Top 5 Best Garage Fans


Using a garage fan is a great way to keep you cool while working on projects during the summer. If you have a box fan or tower fan in your garage and are unhappy with the results, it’s time to upgrade to a garage fan. Since garages are well-known for trapping heat inside them, having a good garage fan is vital to keeping your cool. There are tons of garage fans to choose from, but don’t be tempted to buy the first one you see. If you want a new fan for your garage, check out these garage fan reviews and ratings below.

The 5 Top Garage Fans

Looking for the best garage fan? Our garage fan reviews and ratings should help you find a new garage fan that fits your needs. When buying the best garage fan for you, you need to make sure you get the right one. Each fan will have their own unique features, so you need to do a little research to make sure you are getting the right one for your needs. Here are a few tips and reviews to help make your search for the best garage fan a little easier.

Editor’s PicksBrandRating *
Best ChoiceVornado 293 Heavy-Duty Shop Air Circulator Fan♥♥♥♥♥
Premium PickMaxx Air 24-Inch High Velocity Drum Fan for Garage♥♥♥♥♥
Best ValueLasko 20″ High Velocity QuickMount Floor Wall Fan♥♥♥♡♡
Best Ceiling-MountAir King 9718 18-Inch Industrial Grade Ceiling Mount Fan♥♥♥♥♡
Best Wall-MountHurricane 736565 Fan, Super 8 Oscillating 16 Inch Wall, Black♥♥♥♥♡

* Ratings are determined using our specialized rating system.

Best Choice: Vornado 293 Heavy-Duty Shop Air Circulator Fan

★ Best Choice

Top 5 Best Garage Fans 1

Vornado 293 Heavy-Duty Shop Air Circulator Fan

The Vornado 293 Heavy-Duty Air Circulator Shop Fan is the best garage fan because it doesn’t create very much noise and moves a lot of air despite its size, so it’s great for smaller rooms.

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With rugged durability, the Vornado 293 Heavy-Duty Air Circulator Shop Fan stands up well on a worksite. Great for use on the job site, workshop, or garage, this fan is constructed with a high-quality steel base and body. The Vornado can circulate air up to 100 feet, so you’ll definitely notice the airflow it produces.

You never need to oil the ball-bearing motor or protect it from dust. Using a special airflow called Vortex Action, the Vornado can keep your shop cool and comfortable by circulating all the air in the room. You can easily position the fan in the direction where you need air the most.

The Vornado is a multi-purpose fan that gives you a specialized high-velocity air beam for power drying, air pumping, exhausting, and cooling. It is compact enough that you can place is easily around a work area, and the 10-foot cord and carry handle to give it easy portability.

Item Key Features:


  • Fairly quiet
  • Multidirectional airflow
  • Great for small rooms
  • Comes with a five-year warranty


  • Predominantly made from plastic

Premium Pick: Maxx Air 24-Inch High Velocity Drum Fan for Garage

♛ Premium Pick

Top 5 Best Garage Fans 2

Maxx Air 24-Inch High Velocity Drum Fan for Garage

The Maxx Air 24-Inch High Velocity Drum Fan for Garage is the best garage fan because it is able to tilt 360 degrees, so you can get cool air anywhere without having to move the fan around.

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The Maxx Air 24-Inch High Velocity Drum Fan for Garage is perfect for a variety of projects that require ventilation and rapid drying. This 24″ fan has the ability to tilt 180 degrees in order to direct air exactly where you need it. It’s also OSHA safety certified, so there’s no need to worry about safety when using it. The Maxx Air gives 4,000 CFM output on high and 2,800 on low, so even on the low settings, it is going to cool a room down. This fan was originally intended for barns and areas that require industrial fan grades, and it shows from how powerful it is.

Only drawing three amps, the Maxx Air is energy efficient and won’t cause your electricity bills to spike. It also has a 10-foot grounded power cord for extra safety. The fan can has wheels, so it can be transported easily despite weighing close to 40 pounds.

Item Key Features:


  • Made from steel, built to last
  • Easy to assemble
  • OSHA compliant
  • Two-year warranty


  • Only two speed settings

Best Value: Lasko 20″ High Velocity QuickMount Floor Wall Fan

$ Best Value

Top 5 Best Garage Fans 4

Lasko 20″ High Velocity QuickMount Floor Wall Fan

The Lasko High-Velocity QuickMount is the best garage fan because it is made from high quality metal parts instead of plastic, and it’s easy to put together and doesn’t require any tools.

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The Lasko High-Velocity QuickMount has three speeds metal fan blades that provide the most air movement. It also comes with QuickMount which lets you convert your fan easily from a floor fan to a wall mount garage fan. It is easy to set up with no tools needed for assembly.

The 20-inch Lasko is the perfect fan for any room that needs a high-velocity fan including the attic, shop, or garage. Its powerful motor and metal blades give you a cool breeze throughout the room. This fan also has a head that pivots, so you can direct circulation and airflow to improve the airflow in any room.

The Lasko was constructed with a durable metal stand and fan cage, so it will last in a workplace setting. However, you can still use it around the house thanks to the built-in rubber pads found on the stand. Plus, it’s easy to transport with its built-in carry handle, and the power cord features the patented Blue Plug Safety Fuse Technology that cut off a potentially hazardous electrical fault stopping any potential safety hazards.


  • Made from metal parts
  • Easy to mount on walls
  • Assembly doesn’t require tools


  • Noisy

Best Ceiling-Mount: Air King 9718 18-Inch Industrial Grade Ceiling Mount Fan

♥ Best Ceiling Mount

Top 5 Best Garage Fans 9

Air King 9718 18-Inch Industrial Grade Ceiling Mount Fan

The Air King 9718 Ceiling Mount Fan is the best garage fan because it is made from metal pieces and can be easily mounted on any wall—plus, it’s powerful and comes with a backup safety cable.

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The Air King 9718 Ceiling Mount Fan is an 18-Inch ceiling mount fan that is perfect for garages and other industrial spaces. This is a three-blade fan that is made out of powder-coated steel to give it long-lasting durability. On the back, you will find rotary switches that let you turn it on or off and change speeds.

Featuring a 1/6-horsepower motor that is completely enclosed and permanently lubricated, you will get a quiet performance with a lot of airflow. The motor also comes with a split capacitor and is both ETL and OSHA approved. It also comes equipped with a 3-conductor type SJT power cord that is 10 feet long and weighs 23.1-pounds.


  • Even low settings are powerful
  • Easy installation that only needs basic tools
  • Comes with a backup safety cable
  • Made from metal


  • May vibrate during use

Best Wall-Mount: Hurricane 736565 Fan, Super 8 Oscillating 16 Inch Wall, Black

♥ Best Wall-Mount

Top 5 Best Garage Fans 10

Hurricane 736565 Fan, Super 8 Oscillating 16 Inch Wall, Black

The Hurricane Super 8 Digital Fan is the best garage fan because it comes with a remote control that makes it easier to use, and it’s has a unique oscillation pattern that helps keep the entire garage cool.

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The Hurricane Super 8 Digital Fan gives you air circulation that is more uniform because of its unique design. You can program exact patterns of fan movement patterns to suit any project. The Hurricane features oscillation controls, a six-hour increment times, and speed control.

Using a digital memory function, this wall mount garage fan can work on a timer, and it can work on a power back in the event of a power outage. Constructed with durable metal gear, it is super quiet when operating in comparison to regular inline fans. It also comes with a remote to make operation easy and is perfect for use in workshops, garage, and in the home.


  • Quiet but powerful 
  • Uses a remote control
  • Made from metal
  • Moves in a pattern for better circulation


  • May be difficult to mount on wall

Important Garage Fan Features to Consider

When looking for a fan for your garage, there are a lot of options and features you need to take into consideration. Here are some of the most important things you should think about when you’re looking for the best garage fan.

Air Flow

Airflow is measured in CFM or cubic-feet-per-minute. When finding the best garage fan, you want to look for a fan with a high CFM, which means that it is moving a lot of air around and keep the area cooler. It also means that they can cool off a wide area, which makes them great garage fans.

Tilt or Oscillation

Tilt fans point in the direction you point them. You will have to manually move the fan up or down in which area you want the air to blow. If you don’t mind having to make an adjustment now and then, a tilt fan can work for you. It is especially nice for those that find oscillating fans distracting due to their constant movement. It also depends on your preference. 

Oscillating fans move automatically back and forth. They sit on a stand and blow air all over the room. While not necessary, many people prefer the convenience of an oscillating fan and their ability to cool a wide area, like a garage.


Even though a best garage fan for your garage may seem too big, keep in mind that a larger fan will circulate air better in your garage. The larger the space, the larger the fan you will need, whether you use a blower fandrum fansshop fan, or something different. This is why an industrial fan will give you the best size and quality. If you are only interested in cooling a specific part of your garage, then a smaller fan may be the best garage fan for your needs.

Fan Blades and Speed Control

You always want to check out the durability of the fan blades as well as how easy they are to adjust. For those that spend a lot of time in their garage, you may have those moments when you need a fan to be at its maximum capacity to keep your garage cool. If you aren’t satisfied with the cooling power of your fan, you should look for one that not only has more power but also has more options when it comes to speed control.

Sturdy Fan Motor

There are two types of motors that work inside a fan. The first is a sleeve bearing motor that has a circulating oil system to keep the motor lubricated while it works. The second is a dual ball-bearing fan motor that will stay well-greased no matter what the speed is that you are running the fan.

Typically, a sleeve bearing motor is less expensive, but they do tend to break easily. In comparison, a dual ball-bearing motor is more durable, but also more expensive but more durable. Also, keep in mind that the best garage fans that have a sealed motor are preferred for a garage fan as it will keep out dust and dirt that can cause problems inside a motor.

Stand or Wall Mount Hardware

No matter if you are mounting your fan on the wall or leaving it on a stand, you want to make sure that either the wall-mount hardware or the stand is durable and will hold onto the fan for a while. If you have a metal stand for your fan, make sure the stand’s feet come with rubber grips. With a wall mounted garage fan, you need to have mounting bars made of sturdy metal that will keep it securely in place while it’s in motion. Look for ceiling or wall wall mount garage fans that come with pre-drilled holes that make installation easier.

Extra Features

Some garage fans come with extra features that can make them easier to use. For me, an important one is having a remote control, especially for ceiling or wall mount garage fans. I’ve learned from my remote control ceiling fan that convenience is worth the extra cost, but it’s up to you. Take a look at some of the other features garage fans offer and find something that fits your lifestyle.

Types of Garage Fans

There are two types of garage fan: floor fans and mounted fans. Here are the benefits of both different types of garage fans.

Floor Fans

These are perfect for placing near the area that you would like cooled as air will stay low to the ground and then circulate in the immediate area. If you want something that sits right next to you while you work, a floor fan is a good choice You might even use an air purifier fan to keep the air clean around you.

Mounted Fans

These fans provide more complete cooling coverage of your entire garage, a mounted fan is usually placed higher allowing it to circulate air over the entire area. This is a good choice if you will be working in several places in your garage and are moving back and forth. Typically, a mounted fan will come with a mounting kit, and they have the added benefit of not being able to be knocked over or stepped on due to being on a wall or ceiling.


Of all the great garage fans listed above, our favorite is definitely the Vornado 293 Heavy-Duty Air Circulator Shop Fan. My garage isn’t very big, so when I set it up, it cooled it down very well. While I don’t see it working as well in larger garages, it was great in mine. It moved a ton of air, and it was even effective on all three speeds. However, on especially hot days, I do like to supplement it with a portable window fan—but fortunately, that doesn’t happen very often.

I really appreciate anything that comes with a warranty, and this fan comes with one that lasts five entire years. Even though it’s mostly made of plastic parts, I know I can get a replacement if they give out. I also like that it’s OSHA approved, so I know it’s safe to have in the house—especially around my cats who like to sleep in the garage. Vornado has always been a quality brand for fans, and their streak continues with this one.


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