Top 10 Best Eyelash Curlers in 2022 – Reviews

Best Eyelash Curlers

Choosing the perfect eyelash curler is important if you want to have the “killer look.” You need to ensure that it comes in the right length to suit the length of your eyes. It’s essential to pick an item based on the length of your lashes.

A flatter clamp is most effective on short lashes and will deliver results as good as the long lashes. Other vital consideration includes the size, weight, brand reputation, ergonomics, and price. The following are the top 10 best eyelash curlers in 2022.

Best Eyelash Curlers in 2022


10. Icona Lashes- Eyelash Curler || 24K Gold Plated Stainless Steel & Ergonomic Handles

By: Icona Lashes

Icona Lashes- Eyelash Curler || 24K Gold Plated Stainless Steel & Ergonomic Handles

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This Icona Lashes eyelash curler comes with an innovative design that provides an appealing, eye-opening curl easily.   It creates a beautifully curled lashes that usually last for the whole day and it is perfect for all eye sizes and shapes. The Curler is designed to pull, pinch or break your lashes without any pain. Moreover, it features an ergonomic sure-grip handle that has been cleverly contoured and cushioned for a comfortable no-slip grip.

Forget about poorly made Eyelash Curlers as this item is made with high-end stainless steel that is more durable and will serve you for a long time.

9. Shiseido Eyelash Curler

By: Shiseido

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You like many other consumers will love this eyelash curler by Shiseido. It is a preferred choice for professionals and amateurs and is said to be amongst the simplest to use. It’s made from a high-grade material to withstand regular use and comes in a compact design and lightweight for easy use.

The unit is perfect for both short and long lashes as well as narrow and wide eyes. It will curl the eyelashes easily and they will stay curled for a longer period.

8. Tweezerman Classic Lash Curler

By: Tweezerman

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The Tweezerman name is famous when talking about the top 10 best eyelash curlers in 2022.This particular piece is well-known for its simplicity, reliability, and durability. It has a flatter arch to work with any lashes and doesn’t pinch or pull.

The heavy-duty piece works with any eyelashes and will ensure the lashes curl in the best manner. The piece comes in a handy design for easy use, is ergonomically designed for the best handling, and very durable.

7. JAPONESQUE Power Curl Eyelash Curler


JAPONESQUE Power Curl Eyelash Curler

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If you are looking for durable, vividly curled lashes quickly, this is the item for you.  It is precision crafted with the highest quality materials making it durable and long lasting. With its classic design makes it simple to use and let you apply a consistent straight-line pressure ion the lashes in order to offer a flawless result each and every time.

Thanks to its JAPONESQUE Company as they are driven by the love of creating beauty as these eyelash curlers are celebrated by many beauty professionals and makeup artists in the world. The item is made with precision and great performance in mind.

6. KIPOZI Pro Eyelash Curler with Refills


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Forget eyelashes that pinch, pull or won’t curl your lashes as you desire. With this unit from KIPOZI, you get a professional unit that will work on any type of lashes whether long or short. It’s also ideal for narrow and wide eyes and has a smooth and firm grip for the perfect hold.

The unit includes 4 extra refill pads in addition to the soft silicone pad it comes with. And thanks to its innovative design, chances of pinching or pulling are minimal.

5. Bella and Bear Dramatic Lashes Eyelash Curler – Included With Replacement Pads

By: Bella and Bear

Bella and Bear Dramatic Lashes Eyelash Curler – Included With Replacement Pads

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This is another well designed Eyelash Curler that can be used with all Eye Shapes regardless of whether it is almond, Asian, small or hooded eyes.  It delivers full and dramatic eyelashes within a few seconds and comes with a comfy ergonomic design to ensure that you have a comfortable grip. Other than that, its perfect gift for Women, teenagers as well as makeup beginners.

The items come with eyelash curler replacement pads and a good looking carry bag that will store the eyelash curler with much care.  It is also made with a long-lasting material that makes the curler durable and long lasting.

4. Kaasage Eyelash Curler (Black)

By: Kaasage

Kaasage Eyelash Curler for All Eye Shapes and with Advanced Silicone Pressure Pad (Black)

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Every make-up artist must have the Kaasage Eyelash eyelash curler in their workbox. It’s a high-quality Eyelash Curler that will let your Eyelashes Bend all through the day with no clip and no pull. Ideally, the Eyelash Curler is professionally designed and crafted with stainless steel that makes it durable and long lasting. Other than that, this Eyelash Curler is perfect with all eye sizes and shapes.

Combined with super-soft silicone pads and durable structure that makes it easy to hug each and every lash giving incredible curl and lift. It is perfect for those mornings when you are running late as it dramatic eyelashes in a matter of seconds.

3. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

By: Shu Uemura

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This eyelash curler from Shu Uemura will make curling your lashes easy, safer and more convenient. It works on any kind of eyes and lashes thanks to being curved at an angle. This provides a nice hold even on very short lashes. The accessory is made of sturdy steel for extra strength and reliability and is also very easy to clean. It doesn’t rust, corrode or fade and has a firm nonslip grip to prevent slippage. The silicone rubber pad delivers the right pressure for the best results.

2. Long & Luscious- Eyelash Curler with 2 Free Silicone Pads and Built-In Comb Attachment

By: Long & Luscious

Long & Luscious- Eyelash Curler with 2 Free Silicone Pads and Built-In Comb Attachment

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Built with a great design, this eyelash curler is both effective and innovative. Unlike other conventional eyelash curlers, the Long & Luscious- Eyelash Curler is made with durable and stronger carbon steel and has a spring-loaded hinge that will assist you to regulate the pressure applied to the lashes. Other than that, the handles are ergonomically designed to make it easier on your fingers and hands.

Comes with a handle clasp that will store this eyelash curler when it is not in use. The package includes silicone pad replacements, Instructions on the outer box and manufactures offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

1. Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler with Refill Pads and Satin Bag

By: Brilliant Beauty

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If you fancy the bold look or voluminously curled eyelashes, then this curler by Brilliant Beauty will suit you fine. It’s regarded as one of the highest performing pieces and comes in a user-friendly and professional design for maximum effect.

It’s made from top-grade stainless steel for good service whether at home or for commercial use. The ergonomically designed piece is very comfortable and lightweight and works well with eyes of different sizes and shapes. The kit includes a satin bag and refills pads.


Curling your eyelashes shouldn’t be a hard chore. You don’t have to keep picking the lashing due to using the wrong product or spending too much time or effort. You also shouldn’t keep replacing the accessory because it gets damaged sooner-rather-than-later.

With the above pieces, you are assured of nice results whether you have short or long lashes. They are effective on any kind of lashes, work on different eye lengths, and are very easy to handle. Follow the top 10 best eyelash curlers in 2022 review and own the perfect product.


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