7 Best Flushing Toilets in 2022: Complete Review & Buyer’s Guide (THEY CAN FLUSH ANYTHING)

Best Flushing Toilets

Whether you are completely remodeling and renovating your bathroom or just need a new toilet to replace the old unit that has stopped working properly, this article will provide you with extensive information on the best flushing toilet options available in the market today and help you make an informed choice.

Here, you will learn all about how different flushing mechanisms work and which essential features good flushing toilets must have. Also, feel free to check the Buyer’s Guide and FAQ section, where you will have some of the most pressing questions answered by experts in this field of knowledge.

Before we move on to the list of Top-7 best flushing toilet models to buy, let us see what flushing mechanisms today’s most advanced bathroom fixtures use and how they affect the flushing efficiency of a toilet.

Types of Flushing Systems

While the type of flushing mechanism might not be the very first thing that we think about when choosing a new toilet, it is of prime importance as it determines the overall efficiency of this bathroom fixture. Here are several flushing systems that are the most often used in modern toilet designs:

Gravity Flush

In these toilets, gravity powers the flush, utilizing the weight of water to produce the pressure needed to force the waste into the trapway and further down the drain.

Pressure-Assisted Flush

Similar to gravity flush toilets, pressure-assisted flush exploits this natural force too. Additionally, it has a mechanism that utilizes pressurized air to make the water run into the bowl even harder, removing the waste more efficiently and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Dual Flush

Due to their eco-conscious design that allows you to use only as much water as you need to flush down the particular waste, this type of flushing mechanism is quickly gaining popularity. Operated by two buttons, the unit lets you opt for full or partial flush and thus consume water more responsibly.

Double Cyclone Flush

Instead of the conventional rim holes, this mechanism uses large nozzles on both sides of the bowl to release water and create a powerful cyclonic flushing action. The design was created and patented by the famous Toto company.

Top-7 Best Flushing Toilet Models to Buy in 2022

Below, you will find seven of the most popular models from the world’s leading manufacturers that we handpicked, reviewed, and tested.

1. Toto UltraMax II – The most powerful flushing toilet for bathrooms of every size

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The Toto UltraMax II is our top pick today not only for its elegant look and a highly ergonomic design that will make it blend in nicely with any modern bathroom decor but also because this is one of the most advanced flushing toilets on the market, packed with a number of outstanding features.

The Toto UltraMax II is a one-piece model, which combines a slim tank and a bowl into a single unit. Its well-considered height of 17.25 inches and the elongated shape of the bowl ensure comfortable use for children, adults, and elderly people alike. The toilet is complete with a soft close seat for improved sanitation, but also to prevent it from slamming and making unnecessary noises.

The UltraMax II model offers standard measurements for a household toilet. Its dimensions are 28.3*16.6*28.8 inches, and the weight is 99 pounds. Such a solid yet slim construction means that this toilet is easy to care for and will be an excellent fit for any bathroom, however small.

The choice of colors here is extensive, featuring colonial white, ebony, bone, cotton white, and Sedona beige. Whatever the color is, each UltraMax II unit is covered with CEFIONTECT glaze, which gives it lubricious properties and ensures that the waste is effectively removed with a single flush.

This Toto’s model utilizes a high-efficiency 1.28-gallon Tornado Flush system. Equipped with a big siphon jet and two nozzles that form a powerful centrifugal counterclockwise action, this toilet sends the water in three different directions to make sure the rim and the bowl is cleaned much more effectively in just one flush. There is no splashing or spilling, and the work of the system is fast and quiet.

the Tornado Flush system removes waste more effectively with a single flush;up to 20% in water savings;close soft seat for discreet and more hygienic use;ergonomic and compact design;certified according to WaterSense, CALGreen, CEC, and ADA regulations.being a one-piece unit, the UltraMax II model is heavy to lift;the toilet is a bit costly compared to other models in its class.

2. Toto Drake CST744SL: best two-piece turbo flush toilet for clog-free, quiet operation

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The Toto Drake CST744SL models boast a sleek and contemporary design coupled with robust functionality.

This two-piece elongated unit utilizes the innovative G-Max flushing system to provide thorough and powerful, yet superbly quiet, waste removal in a single rinse. The variety of colors available for this model is impressive and can easily match any bathroom scheme. The Toto Drake CST744SL toilets can be colonial white, cotton white, Sedona beige, bone, and ebony.

Its fully glazed trap combined with a 3-inch flush valve and further reinforced with a robust siphon jet ensures that clogging is never a problem. Although there is no dual-flush option here, the Toto Drake CST744SL model is built to use just 1.6 gallons of water per flush, and, thus, can be considered a very water-efficient solution.

Standing at 16.5 inches floor-to-lid, the toilet is in full compliance with ADA height requirements. The toilet rim is located about 2-2.5 inches higher than in conventional fixtures. Such added height makes using the toilet more comfortable and effortless for people of all ages and physical abilities. Its other measurements are 28*20*31 inches, which is compact enough to fit in almost any bathroom with a rough-in area of 12’’.

G-max technology ensures powerful and thorough waste removal in one flush;water-efficient and only consumes 1.6 gallons per flush;a comfortable height that is fully compliant with ADA requirements;clogging is unlikely due to the wider trap, 3’’ flush valve, and powerful siphon jet.operates quietly.the installation supplies and the lid must be purchased separately;models in the rarer colors are pricier.

3. GALBA Small Toilet – The best flushing toilet for small bathrooms

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The GALBA toilet is one of the most compact and ergonomic models designed to fit in smaller bathrooms. Measuring just 24.5*14*27 inches and weighing 90 pounds in total, this one-piece unit is a dream when it comes to cleaning and installation. With only 12 inches of the rough-in area required, the toilet will not make your bathroom feel small even if the space is limited.

The GALBA model is among the highest-rated toilets built to cater to the needs of the whole family. Its design is well-planned as far as water consumption is concerned. With only 1.6 gallons of water wasted with each flush, the savings will be significant.

The toilet boasts a dual flush system, meaning there are two available flushing options here: half flush with under 1 gallon of water used each time and the full flush feature designed for removing larger waste.

The elongated bowl of the GALBA toilet is perfectly built to keep everyone comfortably seated and prevent any waste spills, which often happens if small children or people with disabilities use the unit. This vitreous china toilet has a self-cleaning glazed surface of the bowl, which extends its durability and protects it from discoloring, rust, and scratch.

compact design is perfect for a small bathroom;self-cleaning glaze ensures an aesthetically pleasing look for a longer time;dual Flush with two flushing options for optimal water consumption;super-easy to install;slow-closing plastic seat.not a great fit for bigger and heavier users;may require frequent cleaning.

4. Kohler Santa Rosa: best mid-priced high-flush toilet for small bathrooms

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The Kohler Santa Rosa is a one-piece toilet whose design effectively combines a bowl and a tank into one compact, easy-to-care-for unit. Molded from vitreous china, this fast flush toilet boasts a very modern-looking, glossy appearance that will agree with almost any bathroom décor.

Its elongated seat is located at a comfortable height from the floor, making the Santa Rosa model perfectly suited to the needs of users across all age groups. Its overall dimensions are 31*20.8*29 inches, which is a compact enough model to fit in neatly into the smallest bathrooms. The bowl is rounded to prevent dirt, mold, and bacteria from being trapped in the tight corners and make cleaning super-easy.

The Kohler Santa Rosa is a high flush performance with a tank capacity of only 1.28 gallons. The novel AquaPiston engine employed here ensures that water enters the bowl from all sides, shooting out under pressure and completely removing even large waste in one quick and powerful flush. It not only helps keep the toilet sparkling clean for a longer time but also gives you significant water consumption savings at the end of the day.

The toilet has a standard 12-inch rough-in area, and its being a one-piece unit makes the model easy to install even for a DIY enthusiast. The Santa Rosa toilet is available in a multitude of colors, including white, almond, biscuit, black, dune, ice gray, and sandbar, to go with any bathroom interior design.

completely glazed trapway with innovativeaquaPiston flush mechanism;full ADA compliance;the height is comfortable for all categories of users;easy-to-clean one-piece design;reasonable price.the lid is a bit fragile.

5. American Standard H2Option: best toilet for flushing large waste of up to 1000 grams

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Backed by the sophisticated siphon dual flush technology, the American Standard H2Option offers a powerful and fast flush that guarantees to remove any amount of waste and keep your toilet spic-and-span for a long time. The efficiency and quality of this compact toilet are in no way compromised by the economical price that will match any family budget, however tight.

The dual flush mechanism employed here ensures the ultimate efficiency of water use. Consuming only 0.92/1.28 gallons per single flush, this WaterSense-certified American Standard H2Option makes it possible to reduce your water bills significantly. The pressurized PowerWash rim sprays water automatically during each flush, removing every last bit of waste in the bowl and helping maintain the toilet fresh and clean.

This two-piece solution has dimensions of 15*28*30 inches and weighs 55-70 pounds, depending on the chosen design. It comes with a rounded or elongated front and is available in the normal or right height. Its three different colors – white, bone, and linen, will make sure the toilet goes nicely with any bathroom interior.

cost-efficient solution with multiple water conservation features;the SpeedConnect technology makes installation easy and manageable;available in 3 different colors to fit in with any bathroom decor;the EverClean surface repels mold, dirt, and bacteria that cause unpleasant odors;powerful yet noiseless function.the seat must be bought separately;it might not be too comfortable for taller users.

6. Signature Hardware Stalnaker: top flushing toilet in the two-piece unit category

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This compact and stylish product from Signature Hardware is a two-piece porcelain toilet with bowl and tank engineered nicely into one functional, easy-to-care-for unit. The elongated bowl completed with a standard seat is fully compliant with the best ADA regulations, meaning people of all ages and physical abilities can use it safely and comfortably.

The Signature Hardware’s Stalnaker model features a robust 1.6-gallon siphonic flush that removes solid and liquid waste effectively with a single rinse and makes water consumption more economical. The dimensions of this unit are 17.5*33.25*28.5 inches, and the rough-in area is the usual 12 inches. Its elegant white color and the graceful lines will make sure the Signature Hardware Stalnaker will blend in perfectly with the rest of your bathroom interior.

The two-piece configuration of this model makes it easier to install and care for the unit. The surface of the porcelain bowl is very smooth, which helps with cleaning all the waste down the drain in one good flush and preventing odor-causing bacteria from growing in hard-to-reach places. The Signature Hardware Stalnaker toilet works quieter than many other counterparts in this price tier.

elegant and simple two-piece white porcelain toilet;ADA-compliant;comfortable height;powerful flush with cost-effective water consumption;less loud compared to other products in its price niche.the lid does not have the slow closing mechanism;the model is a bit heavyweight.

7. American Standard Champion 4: super flushing toilet with the capacity to handle extra-large waste

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The American Standard Champion 4 model is an aesthetically pleasing and sturdily built one-piece toilet that offers top-notch performance and impressive durability. The rim height of this elongated toilet is 16.5 inches, which is enough to sit taller adults and elderly users with every possible comfort. The overall measurements here are 17.75*29.75*29.5 inches.

One distinct advantage of the Champion 4 model is that its accelerator flush valve measures 4 inches. That is twice the size of the usual valve used in most other toilets. This feature and the 2-3/8 inch fully glazed trapway ensure high-efficiency, clog-free performance. The toilet is also known for its ability to efficiently cope with up to 70% more waste than other standard units.

This toilet is made of premium-grade, durable vitreous china and utilizes the EverClean technology, which prevents waste from sticking to the surface and tainting it. The Champion 4 model is designed to be very economical when it comes to water consumption, using only 1.6 gallons of water per each flush. Users can choose from three different colors that the toilet is available in – white, bone, and linen.

powerful 4-inch flush valve;EverClean technology for cleaner and shinier surface;comfort height;notable reduction in water consumption;handles up to 70% more waste than regular toilets.a bit too heavyweight.

Buyer’s Guide


Before buying a new toilet for your bathroom, it is a good idea to learn as much as you can about how different types of toilets and how they work compared to one another to make sure you will not regret your decision in a few years’ time.

This buyer’s guide will steer you through the most crucial aspects of this decision-making process and help you find the bathroom fixture that meets all your requirements and keeps you entirely happy with your choice.

How does flushing toilet work?

All flushing toilets are powered by gravity, which forces water from the tank to go into the bowl and empty it of waste, driven by its own weight. However, some good flushing toilets today use supplemental mechanisms to help gravity do its job more efficiently, for example, by adding air pressure to make the toilet flushing more powerful.

Here is what happens when you flush the toilet:

  1. A flush toilet uses a flush lever that, when pulled, removes a valve called flapper and opens an outlet pipe through which water from the tank rushes into the bowl using a siphon mechanism.
  2. Via holes in the rim (or nozzles in Double Cyclone Flush toilets), water from the tank flows into the bowl, washing its contents away down the main drain.
  3. When the water level in the tank drops, a plastic float here moves towards the bottom and tilts the lever that opens the ball valve, making pressurized water refill the tank and pushing the float up again.
  4. As soon as the plastic float has reached the correct level, the ball valve shuts off the water supply, and the toilet is ready to be flushed once more.

How to choose the best flushing toilet?

Toto MS604114CEFG

If you are determined to buy a new toilet for your home, there are a few crucial factors to consider first. To make sure you choose well, we recommend taking the following steps:

Think about water consumption efficiency

Water conservation is important for both the environment and your family budget. The majority of easy flush toilets now only use 1.6 gallons of water per one rinse, which is enough to remove the contents of the bowl and prevent clogs.

However, there are options that can be even more economical in terms of water consumption, such as high-efficiency toilets (HETs) and Ultra-high efficiency toilets (UHETs). The strongest flushing toilet today can require as little as one gallon of water per flush. Finally, if you are looking for the golden mean, try dual-flush toilets in which you determine the amount of water used, based on your immediate needs.

Choose the correct configuration for your bathroom

Homeowners today can choose from several toilet configurations available to them. There are one-piece toilets and those that contain a separate bowl and tank. Besides, you can opt for a round-front toilet or get a bit of extra comfort with a unit that comes with an elongated bowl.

The rim height matters too and should be taken into account when the toilet is to be used by multiple users, including the elderly, people with disabilities, taller adults, and kids. Picking the right configuration will ensure that the toilet is easy to use and care for, as well as fits nicely into your bathroom décor.

Determine the right size and rough-in area

Toilets today come in various sizes, so carefully take the measurements of your available bathroom space before you make your final pick. Remember that different toilets have different rough-in requirements. Most units that are bolted to the floor need a 12-inch rough-in area (the distance between the wall and the fixture).

Based on the size of your bathroom, you can also consider products that come with a 10-inch or 14-inch rough-in area requirement.

Pick the right flushing mechanism

While listed fourth here, this is actually one of the most crucial aspects to consider when picking a new toilet. Users have a wide variety of flushing systems available to them that differ in price based on their functionality. You can opt for cheaper gravity flush toilets or pay a little extra and get yourself a pressure-assisted flush unit if you expect some heavy-duty exploitation.

Alternatively, you can try out a sophisticated and powerful Double Cyclone Flush installed in one of the Toto’s models or go green and pick a toilet that offers the dual-flush functionality.

Focus on the design

When you already know what technical characteristics your future toilet should have, it is time to focus on the looks. It should work well with the rest of your bathroom fixtures and blend harmoniously in the main color scheme.

How do I make my toilet flush better?

If you aren’t yet ready to give up on your old toilet and want to do something to make it work better, here are a few things you can try:

  1. Use a drain snake to remove the tiny clogs in the water line. These clogs may be too small for a human eye to detect, but they are what can prevent the toilet from flushing as effectively as it used to when it was first installed.
  2. Check the float assembly for damage. When used for a long time, the float assembly inside the tank may go out of order and cause a slow flush. Replacing this assembly part with a new one can solve the problem.
  3. Check the holes around the rim. Responsible for releasing water into the bowl, these holes may sometimes get clogged, decreasing the pressure of the flush.


American Standard 2887218020

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from users looking to buy a new flush toilet:

How to fix a slow flushing toilet?

If your toilet flushes slowly, the first thing to do is to check for clogging. Clogs may form in the water line or inside the holes located around the rim of the toilet bowl. If clogs are not the problem, check the floating assembly inside the tank, whose malfunction may cause a slow flush.

What is a siphon jet?

A siphon jet is an S-shaped pocket in the front part of the toilet directly pointed into the trapway. For hygienic reasons, it holds extra water in it until you flush the toilet. When the flush is activated, the vacuum action sucks the water from the pocket into the trapway, thus increasing the overall pressure of the flush.

How much water does a flushing toilet use?

The amount of water consumed per flush may vary depending on the type of the flushing mechanism used. Toilets built before 1982 use up to 7 gallons per flush, while the majority of modern units need 1.6 gallons, and the most advanced models use only around 1-1.28 gallons of water per flush.

Why is my toilet not flushing all the way?

If you have excluded clogging and floating assembly damage as the reasons why your toilet doesn’t flush properly, the problem might be with the surface of the bowl. Its quality tends to impair over the years, with tiny cracks and chippings forming on it that hold to solid waste and make you flush repeatedly.

What Is the Best Flushing Toilet on the Market?

Toto MS604114CEFG01

If, after reading every flushing toilet review presented in this post, you are still unsure about which model to choose, we recommend going for the Toto UltraMax II. Not only is it one of the most powerful and well-designed one-piece toilets available today, but it also complies with all the best quality standards and safety requirements approved in this industry. The Toto UltraMax II will become a reasonable investment of your money and will serve you well for years to come.

What flushing system do you think is the best? Which features would you look for in a new toilet? Feel free to share your opinion on this subject with us in the comments section below!


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