Top 5 Best Double Ceiling Fans


In my humble opinion, the only thing better that having an ordinary, single ceiling fan is having the best double ceiling fan. In Seattle, where we live, it often gets rainy, dreary, and cold. By installing the best double ceiling fan, I was able to lower our heating bills substantially without needing to resort to a commercial ceiling fan. Double ceiling fans are a unique type of ceiling fan that have two fans attached to one structure. Keep reading for double ceiling fan reviews and ratings.

The 5 Top Double Ceiling Fans

With a double ceiling fan, when it is cold, you direct the hot air down without the air blowing directly on you. In warm weather, you adjust the fans to have air blow on you for cooling. Just make sure you have a big ceiling fan duster or DIY duster handy for all those extra bladesHere are the top five best double ceiling fans currently available.

Editor’s PicksBrandRating *
Best ChoiceMatthews Textured Bronze Dual 39-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan♥♥♥♥♥
Premium PickMinka-Aire Traditional Gyro 42-Inch Walnut Twin Turbofan♥♥♥♥♥
Best ValueHarbor Breeze Twin Breeze 74-Inch Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan♥♥♥♡♡
Runner UpMetropolitan Modern Double Ceiling Fan Bronze with Remote♥♥♥♥♡
Honorable MentionMinka-Aire Dual Mount Ceiling Fan with 6 Bronze Blades♥♥♥♥♡

* Ratings are determined using our specialized rating system.★ Best Choice

Best Choice: Matthews Textured Bronze Dual 39-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Top 5 Best Double Ceiling Fans 1

The Matthews Textured Bronze Dual 39-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan is the best double ceiling fan because there are many different downrods available to choose from to suit every home.

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This is one of the fans in the category of best double ceiling fan for a lot of good reasons. It has an attractive aged bronze finish that is very elegant. Two 39-inch fans are adjustable to direct the airflow where you want it to go, and the fans have three speeds that are controllable by a remote control. The remote control may be wall-mounted if desired.

This bronze ceiling fan comes with a 10-inch downrod. With that size installed, the fan motor base is 19 inches from the ceiling and the bottom of the fan heads are five inches lower. Available downrods come in the lengths of 5, 10, 20, 30, 48, and 72 inches to allow installation of this dual fan in ceilings of various heights. The fan blades rotate and the fans also circulate around the middle hanging point, when they are angled at less than 45 degrees from the floor.


  • UL-certified
  • This unit is approved for installing outside in damp areas
  • Vaulted ceiling mount canopy for up to 29 degrees
  • The dual fans rotate around the center pole when set at the proper angle


  • Can be tricky getting the right angle for rotation

♛ Premium Pick

Premium Pick: Minka-Aire Traditional Gyro 42-Inch Walnut Twin Turbofan

Top 5 Best Double Ceiling Fans 2

The Minka-Aire Traditional Gyro 42-Inch Walnut Twin Turbofan is the best double ceiling fan because it has an exquisite design that looks like it was taken directly out of the past.

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This is a traditional gyroscopic fan with 17-inch fans. The antique look and finish is a beautiful Belacro walnut with very detailed filigree, and this fan’s design looks like something from a Victorian parlor a hundred years ago and brings a splash of elegance to a room, similar to a chandelier ceiling fan.

The turbofan heads are adjustable up and down. There is a three-speed wall control that can reverse the fan’s direction and has full-range dimming control over the center downlight. The included installation kit has downrods of 4.5 inches and 12 inches. Longer downrods of up to 60 inches are available.

With the shorter downrod installed, the fan comes down from the ceiling to hang 23.9 inches below. The blade span diameter is 42 inches when the blades are set to a 20-degree pitch. An optional adapter is available to use for installation on angled ceilings from 21 to 45 degrees. With the bond hub (sold separately), this dual ceiling fan can be controlled by Alexa smart-home technology.


  • UL-listed
  • The antique style of this best ceiling fan is very attractive
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • The remote controls the rotation of the fans around the center pole


  • Not suitable for exterior installation

$ Best Value

Best Value: Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze 74-Inch Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Top 5 Best Double Ceiling Fans 3

The Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze 74-Inch Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan is the best double ceiling fan because it’s an affordable fan that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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This is a no-nonsense, ruggedly made outdoor and indoor ceiling fan. If you want lots of flowing air at a budget price, this is a good choice out of the best double ceiling fan category. The motor runs fairly quietly when the blades are balanced properly. The metal finish is oil-rubbed bronze. A four-inch downrod is included. The other dimensions are 26-inch wide and 74-inch long.

The blades are brown wicker material, which makes them lightweight. They are easily removed for painting or to change out for other styles, if desired in the future. The center glass is frosted to create a nice soft glowing light from the light kit. One of the ceiling fan chains turns the light on and off, and the other drop chain controls the fan speeds with on/off and slow, medium, or fast rotation, as well as being able to reverse the rotational direction of the blades. A ceiling fan remote control kit is an optional extra.


  • Lowest priced fan in the best double ceiling fan category
  • The airflow from this unit, of 4,450 CFM, is perfect for large rooms
  • Can be used with longer downrods that are sold separately


  • The unit does not rotate around the center pole
  • To get a ceiling fan with remote costs extra

♥ Top Pick

Runner Up: Metropolitan Modern Double Ceiling Fan Bronze with Remote

Top 5 Best Double Ceiling Fans 7

The Metropolitan Modern Double Ceiling Fan Bronze with Remote is the best double ceiling fan because the blades are reversible, allowing you to choose which side fits your home better.

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This is a very sharp-looking contemporary double fan. It has a 24-inch spinning diameter for the fan blades that is a nice large size when compared to some others in the best double ceiling fan category that are smaller. It comes with a remote control. The fan heads can be manually adjusted from parallel to the floor or seated at a 45-degree angle from the floor.

The blades are finished in two different ways and are easily reversible so you can choose the look. On one side, there is a nice dark distressed walnut finish, and on the other side, there is a lighter distressed hickory finish. The metal parts have an oiled bronze finish, and the two 24-inch fans are mounted on a frame that has a full width of 57 inches. The light uses a bright halogen bulb that is included.


  • This fan has a modern look with clean lines
  • The reversible fan blades have two different finishes on each side
  • Comes with a remote control


  • This unit does not rotate around the center pole

♥ Top Pick

Runner Up: Minka-Aire Dual Mount Ceiling Fan with 6 Bronze Blades

Top 5 Best Double Ceiling Fans 8

The Minka-Aire Dual Mount Ceiling Fan with 6 Bronze Blades is the best double ceiling fan because it has a stylish retro design and three finish options to let you customize the look.

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This is another beautiful example of the vintage gyro replica series from Minka-Aire. The light in the center has a tinted opal glass that takes a 100-watt halogen bulb, which is included. The metal has an oiled bronze finish. It also comes with a three-speed wall-mounted control that manages a dimmable light and the reversal of the fan blades’ rotation.

The included downrod is 3.5 inches. With this downrod installed, the fan measures 18.8 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the fans. The turbofan heads are 17 inches in diameter with three blades, and they are adjustable up and down. The blade sweep is 42 inches in diameter with the fans set at a 20-degree pitch.

If you want this unit to work with the Alexa smart home technology, then, you need to buy the optional bond hub. Each fan can be manually adjusted separately to hold its position ranging from perpendicular to parallel to the floor.


  • UL-listed
  • Has a strong airflow of 5,050 CFM
  • The fan blades are enclosed in a metal guard cage


  • Does not come with a remote control

Features to Consider for the Best Double Ceiling Fan

Double ceiling fan reviews can be helpful for getting an idea of what’s out there, but what you want to focus on when choosing a model is the different features available. The things you want to look for when choosing the best double ceiling fan are price, style, functionality, and durability.


Because double ceiling fans provide you with two fans, they’re naturally going to be more expensive than traditional ceiling fansStronger units and models that have more decorative designs will also cost more. If cost is a big factor for you, you may want to look into less expensive models like oscillating ceiling fans instead.


For many people, style is an important part of this decision because a ceiling fan is going to be noticed by guests. There are a lot of dual head ceiling fans that were designed with style and appearances in mind. They’re sometimes more expensive than single-fan models like propeller ceiling fans, but it can be worth the extra costs for a fan that provides both form and function.


Functionality is very important. You want to make sure the fan is strong enough to do what you want and does all the things that you want. For me, having a remote control was very important. Make sure to notice that some of these fans spin around the center pole (called axial rotation) and some do not. If you want to maximize the airflow, the ones that spin around the center pole are going to move more air around your living room.

Some double ceiling fans can also be used as outdoor ceiling fans, similar to an enclosed ceiling fan. If you’re looking for a fan for a patio, make sure that you’re only looking at ones that are safe for outdoor installation.


If you don’t want to worry about replacing your ceiling fan every few years, you should look for a durable model. Look for the materials the fan is made from and how heavy the entire structure is. These can help you determine if the fan looks like it’ll give out quickly or it’ll stay sturdy for years. For example, a brushed nickel ceiling fan or leaf ceiling fan is made from durable metal, so you can be confident it will last.

Benefits of Using Double Ceiling Fans

I am the kind of person that likes to have airflow in every room. Without air flowing around the room, it feels too stuffy to me, and I get a little claustrophobic. If you think about the air in a room there is the tendency for heat to rise. If the room is too cold, all the heated air collects at the ceiling where it is not very useful in warming up the people. Or perhaps the air outside is fresh and the air inside is too warm. Using a double ceiling fan, with the windows open, helps me to clear all the stale air out of a room and bring fresh air in from outside.

Having my choice for the best double ceiling fan installed in my sunroom allows me to select the direction that I wish the air to flow and turn the fan speed up or down by using my remote control. For me, using a ceiling-mounted fan from the best double ceiling fan category is the best way to maintain a nice temperature in my sunroom where I also grow plants.

I sit under the lamps with my plants. Everybody who lives in the cloudy, rainy northwest knows the benefits of getting some UV rays. Beside getting some vitamin D, it can also help lower blood pressure. Without proper air circulation, it can get really hot under the lights. The convenience of having two fans that can be aimed in different directions is really helpful.

Precautions of Using Double Ceiling Fans

If a fan in the best double ceiling fan category says it is made for indoor/outdoor installations, this means that the area can be damp but not directly getting hit by rain or water from another source. A reasonable example is using one of these fans in the ceiling of a covered area, such as to circulate air on a covered patio. You may cause the motor to short out if the motor gets exposed to excessive moisture.

Make sure someone who understands electrical work well does the installation or hire a professional electrician to install the fan properly. Many who skimp on this step end up making a risky mess and may have the ceiling fan suddenly short curcuit, with sparks flying all over the place. This may cause some damage or perhaps start a fire.

If the fan is making excessive noise, there is a problem. The fan blades may be out of balance, the installation may not be done properly, the unit is defective, or the motor is having trouble. Turn off the fan immediately, if there is a loud hum and the blades do not rotate because you can burn out the motor quickly in this condition.

Be sure to install these fans high enough to be out of the way. If the ceilings are too short, you need to get a low profile or flush mount ceiling fan. Be careful with long-haired people standing too close underneath if you have the fan running in the reverse direction to pull up air from below. Hair can be lifted and pulled into the fan if a person is too close under the spinning blades. It’s also important to be mindful of size, as these ceiling fans will take up more space than a traditional ceiling fan. It may not be the best choice for a garage ceiling fan or a kitchen ceiling fan.


When it came the time to pick the best double ceiling fan, after my exhaustive reviews of all the fans in the best double ceiling fan category, my choice was the Matthews Textured Bronze Dual Motor 39-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan. I had to stretch the budget to get it; however, I am very happy with this fan. I have a combination of a sunroom/greenhouse that is sort of indoor and outdoor space at the same time. That is where I installed it.

I needed a durable design for a fan that I would be using all the time. There is a gas heater in that space but it is not very energy-efficient. Before I got this fan, the heat had a tendency to go up to the ceiling quickly and then dissipate. After I started using the fan to create air movement back down to where I could feel it, the cost of heating this room went down. Also, when it is hot outside, then, this fan is strong enough to create a nice airflow to make the room stay cooler.

I hope these double ceiling fan reviews have helped you select the right fan for you home.


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