bag when traveling.
  • Metal Bracket: It secures hangers, thereby, keeping clothes neat and free of wrinkles.
  • In-Line Skate Wheels: They enable the garment bag to roll smoothly while traveling to and from your destination.
  • Classic Look: The garment bag looks stylish and will undoubtedly make compliments come your way.
  • Spacious Main Compartment: It has several sections for hanging garments, folded items, undergarments, toiletries, and shoes, among others.


  • The exterior has plenty of extra pockets
  • The bag rolls smoothly
  • It is easy to handle
  • Makes life easier and more convenient
  • Items are easy to organize
  • The bag holds up really well as checked luggage


  • Pricey, but it is worth it

6.UNIQUEBELLA Carry-On Garment Bag Large Duffel Bag

6. UNIQUEBELLA Carry-On Garment Bag Large Duffel Bag


You are here to find a garment bag for travel that will keep your suits clean and wrinkle. Well, we think the UNIQUEBELLA Carry-On Garment Large Duffel Bag fits the bill. It ensures that suits are free of wrinkles, thereby, allowing you to put them into the closet immediately once you reach your destination. It is the type of bag that when you have then you will be able to focus more on your trip and less on how to keep your garments neat and wrinkle-free.

The price of this bag is reasonable; hence, you will be able to buy it even when you are on a tight budget. Besides, this garment bag is available in a variety of colors so you can easily settle on what goes with your personal style. The colors include Black, Large Gray, Gray, and Large Black. Both the Large Gray and Large Black colors measure 23.6 by 12 by 12 inches.

It is important to note that you need to note that this bag does not come with a hanger. You, therefore, need a hanger to hang pants and suits before you begin packing and getting ready to travel. It is also worth noting that the bag can hold up to 2 suits. To assemble the bag, start by folding it so the zipper can come closer for easy zip up. After that, zip up the bag slowly.

This garment bag is waterproof. It is a high-performance bag that will keep all your items dry even when you are caught up in the rain. The bag is also reasonably priced, and it comes in several sizes.Key Features

  • Multiple Zipper Pockets: They maximize storage capacity by enabling the bag to hold everything from dresses, suits to ties and shoes.
  • Exterior Pocket: Offers easy access to electronics as well as travel or business documents.
  • Shoe Pouch: Allows you to put shoes and clothes separately.
  • 1800D Cationic Waterproof Fabric: Makes the garment bag sturdy enough to stand up to anything traveling throws at it.
  • Ergonomic Design: It combines with the lightweight construction to make sure you have a memorable trip.


  • Spacious and has many pockets
  • The material used looks and feels sturdy
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Can fold up nicely into a duffel bag
  • Well designed and is aesthetically appealing
  • The shoe compartment is large enough to hold two small pairs of shoes


  • Closing the zippers takes a bit of effort

7.Zilink Set of 2 Black Garment Bags for Travel

7. Zilink Set of 2 Black Garment Bags for Travel


People will give everything for garment bags that are well made and work as advertised. Well, the Zilink Set of 2 Black Garment Bags for Travel is what we are talking about. The manufacturer has invested a lot of time in making sure it is top-notch and more than capable of withstanding the unexpected of travels. Needless to say, you will be able to use these bags again and again.

We like these garment bags because they come in a set of 2. This means you will never run out of space to keep your garments. We also like them because, despite coming in a set of 2, their price point is insanely low. Plus, we are thrilled with the thoughtful features these bags are equipped with.

Each bag measures 24 by 54 by 3.9 inches. From these dimensions, it is easy to note that these bags are tall enough to hold your garments in a neat and organized manner. By so doing, the bags help keep your garments free of wrinkles. As such, all you need to do when you reach your destination is to take out your garments from the bags and arrange them neatly in the storage closet.

Although these bags are solidly made and seem more than capable of lasting several seasons, they are incredibly light in weight. Weighing just 1.25 pounds, these bags are easy to move around with because they add virtually zero weight. Life on the road should be convenient. And these travel bags are what you need to achieve that. They have everything; hence, you will definitely find them handy.Pros

  • Garments fit in the bag effortlessly
  • The zippered section on the bag is useful
  • Very well made and seem durable
  • Allow you to put up to 8 plastic hangers
  • They help keep garments in good condition during travel


  • The material is somewhat thin, but this does not compromise the sturdiness

8.Mancro Carry On Garment Bag for Travel Business Trips

8. Mancro Carry On Garment Bag for Travel Business Trips


We all know that Mancro is a committed company that hardly disappoints. Having said that, expect nothing but the best from this carry-on garment bag. It is ideal for business trips and vacations. Despite being compact and appearing to be small in size, this carry-on garment bag can hold a lot from suits and shirts to skirts and shoes.

With it, you will be able to carry everything that matters to you when traveling. Ideally, since it keeps everything close by, this garment bag will ensure you travel peacefully and lightly. You can take it to a plane or a cruise ship and travel without any issues until you reach your destination. It is of great quality and will definitely last longer. Well, this is cost-effective because you will not have to buy a new travel garment bag after just a short while.

Additionally, this carry-on garment comes with a detachable shoulder strap, which is a very useful feature. And its size is 23 inches long by 24 inches wide by 3.5 inches high. The price of the bag is reasonable; meaning you do not need to break the bank to get it. If the bag gets dirty, simply wipe it down using a damp cloth. It is extremely easy to clean, and this means you will be able to focus more on your trips and less on keeping it clean.

It would be better if the garment bag was available in a variety of colors. This gives buyers the freedom to settle on what they like. But, to be fair, the color black is more of a neutral color. We would also like to say that, although the bag is advertised as being ideal for both men and women, it looks more masculine than unisex.Key Features

  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap: Can be adjusted to the desired length for easy, comfortable carrying.
  • Loop Handle: Makes the garment bag very easy to lift.
  • Deluxe Organizer: Provides a convenient place to stash smaller items such as pads of paper, earbuds, a handheld device, and pens.
  • Zipper Pockets: They help improve airflow, thereby, keeping the fabric smelling fresher.
  • Two Tie-down Straps: They are equipped with buckle-style closures to keep garments securely in place.


  • The quality is great for the price
  • Fits a lot of garments
  • It has numerous pockets
  • Fairly light and easy to carry
  • The attachable shoulder strap is great
  • Fits on overhead bins of both small and big planes


  • Packing clothes in it is a bit hard

9.MATEIN Black Garment Bag for Travel

9. MATEIN Black Garment Bag for Travel


Everything can fit in the MATEIN Black Garment Bag for Travel. Whether they are suits, ties, bow ties, shirts, socks, toiletries or shoes, this garment travel bag will carry them all. By so doing, the bag helps make your work much easier than ever before. This bag also leaves room for keeping passport, pens, and business cards, among others.

When folded or closed, the garment bag measures 24 inches wide by 3.5 inches high by 21 inches long. And when opened, it measures 24 inches wide by 50 inches long. It is well made and will no doubt stand up to the rigors of traveling. It also looks great and you will not feel awkward carrying it from place to place.

What’s more, this garment bag comes with a removable strap that will help you carry it by your shoulders. When not needed, the strap can quickly be removed. Like most bags in this article, the MATEIN Black Travel Garment Bag is reasonably priced. You will, therefore, be able to buy it without breaking a sweat. Moreover, it comes in two different colors, which are Black and Gray.

This is a great garment bag with lots of features. These features make it convenient to use. Besides, this bag is thoughtfully designed in the sense that it looks stylish and is easy to carry around. With it, you will not be inconvenienced in any way when traveling.Key Features

  • Mesh Pocket: It is perfect for keeping bow ties and ties.
  • Main Compartment: It features suits and several interior zipper pockets.
  • Organizer Compartment: It is great for keeping passports, pens, and business cards, among others.
  • Front Zipper Pocket: It works with the back invisible pocket to provide a nice place to keep documents, magazines, and notepads.
  • Three Loop Holders: They effortlessly hang 3 full suits and shirts.
  • Three Interior Tie-Down Straps: They secure the clothes, thereby, making sure they are in place.
  • Foam Padded Middle Strap: It helps reduce wrinkles when the bag is folded in half.


  • Comfortable to carry and has a large space
  • No issues with overhead storage or security
  • The shoulder strap is a huge plus
  • The bag has numerous pockets
  • The price is great
  • The bag is shipped super fast


  • There may be a few wrinkles when you reach your destination

10.Magictodoor Anti-Gravity Carry On Garment Bag for Travel & Business

10. Magictodoor Anti-Gravity Carry On Garment Bag for Travel & Business


The Magictodoor Carry-On Garment Bag has enough space to hold up to 3 suits or dresses with plenty of room left for toiletries, ties, shoes, and belts. That being said, this garment bag is exactly what you need to carry your items when you are on the go. Its features are well thought out, and this enables it to work as expected.

In addition, this carry-on garment bag for travel & business is light in weight. As such, you will be able to carry it effortlessly to and from your destination. Another thing we must say about this garment bag is that it is TSA approved. It can be locked and unlocked by TSA agents without the padlock being opened. Needless to say, the bag will keep you at ease knowing that you will not be inconvenienced at all.

The size of this garment bag is 21 by 22 by 4.5 inches and when folded, the garment bag measures 42 by 22 by 4.5 inches. It accepts any type of hanger, which helps prevent clothes from falling to the bottom of the bag. The garment bag is nicely priced, and it is very affordable. It is designed to make your trips a breeze and peaceful.

This garment back is only available in one color – Grey. It would better if the manufacturer produces other colors as well. However, the color grey is still great. It is low-profile and looks very stylish. It is also perfect for men and women.Key Features

  • Sleek and Elegant Design: Improves the aesthetics of this garment bag; making it receive a lot of compliments.
  • Interior Pockets: They provide a lot of space, thereby, allowing you to carry as many items as possible.
  • Anti-Gravity Design: The build carry system in the middle of the bag make the garments hang over both sides by gravity when the bag is folded.
  • 2-Inch Hook: Allows you to hang the bag in the hotel room for quick, easy access to all the items inside.
  • Tough EVA Inner Case: It helps reduce the damage caused by TSA inspectors and baggage handlers.


  • The bag looks stylish
  • Affordable and well made
  • Keeps everything organized and has the perfect size
  • The zippers for the many different compartments all work great
  • The pockets are great for carrying small items
  • Makes a great gift for someone who travels frequently


  • Would be better if the bag was available in a variety of colors

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Garment Bags for Travel

Also, we have brought you factors to consider when you are about to buy a garment bag for travel. These factors are very important because they provide a guideline on what to look for when choosing a garment bag. They help you narrow down on your options until you remain with one winner. Without further ado, let’s check them out.

The Capacity of the Bag

You should choose a garment bag depending on how many clothes you plan to carry on a business trip or weekend getaway. Ideally, the number of clothes you plan to wear should be determined by how long you will be away from home. For instance, if you are set to be away for more days, you will have to carry more clothes than when you plan to be away for only a few days. Large garment bags are, of course, great for when you normally take several days away from home. But again, these bags are likely to be pricier than their small counterparts. Therefore, prepare to dig deep into your pocket if you want to get one of them.

Material Used

Travel always has surprises here and there. Some are pleasant, whereas, others are unpleasant. To prepare for both surprises, you need a garment bag built with premium materials. Well, premium materials are those that are sturdy and will, therefore, stand up to anything traveling throws at it. They are anti-tear and wear-resistant; hence, they will help your bag hold up well to the rigors of travel. Some of these materials are PVC, nylon, and polyester. Ideally, when buying a garment bag, you must try the best you can to settle for a brand that is easy to care for. Those bags that are meant to be wiped down when dirty are highly recommended.

The Number of Pockets

We said in the introduction that garment bags are not just designed to store garments but also they can come in handy for storing small items such as ID cards, passport, keys, money, and other important travel documents. Well, your garment bag will only achieve that if it has a decent number of pockets. It is worth noting that the more the pockets, the likelier you are to keep your items organized. Therefore, your garment bag for travel should have all sorts of pockets. It should have both small and large pockets not to mention zippered pockets.

Waterproof Technology

Imagine walking to your destination or from your destination and then suddenly it starts to rain. It rains so heavily that everything, including your bag and its content, becomes drenched. Well, you definitely do not want to find yourself in such a situation; therefore, investing in a waterproof garment bag should be your priority. Such a bag will keep your content safe and in good condition even when you are caught up in the rain. Normally, such garment bags are made of waterproof materials like PVC. They give you peace of mind when traveling by assuring you that no matter what happens, your garments and undergarments will be safe.

Other factors you should consider before buying a garment bag are if a strap is included. The strap helps make the bag easy to carry. You should also check whether the bag has sturdy loop handles and if the zippers are running smoothly and are well built.


A garment bag for travel is an important purchase whether you are a frequent or infrequent traveler. It keeps garments wrinkle-free; thereby, sparing you the hassle of having to steam out wrinkles when you reach your destination. It also provides a convenient place to keep other items such as a passport, pens, keys, etc.


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