10 Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes in 2021

Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are very convenient if you need to get to places at quite a quick speed. They can be used for a whole range of purposes, for instance, if you need to run an errand quickly, or you can even use them on a daily basis to get yourself to work and back.

They can be very cost-effective and will save you a lot of money and time, as you wouldn’t have to wait for any public transport to arrive and you also wouldn’t have to pay for it either. Plus, these types of bikes are not like an ordinary bike, because they’re electric, so it means that you don’t have to exhaust yourself, as you would do on an ordinary bike.

In this review we’ve put together a list of the best fat tire electric bikes that you can find, to make it easier for you to decide which one will suit you best.

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1. Addmotor MOTAN

Addmotor MOTAN

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If you have a larger type of figure, then this bike is really ideal for you, as it can actually hold up to 350 pounds. It can allow you to get to the location that you desire in a lot less time as the 700w power motor will enable you to get up to 23mph.

Not only this, but it can also travel 40-55 miles just on one full charge. Therefore it’s very ideal if you need to travel longer distances on this bike. Plus, one very good factor about this bike is that you can still pedal it manually if it does happen to run out of charge, so you won’t end up being stranded somewhere.

+ Holds larger people
+ 1000w motor
+ Top speed is 23mph
+ Travels 40-55 miles
+ You can pedal manually too

Why we like it – We liked this electric bike because it is made from very strong and sturdy materials and can move at very fast speeds.

2. Omeng ATV Transmission Damping Bike


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The design of this electric bike is a very city style, so it would be perfect for your city or neighborhood ride. It can go up to 20mph with 500w motor power. It als ohas LCD display with 5 speed pass levels, speed meter, odometer, trip time and more advanced settings.

With fully charged battery it can go up to 30 miles continuous ride. Weight of it is 55lbs including the battery. When foldable, it can fit most of the trunks.
+ City style design
+ Up to 30 miles per charge
+ LCD display
+ 500w motor
+ Foldable
+ Up to 20mph

Why we liked it – We liked this electric bike because the design of it is awesome and you can easily fold it and store anywhere.

3. NAKTO Fat Tire Mountain

NAKTO Fat Tire Mountain

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This electric mountain bike is really ideal if you want to purchase one of the fastest ones around, it is actually able to reach a staggering 30mph. This is equivalent to driving a car to some extent, but if there’s any traffic on the roads, you can easily cycle your way through it all with this bike.

It is able to ride a distance between 27- 30 miles with a full charge, and you can use this manually if the battery does end up running out. On the front of the bike is a 360 degree LED spotlight, so it means that you’re completely safe if you want to use this bike in the dark.

+ Top speed 30mph
+ Prevents you from getting stuck in traffic
+ Can travel up to 30 miles
+ Can be used manually
+ 360 degree LED spotlight

Why we liked it – We liked this electric bike because it is also suitable to use in dark conditions, and it means other road users will be able to see you very clearly.

4. Vilano NEUTRON Electric Folding Fat Bike

This electrical bike comes with 3 driving modes. You can try pedal assist technology, throttle, or “regular” 7-speed bike.  It goes pretty easy up to the hill. Perfect for weekend fun rides or every day use.

It’s foldable so it can fit almost any trunk, or yo ucan store it anywhere, and can go 15-30 miles per charge, depends on which mode you are using it on, with headlight included. Seat is really comfortable for foldable bike, which makes it great choice for both city and off road rides.

+ 36V battery
+ 250w motor
+ Pedal assist
+ Foldable
+ Anti-slip resistant tires

Why we liked it – We liked this product because when you’re riding it, you can feel how easy it is drifting on almost any surface.

5. X-Treme Sedona 48 Volt High End Women’s Step-Through Frame Electric Mountain Bicycle

One of many design especially for ladies. Despite it looks gentle, it has powerful 500w motor from the Bafang High Torque Zero Resistance Clutch with digital torque sensor. Entirely made of aluminium which makes-no rust! It can be driven trough any surfaces and any weather conditions without any worries.

The LC display indicates speed , distance and Battery life. It comes equipped with the KIng Meter 5 Speed Smart Power Assist System(SPAS) with USB phone charging port.

+ 500W motor
+ 48 volt Lipo4 Lithium Battery
+ Kenda Mountain tire
+ Can be used in any weather condition

Why we liked it – Aluminium makes it almost untouchable for all conditions it faces. It also makes it durable a lot more than most of other materials.

6. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike


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Modern designed fat tire mountain bike. It comes with navy blue color that fits perfectly with inner wheel lines.
It is suitable for all off road surfaces, with high-tensile steel with supersized and terrain knobby tires.
Shimano derailleur with seven speeds makes it able to switch speeds even while climbing during the ride.

+ Great off road bike
+ 750w motor
+ Three working modes on the motor
+ Can be used in any weather condition

Why we liked it – We liked this product because it comes with a whole different range of warranty features that guarantee all of the parts on the bike.

7. Tomasar Power

Tomasar Power

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The Tomasar Power biker is another great electric bike competitor which is absolutely fabulous for those looking to ride their bike to work.

This electric bike really knows how to pack in some quality design and engineering you’ll be itching to get your bike.

Lithium battery – This bike comes with a lithium battery that is also removable and can be slotted into an easy charge port system when you’re not using your bike. You can ride up to 25-50kms with this battery.


+ High-quality material – You’ll find this bike only uses 100% pure aluminum in its alloy frame which makes it great for shock absorption allowing you to have a much smoother ride.

+ Motor system – You’ll be able to travel at 15 mph on this electric bike thanks to its 250w high-speed gear motors and 7-speed Shimano professional transmission system.

+ Premium quality breaks – Unlike a lot of other bikes, you won’t have to worry about shoddy craftsmanship. As both the front and back breaks on this bike are entirely coated in carbon steel.

+ Dual riding modes – You can choose between two functions of cycling Electric Bike or Assisted Cycling which either take the pressure off you or just enhance your natural cycling speed and power.

8. Addmotor MOTAN M-60 R7 Electric Fat Cruiser Bike Retro

Addmotor MOTAN M-60 R7 is all-purpose urban beach cruiser bike that that is great for both city and adventurous ride. It contains lates e-biking technology, with natural upright tiding posittion, long plush bench seat and adjustable handbar. With ability to go up to 55 miles per charge, it also works as paddle-assist, muscle power or throttle.

+ Retro design
+ Adjustable seat
+ Up to 55miles per charge
+ Lates e-biking technology

Why we liked it – We liked this product because it is a combination of modern and retro style, and it has adjustable and comfortable seat.

9. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike

ECOTRIC Electric Fat Tire bike

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The ECOTRIC Fat Tire electric bike is strong and dynamic. It is designed for and therefore equipped to deal with any number of different terrains including beach cruising and excellent on dirt roads also. Therefore, you can take the bike with you anywhere with ease and with the comfort of knowing it won’t let you down as it goes. The tires, like all electric fat bikes, are thick and have a great tread and grip built into them, which makes the bike that much more durable than its competitors.

This electric fat tire road bike has a great battery life, a strong motor, and top speeds. Not only this but this beach cruiser bike can support larger weights of up to 260 lbs. and not be slowed down in any capacity. You can adjust the seat as and how you like or need, and the handlebar is fully ergonomic, which means it is built for comfort and can become bespoke to you quite quickly.

+ 7 Speeds
+ 500 W Motor
+ Removable 36V 8AH Lithium-ion Battery pack
+ Strong
+ Lightweight
+ Powerful Bike

Why We Liked It – This electric fat tire electric road bike is strong and powerful and can sustain and support larger weights as well. It can travel on a variety of different terrains which makes it versatile and interesting – it’s both an electric mountain bike and a beach cruiser bike! You may even see it amongst other road bikes.

10. Goplus


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This bike comes with three different riding modes, which are a manual mode, power assist mode, and a fully electric mode. Therefore you can easily switch to manual if you desire to use it, or if the bike runs out of charge.

It has a headlight on the front of the bike, so other road users and pedestrians are able to clearly see you, making it very safe to use. The motor is very powerful as it has 350w and the top speed it can reach is 12.5mph. It also has an adjustable seat, so it is able to suit any height.

+ Three different modes
+ Headlight
+ Can use in manual mode
+ 350w motor
+ Top speed is 12.5mph

Why we liked it – We liked this product because it isn’t as expensive compared to some of the other electronic bikes and it is still a very high-quality electronic bike.

Fat Tire Electric Bike Buyers Guide

There are a lot of electric bikes all over the internet and in many stores across the United States, but it can be quite confusing when it comes down to making a decision over what one you should purchase. A lot of them have a whole load of different features from having different top speeds to having more powerful motors compared to some of the others. This can make your decision even more confusing, especially, when some of them have quite a dramatic price difference.

Therefore we’ve discussed some of the things that you need to look out for before you buy an electric bike.


This is a very important feature that you will need if you want to ride your electric bike at night or even when it is very early in the morning. If you do not have a headlight on your bike, then you shouldn’t use it at these times. The headlight is able to help other road users see you and to help pedestrians see you as well.

Manual mode

You may have noticed in the list above that some of the electric bikes have different modes. This is another very important feature to look out for because these usually have a manual mode too and this is the crucial point. If your bike doesn’t have a manual mode and you end up running out of battery, then it can be quite difficult to be able to get it back home with you.

However, if your electric bike does have a manual mode and when you’re riding it it doesn’t seem like you have enough battery then you instantly have the option of being able to ride it back home or even carry on your journey like you would with any other regular type of bike.

Top speed

The top speed depends on what you actually need the bike for and what type of roads you want to travel on. If you’re going to be using the bike during rush hour in busy city traffic, then you’re probably not going to want one that goes too fast.

This is because you shouldn’t go too fast when you’re going through this, as there could be dangers that you need to look out for. However, if you’re planning to use the bike through the countryside type of roads, then you may want one that is a little faster.

Digital display

Most electric bikes do have these, and they are a very handy additional feature. This is because they are able to tell you a whole range of extra things, like the amount of battery you have and what speed you’re going. However, these are not essential, and you don’t have to have them if you don’t want to.

How to clean an electric bike?

You can clean your electric bike in a variety of different ways; some of them may actually be more convenient compared to others. One way you can clean it is by using soap and warm water and then gently rub this over your bike to get off any dirty marks or mud. However, this can be quite a time-consuming way of cleaning your electric bike, but it is actually the more efficient way of doing it.

This is because the dirt is able to come off a lot easier with a sponge. Another way that you can clean it is by using wet wipes, and this is a lot easier and less time-consuming. However, you may struggle to get some dirt off with this method, especially if there is a lot of dirt and mud over your electric bike. Therefore this method is better for lighter cleaning.

How to use an electric bike?

When you open the box that contains your brand new electric bike you probably won’t be able to wait to try it out, so here are the steps you need to follow to be able to use it:

1.    Find that battery that should be in the box.
2.    Press the on button on the battery to see how much it is charged.
3.    Insert the battery into the body of the bike, your instruction manuals should tell you how to do this part, as each bike is different.
4.    Make sure it clicks because then you will know that the bike is locked in safely.
5.    Hold the power button down that should be near the bikes handles.
6.    Choose the correct settings that you would like to use and how much you want electrical assistance.
7.    Then all that you need to do is start riding the bike.

What’s the difference between a regular bike and an electronic?

You may be thinking what’s the point of spending a load of money on an electric bike when you can just buy a regular one. However, there are some significant differences between the two. First of all, if you do have to travel quite long distances, then a regular bike may exhaust you before you even get to the place you need to be.

This is where an electric bike can be very useful because they are able to help you cycle. They do this by electronically moving the wheel for you. Therefore, it means that you don’t have to actually peddle as much and you won’t tire yourself out either.

What’s the difference between a moped and an electric bike?

It may seem like electric bikes, and mopeds do pretty similar things, and in a way they do. However, one of the most significant differences between the two of them is that with a moped you don’t have to peddle at all. Therefore, this isn’t as good for your health as you won’t be exercising.

Another difference between a moped and an electric bike is that with a moped you will need to get insurance to be able to drive it. Therefore an electric bike is actually quite a bit cheaper to run, and you can even charge it from your own home.

Expert tip:

One thing to note when you do ride an electric bike is the fact that the harder you peddle it the bigger the boost to the bike. This means that the bike will go a lot faster.

Did you know:

The first form of electronic bikes actually appeared in the 1970s. However, they were a lot clunkier then than they are now, and the reason they did appear was because of the energy crisis. They started getting more noticed at a later date in the 1990s.


There are hundreds of electric bikes all over the internet, and it can be very difficult deciding which one will suit your needs the best. You may have noticed that they are actually quite expensive to buy; therefore, you need to make sure that you buy one that will do exactly what you need it to. So it’s best to work out what type of distances you will be traveling on it and how fast you actually need it to be. This will then be able to help you decide which one is best for you.

Electronic bikes are becoming more and more popular, and this is because they are a lot better for the environment. Plus, they can also cost you a lot less to run compared to a car and even compared to public transport. There are some things that you do need to look out for before you buy an electronic bike though, for instance, whether it has different modes or it comes with a headlight. As you don’t want to end up getting stranded when the battery runs out.


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