Top 10 Best Folding Credit Card Knives in 2022

Best Folding Credit Card Knives

Folding Credit card knives, aptly named for their small size and their flexibility to use are one of the many cool survival gadgets to go crazy about. These Credit card-sized utility based knives are recently becoming increasingly popular worldwide. They are quite thin and can get easily fit into a wallet and can also get quickly transformed into a sharp knife which made lot of people find it useful and convenient for their purposes. It is usually considered as a handy addition to any other kind of EDC (Everyday Carry) gear as it can be easily stored in a wallet or purse when not in use. To use the knife, just fold it properly to turn it into a useful, small, knife blade.

List of Top 10 Best Credit Card Folding Knives

10. Supreme Blades Black Credit Card Knife

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This credit card knife is developed by Supreme Blades. It generally comes in black colour. This knife has everything that makes the life of a person very easy. It is compact so it can fit in your pockets easily. It is very handy, and it is easy to carry around. You can fold it in your credit card and carry it with you in your bag, wallet pocket anywhere you want to. The added advantage is that this knife is very available at almost every store. It’s a multifunctional product which can at times be also used as a Credit card knife, letter opener, box cutter etc. It is here to make your life easy and save you precious time and money. It’s made of stainless steel, so it is very long lasting and durable. Its sharp edges help you to cut through anything. Its stylish looks and multi-functionality make it a perfect gift for anyone.

9. Dorlaer Black Tungsten Steel Credit Card Size Folding Knife with Packaging

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Dorlaer credit card is one of the handiest knives of 2020. It uses high-quality tungsten steel which makes this knife very durable. It is almost the same size as that of your credit card which makes it easy to fit in your pocket or your wallet. Because of its more than the convenient size it’s very easy to carry anywhere and use. The added feature in this product is that it has an added lock so that when the knife is not in use it keeps the blade down to prevent unnecessary accidents. This knife has many uses its perfect for outdoors, kitchen or any kind of emergency. Since it can be folded to the size of a credit card, it must be kept away from children so that they do not harm themselves.

8. YaeTact Credit Card Knife, Stainless Steel Cover Folding Safety Knife Silver

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This credit card knife by Yaemart has a unique design. Its design is different from            most of the standard knives available in the market. They also give us different types of blade for different kinds of usage. The edges of the blades are very sharp, so it comes in very handy while cutting something. The knives can also be used as a weapon making sure you are always safe. It has a very sleek design and it fits in your pocket, bag, wallet and does not acquire much space.

7. Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife #1 Best Wallet Knife

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The most amazing thing about this knife is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee so this takes out the risk factor. The knife is very portable as it fits into wallet, pocket, bags etc. The body has an extra layer of steel for providing more protection and strength to the knife. The look and feel of the knife are also very stylish. Like most knives, it is very lightweight and handy, so it makes it very easy and comfortable to carry it around. The edge of the blade has a line of light which gives it a shiny effect when you use it. It’s a must-have a product which comes in useful in tough situations.

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6. Outdoor Survival Multi-purpose EDC Tools Credit Card Tool Hiking Folding Knives

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This knife has one of the most innovative designs. It has a holder so that you can tie it around your belt. It has many functions like knives, screwdrivers and all the major tools that are required for day to day tasks. It can be easily dissembled so you save. This helps mostly during the security checks at airports. It is very handy, and you can carry it in your purse, wallet or maybe in your truck when you travel outside. The variety of tools that it has helps you anytime and in any situation.

5. ShieldSurvival ddghf Gifts for Men Gadgets

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This knife is made of high-quality stainless steel so that it would never bend, break or get rusty. It comes with a multifunctional kit which has a bottle opener, ruler, saw, compass and other things which can prove to be useful in everyday activities. And despite all this, it is the same as the size of a credit card which makes it very easy to carry around. People wouldn’t know and you would have almost everything you need in your packet. It is one of the most innovative knives around as it can be folded in just three operations which saves a lot of time. Its perfect kit for military use, camping, backpacking etc. If someone is looking to gift your dad something different this is a perfect choice for them.

4. Survival Credit Card Knife

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The first thing that you can notice when you see this knife is that it is super thin and very light. Most of the times you won’t even notice that you have this knife with you. It has a very portable design which makes it easy to carry around. It made in such a way that the blade can never let loose. This prevents a lot of unnecessary accidents. It can easily fit in your wallet. This knife is very great for outdoor survival whenever you are gone for fishing, camping or hiking etc. It is also very helpful when you are travelling.  It’s a necessary tool to have if you are outside. It’s a great knife to have if you are going for travel, hiking or exploring. It is one of the most compact credit card knives available.

3. Credit Card Multitool Pocket Tool Kit Wallet Tool with Upgrade 18-IN-1 Credit Card Tool

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This knife is one of the best multi-functional knives available in the market. It is made of stainless durable steel and it is rust free. Its design is such that it is very easy to use. This knife comes with a grip so that it is easy to handle. It comes with an additional sharpening stone so that you can regularly sharpen your knife. This knife comes with 11 in 1 tool that can be used in everyday life. It can be used for menial tasks such as mending your shoelaces to high-risk tasks such as when you are camping. It also has a compass so that you always have a sense of the direction where you are headed too. All this makes it a must-have for daily life usage. The knife is very easy to use, and it can be used by men and women alike.

2. Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife #1 Best Wallet Knife

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This knife is perfect especially for people who like camping. It is very lightweight, and it also has a foldable sharp knife that helps you in making your life easy while doing adventure sports or camping. If you are interested in camping, hiking, fishing etc. This knife is made for you and one you should have. It can cut the heaviest of ropes, you can use this knife to cut fruits and vegetables for dinner, build your shelter and protect yourself from any threats. The knife is made of stainless steel which provides it strength and longevity. And like most knives, it is almost of the size of a credit card so that can be easily fit anywhere. It is so light in weight that you are likely to forget that you have it with you unless you have its use. You can also return the knife in case you do not like using it.

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1. Böker Plus Credit Card Knife

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This knife has a unique concept, it does not come with any clip so that the knife very easily slips into the credit card holder. Its also has ball chain so that you can carry this knife around on your neck or can keep it in your shirt pocket.

All these extra features make it very customer friendly. The knife is made of titanium. Its plates and blades both have some slots so that the knife becomes lighter. The finger grooves and handle make it very easy to carry around.  The knife is very helpful in everyday life and it is a must-have in every household. Its lightweight design makes it a great tool that can be used in kitchen, everyday shores and outdoor activities. Its also very easy to use. This knife can also be worn in shirt pocket and it can also be carried in wallet.


Credit card knives arehighly useful to have them on hand for any personThey can do anything that which a small pocket knife can do and they can just fit into about any size pocket, and they are very quick to pull out, use it, and put away and rest it in the same place. It is kind of survival tool that is handy to add to a bug out bag, a get home bag or a survival medical first aid kit or for any other purposes for which it may find use. Some come equipped with a various additional survival tools and increase their importance of using

They can be used for a variety of survival skills like

  • self-defense
  • building survival shelters
  • gutting fish
  • sharpening wooden spears
  • making arrows
  • unpacking boxes
  • eating meals

Also the following features of the credit card knives make them extremely helpful for the persons to carry them. The features include

  • Lightweight:The light weightiness of the CCK is one of the main reasons why many people prefer as it would be easy to carry as like any other debit card in the pocket
  • Ultra-thin: The credit card knives are qualified as the thinnest of all the available kinds of carry away knives today. This feature makes it highly portable
  • Razor sharp:These knives contain a surgical blade with an extra-long cutting edge which assures the long lasting sharpness
  • Safety:The credit card knife is usually safe to use and it is also worth noting that it can’t fold accidentally as the blade is locked very aptly in cutting mode, and eliminates any blade tremors
  • Waterproof: There are no hinged parts in the knife as that of typical folding knives which are susceptible to rust
  • Eco friendly: It is eco-friendly as it reduces storage and shipping costs and also the carbon footprint.
  • Per mutability: CCK contains a suitable invisible label or a pad printing based on customized preference
  • Legal: It has got a clear body version of the credit card knives which shows the blade from all/both sides. This very feature makes it legal to carry it around in most countries like the U.S. However, it is to be noted that legal restrictions usually vary from country to country.

By carrying a credit card knife, you are more prepared for whatever tasks or challenge you may face. That’s why they are becoming more popular in the survival community. These compact, lightweight tiny utensils usually come in handy in any tight spot you may find yourself. As they are disguised, they are so light weight and can be easily packable.


For mere convenience and also for its multiple uses, a credit card survival tool is highly recommended to be useful for any outdoor-person working person or for a traveler since it comes handy in many different situations, even in emergencies. For businesses purposes, a high quality, credit card sized tool along with company logo is preferred.

Therefore, the bottom line is that a credit card knife is a quite useful gadget to add to your daily survival armory. They are slim, sleek, slender, sneaky, and also serviceable. They are quite affordable, easy to come by, and also even more easier to conceal. They are therefore something to keep in as a person which may someday somewhere serve to save life.


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