10 Best Fleece Jackets in 2022

Best Fleece Jackets

When it starts getting a bit colder outside, everyone starts to reach for their jackets. We all know how frustrating it can be to have nothing but old clothes in the closet, so why not start this season off with a refresher? Finding the best fleece jacket for you can change the way you look at cold weather completely.

Since there are literally tens of thousands of options at your disposal, there’s going to be a whole lot of research to do. The good news is that we went ahead and searched through all of the review blogs, YouTube videos, and many other social media platforms to find the best fleece jackets on the market! That’s right, all you have to do now is pick out the one below that suits you best.

It’s getting cold outside and you need to get your winter gear up to date. Read on for your new favorite jacket options!

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1. Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Jacket

Columbia Women's Benton Springs Jacket

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Starting the list off at #1 is the Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Jacket. Columbia is definitely one of the first brands that come to mind when we think of comfortable outdoor gear, but the high-quality comfort put into this jacket is what places it so high on the list. For a lightweight, breathable fleece jacket, you’ll want to check this one out.

Color and style are absolutely important when it comes to picking out new clothes. The options with the Benton Springs Jacket are Charcoal Heather, Columbia Navy, Arctic Blue, Cactus Pink, and a plethora of others. Choose whichever one you love the most and grab it in your size. Extra-small all the way through XX-Large are available.

The main zipper going down the center keeps it closed without letting in any cool air. You don’t have to worry about it snagging, tearing, or damaging the jacket itself either. There are also two side pockets that use zippers for you to store your phone, snacks, binoculars, and any other small items you might need to bring with you.

+ There are a wide variety of colors for you to choose from
+ Made by Columbia, one of the biggest brands in the industry
+ Includes two side zipper pockets to store small items

Why We Like It – We like this Columbia women’s jacket because it’s ultra-comfortable, stylish, and it comes in a bunch of different sizes to suit the wearer perfectly.

2. Columbia Men’s Granite Mountain Fleece Jacket

Columbia Men's Granite Mountain Fleece Jacket

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Another Columbia to add to the list is their Men’s Granite Mountain Fleece Jacket. A high-up mock neck collar keeps you warm all the way up to your chin, unlike many other jackets the stop at the neck. Since it’s made out of 100% polyester, your body heat will naturally keep you warm all season long.

The color selection isn’t as wide as the previous entry, with Black and Navy Blue being your two choices. That being said, they work well with any dress code and they come in a wide range of sizes. Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, and XX-Large are your options for sizes here. Compare with their sizing chart prior to purchasing.

Much like the previous Columbia on the list, this one has two side pockets to store extra gear along the way. It also has a center zipper that zips all the way up to the top. The semi-loose fit pairs well with the elastic bands that hold the cuffs to your wrists. Everything on this fleece jacket is designed to keep the warmth from leaving.

+ Comes in two colors; Navy Blue and Black
+ Includes two side pockets with zippers to carry extra items
+ Choose from a wide range of sizes through their sizing chart

Why We Like It – We like this jacket because it fits comfortably without being too tight. Having extra pockets and a low-profile, stylish appearance is also a huge bonus!

3. Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain Jacket

Columbia Men's Steens Mountain Jacket

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Have you been trying to find that perfect fleece jacket to wear during any occasion? Look no further! The Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain Jacket works well in all situations, whether it’s for work or play. It uses banded wrists that hold tightly to your arms to keep the heat in. They’re double-padded for even more added comfort.

You should always feel good when you’re wearing the new fleece jacket you bought. Having a unique color is an exciting part of the whole process. You can choose from a wide selection, which includes colors like Iceberg, Tusk, Pilsner & Shark, Petrol Blue & Impulse Blue, and a few other options.

In addition to two zippered pockets for your extra belongings, this jacket comes with a drawstring to pull it tight to your waist. This mechanism serves a few purposes, which are all intended to increase the warmth and prevent cold air from getting in. Much like the banded wrists, this drawstring is double-padded so you won’t feel a thing.

+ This jacket comes in a multitude of different colors
+ Choose from plenty of sizes through their chart
+ Includes elastic wrists and a drawstring waistband

Why We Like It – We like this jacket because it gives you a bunch of fun colors to choose from to match your unique style. The added pockets and drawstring waistband are both wonderful additions as well.

4. Columbia Youth Boys’ Steens Jacket

Columbia Youth Boys' Steens Jacket

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Picking out a present for kids can be pretty tough. Fortunately, we came across the Columbia Youth Boys’ Steens Jacket, which is a great gift for kids any time of the year. It’s super lightweight, and it doesn’t limit movement at all. That being said, it’s super warm and works well as a winter jacket for babies through preteens.

There are more than enough sizes to choose from, all of which accommodate five main categories; Infants, Babies, Toddler Boys, Little Boys, and Big Boys. Pick from the age range, and then choose from Extra Small through Extra Large in each category. You can also select one of the unique color schemes, such as Burnt Orange, Tuft Green, Bright Blue, and so many more!

This fleece jacket is machine washable, and it comes with a center zipper to keep it closed. You’ll also notice that it has two side zippers for your kid to store his valuables whenever they’re on the move. It’s a loose fit, but it still manages to keep in all the warmth and prevent them from getting too cold.

+ Comes with a whole bunch of fun color schemes
+ Uses a wide sizing scale to perfectly fit the jacket by age and size
+ Includes two side pockets for extra valuables

Why We Like It – Usually finding the right size jacket is a serious chore for most of us. Kids are always growing, but these jackets are intended to flex and work for boys of all ages and sizes.

5. Amazon Essentials Women’s Fleece Jacket

Amazon Essentials Women's Fleece Jacket

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Amazon has recently been putting out a wide variety of comfortable clothing that shouldn’t be overlooked. The Amazon Essentials Women’s Fleece Jacket is one of the jackets we knew had to be included on the list for all sorts of reasons. With a relaxed fit, you’ll be able to wear it indoors, outdoors, and anywhere else you’d like.

Colors like Blue Heather, Light Grey Heather, Pink, Purple, and a few others are up for your choosing. The sizes include X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large, suiting virtually anyone. It has a high neck to cover all the weight up to your chin, and it rides comfortably at the waistline.

This fleece jacket definitely fits more snug than most others, which might be exactly what you’ve been searching for. Much like the Columbia jackets listed before this one, it has two side zipper pockets to keep your essentials right at hand. It’s also a center zipper jacket, which is a welcome alternative for those who don’t prefer pullovers.

+ Choose from all sorts of different colors available
+ Comes in a wide variety of sizes ranging from X-Small to XX-Large
+ Includes two side zipper pockets

Why We Like It – We love this Amazon Essentials fleece jackets because it keeps you warm throughout the cold season with high-quality materials. Pick your favorite color, select your size, and you’ll be ready to take on the low temperatures!

6. OutdoorMaster Women’s Fleece Jacket

OutdoorMaster Women's Fleece Jacket

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For those who have to brave harsh winters that get a bit colder than normal, the OutdoorMaster Women’s Fleece Jacket is most likely your best bet. The exterior polyester keeps in the heat, while the interior fluff makes you feel like you’re wearing a cloud of unmatched comfort!

As with the other jackets on the list, this one has a good amount of colors to choose from. These options include Coffee Hoodie, Blue, Grey Hoodie, Off White, and a couple of others. As you can probably tell, some of the colors come with hoodies, while others don’t. Either way, you’ll have protection from the elements all the way up to your chin.

The OutdoorMaster jacket has external zippered pockets, much like the others. However, it also comes with a unique set of internal storage pockets for items that you need to keep extra warm out in the cold weather. Another amazing feature of this product is that it’s both waterproof and stain-resistant. No more replacing a jacket every time you spill on it!

+ Comes with internal and external storage pockets
+ Choose any color with or without a hoodie for additional warmth
+ Includes a fluffy plush interior lining for comfort

Why We Like It – We like this jacket for so many reasons, all of which have to do with the unmatched comfort value. Plush lining, extra storage, and a hoodie option… What’s not to love?

7. Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Hoodie Jacket

Columbia Women's Benton Springs Hoodie Jacket

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Another fantastic addition to your winter collection is the Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Hoodie Jacket. The loose fit of this product makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor wearing, especially if you want to wear it with your pajamas in front of the fireplace! Stay warm and out of the harsh weather with the extra-large hoodie.

The center zipper on the Columbia Benton Springs Hoodie is unique in the sense that it uses two zippers to give you more control over how warm you are. It’s also nice because on the off chance one of them breaks, you’ll still have another to use! The only other zippers on this jacket are the two size zippers with large pockets for your devices and other items.

And now it’s time for the colors, which we all love! Black, Charcoal Heather, Columbia Navy, and Dark Plum are all available for you to choose from. Pick whatever you like the most and then try out their sizing chart. Sizes range from Extra-Small to Extra-Large and everything in between. Each jacket is machine-washable, 100% polyester, and has a nice fluffy lining.

+ More than enough unique colors to select from
+ Comes with a super large hoodie for style and comfort
+ Features two side zipper pockets and a double zipper mechanism in the center

Why We Like it – Columbia continues to make some of the best fleece jackets that we can find. This one is both stylish and comfortable, a combination that’s hard to beat!

8. Starter Men’s Polar Fleece Jacket

Starter Men's Polar Fleece Jacket

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Those looking for a high-quality, budget-friendly winter coverup should check out the Starter Men’s Polar Fleece Jacket. The polyester is uniquely-woven to keep the cold out and the warmth in. It’s also super stylish, whether you choose to leave it open or zip it up all the way to your chin for ultimate heating.

The four basic color options available with the Start Men’s fleece jacket are Black, Team Red, Team Navy, and Vapor Grey Heather. The sizes of each color include Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. Always make sure that you use their sizing chart to pick the one that’s going to fit you the best.

Much like some of the other options on the list, you’ll find that this fleece jacket has two side zipper pockets to keep your belongings safe. It also has a chest pocket to store your phone or other small items. The whole jacket is meant to be snug but flexible, allowing it to move with you and not restrict your range of motion.

+ There are several different colors for you to pick
+ Comes with two side pockets and a chest pocket
+ Includes a wide variety of sizes to fit anyone and everyone

Why We Like It – What makes this fleece jacket one of the best around is the fact that it has so many utilities that normally would raise the price dramatically if it were made by a bigger brand. High-quality at a great price!

9. Amazon Essentials Girl’s Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket

Amazon Essentials Girl's Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket

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Kids can get cold much easier than us adults can, which is one of the reasons that it’s so important to find the right winter gear for them to stay warm. The Amazon Essentials Girl’s Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket is a great addition to your child’s cold weather collection because it uses 100% polyester for optimal temperature control.

It’s no secret that kids love colors, designs, and having their own style. Luckily for them, you’ll be able to choose their favorite color from the selection. These options include Aqua, Black, Blue Heather, Plum Purple, and several others. Sizes range from Extra-Small to XX-Large, all of which include elastic cuffs to keep them comfortable.

The high-collar of this girl’s fleece jacket is great for letting your kid stay warm in any environment. Zip it up all the way, or leave it unzipped for better airflow. There are two pockets sewn into the fabric as well, which are great for storing toys and other items that they might want to take along with them.

+ Keeps them warm with a 100% polyester fabric
+ Includes all sorts of sizes and colors for them to choose
+ Comes with two side pockets for storing extra items

Why We Like It – We like this jacket because it’s stylish, convenient, comfortable, and it works well for kids. It can be tough to keep them warm, but this Amazon Essentials jacket does the trick!

10. Columbia Men’s Big and Tall Steens Jacket

Columbia Men's Big and Tall Steens Jacket

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The Columbia Men’s Big and Tall Steens Jacket is a well sought after addition to the list that solves a problem in a market that’s very hard to change. Thankfully, this one works for everyone, as it has a massive range of sizes available. Choose from Large Tall all the way to 6X-Large in any of the colors listed.

The style was a key point when we started our research, and Columbia always does a fantastic job at setting high standards. The color selection has Flame & Charcoal Heather, Surplus Green, Cinnabar, Dark Mountain, and a whole lot of other options for you to check out. They fit right in the middle of snug and loose.

Zip up the collar all the way to your chin, and don’t forget to make use of the two side pockets that Columbia always includes. Made out of 100% polyester, you’ll love how well it keeps in heat. You won’t have those constant battles with being freezing through a jacket, as the brushed outer layer is wind-resistant.

+ Perfect for big and tall men
+ Comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes
+ Includes two side pockets with zippers to keep your items secure

Why We Like It – We love this Columbia fleece jacket because it’s hard to find high-quality ‘big and tall’ products these days. Thankfully, this one keeps you warm and comfortable throughout the day.

Best Fleece Jacket Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen the best fleece jackets around, you can probably almost feel the cozy warmth already. The only thing you have left to do is to pick out which one works best for your style and needs. However, there are a couple of things we wanted to discuss before you made your decision. If you’re stuck on the fence between a few options hopefully the questions below will help you out!

Should you get a hood on your fleece jacket?

Hoodies are an essential part of staying warm, but they’re not always the most convenient feature. If you’re in a rainy environment, or you’re not too certain what the weather will be like, it’s always best to opt for the hoodie. Otherwise, the high collars on these fleece jackets are plenty enough to keep you comfortable.

What types of storage do you need on your jacket?

Storage might not be the first feature that you think about when you’re shopping for a new fleece jacket, but it’s definitely something to consider. While almost all of the products on the list have side pockets, some of them have interior storage or even a chest pocket. This way you can take your phone, some snacks, binoculars, and other gear along with you for an outing. These little extra bits can make the jacket even more useful than you might’ve thought!

Expert Tip

Grab a pair of winter gloves to line up perfectly with the edge of your jacket’s cuff. The combination of the two items will let you stay warm thanks to your body’s natural internal temperature, without letting any heat escape.

Did You Know?

Polyester has long been known as one of the best materials to make jackets and sweaters out of, simply because it helps keep in the warmth produced from your body heat. The fact that it helps keep out the cold makes it an even better material for the job. We also went ahead and found jackets that all had elastic wristbands to prevent that annoying sleeve rolling that everyone’s dealt with at some point!


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