Top 7 Best Electric Snow Blower: Guide & Top Reviews 2022

Best Electric Snow Blower

Winter is coming! If you think it’s too early to think about snow, I want to warn you that time can pass faster than expected. Besides, the best devices are always sold out when the winter season rages on. Use my guide and reviews of the best electric snow blower models available on the market this year.

I covered all the questions that may come into your head when you come to an outdoor equipment store. My buyer’s guide includes a comprehensive description of snow blower types and fair recommendations that will help you decide whether you need one or not.

The recent winters in the US were rather bad, so it might be very important to prepare yourself for possible challenges. Last year, some of my neighbors even came to borrow my snowblower. How lucky was I to have four of them for tests last year! Guys came to me for help, but helped me to get better reviews!

7 Best Electric Snow Blower Models: Experience-Based Picks

This section is dedicated to electric snow blower reviews. Over the years, I’ve tested around 16-17 of such devices, and now I have a list of trustworthy machines that can simplify the process without any technical complications. I included both small shovels and medium-sized blowers/throwers as they’re most frequently used by household owners. Some models are called throwers, as marketers sometimes misunderstand the difference, but this doesn’t matter too much. What really matters are the characteristics.

1.Snow Joe SJ625E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower – Best Corded Electric Snow Blower

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Sun Joe is a sub-brand of the popular Sun Joe electric outdoor tool manufacturer. This company is relatively new to the market, but it’s already amongst leaders in the niche of corded outdoor tools.

SJ625E is designed for clearing up to 800lbs of snow per minute. Such a workforce is achieved due to a large steel auger with rubber blades. It’s powered by a 15-APM motor and cuts 21 inches wide and 12 inches deep. Unlike gas-powered analogs, you can simply start the tool by the push of a button.

Fortunately for the vast majority of users, there’s no need to tune the tool and store in special places. Nevertheless, the thrower is protected by a 2-year warranty, so you’re covered in case something goes wrong, not at your fault.

The tool has an excellent ergonomic design. The handle is softened with a foam rubber coating so that your hands don’t get frozen to the metal. Unfortunately, there’s no version with heating, so you may need to consider something else if it’s a crucial feature.

Other useful extras include a 3W LED light that makes it easier to work in the dark. There’s also a cord clip for accidental unplugging prevention and a convenient handle for rotating the upper chute. Finally, you can change the blowing angle if needed.


  • Convenient ergonomic design;
  • 21 intake chute width;
  • LED light for nighttime work;
  • Adjustable blowing angle;
  • Safe cord unplugger included.


  • No handle heating.

2.Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower – Excellent 20-inch Electric Snowblower

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This device by Greenworks is a runner-up as it has a bit more narrow intake chute and a 10-inch intake depth instead of a 12-inch. Still, the 13-AMP motor is quite enough for throwing snow up to 20-feet away. In most cases, it’s more than enough for small and medium yards.

Similarly to Snow Joe’s SJ625E, this one is very easy to use due to single-button start, foam rubber-coated handle, and adjustable blowing angle. You can also fold the control bar to store the tool more conveniently. The tool is really good for clearing average snow-clad yards.

Actually, the only thing that can be considered as a disadvantage and a potentially damageable part is the auger with plastic blades. I didn’t do a crash test, but I’m quite sure that a large stone that gets on the way of rubber blades will do significantly less damage than if you come across a stone with plastic blades.

If you get a device like this, keep away from places where stones may be found. I almost forgot! The basic version of the tool is also not equipped, so you have to order them separately or get the version with LEDs for some extra money if it’s an important feature for you.


  • Easy-to-store foldable design;
  • Reduced vibration;
  • Discharges snow up to 20 feet;
  • Adjustable discharge angle;
  • Toolless operation.


  • LEDs not included in the basic version;
  • Plastic blades are more fragile than rubber.

3.WEN 5662 Blaster 18-Inch Snow Thrower – Best 18-inch Electric Snow Thrower

WEN 5662 Blaster 13.5-Amp 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

WEN 5662 Blaster 13.5-Amp 18-Inch Electric Snow ThrowerRemember when the snow trapped you inside? With the WEN Snowblaster 18-inch Electric Snow Thrower, you’ll be able to clear a path through the snowfall up to 18 inches wide and 7.8 inches deep.

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WEN is an old brand from Elgin, Illinois. They’ve sold over 70 million power tool units since 1951, which is a whopping number. 5662 Blaster is a robust 13.5-AMP machine with an 18-inch front intake chute that clears up to 7.8 inches deep. This snowthrower is rather compact and lightweight, so it’s very easy to push forward to clear the entire yard without stopping.

The handle is coated with rubber foam, making it not that cold to hold it. Similarly to the models above, you can also adjust the discharge chute with a remote lever. The adjustable-angle chute is equipped with a lock button so that you can change the angle quicker.

Actually, the tool repeats the features of the previous two but has a smaller size and intake amount. Still, the assembly quality and sturdiness of the reinforced auger lets it stand in one line with the larger tools. It’s not the best option for medium and large yards, but a great one for small yards in regions with medium winter snow levels. The tool is backed by a 2-year warranty and a countrywide network of licensed technicians, so there’s no need to worry about support.


  • Lightweight & powerful;
  • Reinforced plastic auger;
  • Remote shute adjustment;
  • Throws snow up to 20 feet away;
  • Affordable model.


  • Only for small and average yards.

4.Greenworks 2600402 Pro 80V – Best Battery Snow Blower

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Here’s my second favorite snow thrower by Greenworks, but this one is a cordless electric snow blower, unlike the previous model. Greenworks is one of the leading battery manufacturers amongst power tool brands, so their cordless devices are cool. Unlike corded models, their run-time is limited, but the boosted mobility feels great.

The 80V system is compatible with 2.0 Ah and 4.0 Ah batteries that provide up to 45 and 60 minutes of run-time accordingly. The good thing is that you can use your Greenworks batteries from other tools, such as leaf blowerslawnmowersgrass trimmers, etc. If you have at least 3 units of any capacity, you can work nonstop by recharging the batteries while working.

The design of the tool is almost the same as the corded version offers. The 20-inch intake cute and 10-inch clearing depth is preserved along with the remotely adjustable discharger. However, the lever is much longer so that you don’t have to bend to reach it.

Another upgrade is that the double LED lights come preinstalled. The tool is almost perfect for small and medium yards, but an additional battery is a costly must-have if you don’t want to waste your time waiting for the main battery to recharge.


  • Double LED lights;
  • Up to 60 minutes run-time;
  • Isn’t cut on features;
  • Compatible with all Greenworks family batteries.


  • Requires extra batteries for non-stop running;
  • Quite expensive.

5.Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp – Lightweight Corded Snow Blowers

Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower,Black

Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower,BlackToro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

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Toro is a large international company that’s known for supplying famous golf courts and a variety of other sites, including fields, parks, and more. Toro 38381 is a reliable snow-throwing solution that’s quite similar to WEN 5662 Blaster.

Having the same front intake cute, the tool offers a deeper 12-inch clearing ability, which makes it almost equal to 20-inch models. The 15-Amp motor also lets you move more snow in less time and throws it uз to 30 feet aside. It seems to be an excellent solution, if not a few downsides.

The tool has a robust design but lacks an elongated chute angle adjustment level, so be ready to bend a bit to reach it. There’s also no LED light in the package, so it can be a problem if your yard isn’t lighted well enough. The rest of the features are implemented on an excellent level, so if you won’t suffer from the minor downsides, the tool is a good choice.


  • “Power Curve” technology boosts work efficiency;
  • 12-inch-deep chute;
  • Lightweight construction;
  • Compact and powerful.


  • No LED lighting;
  • Short chute adjustment lever.

6.Earthwise SN70016 – Best Corded Electric Shovel

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Earthwise is an eco-friendly sub-brand of the American Lawn Mower Company (est. 1895). SN70016 is a powerful 12-Amp snow shovel that offers almost the same productivity rate as WEN 5662 Blaster but in a significantly smaller body. The shovel is effortless to use as it weighs just 16 pounds. You can push it forward with one hand or hold the tool with both hands by adjusting the additional hold at the needed height.

The power of the shovel is enough to throw snow 30 feet forward. Actually, it’s both a minus and a plus as you have to move only towards the side where you want the snow to be. You can adjust the discharge angle a bit, but this doesn’t help a lot.

On the other hand, it’s notably cheaper but powerful enough for average tasks anyway. The tool’s clearing width is 16”, while the depth is 8” (same as WEN), so it’s a surprisingly efficient buddy.


  • Lears 430lbs of snow per minute;
  • Maintenance-free construction;
  • Throws snow up to 30 feet away;
  • Weigh just 16lbs;
  • Adjustable handle.


  • Only 3 positions of the discharge gate.

7.Snow Joe 24V-SS13 24-Volt iON+ – Best Cordless Snow Shovel

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This rechargeable snow blower shovel by Snow Joe is equipped with a powerful 400W motor that drains the battery rather fast (around 22 minutes) but clears up to 1,620lbs of snow very quickly. It throws snow up to 20 feet forward.

The flow is quite dense and more directed than Earthwise offers so that you can clear the area neatly. The weight of the tool is just 15 pounds, but there are no wheels, so it may be a bit tiresome to carry it around for more than 20 minutes.

You can glide it around, though. If Snow Joe SJ625E seems too large and you don’t want to deal with cords, this device may meet your requirements.


  • Very quiet engine;
  • Neat direct bowing;
  • 2-year warranty + Sun Joe customer promise;
  • Clears 1,620lbs of snow per charge;
  • Supports fast-charge.


  • Work-time is limited to 22 minutes; The discharge angle isn’t adjustable.

Types of Snow Blowers

Similar to all other outdoor tools, snowblowers can be divided into three main categories by the power source. All classic snow blowers are equipped with gas-powered engines, while modern models are mostly corded or even cordless.

Earthwise SN70016

Each type has its benefits as well as disadvantages, read further to understand what’s yours. The types of snow throwers by the power source are the same. However, there’s a smaller type of throwers called electric snow shovels, while snowblowers cannot be that small.

Electric Snow Blower vs. Electric Snow Thrower

Many people and even some manufacturers may see no difference between snow blowers and snow throwers. Well, they’re actually very similar. Let me explain. Snow blowers are machines that usually work in 2 stages. The first stage is similar to snow throwers as the rotating auger scoops snow inside. The impeller blows snow away up to 35-50 feet away on the second stage, depending on the model. Bigger models may have a third stage and higher efficiency accordingly.

Snowthrowers work in a single stage. The rotating auger creates a powerful horizontal motion that sucks the snow in and throws it away in a single motion. This power is usually enough to throw snow 15-25 feet away.

Snowblowers can usually remove wider strips of snow. While snow throwers remove from 11” to 22”, blowers can remove up to 26” and even 30” (3-stage machines). Moreover, they can tackle snow accumulations that are above 15”, while throwers are usually limited to 8”-9” as they have lower front intake chutes. Another benefit of snow blowers is that they’re self-propelled, which makes it much easier to push them forward. Actually, both machines are subtypes of one and the same tool, so I reviewed both types. You can also call them how you want as everyone will understand you.

Electric vs. Gas Snow Blower

The first thing that most homeowners hate about gas snow blowers is noise. Some models are so loud that it’s totally impossible to use them without thick earplugs. On the contrary, electric models are pleasantly quiet and don’t disturb the entire neighborhood. They’re also not as harmful to the environment as gas tools and reduce air pollution.

There’s no need to worry about lack of power when you get an electric snow blower as modern machines offer equal snow-blowing ability as gas-powered models. There are some other problems, though. You should understand that corded electric machines have a limited work range, which means that you need an extension cord that covers the entire yard, and you can manage the cable conveniently. Battery-powered devices offer the same mobility as gas analogs, but a single-charge work session is usually quite short (approx. 25-60 minutes). In most cases, it’s more than enough, but sometimes it can be too little as well.

Do You Really Need a Snowblower?

Earthwise SN70016 Electric

At first sight, snow blowing may look very similar to fall leaf blowing. But the big difference is that leaves cannot block your garage door and waste your busy morning. If you don’t have enough time, you can pay someone to clear your yard of leaves, but it can be impossible to reach you after a heavy snowstorm, so being ready in potentially snowy regions is crucial. Check out the snowfall index in your region if you’re not sure about average snow levels.

What to Look for When Choosing a Snow Blower

Choosing a snowthrower for home or professional use, you should consider its power source to get an optimal solution for your average tasks. In most cases, corded and battery-powered models are perfect as they aren’t that loud, and they’re available in a variety of configurations

I think that gas-powered models are needed only for those rare cases when there’s no other power source around. But can you imagine yourself in such a place where there’s no electricity? Hardly! Use cordless snowblowers for those hard-to-reach areas or just forget about them.

If you already know the average snow level in your area, you should order a machine with an intake chute that can deal with areas that are at least 2” higher than the region-average.

If it’s only a matter of price, remember that gas and battery-powered machines are usually the most expensive, while the corded ones are the cheapest, independently from the size you need.

You can be also interested in additional features, such as heated handles, automation, extended battery life, etc. All manufacturers offer these features, but they always affect the price.


Readers frequently ask me questions about snowblowers, so I decided to pick the most frequently asked of them and add brief replies to this article. Read them for better comprehension of the topic.

Are electric snow blowers any good?

Electric snow blowers are a great alternative to loud and bulky gas-powered machines. They usually offer the same blowing power and additional features so that you can deal with snow-blowing chores even faster.

Who makes the best electric snow blower?

My choice for the best home snow blower brand is Snow Joe. The brand offers excellent quality along with reliable customer support and warranty. However, such manufacturers as Greenworks, Toro, Earthwise, and WEN will satisfy you as well. It’s just a matter of your needs.

Are electric snow blowers worth the money?

Corded snowblowers are usually highly affordable and easy to use, maintain, and store. Aren’t these things enough to start looking for one? Corded models are available in a large variety of lightweight and heavy-duty configurations. Battery-powered devices aren’t that cheap but offer enough power for small and medium yards. In addition, they make it much easier to clean hard-to-reach places.

Ready for Storms!

Now getting ready for the winter season won’t be such a challenge for you. Just use your knowledge to make the best choice. You’re not dependent on what the sellers say anymore. My front-runner is Snow Joe SJ625E. Besides, I like electric machines more than gas-powered due to the qualities described in the guide.

Be attentive to the details, compare each device’s capabilities with your needs, and you will get the best solution. Don’t forget to share your user experience stories if you already have them. I can also answer any questions related to the topic in the comments section if something remains unclear for you after reading. Good luck this winter!


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