6 Best Electric Longboards in 2022

Best Electric Longboards

The electric longboard can be a great way to traverse a college campus, enjoy a day in the park, embark on a breath-taking adventure, and even commute to work! It’s a smoother ride than a normal skateboard deck and allows for more stability.

With the advent of new electronic technology, the speed and excitement of these smooth rides can be enjoyed without even breaking a sweat! Electric longboards allow riders to control the speed of the board via a handheld remote, meaning users can enjoy step-less acceleration.

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There are a number of qualities to consider when deciding on the best electric longboard to suit your needs. These qualities include weight, motor type, and speed.

1. Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

Teamgee H5 37

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The Teamgee H5 37” Electric Skateboard is one of the best options for beginners, commuters, and experts alike. It’s super easy to control thanks to the wireless LCD remote control and the wide deck. The powerful motor gets you up to 23 miles per hour, while the battery can take you around 11 miles before needing to be recharged.

10 layers of maple wood and 1 layer of fiberglass make for a flexible yet durable deck. It can hold up to 200 pounds, while the entire skateboard only weighs 14.5 pounds itself. You’ll be standing about 3 inches off of the ground for easier stabilization and handling.

+ Comes with an LCD screen remote control
+ 11 layers of wood and fiberglass
+ Holds up to 200 pounds

Why We Like It – We like this electric skateboard because it’s fast, flexible, affordable, and durable.

2. Aceshin 35.4″ Electric Skateboard

Aceshin 35.4

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Regardless of your skill level, this electric longboard will offer you a lot of advantages. There are, in fact, two different settings, one for novice riders and one for more advanced skaters. It is possible to use the electric longboard as a regular skateboard, but if you turn on the motor, then you’ll get a maximum speed of 20km per hour, and it also offers you a reverse function.

An ergonomically designed remote control is part of the setup, and it will keep you informed of how much battery life you’ve got left. When the battery does run out, then you’ll require two hours to fully charge it.

+ Mode for beginners and advanced skaters
+ 20km/h top speed
+ Handy remote control
+ 7-ply maple deck
+ Waterproof

Why We Liked It – It’s one of the best electric longboards for a new rider who wants a longboard to grow with, as the two different settings will allow you to adapt once you turn from a novice into an advanced electric longboard rider.

3. AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control 


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The AZBO Electric Longboard with remote control provides comfortable and responsive platform with unique shape it has. Rechargeable remote control allows you to have control over the longboard’s speed, breaking system, and battery capacity at any given moment, which is making your ride even more relaxed.

With dual-hub motor, that enables AZBO ES to go up to 17mph, and a 4.4 lithium battery which gets fully charged in just 2 hours, you will be amazed how smooth it speeds up, and act during skating.

+ Travels up to 17 miles per hour
+ Charging time 2 hours
+ Dual-hub motor

Why We Like It – What we liked the most is that driver has to worry only about the destination, everything else is controlled with precise remote control.

4. Teamgee H8 31″ Electric Longboard


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Since battery is inside the deck, it looks like regular longboard, and battery’s durability is increased, no matter how many flexes and bends you make while skating. With 1.2cm thickness, it is currently thinnest E-skateboard on the market.

Wireless remote enables you to choose between 3 speed options: low(0-9mph), medium(0-13mph) and high(0-15moh). H8 electric longboard speeds up to 15mph, with 15 angle hill climbing. Since battery needs only 2 hours to charge fully, you don’t have to wait a lot between rides. It is made from 10ply Canadian maple and 1ply fiberglass, which offers medium flex for a smooth ride.

+ Lightest model on market
+ 15mph top speed
+ 3 speed options
+ Easy to carry
+ 2 hours of charging time

Why We Liked It – There aren’t a lot of electric longboards that offer ride this smooth, and there are none of them that are as light as H8. You can carry it anywhere!

5. Hiboy Electric Skateboard

Hiboy Electric Skateboard

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This durable board is made with seven layers of Maple, it has stronger trucks and U-shaped design, and the dual hub motor sets you up for a smooth experience thanks to its high-performance qualities and the max speed of 18.6 mph.

It is a beautiful electric skateboard with a reliable brake system and four separate ride modes – all developed to make your skateboard rides as pleasant and satisfying as possible.

A single charge will take you as far as 12.5 miles, which is significantly further than many competing products, and you can use it both if you are into racing with other skateboarders or if you just need a fun and reliable way to get to work in the mornings. The board is 34.5 inches long and comes with four high-quality wheels that can easily be replaced if needed.

+ Long-lasting battery time
+ Max speed of 18.6 miles per hour
+ Powerful dual-hub motor
+ Replaceable heavy-duty wheels

Why We Like It – You can get this electric skateboard in both black and black and red, and it is powerful enough to go as fast as 18.6 miles per hour, while also having a battery that will last you for a total of 12.5 miles or more.

6. Skateboard Motorized Longboard


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This electric skateboard has pneumatic tires, and off road wheels are nothing short of fantastic. Wireless remote enables you to change speed, breaking system, and battery control. Besides smooth acceleration, balance of this skateboard is perfect.

It can go up to 40km/h,with hub motor which makes it more reliable, since those motor types are perfect of off road skateboards. Ability to take up to 260lbs makes it superior to other in same category.

+ Massive Pneumatic Tires
+ Can take up to 260lbs
+ Full charge in 6 hours
+ A top speed of 40km/h
+ Perfect balance

Why We Liked It – What we liked the most is the balance, and mobility. It gives you such a great feeling while driving it.

Electric Longboard Buyers Guide

Even after looking at countless models and electric longboard reviews, it can be difficult to know just which qualities of a board will end up being most essential for your needs. Before you make a quick purchase, it is important to know all the details regarding safety, speed, and stability.

What to Look for in an Electric Longboard?

Depending on what you may be using the board to do, there are several factors to consider in determining which board to purchase. These factors include the length of the board, flex, and placement of the trucks. Also important is wheel size and type of board.

Short or Long

Longer motorized longboards are a more stable ride. Just like surfboards, which are the origin of an inspiration for the longboard, the longer boards are easier for beginners to stay balanced on. They are also more ideal for cruising long distances down or up hills and allow for more speed.

Shorter boards are better for cruising flat surfaces or navigating crowds. The shorter boards are more responsive, meaning that reaction time is quicker. They can take sharper and more abrupt turns.

Flex and Balance

The flex of the board determines several different factors. If balancing is important to you, a higher flex is going to be a better choice. The higher the flex, the better the balance and shock absorption. With a stiffer flex, the board becomes less easy to balance on, and shock absorption is decreased, but it has a faster response. A great option is the Backfire Galaxy G2s electric longboard.

Truck Placement

Trucks are an essential element of any longboard or skateboard. They are the mechanisms that attach the wheels to the deck of the board. They are made up of multiple parts including:

Baseplate—screwed to the deck of the board

Hanger—makes up the largest part of the truck and supports the axle

Axle—attaches to the wheels

Bushings—rings around the kingpin that allows the board to turn

Kingpin—the bolt that holds the trucks together

Trucks can be placed as a drop deck or a top mount:

On a drop deck board, the baseplate of the trucks is situated on the top of the board, and the rest of the trucks including the hanger and axle reside beneath. This type of placement allows the board to ride closer to the ground. A lower ride means greater stability as a result of a lower center of gravity. This is great for cruising, but also wonderful for beginners who need a little more help from their board in terms of balance.

The top-mounted trucks, on the other hand, are fully below the deck. The baseplate is screwed into the bottom of the board with only the screws visible from the top. This means that the board as a whole ride higher than the drop deck boards. Because of this, the board is more responsive. More experienced riders who might be taking on turns or heading off-road into unknown terrain might enjoy the responsivity of a top mounted board. These types of boards are also better for carving and cruising.

You can tell the difference between a deck designed for top mounted trucks and a deck designed for drop deck trucks based on the design of the nose of the board. If the nose has holes that indicate where screws should be placed, it is a top mount board. If it has a large cylindrical or rectangular hole surrounded by smaller screw holes, it is a deck designed for drop down trucks.

The Importance of Wheel Selection

Even just the wheels on a longboard can significantly change the way the board rides. The wheels on a longboard are already thicker and softer than typical skateboard wheels, which allows for gliding smoothly over various terrains. The thicker the wheels are, the smoother the ride will be.

The most common wheels in use are the 65mm-75mm wheels. These balance speed and acceleration well, without prioritizing one over the other.

More experienced riders will utilize wheels upwards of 60mm, whereas beginners may want to utilize the 54-59mm wheels as they may be using their boards in skate parks or the street.

The wheels with larger diameters are better for old-school boards, dirt boards, and downhill rides. The larger the wheel gets, the more it is equipped to handle rougher surfaces and to increase in speed. Smaller wheels have a faster acceleration but aren’t able to go as fast or handle rougher surfaces.

What Is an Electric Longboard?

With the use of modern technology, our sporting and outdoor pursuits have developed and changed. While many have already opted to take the eco-friendly, cost-effective longboard as an alternative to their usual commute to and from work or class, or as a way to experience and explore the land around them, individuals can now utilize these boards in a new way.

The self-propelled longboard utilizes lithium-ion batteries to propel a typical longboard without having to push or prompt it manually. The longboard typically consists of a wood or otherwise constructed body, or deck, on which a person stands. The deck is then attached to trucks at the front and back, which are mechanisms that hold the four wheels in place.

With the use of a wireless remote, riders can control the speed and sometimes the direction of the top electric longboards without touching a skate shoe to the ground. This means that they can easily commute or travel without breaking a sweat.

Difference Between Electric Longboard and Electric Skateboard?

As a result of its origin as a surfing alternative for Hawaiian surfers, the longboard is the perfect cruising vehicle. It is the ideal ride to take you up or down rolling hills, or even in sand or dirt with the use of all-terrain wheels. In contrast, skateboards are less capable of handling these varying terrains and climbs. They are more suited to doing tricks, as opposed to riding long or short distances.

In appearance alone, the longboard is wider and longer than the skateboard, which is shorter and thinner. The wheels of a skateboard are also often harder, as they are more suited to hitting the ramps and rails than all-terrain cruising. The soft, medium-sized wheels on a longboard allow for a smoother ride that is less jarring or uncomfortable for long distances, which is why so many individuals choose the best-motorized longboard as an eco-friendly alternative to commuting in a car or bus to work.

The Breakdown

Product NameMaximum SpeedMotorWeight
Evolve Skateboards Bamboo GTX Series26 MPH3000-watt; lithium-ion battery26 lbs.
Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT Series26 MPH3000-watt; lithium-ion battery30 lbs.
Evolve Skateboards Bamboo ONE22 MPH (or 26 MPH with larger wheels)2000-watt; lithium-ion battery25 lbs.
Fitnessclub Electric Longboard22 MPH2 X 150-watt; lithium-ion battery13.23 lbs.
MEEPO Board Campus 2.022 MPH350-watt; lithium-ion battery12.02 lbs.
ACTON BLINK Lite10 MPHLithium-ion battery7.7 lbs.


An electric longboard is an eco-friendly, cost-effective, exciting way to commute or to explore the world around you. Whether it is for an adult, a teen, or a child, there are dozens of options out there to suit exactly your needs.

It can be difficult to sort through options and attempt to decide which qualities to prioritize and which to compromise. However, with so many high-quality options for electric longboards, you won’t have to!

Whether it’s for the thrill or for convenience, for an experienced rider or a new beginner, there is really no way to go wrong with one of these beautiful, high-quality models in 2022. Speed, style, and stability are all common factors of these six beautiful new boards.


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