Best Dual Flush Toilets: Tips on Choosing Durable Items

Best Dual Flush Toilets

Do you think that replacing an old toilet and selecting a durable and stylish model it time-consuming and too hard? It is easier than you can imagine! However, you need to do a little research and find out about the best rated dual flush toilets, their operational features, and durability to pick the most suitable model for your place.

First and foremost, do you know what a dual flush toilet is? It is a variation of the flush loo that uses either a double button or a handle appliance to sprinkle a substantial amount of water to wash away waste.

The current technological advancements resulted in the newest toilet systems on the market, and many people have already turned to the existing bathroom trend and installed dual flush toilets at their homes. But how to choose the best item among a variety of products available on the market that will be durable and serve its purpose best?

6 Best Dual Flush Toilets That Are Worth Purchasing

Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush Toilet

Even though some people may say that a toilet is just a toilet and serves the only function of self-cleaning, there are many aspects in which toilet models differ. Below, you can read detailed and reliable dual flush toilet reviews from a professional plumber and learn why it is worth going for one of these items.

Kohler K-3987 – Best-Rated Two-Piece Dual Flush Toilet

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Kohler dual flush toilet K-3987 is a top budget pick that I recommend taking into consideration. Besides its cost-effectiveness, this item is made of vitreous china with almond color that gives the toilet a striking look. It is inbuilt with a Class 5 flushing technology, which attributes to its efficient flush intensity. Moreover, a wide valve of this product allows for speedy water release through the direct-fed jet at high pressure, thus, leaving the bowl tidy after every flush.

The toilet has a durable canister with 90% unexposed seal material, which provides quality leak-proof performance. The universal red seal is durable with a longer life than in other models since it’s less exposed to the water in the tank.

Kohler K-3987 Wellworth is one of the most comfortable choices, as it is designed with a round-shaped bowl contrary to many items with an elongated bowl. The round nature of the bowl economizes space. Thus, the toilet can fit in the smallest areas where a single inch counts.

Besides the Class 5 flushing technique, this device has a 2-1/8-inch trap way that enables a considerable quantity of waste to be washed with a single water strike. However, despite its incredible waste washing capacity, this Kohler toilet consumes a small quantity of water.

For instance, this model can spend about 1.6 gallons per flush, which adds up to 22.000 gallons saved per year without limiting its performance. Unlike the Glacier Bay dual flush toilet that is often highlighted as a great choice, this toilet rarely clogs since it has a really powerful flush that washes away waste, leaving no traces or stains.

it has a round bowl, thus, takes little space;dual flush technology;class 5 flushing may come without a seat (ask the seller before purchasing).

Swiss Madison SM-1T254 – Best Dual Flush Toilet for Water Saving

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Swiss Madison is a toilet made with the consumers in mind. It quickly became the preferred choice of many thanks to the washroom innovation. The model is fitted with a unique yet powerful tornado-like dual flush that cleans waste, leaving no stains on the bowl.

Moreover, this item comes with a comfortable and easily removable seat that makes the process of cleaning even more simple. Also, Swiss Madison SM-1T254 has matte chrome hinges that are easy to remove. It also eases the seat unlatching process since there is no specialized tool needed to open it. I can profoundly say that this toilet is easy to maintain. Its skirt trap way gives the item a striking look.

Double flush options allow you to choose either a partial or full water release. This feature allows you to be environmentally conscious without sacrificing the device’s performance to save water. The toilet has a gravity water strike of about 0.8/1.28 gallons per flush, thus, saves a substantial water quantity.

The model is designed with special holes for easy installation. Moreover, within the package, you will get fitted bolts, bolt caps, and wax ring to ensure a never-failing service and leakage-proof experience. Therefore, whether installed in a small lavatory or domestic space, this double flush toilet allows for simple maintenance and comfortable usage.

dual tornado cleaning flush;comfortable height;a soft-closing open-lid flush may soak the bathroom floor;it comes with a one-year warranty only.

Toto CST416M#03 Aquia II – ToTo Dual Flush Toilet That Saves Space

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The Toto Aquia II model’s streamlined design goes well with any bathroom. It allows hanging on the wall. Thus, the item’s height can be set to meet your preferences. This Toto toilet takes minimal space and allows a convenient leg area that enhances the comfortability of the user.

The product features a dual-max flushing technique that renders an effective clean wash, leaving no stains of waste on the bowl after a flush. It is CalGreen approved, which I find a great added specific. The item uses small water quantity, about 0.9 to 1.6 gallons per flush.

Besides its adjustability, convenient height, this toilet is ceramic glazed with CeFIONtect that gives it a smooth striking look and makes the item simple to clean. Moreover, the sleek surface of the toilet creates a slippery environment that prevents waste from sticking on the bowl after every water strike. Besides, it’s bowl is twinned with Toto’s Duofit in-wall tank system that not only takes small space but also enhances its height mounting ability for the user’s convenience.

Therefore, if you need the best dual flush toilet that saves a lot of your space, the Toto Aquia II model is what you should go for. Purchasing Toto dual flush toilet is a decision I recommend to make if you have been in search of a durable and compact toilet.

it has a modern complementary design;compact;water-efficient with a dual-max flushing system;it comes with a soft seat.the water supply valve has to be placed eight or more inches from the toilet’s centerline to allow it to work properly.

Toto MS446124CEMG#01 Aquia IV – Dual Flushing Toilet with Skirted Design

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Made with the use of the latest technologies, Toto Aquia IV is a perfect blend of both comfort and environment consciousness. It is designed with skirts that cover the tapware, thus, bringing out the striking look that adds the toilet a touch of elegance.

What’s more, it is a 119 lbs two-piece toilet system measuring 27.7 x 15.6 x 29.6 inches with a Dynamax tornado flush system outfit. The bowl is designed with a CeFIONtect ceramic glaze to prevent mols and stains from building upon its surface.

The bowl design allows the inflow of water with less turbulence, thus, creates the quietest flush. It is fitted with soft-closing seats that protect from any possibility of lid slumming. The dynamic tornado flush with a 360-degree water strike intensity leaves no parts of the bowl uncleaned. The smooth glazed layer, CeFIONtect paired with the powerful flush, provides an effective wash.

With this toilet, there is no need to clean the bowl daily with chemicals, as these can be harmful to humans. What is more, the inner bowl is designed in such a way that it reduces water flow turbulence to aid a silent flush. The dual flush of 0.8 or 1.28 gallons per flush gives the user full control of washing waste down the bowl. Therefore, it is one of the two flush toilets with sleek surfaces I want to recommend here. These surfaces not only ease the cleaning process but also enhance the durability of the item.

EPA WaterSense certified;silent flush;CeFIONtect ceramic glaze allows for no stains and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

American Standard H2 Option – Two-Piece Dual Flush Toilet

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I can profoundly name the American Standard H2 Option an affordable throne. It is built with an exceptional water flush ability that goes well with bowl cleaning and, at the same time, saves a substantial amount of water.

The toilet features a sleek surface with an antimicrobial coating that prevents odors and stains besides bacteria infestation. Its flushing intensity is incredibly powerful. The item can clean 1000gm solid waste with a heavy flash mode command and 400gm waste with a light flush one.

It is a reliable elongated dual flush toilet with a high MaP ranking within its class. The powerful nature of its flush guarantees that the waste in the bowl can’t resist the pressure. Thus, you are guaranteed of disposing-off everything.

This item is a highly efficient throne with little water consumption and a WaterSense compliant device. The inner side of the bowl has smooth edges that allow perfect cleaning. Its flash is instantaneous, an element that proves why this model features most professional dual flush toilet reviews regarding the best items one should purchase.

Besides the EverClean surface that inhibits stench-causing bacteria intensification, this toilet is designed with the siphon-jet bowl technique. The technology entails a powerful water strike and wash-rims to offer UHET operation and the durability of the device.

EPA WaterSense certified;siphon-jet technology;EverClean may need help during the installation process.

WoodBridge T-0019 – Durable One Piece Dual Flush Toilet

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Looking for the best one piece dual flush toilet? Bridge T-0019 will serve you best. This model requires no special plumbing skills to install. Besides, buying this toilet is beneficial since it has an elongated bowl that will complement any bathroom interior. Therefore, whether you are choosing a one-piece dual flush toilet for a new place or want to replace an existing loo, WoodBridge T-0019 is a great option to purchase.

One of the features that make this toilet standing out is the cornerless shape of its bowl. Thus, the bowl comes as an easy-to-clean one. Besides, its striking water flush is very powerful, pushing waste forcefully down the bowl without leaving any chances of stains. The flush of the WoodBridge T-0019 model, even though silent, does its work perfectly.

The item is designed with soft seats that come fixed with stainless steel hinges, making the toilet more durable with little probability of wearing out in the first years of use. The bowl’s entire surface is glazed to prevent molds from building up and also to ease the process of cleaning. Moreover, this model has a comfortable height to accommodate even people with mobility issues.

If you purchase this toilet equipment, you’ll get an all-in-one-pack, including the toilet itself and accessories. For instance, you’ll get pre-installed soft-close seats and hand wrench for fixing the bolts during installation, among other things.

The device’s efficiency is protected with an exceptional warranty on the equipment. Upon the purchase, you will have a five-year limited warranty for faded porcelain and a stained glaze. Also, you will get a one-year warranty covering any issues with the flush operation and the soft-closing seat inefficiency.

Besides, within the package, you will see a professional manual to educate you on the hassle-free maintenance of the device. The pack contains necessary extra floor bolts and standard wax ring, thus, eliminating the chances of additional expenses on installation and repair. If you are in search of the comfortable and reliable one piece dual flush toilet, WoodBridge T-0019 model will provide you with top-level service.

comfortable height for most people;super silent dual flush;modern design;one-piece may be too high for kids.

Helpful Tips on Choosing a Good Dual Flush Toilet

When you are in search of a new item, it is essential to keep in mind that a considerably huge price tag is not necessarily equal great performance. Based on my experience with dual flush vs single flush toilet models, the ones mid-priced often turn out to be the top performers.

A reliable and durable toilet can save a substantial amount of water and operate well for years. Therefore, to purchase the best toilet for your place, you should keep in mind the three most important aspects, including drain-line clog, waste removal, and the bowl’s cleaning ability. Below is the procedure for checking out the efficiency of a toilet after the installation:

  • Waste removal ability

Once you install the toilet, run a solid waste removal test using marble-sized plastic beads and water bags. Observe how each flush behaves for both liquid and solid waste. If it meets or surpasses your expectations, you can rest assured of its functionality.

  • Bowl cleaning

Draw a paint line on the inner surface of the toilet bowl, command a flush, and observe the amount of paint left after the water strike.

  • Drain-line clog

Check out the striking water power of the toilet in terms of pushing the waste past the drain line. If everything looks fine, and the item performs well, the toilet will serve you for long. If you spot any malfunction, don’t hesitate to reach to contact service and make use of the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dual Flush Toilets

toilet flush buttons

How Much Water Does a Dual Flush Toilet Use?

Most modern dual-flush toilets use 1.1 gallons (4 liters) per flush. It’s around 67% less than other toilets use.

Dual Flush Toilet Which Button to Push?

The idea is simple. The bigger button activates a more powerful flush to dispose of larger amounts of waste, while the smaller button lets you use a small amount of water for small waste, avoid excessive water consumption, and save some money.

Who Makes the Best Dual Flush Toilet?

Some of the top-rated Kohler toilets are manufactured by Kohler, Swiss Madison, Toto, American Standard, and WoodBridge. However, you shouldn’t avoid other manufacturers as they can be good enough, but not that popular.

The Final Word

With all this helpful information provided, identifying the most efficient and durable dual flushing toilet shouldn’t be a challenge anymore. Look through my professional reviews once again to select the right item that would serve you effectively. Don’t forget to put into consideration the operational capacity and price of the tool.

The reviews above can ease the decision-making process for a prospective buyer. I hope that you have learned a lot of useful information after reading this article, and now, you have the most reliable toilet options in mind. Whether you are purchasing bathroom equipment for your new home or replacing an old toilet at your place, you can rely on the selection of the most durable items provided here.

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All the options can be easily installed and connected to the existing piping lines, so you don’t have to worry about such things. Read the provided user manual carefully, and you will install the toilet shortly.

Have you used one of the toilet models mentioned above? Did you like the tool? Which other brands on the market do you find durable and worth mentioning here? What features do they have? Share your thoughts and experiences with me by leaving comments in the section below. I will be more than pleased to assist you in choosing the best item for your place or answering the questions you may have.


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