10 Best Down Jackets in 2022

Best Down Jackets

When the weather starts cooling down here soon, you don’t want to get caught without some nice, warm clothing. Getting the best down jacket for you will not only keep the cold out, but it’ll let you stay comfortable throughout the season. We’ve all had that time when it’s hard to move because of the freezing temperatures, so we made it our job to prevent that from happening this time around.

Instead of asking you to find everything out for yourself, we went ahead and did all the research for you. After searching through countless blogs, video reviews, and all sorts of social media posts, we found the best down jackets on the market. All you have to do now is figure out which one suits your style and needs the most, and you’ll be one step closer to stay warm this winter!

Although they’re listed from one through ten, there’s no particular order to these jackets. Whichever one works for you should be your number 1! Without further ado, here are the best down jackets available today.

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1. Eddie Bauer Men’s CirrusLite Down Jacket

Eddie Bauer Men's CirrusLite Down Jacket

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To start off the list, we’re going to go with one of the most well-known brands in the industry. The Eddie Bauer Men’s CirrusLite Down Jacket offers a unique combination of style and comfort that create a much-needed change to traditional clothing. It’s low-profile and it works in any casual or professional setting.

As color options are always an important feature, we’ll start there! You can choose from Black, Atlantic Grey, Dark Smoke Heather, Scarlet, and True Blue. Every color comes in multiple sizes from small to XX-large, all of which have an option for tall or average height. All in all, you’re able to customize this jacket more than most others.

Made with a 100% nylon exterior, these Eddie Bauer down jackets do a wonderful job at keeping the rain out. Not only are they waterproof, but they’re uniquely designed to keep the heat in at all times. The only thing that makes it even better is the fact that it comes with two side zipper pockets for additional storage.

+ Comes with a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from
+ Includes two side zipper pockets to store your belongings
+ Made with a waterproof exterior lining

Why We Like It – We like this jacket because it fits well with almost any outfit we could think of. The fact that it’s waterproof makes it all the better!

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2. Amazon Essentials Men’s Lightweight Down Jacket

Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight Down Jacket

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Amazon has been putting out very high-quality clothing lately that shouldn’t be passed up. Their Amazon Essentials Men’s Lightweight Down Jacket is absolutely worth looking into, which is why it comes in at number two on the list. Unlike a lot of down jackets on the market these days, this one has a much thinner appearance without sacrificing warmth.

The colors that you can choose from are very basic, but they fit well with virtually any wardrobe. These colors include Blue, Brick Red, Grey, and Navy. Choose between small, medium, and largely based on their sizing chart. Regardless of which options you select, each jacket comes with a carrying bag, so you don’t have to walk around with a massive jacket whenever you’re not wearing it.

You can zip up the center zipper all the way up to your chin or leave the collar to fall over. With a no-snag zipper, you shouldn’t come across any annoying issues anytime soon. Much like the previous entry, the Amazon Essentials down jacket comes with two side pockets for your hands or additional items you might be carrying.

+ You can choose from a wide variety of colors and a few sizes
+ Comes with two side pockets for comfort or convenience
+ Fashionable in any working or casual setting

Why We Like It – We like this jacket because it brings comfort and style to generic, budget-friendly brands. It was an unexpected but welcome turn of events to see how many people loved this high-quality jacket!

3. CHERRY CHICK Women’s Ultra-Light Down Jacket

CHERRY CHICK Women's Ultra-Light Down Jacket

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The Cherry CHICK Women’s Ultra-Light Down Jacket is a perfect jacket for traveling purposes for a multitude of reasons. You’ll find it to be ultra-lightweight, which is obviously one of the first features that you’d look for in travel gear. It’s also water-resistant and wind-resistant, the latter of which is a rarity in many down jackets.

As far as color options go, this might have the broadest range on the list. If you’re a big style person, you’ll quickly fall in love with your new selection. It ranges from colors like Matte Dark Red and Space Grey to Apple Green and Orange. Use their sizing chart to pick from one of the plethoras of available sizes.

The white duck down filling is soft and fluffy as they come, making it an optimal selection for everyone. Even the hood is filled with white duck down mixed with 10% feathers to give it a pillow-like sensation. Not only does it work to keep out the rain, but it’s fairly relaxing to kick back and rest for a little bit!

+ Choose from one of many different unique colors
+ Filled with super soft duck down and feathers
+ Includes a hood and tow side pockets with zippers

Why We Like It – We like this down jacket because it has loads of color options, letting you pick exactly which one you want instead of settling for one or another

4. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Packable Down Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Packable Down Jacket

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It’s no surprise that a Tommy Hilfiger jacket made its way onto the list. After all, they continue to produce some of the best clothing around. The comfortable interior meets the stylish exterior to make it incredibly hard to avoid! It even includes a zip-up collar that you can either choose to leave up or fluff it down.

As with all of the other down jackets on the list up to this point, the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s down jacket comes in a wide array of colors and styles. Merlot, Greg Fancy Check, White & Red & Midnight, and Botanical Green are just a few of the massive selection available to you should you choose this jacket.

The side pockets are open, and they come with a padded interior for further comfort. You can either store items that you’re bringing with you, or just use it for your hands. With a full nylon exterior, you don’t have to worry about wind or water seeping through in the cold weather. It keeps you feeling warm and toasty!

+ You can choose from a wide selection of unique colors
+ Includes two side pockets with interior padding
+ Wind and water-resistant throughout the year

Why We Like It – We love this jacket because it’s a comfort and resistant when you need it the most. Choose your favorite color and brave the harsh weather!

5. Wantdo Women’s Hooded Down Jacket

Wantdo Women's Hooded Down Jacket

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If you’ve been searching for that perfect all-around down jacket that works for almost any occasion, you might want to read on below. The Wantdo Women’s Hooded Down Jacket is great for travel, casual dress wear, and professional settings. It includes a packing bag for you to carry it around wherever you go, or you could toss it in the trunk for future situations.

The nylon lining acts as a shell to keep out the cold air and rain from harsh weather, while the down interior provides unparalleled comfort. It comes with a variety of pockets, including a chest pocket, two side pockets, and two interior pockets for even more storage purposes. It even has a hole for earphones when you don’t want to have to remove your hands!

The color lineup includes Black, Navy Blue, Red, Khaki, and a few other options worth checking out. Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large, and 3X Large are all available as well. The snug hood hugs your face, and you can even zip up the collar all the way to your chin for extra warmth and comfort.

+ Comes with more than enough pockets to use
+ Includes seven different color choices
+ Choose one of the many sizes to pick whatever best suits your needs

Why We Like It – We like this down jacket because it’s available in a whole lot of sizes for anyone and everyone to use. It’s also nice to have so many color options to choose from.

6. CIOR Women’s Packable Down Jacket

CIOR Women's Packable Down Jacket

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The CIOR Women’s Packable Down Jacket has a high collar to ensure you’ll be warm all winter long. It’s contoured in the center, making it perfect for a snug, comfortable feeling. The nylon exterior is water-proof, which an absolute necessity for people who live in colder climates or those who just want to stay warm.

Much like many of the other down jackets, this one comes with a stuffing bag. It’s super convenient because it allows you to pack up your jacket and take it with you without having to carry the unfolded clothes around. Both the bag and the down product itself are very breathable, which prevents sweat and moisture buildup.

The cuff and the waist are made out of a slightly more stretchy material to make it easier to put on and take off. Another much-needed improvement that others seem to neglect is the fact that the down inside of it doesn’t disperse when you wash it. This is a very useful addition since you sometimes have to completely replace an old down jacket if it ruins the interior.

+ Comes with a stuffing bag for easy storage
+ Perfect for washing in the laundry machine without damaging it
+ Contoured to fit snug around the wearer

Why We Like It – We like this jacket because it’s lightweight and easy to pack up to carry around with you. The snug fit feels ultra-comfortable in the cold of winter.

7. Nautica Men’s Down Packable Puffer Jacket

Nautica Men's Down Packable Puffer Jacket

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For an ultra-durable, super lightweight down jacket, try out the Nautica Men’s Down Packable Puffer Jacket. Using rip-proof material, this fabric is great for people who find themselves hiking, fishing, or doing any other intense outdoor activities. Since it uses tightly-knit pockets of down throughout the jacket, it won’t disperse in the washer.

These Nautica Men’s jackets come in a multitude of colors that’ll fit any outfit you have. Your color options include Black, Carbon, Dark Navy, Olive, Red, and Royal Blue. All of the selections are available in small, medium, large, X large, and XX-large to accommodate for pretty much anyone interested in the jacket.

Just like many of the other coats on the list, this one has the option of packing it up into the included bag. It’s a lightweight, thin material to let you carry either the jacket or any other belongings you want to carry along. When you’re ready to put it back on, there are two side pockets to place the aforementioned items.

+ Choose from a plethora of different colors
+ Massive range of sizes to fit anyone looking to buy it
+ Comes with a storage bag for easy carrying

Why We Like It – This jacket is ultra-comfortable great for many outdoor adventures. It’s nice that you don’t have to worry about it ripping or allowing water in, which could damage the down material over time.

8. LAPASA Men’s Down Jacket

LAPASA Men's Down Jacket

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Have you ever had the issue of wearing down clothing and the feathers poke through? We’ve all had to deal with it as some point, but not anymore! The LAPASA Men’s Down Jacket uses a special coating material to prevent the down from poking out of it. Not only is this more comfortable for you, but it also helps withhold the integrity of the down over time.

Moving Blue, Burgundy, and Navy are the three colors available upon purchase. Follow their detailed sizing chart to figure out exactly which one you should go with. It can be pretty upsetting to buy a size too big or small, but their setup does everything it can to take that possibility down to a minimum.

The collar of this jacket is double padded to keep your neck comfortable and cushioned around the clock. You can zip up the middle zipper all the way, closing the collar, or leave it partially opened. In addition to the center zipper, you also will have access to two side pockets in case you need to carry anything else.

+ Choose from three basic color options
+ Comes with a detailed sizing chart to remove the stress of guessing
+ Uses a double padded collar to cushion your neck

Why We Like It – We like this down jacket mainly because of how comfortable the neck portion is. That being said, the fact that the feathers can’t poke through is a feature we didn’t even know we should be looking for!

9. Columbia Women’s Flash Forward Down Jacket

Columbia Women's Flash Forward Down Jacket

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Columbia has always been well-known as a leader in the industry for both their dedication to consistent craftsmanship and their up-to-date fashion sense. The Columbia Women’s Flash Forward Down Jacket does a wonderful job at displaying both of those traits, paired with unforgettable comfort and a number of customizing options.

The wide array of colors for you to choose from lets you find your perfect match! Why settle for something you might not like later if they’re all available with this one? Choose from Ruby Red, Black & Bright Plum, Spray & Pond, Nocturnal & Hot Coral, and Deep Marine, as well as a handful of other shades.

A polyester lining does its best work to keep in your natural body heat while preventing the cold air from getting in. It’s also a great solution to prevent moisture and sweat buildup, which might otherwise cause irritation. It also comes with two side zipper pockets for either your hands or other items you might be carrying.

+ Made from one of the most well-known brands in the industry
+ More than enough unique, stylish colors to select from
+ Uses a polyester exterior to keep heat in and cold out

Why We Like It – We like this Columbia down jacket because there are so many options to choose from. This setup makes it perfect for people who have a hard time choosing from a generally static collection.

10. valuker Women’s Down Coat

valuker Women's Down Coat

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For a fun spin on style, the valuker Women’s Down Coat offers a fur lining on the hood and a longer hem than usual. This hood addition is not only aesthetically appealing, but it’s also super comfortable, even when you’re not wearing it up. It can act as a weather barrier to the cold, or a neck pillow when you’re lying down.

You can also pick your favorite color from the lineup, which includes Black, Grey, Navy, Green, Rose Red, and a few others. The color of the fur changes in correspondence to the color of the jacket, so make sure that you look at both parts before you make your final decision. Also, don’t forget to check out their size chart to pick the right one for you!

The extra-deep pockets on this down jacket by valuker are definitely the biggest ones we’ve come across. This makes for a perfect place to store all of your essentials, or you could simply use it as an ultra-comfortable hand-warmer! Either way, the choice is yours. When they’re not in use, you can close the pockets with a single button on both sides.

+ Includes a built-in faux fur hood for comfort and heat retention
+ Choose from a wide variety of colors for the fur and the jacket
+ Uses two ultra-deep side pockets that close with buttons

Why We Like It – We like this down jacket because it takes note of all the features that so many others seem to skip right over. It has faux fur, deep pockets, and it’s extra-long in comparison to most jackets on the market.

Down Jackets Buyers Guide

Once you’re all finished up going over the list, you can almost feel your new comfortable down jacket! But before you jump ahead and pick one out, we wanted to offer a little bit of help to solidify your choice. After all, it’s all about ensuring your comfort and warmth. If you’re searching for a little bit more advice, read on below!

How many pockets should a down jacket have?

In truth, this entirely up to you, but this is definitely something you should consider first. All of the jackets on this list have at least one pocket, but some of them have upwards of five or more. Many of you might think that’s too much, but think about how nice it would be to not have to bring a purse along?

You could store your wallet, phone, and a few other accessories all inside your jacket. How cool is that? We’re not saying that you should for sure get the jacket with five pockets, but just make sure you’ve considered all your options first!

Are down jackets able to be washed in a laundry machine?

This varies from jacket to jacket, but all of the items listed on this page are able to be washed either in a machine or by hand. The choice is ultimately up to you since they all have special materials and designed which prevent any sort of down dispersion that could mess up the way it warms you up. If you pick one from this list, wash away however you’d like!

Expert Tip

Down and nylon (the exterior material that most of our listed jackets use) don’t really shrink down too much. For this reason, you should always choose the size that works immediately, not the one that hopefully shrinks to your size.

Did You Know?

It is nearly impossible to find a down jacket that doesn’t have a ribbed design. This is because down can spread so easily that it needs to have small pockets to prevent it from ‘de-fluffing’ and ruining the insulation value.


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