Best Dog Clickers For Training your Dog 2021


It is a well-reputable fact that the best way to train a puppy or dog is to use positive reinforcement. And Clicker Training is one of the most helpful techniques for enforcing positive reinforcement to train the pet.

While a clicker is scientifically not dissimilar from using any other audio or visual cue, it the simplest and most suitable tool to communicate with your pet while teaching it obedience commands or complex tricks. All you require is a durable and reliable dog clicker that can produce a sharp clicking sound for the pet to relate with attractive behavior.

In this article, we will seem at some of the best dog clickers for training your pet or teaching good behavior. We will also look at some training sets and target sticks to help you in clicker training your beloved pooch. You can use these devices with canines of all ages – puppies to aged dogs. Furthermore, most of them would work evenly well with cats, birds or any other pets. We will also split some buying advice and list our favorite picks.

What is a dog training clicker and is clicker training useful?

A dog training clicker is accurately what its name says – it is a compact and simple mechanical device that produces a unique noise, basically, a clicking sound that can perform as an audio cue for the pet during training.  A clicker, along with training treats, is the necessary component for clicker training.

Clicker training is a humane, punishment-free and useful positive reinforcement technique to teach good behavior, obedience commands, and tricks to your adored pet. And with a little bit of practice, any pet owner can employ this loom to train their pets.

when the pet exhibits a positive behavior or obeys the command, that action can be “marked” by pressing the clicker and satisfying the pet with treats. This reward-based approach helps the pet in accepting that whatever it is doing at the time of click is correct and the pet would be rewarded.

Clicker training is not dissimilar from marker training in which you use a verbal or even a visual cue for the pet. But it can be most suitable simply because the clicker sound is uniform and simple for the pet to interpret correctly. And clickers are pretty inexpensive too. Clicker training has been proven to work fine with dogs, cats, birds, horses and most other pets.

Clicker training is not the mere form of training your pet and it has its own limitations. For example, sensitive pets may not respond certainly to the sound of the clicker. Similarly, pets that are not stimulated by food or rewards are not the best candidates for clicker training.

For some more information on clicker training and the science following it, you can check out the popular article on the usefulness of clicker training by Dr. Stanley Coren.

In the next sections, we will seem at the best dog training clickers available in the market and the factors to believe before picking the best dog clicker for training. We will also share some of the best resources to ask for positive reinforcement training using dog clickers.

Which are the best dog training clickers?

1.StarMark Dog Training Clicker System –the best dog clicker for training

StarMark Dog Training Clicker System –the best dog clicker for training

                                   Check Price On Amazon


  • 1 clicker
  • Step-by-step training guide


  • High-quality, popular dog training clicker with a tough vinyl body.
  • Sturdy, high-superiority stainless-steel clicker element with an elevated rubber button.
  • The clicker produces a distinct, loud clicking sound for simple identification, even in noisy dog park settings.
  • Includes an opening on the back to fix to keychain or lanyard.
  • The package with a step-by-step training guide written by StarMark Academy experts.
  • Also obtainable in a set of three dog training clickers and five dog training clickers.


StarMark has been at the vanguard of dog training and training products and the StarMark Pro-Training Clicker is one of their generally popular products. This durable dog training clicker offers an outstanding combination of functionality, durability, and affordability.

The StarMark Pro-Training Clicker features a Vinyl artificial body. It is round edge-free shape is ergonomic and comfy in the hand with easy one-hand operation using the thumb and forefinger. In fact, its design is so fashionable; it has been copied many times by knock-off products.

The clicker button is made of rubber and is elevated to stop any accidental clicking misses. The clicking mechanism is supported by a stainless-steel clicking part that produces a distinct loud clicking noise that is simple for an attentive dog to hear even outdoors. This loud click does mean that the clicker can startle a responsive pet.

The StarMark Pro-Training Clicker features a hole on its back to connect a keychain or lanyard. The clicker does not come with a wrist band, which is probably its biggest drawback, though, not a deal-breaker. If you are searching for a StarMark Clicker with a wristband, you can check the StarMark Pro Deluxe clicker model. This StarMark clicker comes with a yellow wristband.

Every clicker purchase includes a step-by-step clicker training guide compiled by the experts at StarMark Academy. It is really an excellent value-add. The clicker is existing in the standard blue-and-orange design and available in a set of one, three or five clickers.

For its superb quality, superior design and affordability, the StarMark Pro-Training Clicker is our Editor’s choice for the best dog training clicker. This ergonomically designed pet training clicker is a brilliant training aid for pet owners.Pros

  • Ergonomically-designed dog training clicker with durable and dependable construction.
  • Features a rust-resistant, stainless-steel clicker part with an elevated rubber button.
  • Designed to produce a uniform, loud clicking sound for effortless identification, even in noisy dog park settings.
  • It comes with a step-by-step training guide written by StarMark Academy experts.


  • The loud click may not be suitable for responsive pets.
  • Costlier price per clicker than many other models.

2.Karen Pryor Clicker Training Terry Ryan Click Stik – Editor’s pick for the best aim stick for clicker training

Karen Pryor Clicker Training Terry Ryan Click Stik – Editor’s pick for the best aim stick for clicker training

                                 Check Price On Amazon


  • Retractable target stick
  • build-in clicker
  • Terry Ryan’s clicker training booklet


  • Versatile retractable target stick intended by renowned trainer Terry Ryan and manufactured under the Karen Pryor Clicker Training product.
  • Features a telescopic target stick that can enlarge from 6 to 23 inches. Make of rust-free stainless steel with a tiny light-green pointer.
  • It comes with a built-in clicker with a uniform, reasonable clicking sound. Two-in-one design helps in keeping one hand free as training. The raised button ensures no missing clicks.
  • Includes a built-in belt clip for simple carrying. The package also added Terry Ryan’s clicker training guide.
  • Suitable for teaching targeting, heeling and other ordinary commands with ease.
  • Backed by the Train improved Guarantee throughout the product’s lifetime.


If you desire to take your clicker training game to the next level and teach targeting, lace poles, heeling and other obedience commands to your pet, after that the Karen Pryor Clicker Training Terry Ryan Clik Stik is a perfect training aid for you. This stick is an outstanding training tool for dogs and cats for all ages.

Designed by renowned pet trainer and leader of Legacy Inc Terry Ryan and marketed under the Karen Pryor Clicker Training brand, the Clik Stik is a versatile target stick. It features a retractable, rust-defiant, stainless-steel rod which does not look much diverse from an antenna but is much more durable and sturdy. The telescopic rod can fall down to a small 6-inch size and can extend to 23-inches. The stick also has a light-green marker bulb on the pinnacle for pointing to the pet. Both the bulb and the target stick are a little smaller than the Clix Pet Target Stick but are still long sufficient for all dog and cat breeds.

The best part of the Karen Pryor Clicker Training Terry Ryan Clik Stik is the build-in clicker on the handle. This clicker produces a uniform, moderate clicking sound and features a big, responsive button that can be operated with a single hand. Moreover, the raised button design ensures that the click is not missed as operating. You can even use the stick just as a clicker by keeping the rod closed.

The Clik Stik comes by Terry Ryan’s clicker training guide, which provides some brilliant beginner information on getting started with clicker training.

The Click Stik comes in the standard KPCT purple and green color mixture and is backed by the Train Better Guarantee throughout the product’s lifetime. This means that you can suppose a 100% satisfaction guaranteed commitment by the manufacturer.

This versatile target stick is a perfect option to teach targeting, heeling and daily obedience commands and tricks to your beloved pet.Pros

  • Versatile clicker training target sticks with a build-in clicker. Designed by renowned pet trainer Terry Ryan.
  • High-superiority stainless steel and ABS plastic construction. The telescopic stick can extend up to 23 inches and collapse to 6 inches. Features a belt clip for simple carrying.
  • The built-in clicker produces a uniform, moderate clicking sound when pressed.
  • The package also includes Terry Ryan’s clicker training guide.
  • Backed by the 100% satisfaction assured, Training Better Guarantee by the manufacturer.


  • Costlier than other retractable target sticks.

3.EcoCity Dog Training Clicker with Wrist Strap – importance pick for best dog clicker for training

EcoCity Dog Training Clicker with Wrist Strap

                                    Check Price On Amazon

Content: 4 multi-color clickers


  • Best-selling set of 4 big-button dog training clickers with a 2019-upgraded design.
  • Every clicker features a steel-based metal clicking mechanism.
  • Designed to produce a moderately loud click sound. May not be appropriate for sensitive pets.
  • The package includes 4 differently colored clickers. A pdf dog training eBook is shared with every victorious order.
  • Backed by a lifetime 100% money-back guarantee when purchased directly from the manufacturer.


If you are looking for an honest dog training clicker set and do not want to spend a fortune, then the recently upgraded EcoCity Dog Training Clicker is a perfect choice for you.

The EcoCity Dog Training Clicker comes in a set of four clickers, each with an altered color – red, black blue and white. The clicker quality a stainless-steel clicker mechanism that is rust-resistant. A big button is provided to produce a moderately loud and distinct clicking sound that the dog can follow. The upgraded model has a more moderate sound but may still be slightly on the loud side for very sensitive pets.

Each clicker features an adaptable elastic wrist strap with a keychain clip to attach it to the belt loop or keychain. The clicker is dense to fit within the palm and ergonomically designed to allow one-hand operation.

The EcoCity Dog Training Clicker not simply works with dogs but also with cats and horses. And to sweeten the deal, a pdf pet training eBook is shared with each victorious purchase.

The EcoCity Dog Training Clicker is backed by a 100% pleasure guaranteed commitment by the manufacturer.

The EcoCity Dog Training Clicker is our value chooses for the best dog clicker for training. Priced fewer than 7 dollars for a set of 4 clickers, this set offers great value-for-money.Pros

  • Newly re-designed big button clicker set with 4 clickers.
  • Features a metal clicking mechanism that produces a fairly loud sound.
  • Ergonomic, compact design with one-hand operation.
  • It comes with a wrist strap and a keychain clip for easy transportation.
  • Competitively priced and backed by a 100% pleasure guaranteed commitment.


  • Not as sturdy as the best dog training clickers.
  • The loud clicking sound has been moderated in the newest design, but it can still be loud for sensitive pets.

4.PetSafe Clik-R Trainer

PetSafe Clik-R Trainer

                                   Check Price On Amazon


  • 1 clicker
  • Introductory guide


  • Ergonomically-designed, round-shaped pet clicker with a sturdy flexible finger strap. Easier to apply than box clickers.
  • ABS-plastic body with an oversized clicker button.
  • It comes with a keychain or carabiner hole for easy transportation.
  • Produces a gentle clicking sound, appropriate for sensitive and small pets. Works completely for indoor and low-noise environments.
  • It comes in a standard blue and purple color and includes an introductory clicker training guide.
  • Competitively priced and supported by PetSafe online customer support.

5.Downtown Pet provide Big Button Pet Training Clicker

Downtown Pet provide Big Button Pet Training Clicker

                                 Check Price On Amazon

Content: 4 multi-color clickers


  • A set of 4 big-button clickers with a flexible wrist strap. All clickers are of different colors.
  • Sensitive low-effort clicking that produces an individual loud click, so not suitable for sensitive pets. Works best with medium and large dog breeds.
  • Compact and simple to carry with a wrist strap attached to the O-ring.
  • Also obtainable in sets of 5, 8, 12 and 25 clickers and a clicker + treat bag combo.

6.LaZimnInc Dog Training Clicker

LaZimnInc Dog Training Clicker

                                   Check Price On Amazon

Content: 2 clickers – blue and white.


  • A set of 2 well-considered clickers with wrist straps. Existing in blue and white colors.
  • Ergonomic design with a corrode-free metal clicker with a medium-sized clicker button. ABS plastic body.
  • It comes with a flexible retractable wrist-strap and a lanyard clip to attach to the belt loop.
  • A loud, uniform sound that works healthy with dogs, cats, birds and other domestic pets.
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back commitment.      

7.Clix Pet Target Stick

Clix Pet Target Stick

                                    Check Price On Amazon


  • Retractable target stick (clicker is NOT included)
  • Training Guide


  • A telescopic pet target stick that is a key scarf for clicker training. Made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Features a telescopic design that extends from 6-inches to as long as 28-inches. It has a clip to connect to the pocket.
  • It comes with a red soft rubber bulb on one end to act as a visual target while training.
  • Works well with dogs and cats alike.
  • A Clicker is not included and must be purchased singly.

8.Karen Pryor Clicker Training for Dogs Kit

Karen Pryor Clicker Training for Dogs Kit

                                    Check Price On Amazon


  • 1 Karen Pryor i-Click clicker
  • Click-a-Trick cards and Instruction booklet
  • reaching Started book by KP
  • Natural dog treats sampler


  • A clicker training kit for those looking for books and property for reward-based training of dogs.
  • Includes the newest edition of the best-selling Karen Pryor’s Get Started Clicker Training guide. In 100 pages, the book covers all aspects of clicker training for dogs.
  • The kit also includes click-a-trick instruction cards with a carabiner for speedy reference while outdoors.
  • It comes with a KPCT i-Click Clicker that works well with still the most sensitive canines.
  • A dog treat sampler is also included as a bonus.
  • Only 3 dollars more than presently the Getting Started Book.

9.AMZpets Puppy Training Set

AMZpets Puppy Training Set

                                    Check Price On Amazon


  • Clicker
  • Ultrasonic whistle
  • Doorbells set
  • Multi-pocket treats pouch


  • Best-selling puppy training kit with 4 helpful training items.
  • Includes a big-button clicker with a resilient wrist strap, an ultrasonic whistle with neck strap an adaptable dog training doorbell, and a multi-pocket dog treat pouch.
  • The clicker features a big button that fashioned a distinctive sound for the pet to hear without getting startled. The whistle also produces an ultrasonic, silent sound over a long distance.
  • The multi-pocket, multi-functional dog treat pouch features a water-opposing construction, zippered pocket, and poop bag dispenser. It comes with a carry strap and a waist clip.
  • The doorbell features a sturdy design with six high-excellence loud bells for the pet to use as a signal. The doorbell height can be attuned as per the needs.
  • The kit also provides access to a puppy clicker training e-book.
  • Competitively priced and backed by a 60-day 100% money-back promise commitment.  

How to pick the top dog clicker for training?

Since dog training clickers are very easy devices and not very costly, you can afford to try out a few dissimilar models before zeroing in on the best dog training clicker for your pooch. And we advise getting a bunch of them 4-5 of the same model for diverse places – both indoors and outdoors

In addition to any budget constraints you might have, you should ensure the following factors before picking the finest dog clicker for training:

  • Building material
  • Design and portability
  • Sound pitch
  • Additional factors and considerations

Building material

The building matter of the pet training clicker is an important factor to consider as it governs the overall stability and reliability of the product.

Most of the options that we listed are made of high-superiority materials with ABS plastic bodies and metallic clicker element. The best clickers have a metal clicker made of stainless steel that does not rust simply. The clicker buttons are generally made of silicone rubber or plastic.

Most clickers that we listed also have a flexible wrist strap for easy portability. The excellence of wrist strap, O-rings and keychain clips varies with the price, though we have simply listed options that are built to last.

Check the building material of the clicker element and the clicker body facing picking the best pet clicker model.

Design and portability

The design of the clicker is possibly the most important factor to consider before picking the best model as it governs the easiness of use and portability of the clicker.

Most modern-day clickers and mainly the ones we listed have an ergonomic design that can effortlessly fit in the palm of the hand. There are no sharp edges or protruding parts of box-type clickers.

To help in portability almost all the models that we planned to have a lanyard hole or a wrist strap, making them comfy to carry around. Even the click sticks that we listed have a belt clip for simple transportation. The only exception is the PetSafe Clik-R Trainer, which has an adjustable finger strap.

The clicker button is obtainable in two designs – the elevated design and the suppressed design. Both offer a single hand operation. The important design in clickers such as StarMark Dog Training Clicker does make the clicker a bit bulky, but it ensures that there are no missed or false clicks. Our personal preference is a clicker with an eminent clicker button.

Check the design features, the clicker size, and portability support ahead of picking the best option for your training needs.

Sound pitch

Closely related to the clicker element and its design is the sound pitch or volume of the clicker. Different clickers proffer different volume clicks.

Our top pick – the  StarMark Dog Training Clicker possibly has the most potent clicking sound. This may be useful in most cases (outdoors vs indoors) but for pets with sympathy issues, you would probably need a gentler clicker such as the PetSafe Clik-R Trainer.

Check the volume and sound terrain of the clicker before picking the best dog clicker for training your pooch. You can usually find this information from the manufacturer videos and Q&A section of the product.

Additional factors and considerations

In addition to the four main factors discussed above, there are a few miscellaneous additional considerations that can make an exact dog training clicker a better choice over others.

One such consideration is the additional garnish, if any, that come with the clicker. Most of the options that we scheduled either include multiple clickers and/or have a clicker training guide to assist you with the training process. Keep these accessories in mind ahead of picking the best option.

Another additional factor is the color mixture in which the training clicker is available. Bright, pensive colors are fashionable and make the dog training clicker out still in low light. All the multi-clicker sets that we planned come in multiple vibrant colors.

Finally, one of the most vital additional considerations is the warranty and post-purchase customer service support obtainable on the clicker by the manufacturer.  Karen Pryor Clicker Training products and recognized manufacturers such as StarMark and PetSafe score big in this group with their excellent warranties and dedicated online customer support overhaul. In terms of the warranty, the KPCT Terry Ryan Clik Stik is our favorite since of the unique Train Better Guarantee throughout the product’s lifetime.

Just make certain you make your purchase only from manufacturers and authorized re-sellers to make sure that you get the genuine product and not a knock-off.

Keep these small considerations in mind as healthy before picking the best pet training clicker for your needs.

Final opinion on the best dog clickers for training

Since its introduction in the early on the 1980s, clicker training is one of the most convenient, simple and humane self-training techniques for training pets and behavior correction. Clicker training is effectual with almost all pets – be it dogs, cats, birds, even horses. All you require is some treats as a positive stimulus, a clicker as an audio cue and you are fine to get started.

In this article, we looked at some of the best dog training clickers obtainable in the market. We looked at durable and compact devices that are effective, reasonable and easy to carry around. In fact, clickers are so affordable, and then you would perhaps end up having a bunch of them around the household throughout the training period. And they work well with cats, birds, and other pets too.

We hope that you found this article helpful and it would help you in picking the best dog clicker for training your pooch. Do let us know your feedback and questions by commenting below. Awaiting next time, have a happy training stint with your Fido!


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