Top 10 Best Electric Breast Pumps in 2022- Reviews For Mom’s Comfort

Best Electric Breast Pumps

Many moms spend quite some time looking for the 10 best electric breast pumps in the market. This is brought about by the desire to ensure the baby has adequate supply of breast milk even when they are away from the home or the baby.

The pump helps to extract milk from the moms breast which is later stored in containers, stimulate the production of milk in moms whose breasts aren’t working as desired and also help moms take a rest.

Lately, many pumps have found their way into the market and they vary in designsizefunctioncostefficiency and much more. This has made it vital to analyze the different products on offer before settling for a particular choice.

Finding the Ideal Electric Breast Pump before settling for a breast pump it pays to look at the following aspects:

  • Type: Electric breast pumps come with single or dual/double pumps. The double type is more effective and takes less time and effort than the single one.
  • Power source: The breast pump runs via an AC adapter, car adapter, built-in rechargeable batteries or external battery pack.
  • Weight: A good item will be light and compact as this makes use and carrying easy. Most pumps weigh 5 pounds or less with their attachments.
  • User-friendliness: A good pump will be easy to use and also maintain. Fully automatic types come with adjustable suction levels, variable cycling and also mimic the baby’s sucking action.

Which Are The 10 Best Electric Breast Pumps?

Best Electric Breast Pumps in 2022


10. BelleMa Effective Double Breast Pump


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The double electric pro breast pump from BelleMa is a must- have for moms looking for maximum satisfaction. The Independent Dual Control allows a user to choose right, left or both breasts while the 2-Phase pumping shifts from either Expression or Stimulation.

It also comes in 9 adjustable setting with 240 mmHg being the maximum vacuum level. The FDA approved product is comfortable courtesy of the ultra-soft silicone cushion and doesn’t contain any BPA .The main disadvantage is that the buttons don’t seem to follow a logical order.

9. Philips AVENT Single Breast Pump


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Enjoy better more comfort and peace-of-mind by using the electric breast pump by Philips Avent. This single pump comes with a unique and effective design that provides better comfort compared to other types and has 3 expression levels: high, medium and low.

Its soft and warm texture helps to stimulate better milk flow while the BPA-free material guarantees you of safety. Although effective, the pump’s suction isn’t the most powerful.

8. The First Years Single Electric Pump


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The Sole Expressions single breast pump by The First Years brand is loved by many because of its size, comfort and effectiveness. The small pump consists of a soft and comfortable Flexi-fit shield that comfortably hugs the breast and comes with adjustable suction levels for varying the pumping or speed according to your desires.

In addition to being discreet, the 4AA-battery powered accessory also comes with a stylish travel tote. The main cons are that it isn’t the fastest of pumps and works on one breast at a time.

7. Lansinoh Breast Pump


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Pump milk from both your breasts using the double electric pump from Lansinoh. Made from BPA and BPS-free material, this stylish and elegant product comes with 8 adjustable suction settings and 3 customizable pumping modes.

The innovative pumping action mimics that of a baby while the built-in LCD screen displays the timing. A mom can also control and set the cycle speed, vacuum strength while the patented closed system stops the backflow of milk into the motor or tubes. Some consumers nonetheless complain of the nipple flanges coming in one size only.

6. The First Years Breast Pump


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Pumping milk from your breast can become more discreet and silent once you purchase the double breast pump from First Years. The battery or electric operated unit is super silent and enables you to use near people without worrying about noise.

It comes with 8 adjustable suction levels and Soft Flexi-fit breast shields to fit comfortable on your breasts. Pumping two breasts at one go is easily done using one hand and you will find its 2-pound weight quite handy. The only issue is its suction which isn’t the strongest even at the highest setting.

5. Evenflo Single Breast Pump


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Extracting milk from your breasts can be more convenient and hygienic when using the Evenflo breasts pump. Despite being light and small, this compact pump has adequate suction that will pump the milk faster than some bigger types.

This is boosted by the state-of-the-art valve that provides consistent suction from start to finish. You are assured of safety and hygiene since it does not contain any BPA that is harmful .However, you can only pump one breast at a time.

4. Medela Freestyle Double Breast Pump


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The Freestyle breast pump by Medela is suited for daily use and for pumping milk from the two breasts. It consist of two different sized Personal Fit shields for enhancing comfort, a silent but powerful motor that runs on a rechargeable battery and a digital display that features a backlight, timer and memory button.

Also included is a microfiber carry bag that keeps the pump safe and hygienic. Those seeking a closed system pump will be saddened by this open styled pump.

3. Medela Pump- In-Style Breast Pump


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Extract milk from your breasts easily and comfortably by using the Pump-in-Style breast pump from Medela. It comes with patented 2-Phase Expression technology that produces up to 18% more milk while ensuring your breasts and nipples are comfortable.

The adjustable vacuum controls and speed allow you to choose the most convenient setting while the “One-touch let-down button” enables you to shift from Expression and Stimulation phases. The package unfortunately doesn’t come with breast pump bags.

2. Spectra Baby USA Single/ Double Pump


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The breast pump from Spectra Baby USA relieves you of the inconvenience and discomfort brought about by large and bulky pumps. Weighing only 3.3 pounds, this super quiet pump provides powerful and adjustable suction.

It comes with an adjustable program that allows you to find the most suitable for your body type. Courtesy of the closed system mechanism, it is effective as either a single or double pump and also comes with a timer and night light. It unfortunately doesn’t work with a car charger or batteries.

1. Medela Advanced Breast Pump


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Pump more milk faster with the advanced breast pump by Medela. Suitable for daily use, this handy and compact pump comes with double action and built-in bottle holders that minimize spillage.

It is powered by 8 AA batteries which provide ample power and comes with different adjustments for selecting the appropriate vacuum, speed and comfort. And for convenience and better storage, a removable on- the- Go cooler bag that can hold up to four bottles is also included. Knowing the best setting however requires some time.


Choosing the best breast pump doesn’t have to be challenging or time consuming. You also shouldn’t just settle for a pump just because the marketer says it’s the best or it’s cheap. You need to think about its effectiveness in pumping milk fast and efficiently, safety, hygiene and durability.

Top products like the ones listed in the 10 best electric breast pumps review are not only fast, efficient and hygienic but also ensure your baby will be well-fed even while away.


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