Top 5 Best Floor Heaters


Using a space heater has never been easier with the best floor heater. Never worry about cold feet again, as these products can install quickly and easily under area rugs or carpet. While ceramic space heaters and oil filled space heaters work well to warm up a home, they require more space than the convenience of having a heater directly attached to your floor. When the weather starts to get colder, the right floor heater can make a world of difference. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. The following floor heater reviews and ratings can help you select the best product for your needs.

The 5 Top Floor Heaters

Typically, when talking about the best floor heater, you can either install a heating mat underneath your floorboards (or tile or carpet), or you can buy an area heater – we will look at both options on this list. These heaters provide excellent radiant warmth that can make any room more inviting, such as living rooms, bedrooms, or basements. Read on to discover our list of the top-rated floor heaters so that you can choose from the best options available on the market today.

Editor’s PicksBrandRating *
Best ChoiceWoo Warmer Hot Carpet Under Rug Radiant Floor Heater♥♥♥♥♥
Premium PickSunTouch Mat Floor Heat Kit with Programmable Thermostat♥♥♥♥♥
Best ValueWarming Systems 15 Sqft Mat Electric Radiant Heating System♥♥♥♡♡
Runner UpHeatTech 40 sqft Mat Kit 120V Electric Radiant Heating System♥♥♥♥♡
Honorable MentionSunTouch 6 ft. by 30 in. 120V Radiant Floor-Warming Mat♥♥♥♥♡

* Ratings are determined using our specialized rating system.★ Best Choice

Best Choice: Woo Warmer Hot Carpet Under Rug Radiant Floor Heater

Top 5 Best Floor Heaters 1

Woo Warmer Hot Carpet Under Rug Radiant Floor Heater is the best floor heater because it is extra large, making it ideal to heat large rooms of the home. It comes with a one-year warranty and a 6-hour automatic shut-off safety feature.

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The Woo Warmer Hot Carpet Under Rug Radiant Heater is the perfect accessory for any room in the house. When looking for the best floor heater, you want to make sure that it’s as convenient as possible. Not only that, but you want something that will be reliable and easy to use. In fact, it can do so much for your interior spaces that you may want to get one for every room in your home.

This floor heater measures 70 by 70 inches, which is ideal for most areas. Put it in the living room so the kids can stay warm while watching TV or playing video games. Place it in your bedroom so that you can stay warm during cold winter nights. Basements are also perfect for the Hot Carpet, as this product can help bring up the ambient temperature and generate warm air, as well as keep the basement floor from getting too frosty.

For your safety, this floor heater has a six hour timer to turn off. It doesn’t produce any odors or emissions, and it’s completely insulated so there are no risks of electric shocks. You can quickly program the heat settings via the control panel on the corner of the heater, and it can reach up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Best of all, you just have to plug it into any outlet for it to work.


  • Extra-large 70″ x 70″ size
  • Warms up to 115 degrees
  • Easy to install and use
  • Shuts off after six hours
  • One-year limited warranty


  • The cord is long and can become a tripping hazard, depending on placement

♛ Premium Pick

Premium Pick: SunTouch Mat Floor Heat Kit with Programmable Thermostat

Top 5 Best Floor Heaters 2

SunTouch Mat Floor Heat Kit with Programmable Thermostat is the best floor heater because it comes in many size options, plus it includes a programmable touchscreen thermostat.

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The SunTouch Mat Floor Heat Kit with Programmable Thermostat is convenient and easy to install and offers the power and reliability you and your family will love. One of the best things about this heating system is that you can buy it in a wide array of sizes to fit your home. On the low end, you can get a 2 x 5-foot model, or you can go all the way up to 150 square feet for extra-large spaces.

This electric space heater mat can install under most flooring, including hardwood, tile, and stone. Installation materials come with the mat so that you can get it up and running in no time. Also, because of its mesh design, you can pour concrete or stone directly on the heating system for even better results when creating a toasty room.

Another feature that we love about the SunTouch Mat is that it comes with a programmable touchscreen thermostat. Once you install the heater, you can customize its warmth and radiance however you see fit. The thermostat is easy to use and has intuitive controls so that anyone can master it within minutes.


  • Built-in sensors monitor the heat levels
  • Many sizes available
  • Can be cut and molded to fit any awkward spaces
  • Programmable touchscreen thermostat


  • In some cases, you may need professional installation

$ Best Value

Best Value: Warming Systems 15 Sqft Mat Electric Radiant Heating System

Top 5 Best Floor Heaters 3

Warming Systems 15 Sqft Mat Electric Radiant Heating System is the best floor heater because the construction includes industrial-grade mesh. A programmable thermostat is included, and it provides quality and reliability.

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The Warming Systems 15 Sqft Mat Electric Radiant Heating System is the perfect budget-friendly option, all without sacrificing the quality and reliability you would expect. Getting the best floor heater will be a welcome addition to your home, but since you will likely have to install it underneath the floor, you may want to choose something cost-effective.

The construction of this heater is incredible, as it comes with industrial-grade mesh surrounding the heavy-duty wiring. The strength of these materials means you can install this floor heater virtually anywhere, as it can withstand the pressure of stone or tile. Also, you don’t have to worry about damaging anything since it’s built to take abuse. This product also comes with an installation sensor so you know it’s working well before finishing your project.

When it comes to using the best floor heater, this model comes with a programmable thermostat. Raise and lower the temperature, set the times for it to kick on and shut off, and adjust your schedule for the next seven days. You get the ultimate convenience and reliability when using this floor heating system.


  • Rugged industrial materials
  • Installation sensor included
  • Large heating area
  • Programmable thermostat provided


  • Cutting and reshaping the heating mesh is tricky

♥ Top Pick

Runner Up: HeatTech 40 sqft Mat Kit 120V Electric Radiant Heating System

Top 5 Best Floor Heaters 7

HeatTech 40 sqft Mat Kit 120V Electric Radiant Heating System is the best floor heater because it includes a 25-year warranty, plus it is easy to install and comes in many sizes.

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The HeatTech 40 sqft Mat Kit 120V Electric Radiant Heating System is easy to place under your floorboards, tile, or masonry. As long as you know how to remove your flooring and put it back in, you can take advantage of this product. Best of all, it won’t raise the level of your floor, so you don’t have to worry about uneven bumps or cracks creating a walking hazard. Part of what makes this heating mat so simple to install is that it comes with backing adhesive so that it stays in place.

When it comes to finding the right size for your home, you can choose between a wide range of models for this heater ranging from 7.5 square feet to 100 square feet. If you have a relatively complicated space, you can combine different sizes, so they fit into corners or around obstacles that much easier. Also, you can cut the mesh and rearrange the heating wire, making installation even easier. As with other floor heaters, this unit comes with a programmable thermostat for added luxury and convenience to generate the high heat you want.


  • Easy to install
  • Many sizes available
  • Adhesive backing helps it stay in place
  • Programmable touchscreen thermostat
  • 25-year limited warranty


  • Thermostat programming can be tricky to learn for some users

♥ Top Pick

Runner Up: SunTouch 6 ft. by 30 in. 120V Radiant Floor-Warming Mat

Top 5 Best Floor Heaters 8

SunTouch 6 ft. by 30 in. 120V Radiant Floor-Warming Mat is the best floor heater because it is made of durable construction. It is easy to install and can be added to your existing floor heating system.

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If you’re just looking for additional mesh and heating wires to add to an existing system, the SunTouch 6 ft. by 30 in. 120V Radiant Floor-Warming Mat is an excellent choice. Rather than spending extra money on features and add-ons that you don’t need, this heating mat comes with the basics. This means you can use it for a wide array of projects; just make sure that you have a thermostat already and you’re good to go.

The quality of this heating mat is excellent for warming your room temperature, as it comes with thick plastic mesh and a covered heating wire. The mat measures six feet by 30 inches, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms or other small spaces within your home. Even better, you can cut the mesh and rearrange the heating element as necessary so that you can go around obstacles, such as toilets or bathtubs. This mat is also durable enough to work underneath most flooring, including tile, stone, laminate, and hardwood. To help it stay in place, this product comes with an adhesive backing.


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to install
  • Add it to your existing floor heating system
  • Reliable radiant heat


  • Doesn’t come with a thermostat
  • Only one size available

Features to Consider for the Best Floor Heater

If you want to choose the best floor heater, then you need to know what it takes to find the right model for your needs, much like with an office space heater. Fortunately, we’re here to help. We have compiled a list of the top features and factors that you have to pay attention to when picking out the ideal floor heater for your home, and why a floor heater may be a better choice for you than an infrared space heater. Here’s what you need to know.


First and foremost, you will want to measure the area that you want to heat. Keep in mind any obstacles that could get in the way during installation, such as sinks, toilets, cabinets, or other installations. Since these pieces can’t be removed, you will have to work around them. Fortunately, most floor heaters allow you to customize the shape somewhat, so you can work around these obstacles as necessary. Also, see if you can combine heating mats to cover an even larger space. Not all models are capable of this, though, so pay close attention when comparison shopping.

Under- or Over-Floor Model

Usually, the best floor heater is one that you install underneath your flooring. However, you can also get a heating mat that sits on top for added portability, just like an area rug. The benefit of this kind of model is that you don’t have to worry about installation. Simply place it wherever you like, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. Best of all, you can move the heater as needed, or you can buy multiple ones for different rooms—much like with a personal space heater.


If you do get an under-floor heater, then you will need to have an adjustable thermostat with it to control the temperature settings. This piece helps you program the heat level, as well as turn it on or off whenever you like. Make sure that the thermostat is compatible with the heat sensors, as some models require a proprietary system. Overall, having a thermostat makes your heating system that much more enjoyable, as you can heat your floors with the touch of a button. Some may even come with a remote control or digital display for easier adjustment.


In some cases, you can install a heating mat under your floor by yourself rather than use a portable space heater or traditional room heater. However, if you want to make sure that everything runs smoothly and works correctly, we highly recommend hiring a professional.

If you plan on putting your heater under concrete or stone, a pro installer is a must. This way, you can cover the mesh with the material, and you don’t have to worry about damaging the wiring or sensors in the process. Also, having a professional means that you can avoid obstacles when installing an efficient space heater, including any pipes or wires that may be under your flooring currently.

Benefits of Using Floor Heaters

As you can imagine, having the best floor heater will upgrade your interior spaces almost instantly compared to using an infrared heater, personal heater, or ceramic heater. Imagine walking into the bathroom on a cold winter day and not having to worry about the feeling of cold tile against your feet. What about getting the family together in the living room and snuggling on a heated floor? Here are some highlights that you can expect when buying an energy efficient floor heater.

Uniform Heating Solution

One of the biggest challenges when heating larger rooms is that some areas will be hot and others will be cold. For example, even when using the best space heaters, you’ll sometimes notice that the heat distributes unevenly. Fortunately, with the best floor heater, you get uniform warmth, which not only makes the space more comfortable, but the heater requires less energy to get it to the desired temperature.

Low Maintenance

Once you install your heating system, you shouldn’t have to worry about it for a long time. Typically, if there ever is a problem, it’s with the thermostat sensor, which is a quick and easy fix. Overall, putting a floor heater in your home will keep you and your family warm now and into the future.

No Noise or Emissions

Because the heater is underneath the floor, you don’t have to deal with unpleasant odors or noise from a fan as it heats the entire room. These models are ultra-quiet and can provide peace and comfort wherever you install them.

Precautions of Using Floor Heaters

Although the best floor heater is a welcome addition to any home to supplement central heating or a fan heater, you need to make sure that you plan carefully before starting your project. Here are a few precautions that you will want to keep in mind when shopping for the right model.

  • Heating Wire – although you can adjust the heating wire in most situations, there has to be a space of three inches between curves. Otherwise, the wires can overheat and cause the whole system to fail. Also, you can’t cut this wire at all, as it will kill power to the whole mat. So, be sure that you get the right size for your space, as you can’t cut it down after the fact.
  • Flooring Type – if you want to install a floor heater yourself, we highly recommend doing it underneath hardwood or laminate. If you want to put it under tiles or masonry, we suggest getting a professional to help. This way, you don’t have to worry about creating problems down the line.
  • Elevation – in some cases, the heating mesh will raise the floor slightly, which can cause bumps or cracks between areas that have it and those that don’t.
  • Overheat protection – if you want to protect your home from overheating, do research to see what protections they offer for your whole room floor heater. While tip-over switch protection isn’t necessary, it’s important to be protected whenever high watts of power are being transmitted.


Getting the best floor heater for your home will be one of the best decisions you make. Much as if using electric heaters like baseboard heaters and wall heaters, living with one of these products will make you and your family wish that you had installed one sooner.

While under-floor models like the SunTouch Mat are excellent, you can’t compare to the ease and simplicity of our top choice: the Woo Warmer Hot Carpet Under Rug Radiant Floor Heater. Enjoy your new heated floors!


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