Top 10 Best Foosball Tables in 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Foosball Tables

Are you searching for the best cheap Foosball table for your gaming room? Determining the best foosball tables is not a simple thing. There is a lot foosball tables available in the market. You need a guide to avoid making a mistake when buying. Foosball tables are not created equal. Playing games is an amazing thing with your friends and families to keep them together, to have an exciting time, and adore their moments. You just require getting one that will fits your desires. Of course, this article comes with top 10 best foosball tables in 2021 that are best in the market:

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Foosball Tables


It is wise to measure your room size where you are intending to set the foosball table to make sure that you make the correct selection. Some foosball tables are small in size; but, that doesn’t mean that you assume that this unit will fit your room. After you have measured the space, begin searching for the model that is appropriate with that dimensions.


Although a foosball table requires being much sturdy, it ought not to be too heavy. That is the reason that you must check the weight. Choose a table that you are able move it from one place to another without somebody else assistance.

Playing Field

When it comes to the playing field, make sure you find the one that has a thick and constructed with warp-free materials. Preferably, it must be 3/4 inch thick. Do not select playing fields that are constructed with the particle boards since they are likely to absorb wetness and lose the shape.
With regard to the playing surface, ensure that it has a rough texture for improved ball control. Evade those with slick and shiny finishing because they are slippery making it difficult to control the ball.

Playing Rods

The best playing rods are the ones that are created with steel with chrome coating. There are solid and hollow rods to pick from. With the solid rods are very strong, but they are fairly weighty making it to slow down your game a bit. With hollow rods, in contrast, they are lighter and they are suited for fast-paced and smooth games.

There’re likewise telescopic playing rods that are designed to ensure safer play. They do not stick out on the side of foosball table, meaning that the players, children and bystanders will not get poked when playing the game.

Best Foosball Tables in 2021


10. Yaheetech 48” Deluxe Game Table Soccer Table

Yaheetech 48'' Deluxe Game Table Soccer Table

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This table is suitable for indoor amusements between friend’s colleagues and family. It is built with stable and sturdy average density chrome and fiberboard finished iron rods. It is designed with eight rows for two teams and with 11 white players and 11 red players for every team. Its Rod bars are built with comfortable grasps makes it simple to control the ball. Packed with 8 rod bars, 2 balls, 8 caps for rods, 1 instruction and 2 cup holders

Created with 12mm fiberboard with medium density, 200mm height and both sides are attached with some PVC sticker and its sides are sealed with wood-grain panels, amassed with black plastic bearing.


  •  Two Cup holders
  • Created with sturdy and stable medium density fiberboard
  • Material: PVC, MDF, Plastic and Flannelette
  • Dimension: 48L x 24W x 32H”.

9. Harvil Beachcomber Indoor 56-Inch Foosball Table

Harvil Beachcomber Indoor 56-Inch Foosball Table

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It has remarkable quality table because it is made with stylish design and solid construction. This foosball is engineered with quality wood has an attractive finish that delivers sleek, fun and durable look. Its table’s playfield is screen-printed with cool and clean graphics. It is coated with polyresin for hard resistance when it comes to wearing out.
Its solid steel rods usually offer less friction and smoother action. Both newbie and intermediate players can utilize the table.


  •  Solid construction and Stylish design in one table
  • For both novices to intermediate players
  • Designed and engineered by harvil
  • Smoother action and less friction
  • Solid construction

8. EastPoint Sports Preston 54-Inch Foosball Table

EastPoint Sports Preston 54-Inch Foosball Table

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This item is a sized foosball table ideal for individuals with a less budget. Apart from being a less costly foosball table it arrives with all features that you would expect,

It has a high performance rod bushing pins permitting rods to slide and spin with comfort, oversized leg levels and bead style scoring to make sure there is level game play. The Foosball table is endorsed for casual gamers, especially for kinds starting out.


  • Certified competition sized Soccer table
  • High performance player rod Bushings spin
  • Steel rods with rob style players
  • Large leg levelers certify level game play

7. Pinty Foosball Table for Family Game Room

Pinty Foosball Table for Family Game Room

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The Pinty Foosball Table is created with MDF rods and sturdy steel. This guarantees long time fun. For easy assembly, you just require to refer to the guide manual. It is one of the decent tables to purchase if you are into playing foosball within your room.

Foosball is a pleasing game but also a challenging sport that needs to increases your power of concentration, dexterity, patience and team spirit. It is decent for both strategic competence and physical health; it is one of the fastest ways to get familiar with your classmates, colleagues or new friends. The table can be likewise a cool gift to your kids.


  • Outer dims: 48″ x 24″ x 32″
  • Perfect for the whole family
  • Created with medium density fiberboard
  • Well-made premium abs players
  • Frictionless surface and Smooth rotation

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6. KICK Foosball Table 55 In Royalton

KICK Foosball Table 55 In Royalton

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Get adequately of play surface with this KICK Royalton foosball table. It is 55 inches in measurements; it is a stylish table enhanced for durability. This table has an eight-row outline with 11 players with each team. Five-inch levelers are there to make sure that playing surface is even.
Become royals by purchasing this new stylish Royalton Foosball Table! It is tailored for the usage for players all over the world. Add its accurate player control, brilliant field play and well designed, this table produces a swanky glow anyplace it is placed.


  •  Extremely elegant and durable
  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty
  • KICK Brand Quality
  • Dimensions: 55″ L X 36″ H X 30″ W

5. KICK Foosball Table 55 In Splendor

 KICK Foosball Table 55 In Splendor

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Kick’s splendor has a design that is elegant looking and durable. The product has a counter balanced men set and comes with leveled men set to ensure that your game as active. The playing field is 1/2 inch; it contains sturdy 5” leg levelers made with rubber grasp, 26 yellow and 26 white foosball men for away and home match.

You will love its ergonomic handles that will add your room’s decoration and cheer up up any room. It has a front ball-return on every side. There are 2 chrome-plated cup holders that are attached on every side.


  •  Extremely Durable and Elegant
  • Sturdy 5” leg levelers
  • KICK Brand Quality
  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty
  • Ergonomic handles

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4. Warrior Professional Foosball Table

Warrior Professional Foosball Table

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Warrior Foosball Table is recognized by the ITSF and USTSF hence making this table best in the market.This table fits all standard, making it recognized by several bodies. It comes with balanced men and it is an ideal for your friends and families to keep together as they love the fun together.

This table includes a unique rod system to improve the safety of the players of all ages therefore making it appropriate for everybody. It is very simple to assemble, and you will consume a lot of time assembling.


  • Only Table Recognized by USTSF and ITSF
  • Unique Rod Guard system ensures safety
  • Counter Balanced Men
  • Easy and fast to assemble.

3. KICK Foosball Table 55 In Legend

KICK Foosball Table 55 In Legend

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This Foosball Table is a well-known table from Kick that has 148 pounds in weighs making it very reliable and sturdy. It handles ensures fast game play and very well aggressive and can be simply adjusted for three or one goalie setup. It likewise comes with balanced men.

It is created with MDF and hard wood and has steel filled rods. You likewise have lifetime warranty. If you need durable and reliable table that looks perfect with your recreational activities, Kick Legend is a great choice.


  • Made of hard wood and MDF
  • Extremely elegant and durable
  • Unlimited Lifetime Warrant
  • KICK Brand Quality
  • Lightweight

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2. Best Choice Products 48″/60″ T&R sports Soccer Foosball Table

Best Choice Products 48:60 T&R sports Soccer Foosball Table

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It is built with chrome finished steel rods and with medium density fiberboard. Both end of this table contains a cup holder, giving convenience to players. The game table likewise has comfortable grips on every rod to permitting better control of the ball. Every team is constructed of 11 players in white and red team jerseys.

The Tabletop is made with a long-lasting MDF frame and a maple completed exterior. It has 100V fan motor conveys air on the table’s frictionless exterior. Classic and fun, the pool game features 6 pocket holes and a classic billiard cloth felt.


  • Built with medium density fiberboard
  • Features a cup holder on each end
  • Comfortable grips to better control the ball
  • Overall dimensions: 48” (l) x 33” (h) x 24” (w)

1. Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

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This is a foosball table that is made for portability. It measures 40 inches and is made-up with MDF. It has six chrome-plated steel rods that sports nine players on every side. A three-goalie strategy makes the foosball tables an ideal option for quick plays.

The compact tabletop version improves the enjoyment of quick-action competitive games similar to regulation measured tables. Make faster shots and stronger with ergonomic chrome plated steel rods and rubber handles that are designed to fit well in your hands.


  • Dimensions: 40” L x 20” W x 8” H
  • Chrome plated steel rods
  • 2 soccer foosballs included
  • Compact tabletop foosball table

Our Final Review

A foosball table is considered a great investment for those individuals who want to enjoy a game at their home. However before purchasing one for your home, you need consider the factors that are listed above and then check out our top 10 reviews and choose the one that will suits your needs. Once you have done this, we are sure that you will be in a position to make the correct decision. And you will end up having the best foosball table.


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