Top 15 Best Electronic Pulse Massager Reviews in 2022

Best Electronic Pulse Massager

Are you by any chance suffering from chronic pains in the muscles? In as much as seeking help from a physical therapist is a popular choice; the cost can also come in very handy. That is where electronic pulse massagers save the day as they are useful as well as an affordable solution to the problem. The devices can quickly and easily lessen your muscle stiffness, boost your blood circulation and dismiss any pains, right at the comfort of your home. Below are some of the best electronic pulse massagers you’ll ever get.

Latest Upgrade Version Dual Channel Rechargeable TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator Electronic Pulse…$34.99Buy on Amazon
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EUNON Touchscreen TENS EMS Unit Muscle Stimulator Rechargeable 24 Modes Dual Channel Apply 8 Pads at…$49.98Buy on Amazon
[email protected] TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator – Electronic Pulse Massager, 510K Cleared, FSA Eligible OTC…$21.99Buy on Amazon
[16 Thicker Pads] NURSAL EMS TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator, 16 Modes Rechargeable Electric Pulse…$30.79Buy on Amazon
AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator Machine with 20 Modes, 2″ and 2″x4″ TENS Unit…$35.99Buy on Amazon
Pure Enrichment PurePulse – TENS Electronic Pulse Stimulator Featuring Comprehensive LCD Screen with…$24.99Buy on Amazon
NURSAL EMS TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator with 8 Electrode Pads/Storage Pouch/Pads Holder, Rechargeable…$31.99Buy on Amazon
Naipo Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator, Muscle Tens EMS, Electronic Massager Pulse, Dual Channel, 6…$22.99Buy on Amazon
Santamedical Dual Channel TENS Unit/EMS Unit Electrotherapy Pain Relief Device$34.95Buy on Amazon
2nd Edition BM8ML Blue Powerful Electrotherapy Pain Relief TENS Unit EMS Unit Machines Electric…$29.99Buy on Amazon
Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit – Excellent Muscle Stimulator for Electrotherapy Pain…Buy on Amazon
TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit with Accessories$28.99Buy on Amazon
Tens Unit Plus 24 Rechargeable Electronic Pulse Massager Machine Multi Mode Device with All…$36.95Buy on Amazon
FDA cleared OTC HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit with 4 outputs, apply 8 pads at the same time, 15…$29.99Buy on Amazon

15. Dual-Channel Rechargeable TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator Electronic Pulse Massager

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This electronic pulse massager by loverbeby comes with tons of features and advantages. First of all, optimal safety is highly ensured while getting fast relief as it protects you from harmful additives as well as medical prescriptions. The device has 16 preprogrammed massage modes and 20 levels of strength which are adjustable; that is, you can choose between a diverse range of offerings from knocking, Acupuncture, Abdominal, Brain, Feet, Ear, Kneading, Shiatsu, Vibration, Rubbing and more with the simple touch of a button.

It is also built with a simultaneous dual output design, 12 pieces of self-adhesive conductive reusable pads, and replaceable self-adhesive conductive gel pads. With this pulse massager, it is not necessary to use any cream and gel together as it allows six pads to be applied to the two different targeted areas at the same time.

In addition to all this, the device comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which supports up to 10 hours of continuous use. It can also be connected to a wall unit or computer USB port to charge. The best part about purchasing this product is the 30 days no-hassle money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty which comes with it.

14. AccuMed TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator & Electronic Pulse Massager with 2 Channels

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This stimulator and pulse massager comes with four main features which are quite advantageous. The first one is ultimate pain relief; that is; the AccuMed TENS machine is used to quickly relax tense muscles, relieve pain and increase blood circulation whenever you need it. With different 20 intensity settings, the electronic pulse stimulator will provide you with the flexibility you need to manage your pain.

Secondly, the device has adjustable comfort, that is; the touch-screen TENS device comes equipped with 12 distinct massage modes, including Shiatsu, Deep Tissue Massage, Back Pain, Acupuncture, Body Building and more to give you the comfort you deserve. The third advantageous feature is its compatibility and portability. This travel size muscle stimulator provides you with the pain relief you need when you need it.

Roughly the size of a smart-phone and packed with multiple massage modes and intensity settings; this will be your go-to pain relief machine. Lastly, the device offers lifetime support; that is, a 30-day money-back guarantee backs all AccuMed products along with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime technical support directly from AccuMed Biotech.

13. EUNON TENS EMS Unit Muscle Stimulator Rechargeable Touchscreen 24 Modes Dual Channel 

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The electronic muscle stimulator and pulse massager by Eunon consists of an FDA cleared TENS and EMS combined physical therapy equipment; that is, it provides a safe, non-invasive and non-drug method for pain management. People who are highly targeted and are very likely to benefit from this device are those who suffer from Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Shin Splints, Neuropathy, and other Inflammation Ailments.

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This device is also quite advantageous in that it can be simultaneously used for any body parts. That becomes possible because it supports dual outlets to control eight electrode pads at the same time and simultaneously used by two people. It can be suitable for various body parts such as the back, neck, knees, shoulders, legs, arms and feet. The device is also easy to use as it has a digitally animated touch screen which allows perspicuous and easy control of 24 different massage modes and 20 adjustable intensity level for optimal body massaging.

This pulse massager also has a full safety protection mechanism. That is; a timer function which supports auto-off while the preset time reached, and is especially convenient in case you fall asleep. Its large eye-caring screen offers a pleasing visual effect at day or night.

12. [email protected] TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator – Electronic Pulse Massager, FDA Cleared

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[email protected] TENS Handheld Stimulator and Electronic Pulse Massager Unit relieves the Muscle Soreness, Stiffness, or Chronic Pain on the Shoulder, Waist, Joint, Back, Arm, Leg among other body parts.

The device uses a proven natural method to relieve the pain without the use of medicine. The Large LCD screen shows you at a glance precisely what is happening, including the type of massage “Massage, Beat, or Knead” and the time left on the cycle. Plus, it is fully automatic with programmatic Patterns of Stimulation with 6 Auto Procedure Options and 10 Levels for Power Intensity knobs.

Additionally, the electronic pulse massager comes with a one-year product quality guarantee. It couldn’t get any better.

11. TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator, 16 Modes Rechargeable Electric Pulse Muscle Massager for Pain Relief

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This electronic pulse massager by Nursal is a multi-functional tens unit. It has 16 massage modes that come incorporated in 6 main therapy modes; that is, Knead, ACU, Cupping, TAP, Shiatsu, and Auto-Combination, making it much easier to use and relax your body anytime you need. The device also comes with a rechargeable battery which can be used up 20 hours with a full charge, and it can be connected to a power bank or laptop USB port to charge.

You don’t need to worry about treatment interruption for dead AA batteries any more. It also has an adjustable timer and intensity; that is, 20 level Intensity allows you to find one setting that suits your needs quickly. The timer gives you the ability to set a time of between 10-60 minutes, with the default set to 20 minutes.

The device also has eight pairs of TENS pads which are great for multiple needs. Thanks to the portable Storage Bag, it becomes easy to store it at home as well as the office. Also, you can easily carry it to travel to anyplace.

10. AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator Machine with 20 Modes

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This rechargeable electric muscle massager can stimulate the sensory nerves and muscles, activate specific natural pain gate mechanisms, relax your body and have pain management anytime you feel the need.

It’s also equipped with up to 20 preset modes which offer you hammering, kneading, shiatsu and more choices to help relieve pain associated with aching and fatigued muscles in the shoulder, low back, knee from exercise, normal household or work activities.

You are at liberty to set separate modes as well as intensities for channel X and channel Y. For example, you could choose Combo mode in channel X with an intensity level of 6 for your shoulder. While in channel Y, the Tapping mode is being run with the intensity set to level 11 on your lower back as a back electronic stimulator.

9. Pure Enrichment PurePulse – TENS Electronic Pulse Stimulator Featuring Comprehensive LCD Screen

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This electronic pulse massager comes with six program modes, Pre-programmed for targeted areas: waist, shoulder, joints, hand, leg, and foot with a built-in treatment timer that shuts off automatically after 15 minutes of continuous treatment.

It also offers three massage types; that is, you can choose from massage, beat, and knead settings to help ease muscle stiffness, soreness, and chronic pain. The device also has a large LCD screen which shows key treatment stats such as treatment body parts, treatment time remaining, program mode, and massage and speed settings.

On purchase, this product comes with two lead connection cords, four electrode pads (1.5” x 1.5”), 4 AAA batteries, 2 Year Warranty, caring customer support, and the peace of mind that comes from a trusted brand with millions of customers worldwide.

8. NURSAL EMS TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator with 8 Electrode Pads/Pouch/Pads Holder

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This electronic pulse massager is a Safe, Non-invasive and Non-medicinal Pain Relief. It uses electric pulses to stimulate muscles via preprogrammed massage modes which provide pain relief and also come in handy in soothing muscle stiffness, in just the same way a real human massage does.

People who suffer from back pain, neck pain, arthritic or inflamed discs/ joints, shoulder tension and many more injuries and disabilities can benefit from using this TENS device/ muscle massager. The massager is also equipped with a built-in battery which provides up to 20 hours of continuous use, and a rechargeable TENS unit which means you need not worry about those dead batteries anymore.

On top of this, a battery level indicator reminds you when charging is needed, so you never run out of power. In addition to all that, the device comes with eight durable self-adhesive and thicker reusable electrode pads.

7. Naipo TENS and EMS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager Muscle Stimulator

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The six modes of this tens unit for pain offer kneading, acupuncture, tapping, scraping, cupping or combination stimulation for pain management related to overloaded muscles after workouts, work or housework, with four options designed for shoulders, back, knees and feet to customize massage experiences of up to 24 combinations.

Its separate A/B channels allow the use of this TENS unit massager on two body areas, with independent settings (intensity/mode) for different purposes simultaneously. The device comes with five pairs of TENS of massage pads.

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It is easy to stick and maintain, ensuring long lifespan; compact, lightweight with back clip for hands-free massage anywhere: at home, in the office or on the go. The FCC/FDA certifications approved on the device ensure safety and quality for hassle-free use of this electronic massager.

6. Santamedical Dual Channel TENS Unit/EMS Unit Electrotherapy Pain Relief Device.

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This electronic pulse massager Unit has eight preset TENS programs, six preset EMS programs, an adjustable timer, and dual-channel operation with independent intensity controls. Its easy-to-read LED display shows the program mode, therapy mode, intensity level, and time remaining in your treatment session.

You also get the providence to set adjustable timer any were from 5-60 minutes, allowing you to customize the length of your treatment session so you can achieve the best outcome for your muscle health.

It’s also developed with a portable compact design that provides professional-quality therapy for home and travel. Its 60-second automatic shutoff also helps in preserving battery life.

5. 8 Modes Best Portable Smart Electro Pain Relief Machine

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This remarkable device by HealthmateForever has one pair of snap-on long life pads. A 4-leads wire sees to it that you get to use of 4 pads as well as a single output. That’s unlike our dual leads wires that come with each device. This allows two additional pads to be used with your HealthmateForever device.

Some of its best features include: 8 preprogrammed massage like modes in a flower design: Tuina (Push & Pull), Acupuncture, Foot, Tapping, Leg, Cupping, Back, and Combination, adjustable 10-60 minute timer by using “T” button, Simultaneous dual output design, allows 6 pads to be applied to the two different targeted areas at the same time, and a rechargeable internal lithium battery – up to 10 hours of continuous use.

The advanced technology sends out multiple preset electrical therapeutic waves through the electrodes. These waves stimulate the combination of deep tissue pain relief techniques and various muscle movements, relieving muscle tension.

4. Santamedical Electronic Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator Handheld Pain Relief Pulse Massager Tens Machine.

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This fantastic Muscle stimulator / Pulse Massager Unit relieves the muscle soreness, stiffness, or chronic pain on the shoulder, waist, joint, back, arm, leg, and other body parts.

It is equipped with three selectable massages for quick pain relief, and four attachment pads for a maximum relaxing massage experience. The device also has an LCD screen which shows the massage style, intensity and time remaining. The device is also small and lightweight; that is, at only 5.3 ounces.

This unit packs enough power to massage your body thoroughly and can travel with you anywhere you like. As for the power source, the device uses DC 6V, which is 4 AAA batteries which are included on purchase.

3. TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit with Accessories.

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This is a TENS unit muscle stimulator and electric massager that provides pain relief. It acts as a muscle massager or shoulder massager, provides carpal tunnel relief, and acts as a muscle relaxer. It is great for muscle recovery.

It also provides TENS therapy and is a muscle stimulator, nerve stimulator, and electric massager with independent dual channels that control four TENS unit pads (electrodes) for targeted pain relief.

Above all those factors, the TENS machine comes with multiple TENS therapy modes that will provide instant muscle pain relief. It is an electrotherapy machine with everything needed for TENS therapy, a class leader in electric massagers for muscles.

2. Tens Unit Plus 24 Rechargeable Electronic Pulse Massager Machine Multi-Mode Device

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This electronic pulse massager is a combination of TENS and PMS device. It works by delivering low-voltage pulses to the skin to stimulate muscles. Its features include; 24 pre-programmed massage modes which include stimulation of Tapping, Acupuncture, Deep Tissue, Foot, Cupping, Combo, among others.

It is adjustable 10 to 60 minutes timer by using ” T ” button, a rechargeable internal lithium battery with support for up to 20 hours continuous use and an A-B Output which will allow you to use it as two separate users.

The Techcare Massager Plus 24 TENS Unit contracts and releases muscles to stimulate different types of massages to relieve pain without using drugs. On purchase, the Techcare Massager comes backed up with Limited Lifetime Warranty and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

1. FDA cleared OTC HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit

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This electronic pulse massager and all-time best seller YK15AB is one of our most potent TENS & muscle stimulators. It’s specifically designed mode buttons make pain management quick and easy.

It is also Safe, Non-Invasive, All- Natural and Drug-free. The device works by blocking pain receptors in the central nervous system to manage pain and strengthen muscles via involuntary muscle contractions.

Another advantageous fact about this product is that it amplifies the body’s natural ability to heal and recover.


These are the trusted electronic pulse massagers that you need to forget of all your chronic muscle pains. Other similar commodities apart from this would be risky to buy. Chances are, they could be fake or a new entrant into the quality brands. Nonetheless, you do not have to take chances as such articles are here to do that on your behalf. Ensure that the next time you are out searching for some electronic pulse massager; you make these your number one choice. It is always good to get it right the first time, and there might be no other way to get it right if you ignore these products.


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