Best Elongated Toilets and Seats – Here’s All You Need to Know


As a professional plumber in the third generation, I have seen it all when it comes to embarrassing toilet-related incidents. The biggest concern most clients have is how to make their toilets comfortable and discreet. The last thing anyone wants when leaving the toilet is a loud bang as the toilet seat slams back down.

This is why an elongated toilet seat slow close is an asset to many households. Toilets that flush quietly are also a much welcome addition that ensures one does not have to be heard using the toilet. Imagine being a light sleeper and hearing every nighttime flush whenever someone uses the toilet. It would be very annoying.

My name is Gerald Carpenter, and I blog about toilets and plumbing. I often review products in my line of work to help my readers make the best purchase that will give them the most bang for their buck. Today’s post discusses the best elongated toilets as well as a few elongated toilet seat covers that are a must-have. I will tell you about the best toilet seat brands, the pros and cons of each, and how to know if you are about to make the right purchase.

Top 8 Best Elongated toilets and seats

Have you been disappointed by home depot elongated toilet seats? Looking for a toilet seat that is easy to install and comfortable to use? Here are eight elongated toilets and toilet seats for you to choose from.

WoolBridge T0001 Elongated Toilet Bowl and Seat

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Do you consider yourself a minimalist? Do you hate cleaning around the outside of your toilet bowl in all those absurd places that force a reach around the toilet? This dual flush toilet was made for you. It ships with a skirt all around the toilet bowl covering the plumbing. This saves you the pain of cleaning those tiny dust traps. The other benefit of this is the very nice look the bowl ends up with because of the skirt.

The cool design also makes for a sturdy build that will hold its own. The toilet is shipped in one complete package with a preinstalled seat as well. You only need to read the installation manual to bolt this to the floor correctly, and you are good to go.

The flushing system is completely quiet with a smooth and very powerful flush. The elongated toilet seat cover that it is shipped with is an excellent design addition that tops it all off.

Despite all the good features that this design has to offer, I have found it a bit clunky for some people. The skirt is not for all, I guess.

minimalist design is easy to clean;quiet flushing;is shipped with all accessories including seat and already installed cover.the skirted design may not be suitable for everybody.

Toto CST744SL Elongated Toilet

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Are you looking to buy the complete toilet package? It is super convenient when you get all the things you need all packed as one. The Toto CST744SL toilet has an elongated bowl. Toto is still tipping the balance on elongated vs round toilet seats and a highly durable Toto seat to go with it. If you are renovating your bathroom this will be an excellent choice, spotting a chrome finish coupled with an elegant and comfortable elongated bowl.

It has been designed to fit many seats that are available for sale online. Before you start shopping for this product, give it a chance, it is pretty good. The best part about it is the way you enjoy how seamless all this feels like because Toto built everything. The tank holds up to 6 litres of water. The flush is very silent. Do not worry about the noise disturbing your beauty sleep.

The fact that Toto makes this means that you may have a bit of a challenge to find the right replacement for the toilet seat if you are not too impressed with the one it is shipped with. Home depot elongated toilets may not cut it. The drawback on this excellent product is that it can be exported as many different pieces and not just one ready-made unit. Calm down. You have plumbers for all that work.

elegant design with elongated bowl;the standard height for use by everyone;flat top allows for an easy fit for all kinds of seats;seats can be switched for a preferred replacement not made by Toto is challenging to find.

TOTO Entrada Two Piece Elongated Toilet

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There are a lot of fancy designs, bits, and pieces that you can add onto your bathroom design to achieve any outcome you want. Over the years, I have seen several bathroom designs ranging varying from costly exotic tastes to more mild and measured functional thinking. This next item falls in the later.

It is meant to be practical and as modular as possible with two pieces, tank and bowl that are shipped as one package. The seat is sold separately. You can find some exciting home depot toilet seats elongated to fit this perfectly.

Toto has a brand reputation so strong because it upholds very high-quality standards on all its products. Let’s take this as our case study. To do this properly, we will check to see how many boxes it checks for the things people look for when shopping for a toilet bowl.

It has a large tank that fills up for a 6-litre flush. This is plenty to get you out of the bathroom as soon as possible, so you don’t miss the game waiting for the tank to fill up. It has an elongated bowl that makes for a more comfortable posture, add that to the universal height, and that’s another box checked.

The next box is that it is easy to set up with compatibility to most toilet seats. You can use a home depot elongated toilet seat for this bowl. The standard elongated toilet lid covers you can find on home depot works for this. The last advantage to this is the few moving bits and pieces that come with it, significantly reducing the headache of having to put together the system before installation.

simple design;easy setup;easy cleanup.seats and covers are not included.

Toto Drake Elongated Bowl

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You probably have this figured out already, Toto is pretty good at making toilet equipment. Whether you are looking for a toilet seat, a better-hinged seat, a more stylish tank and finish, you can count on Toto to be on the list offering quality options.

You probably hate using a shared bathroom, and it makes that loud noise like a hurricane when you flush it. Using a G-Max flushing system you can use the toilet with ease without worrying about the noise every flush will cause. I can’t imagine how useful this can be if you have just put your baby to sleep and wanted to pee before you went to bed.

The other fantastic thing about this Toto toilet is that it comes in many different colors. You can have the bathroom of your dreams with whatever design you have in mind. This being an elongated toilet confines you to buying only elongated toilet seats, which can be a bummer if you’re on the other side of the elongated vs round toilet seat debate.

A few things about this toilet bowl allow it merit this list. First, it has a beautiful elongated bowl with allowance for all kinds’ toilet seats to be installed. It is relatively easy to set this up. From my experience, you can have this swapped into your bathroom in a few hours. Second is the quiet, slow close seat that Toto sells for this bowl. It is a durable set up and can hold its own under great pressure.

easy installation;seats can be swapped easily;the elongated design offers significantly more comfort.if you like round toilet seats this is not for you.

American Standard 288AA114.020 Toilet

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If you ever find yourself wondering what a standardized toilet looks like, check this American Standard toilet. It is a standard design for a toilet with a uniquely designed plumbing to elongate the suction force that the flush exerts. The system has been made simple with every design decision serving a purpose.

The flush handle is the more durable and easy to replace the trip lever. It allows a more traditional look. The edge of the bowl where the seat rests is designed to enable better water distribution so that the whole bowl is cleaned with every flush. The bowl itself is made of vitreous china that lasts long without any discoloration of marks forming. It also means it is easy to clean.

The downside of buying this is that you don’t get a seat already preinstalled. It is troublesome to buy a toilet and have to wait for it to be shipped separately. Simultaneously, this is an upside, shipping without a seat gives you the power to decide what type of seat you want, whether you prefer a wooden toilet seat elongated to fit your specific bowl or a compact elongated toilet seat made of plastic.

The other bonus of this is that you can play around with various options of elongated toilet seat risers and seats that tickle your fancy. Another great option might be the Bemis toilet seat elongated design, which I have seen works on this toilet well.

the powerful suction flushing mechanism;easy to install;unique and functional design.shipped without a seat.

Kohler Elongated Toilet Seat (K-4636-96)

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Kohler is a brand that is associated with household accessories such as sinks, toilets, showers, faucets, and many others. Anyone building or renovating a home is familiar with these top-of-the-line kitchen and bathroom accessories. Being such a renowned brand, it is no surprise that the elongated Kohler toilet seat features at the top of my list of recommended toilet seats.

I love these seats because of four unique features: the quiet close technology, its slightly slanting design, the ease of setup and flexible hinges. Those who get petrified by the loud slam of a toilet seat in the dead of night understand just how valuable an elongated toilet seat with quiet close technology is. Kohler uses this technology to ensure the toilet seat drops slowly back to the porcelain after use.

The Kohler toilet seat elongated has a unique design that slopes slightly inward. This ensures that you are in the recommended position while using the toilet. Anyone who has struggled with getting things moving in the toilet will tell you that a slight arch of the back is all you need. Squatting is the recommended position for dealing with constipation, but that is a story for another day.

You do not need any additional tools to set up this toilet seat. All you need comes in one package with it. Slide it onto your toilet and clip it in place. I also love the fact that the elongated toilets Kohler allow you to remove the seat and wash it separately. This is great for ensuring maximum hygiene.

The only downside to the design of these toilet seats is that not everyone finds it comfortable. People struggling with knee problems, for example, might find the position a bit strenuous. The last thing you need while in the toilet is a knee cramp.

easy to setup;detachable for cleaning;has quite close technology that prevents it from slamming back onto the bowl.has a unique sloping design that may be uncomfortable to someone.

Soft Close Toilet Seat Elongated Can Serve You Well

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How many toilet seats and cover replacements have you experienced? Realistically speaking the average American has seen at least one broken toilet seat and cover by the time they finish elementary school. That is without considering the ones you have broken yourself, accidentally or otherwise. These seats come with a simple design that is aimed at solving the little problems that make the trip to some bathrooms not so pleasant.

The slow close elongated toilet seats covers have a nice cut out at the front that let you open the lid much more comfortable. They also help you avoid the possibility of injury. Slow closing action allows for a quiet and hustles free trip to the bathroom late at night. The seat cover only fits an elongated bowl so it would be a waste to buy this if you have a round bowl.

The soft close toilets seat elongated design is also made to be a one size fits all product with the choice of metal or plastic screws so that you can fit this into any bathroom set up you have.

slow close action is quiet;easy to set up and remove for the cleanup;comfortable fit for most toilet to white.

Toto SS114 01 Slow Close Toilet Seat Elongated

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Are you a buyer who only trusts brand names? The Toto elongated toilet seat cover is a great alternative to Kohler for several reasons. First of all, the Toto brand goes way back. It has been providing bathroom accessories for years, creating a large customer base. Second, its hinges rely on soft-close technology that ensures you do not have to experience that annoying seat slam in the dead of night.

The technology that went into the design of this toilet seat is backed by decades of Toto products, and it shows when you use it and realize just how surreal the quiet feels. The hinges are also enclosed firmly, what this means is the toilet seat will not start rocking back and forth or come loose. It is important to mention that Toto sells the original seat replacement as well. You can continue enjoying the comfortable feel.

Long term Toto fans must have noticed by now that Toto settled the round vs elongated toilet seat debate because they started shipping elongated designs for this model, which was initially round. To switch them out is pretty easy, you bolt it on to your toilet and voila.

The downside of this seat does not provide the same level of comfort you get when using a seat that is slanted to get things going. It, however, has a nice ergonomic design that holds you in place and uses your weight to prevent any shifts.

easy installation;slow close keeps things quiet;lasts longer without discoloration.plastics hinge can be overcome over time.

Here Are the Answers on All Your Questions about Elongated Toilets

Elongated Toilet
  • What kind of toilet seat is best for my bathroom?

The answer to this is hinged on the design of your bowl and the size of the bowl for which the seat will be used.

  • Do I need an electric toilet seat?

The short answer is no. The typical manual seat works just as well if you get one with slow close then you enjoy all the same benefits. If it is for a public toilet, then it is a good idea because most of us want as little contact as possible with public restrooms.

  • What makes a toilet seat break?

A toilet seat made out of plastic typically breaks at the hinge. A direct result of continued use makes it eventually loose. Moreover, the shifts this allows make it get into positions that can damage it. Some seats have very powerful spring mechanisms that can cut through the plastic.

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  • Is it better to buy a seat from the same company that made the bowl?

That does not matter much. The correct fit is what matters more. A Toto toilet can have a generic home depot toilet seat elongated that fits perfectly.

  • What is the difference between round vs. elongated toilet seats?

A round toilet seat takes up less space than an elongated one. However, elongated seats are better looking and currently in style.

  • What are the other options apart from those listed here?

Yes, there are plenty of options not on this list. Of the top of my mind are the Bemis toilet seats elongated or the Kohler lintelle elongated toilet. Be sure to comment below with any new toilets and seats you have come across.

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My Final Take on Elongated Toilet Seats

A restroom is one of the most popular places in the house. So, it should be well equipped and comfortable. The kind of toilet you have will most likely determine or at least limit the type of toilet seat and cover you eventually to buy.

A good example is that you buy elongated toilet seats at home depot, right after buying one of the home depots elongated toilets, and they go together. If you happen to be doing some renovations and decide you want a wooden toilet seat then you will have toilet seat wood elongated to fit just how you want it.

Little considerations are hidden in the details. You have to know the size of your toilet bowl as well as the type of bolts that can fit in it. The other consideration of whether the seat should be slanting or electrical depends on your fitness and the electrical set up in your bathroom. All in all, you should look at your restroom a little closer before getting on Amazon.

Have you learned something new from this review? Which of these toilet seats do you think would be a perfect fit for your house? Are there any other toilet seats that deserve to be on this list? Tell me about them in the comment section below. I would love to hear your thoughts and answer all your questions.


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