10 Best Fall Nail Polishes 2023 (Reflect Your Mood in This Fall)


Are you looking to change your nail wardrobe this fall and are looking for some good fall nail polishes?

People who love painting their nails know what a huge difference fall season makes in their nail polish collection. The light pastel colours make way for deeper and darker tones in fall.

These colours also reflect your mood in this season as leaves fall and a good winter begins to set in. Blacks, navy, deep red, and burgundy look good this season and here are ten best fall nail polishes to transform your nails:

Editor Pick Best Fall Nail Polishes

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Wine Stock

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If we could give a name to the picture-perfect fall nail polish, it would be wine stock by Sally Hansen. A perfect deep dark burgundy, this nail polish comes in gel finish and does not require any curing under a UV/LED lamp. The shade looks good on all skin tones and is easily removable with a nail polish remover. The staying power is good and the formula dries evenly on the nail. The nail polish comes in 80 shades and is available in a pack of two bottles also. The price of the nail polish is reasonable as compared to other gel nail polishes.

What we like about it:The shade is great for fall and gives opaque finish in just one coat. It gives a gel finish and has a better staying power than regular nail polishes. The finish is impeccable and it does not chip easily.

KBShimmer Eclipse Cream Nail Polish

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A deep black cream nail polish is a must in fall and this cream nail polish suits the description perfectly. It comes in a full-sized bottle and can be worn on its own or with a shimmer top coat for some added oomph. The formula does not dry quickly but it has a great staying power. It has a glossy finish but can be worn under a matte top coat. The polish is a bit thicker in consistency but smoothens when it is dried properly. The price of the polish is reasonable.

What we like about it:This smooth cream black nail polish is a must-have for when you want something mysterious and dark on your nails. It can be used in multiple ways and has a great staying power also.

Butter LONDON Ruby Murray Nail Lacquer

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Your fall nail polish collection is incomplete without a deep rich burgundy shade and the shade “Ruby Murray” from Butter LONDON is a great option to consider. It has a highly pigmented formula that glides on the nails smoothly and delivers an intense colour-payoff. The nail polish has a quick-drying formula and does not chip for 7-10 days. The price of the nail polish is a bit higher than other brands but the rich formula and intense pigmentation make it worth the price.

What we like about it:Ruby Murray is a great wine shade for the fall season and its formula and pigmentation make it a good investment. It also has a great staying power and gives opaque finish in two coats.

OPI Envy The Adventure Long-Wear Nail Polish

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Inspired from Disney’s The Nutcracker and Four Realms, this nail polish from OPI comes in a beautiful rich shade of green and is known for its glossy finish. The collection includes 12 shades of green and this particular shade is great for fall season. The formula stays for 11-12 days without chipping and has a gel finish. The quantity of the nail polish is good and one bottle lasts for 1-2 years. The price of the nail polish is moderate and the packaging is a bit bulky.

 What we like about it:The shade is very unique and looks good on all skin tones. The formula needs a base coat but it gives a salon-like finish when worn with two coats over a base coat.

Essie nail polish A-list red nail polish

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A clean red nail polish is always in fashion and Essie’s A-list nail polish fits the bill perfectly. It is formulated without DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene and is completely safe for nails. The shade is a vibrant red and gives opaque finish in three coats. The formula is a little thinner as compared to other cream nail polishes but it dries quickly and stays on the nails for 7-8 days with minor chipping. The price of the nail polish is affordable as compared to other nail polishes.

 What we like about it:This shade is forever in style and you can never go wrong with a good red nail polish. It has a very buildable colour and is free of toxic ingredients which can harm the nails in the long run.

Cirque Colors Shimmer Holographic Sparkle Nail Polish REM

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A sparkly blue to perk up your mood, REM uses subtle holographic sparkles and green shimmer to create magic on your nails. It is free of toluene and formaldehyde and is vegan. The formula is of high quality and gives opaque finish in just one coat if worn over a base coat. The quantity is a little lesser as compared to other full-sized nail polishes. This shade is perfect for fall parties and for day brunches. The price is moderate and the staying power is reasonable.

What we like about it:The blue holographic glitter shade looks quite stylish on the nails and is very unique. It can be worn with two coats or applied over a light solid nail polish for the added effect.

Karma Organic UNSTOPPABLE Natural Nail Polish

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If you are looking for a 100% organic nail polish, this shade from Karma Organics is a good option to consider as it is safe for people of all ages including pregnant women. This nail polish looks different under different lights and does not yellow the nails even after prolonged use. It is free of all toxic ingredients and is available in five fall-worthy shades. The formula dries quickly and has a pleasant fragrance. The price of the nail polish is reasonable considering its organic formula.

What we like about it:There are very few nail polishes that are completely organic and this nail polish from Karma Organics is one of those few. It glides easily on the nails and the mood-changing texture is unique in nature.

Dr.’s REMEDY REVIVE Ruby Red Enriched Nail Polish

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Enriched with vitamins, hydrolysed wheat protein, and tea tree oil, this nail polish is available in 40 shades out of which this shade is most suited for the fall season. The shade has subtle shimmer and is quite smooth in terms of texture. The nail polish does not harm the nails even after frequent use and has a good staying power of 10-11 days. Another advantage of this nail polish is that it works well in providing relief from fungal nail infections as well. The price of the nail polish is high.

What we like about it:This ruby red shade looks striking and attractive on the nails and the vitamin-enriched formula strengthens and heals the nails. The price is a bit high but the antifungal properties of the formula make this nail polish worth the investment.

ILNP High Voltage Royal Purple Holographic Nail Polish

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A royal purple nail polish with pink holographic sparkles, this shade makes your nails look sophisticated yet stylish. The shade is quite appropriate for the fall season and can turn your dreary mood around. 3-4 coats of this nail polish are recommended as it is a glitter polish. The removal is easy and the formula stays on the nails for 5-6 days without chipping. The price of the nail polish is moderate and the quantity is good for the price.

What we like about it:This shade is quite stylish and adds colour to neutral outfits easily. The pink glitter sparkles add some fun to the royal purple colour and the formula is chip-resistant so it stays on the nails for quite some time.

China Glaze Re-fresh Mint

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Pastels are not only for summers and this refreshing pastel mint crème nail polish from China Glaze is one of those few pastel colours that work for fall. The nail polish requires two coats for an opaque finish and the finished look is a smooth even layer. It dries quickly and has a better staying power as compared to some other nail polishes available in the market.  The shade suits light to medium skin tones and the brush applicator is easy to get an even and smooth finish. The price of the nail polish is affordable.

What we like about it:Very few pastel colours look this soothing and fun so this mint green shade is a must-have for pastel lovers. It looks good in all seasons and does not chip even after 10 days.

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Here are some additional tips and tricks that are very useful when buying and using nail polishes for fall:

  • Apply 2-3 coats of the nail polish to achieve an opaque finish and smooth appearance. Glitter shades need an additional coat for a better finish.
  • Do not go for very bright or summery shades when dressing up for fall. Go for deeper richer shades of red, burgundy, blue, green or grey for getting the look right.
  • Coordinate your nails with your outfit and avoid going for shades that are full of chunky glitter or sparkles. Fall season demands solid shades in sombre hues.
  • Always wear the nail polish with a base coat underneath to protect your nails from the chemicals present in the nail polish.
  • Go for a glossy top coat if you want to get a salon-finish and wear a matte top coat for a more sophisticated look.
  • Keep the nail polish bottle in a cool and dark environment to keep the formula from getting damaged in the heat.
  • Apply the nail polish from bottle of the nail to the top to get a neat look and let the first coat dry before applying the second coat.
  • Work with different textures and formulas to find the right formula for your nails and then choose a shade that suits your skin tones.
  • Avoid buying nail polishes that contain alcohol, formaldehyde, or toluene as these chemicals can harm your nails.
  • Give your nails a break in between polish changes to help the nail breathe and remain healthy.
  • Remove nail polish only with a gentle nail polish remover and do not rub the remover vigorously on the nail. Dip a cotton ball in the remover and keep it on the nail for a few seconds before wiping it off.
  • Check the shade in the store before ordering it online as some nail polishes look different in the bottle and on the nails.
  • Understand more about the shade and the formula by reading the customer reviews shared by users who have used the shade before.
  • Extend the longevity of the nail polish by adding a nail primer underneath the coats.
  • Prep your nails by rubbing some cuticle oil around the nails and on the nails as this moisturizes the skin and makes the nail polish application easier and smoother.

So these are the ten best fall nail polishes available in the market. These shades are particularly popular during the fall season when the mood is a bit sombre and dreary. While there is no rule as to which nail polish shade you should wear, the deep dark shades represent the mood and look very attractive if worn with proper care and touch-ups. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to nail polishes and these tips listed above will help you find the right fall nail polish among these options.

Which is your favourite fall nail polish?


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