Top 12 Best Desk Name Plates In 2022

Best Desk Name Plates

Name plates is becoming more and more popular these days because of what it can do. Have you ever been to an office full of desks and got confused where to find the person you are looking for? But thanks to these awesome desk name plates, they made the search easy because all you have to do is to look at these desk name plates and there you can see the names or aliases of the person sitting in that particular desk. Name plates are now being used everywhere in the office, school, front counters, bank, hotels, and other office area.

You might be wondering why many people use these desk name plates particularly those who are in high position like managers, attorneys, business owners, CEOs, and other executive position. The reason is very obvious – so people would easily know and determine who they are and their position in the company. Most desk name plates have the name of the person and their title. But name plates have been very helpful to many people because it immediately say who and the title of the person sitting in that desk.

Because of the high demand, different varieties of desk name plates have been manufactured to meet the needs of the people. However, when it comes to the materials and designs, that will be up to the person who needs it. You can choose the best design that will best suit to your personality and would match the theme of your desk.

So, now, if you are here looking for your option regarding desk name plates, you are on the right place. We have listed the top 12 best desk name plates in 2022. We have personally hand-picked these best designs to meet all the qualification that you are looking for. I hope you’ll find the right one for you.

Custom Personalized Engraved Acrylic Name Plate Office Desk Bar 3/4-Inch$14.99Buy on Amazon
Acrylic Name Plate Office Desk Bar Custom Personalized Engraved$18.99Buy on Amazon
Executive Name Plate Rosewood Piano Finish Gold Plate 2″ x10″ – Customize$34.95Buy on Amazon
Personalized Business Desk Name Plate, Black Piano Finish – Free EngravingBuy on Amazon
Personalized Engraved Business Desk Name Plate with Card HolderBuy on Amazon
Custom Desk Name Plate | Silver Aluminum Plate on Black Wedge with Piano Finish | Custom Name Wedge…$29.99Buy on Amazon
Desk Name Plate with Card Holder | Custom Name Plate | Personalized Desk Plate with Business Card…$38.99Buy on Amazon
Office Desk Name Plate 1/2″ Glass-Like Acrylic Personalized/Customized$29.95Buy on Amazon
Rosewood Piano Finish Desk Name Plate – Black Plate, Gold Engraving$32.99Buy on Amazon
Personalized Office Name Plate With Wall or Desk Holder – 2×8 – CUSTOMIZE$9.98Buy on Amazon

12. Personalized Business Desk Name Plate with Card Holder

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One of the particular features of the desk name plates that you “must” consider or check is the quality of the materials used. Of course you will not pay for something that is made from cheap-looking flimsy materials. Obviously you only want the best and will last for long period of time since that simple desk name plate will be on your desk telling people or your client who you are and what you can do for them.

If you are thinking of a wood-base name plate, I would recommend the Personalized Business Desk Name Plate with Card Holder, actually one of my most preferred designs. It’s made from high quality wood such as Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. These types of wood are very solid and hard wood that can last for a very long period of time. Aside from the quality, they have beautiful wood colors that will perfectly match the aluminum/steel plates attached to it. The size of these particular desk name plate is 2” x 8”. Aside from your name, you can also place your calling/business cards on the top so your clients can grab one in case they might need your services in the future.

11. Smoked Glass Name Plate with Free Engraving

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If you are looking for a contemporary design of name plates you can have this beautiful Smoked Glass Name Plate on your desk. This is ideal if you desk has crystal cover so it would match the smoked glass design. It gives that cozy looks and it can be an eye-catcher piece on your desk. This can be easily notice because of its unique executive look – perfect for executive people.

When you order this type of design, usually they would email you a digital proof of your glass name plate for approval before they get to engrave it to avoid misunderstanding or mistake. Don’t worry because this type of name plates can be customized where you can choose in 7 different fonts. This will look very engaging on your desk. But just a tip because it’s made of breakable material, you need to handle this with extra care because in case it falls or hit a solid object it might crack or chip or even break into pieces.

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10. Acrylic Name Plate Office Desk Bar 3/4-Inch Custom Personalized Engraved

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This type of desk name plate is not really my personal preference because it’s made of breakable materials. It’s undeniable that it looks very appealing and beautiful and very classy but it has to be handles with extra care because it can easily get damaged (crack or chip) once it hit solid objects.

But my opinion doesn’t matter here it will all depend on your personal preference. We all have different preference when it comes to style and designs. So, if you think that this design fits to the theme of your desk then go and order now! Don’t wait until it’s too late! The normal size is 8” x 2” x ¾”.

9. Acrylic Name Plate Office Desk Bar Custom Personalized Engraved

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Creating an impression on your desk will let people know whom they are dealing with. Its’ really nice to have a name plate on your desk because it will not only describe who you are but it can also be a cool piece of décor on your desk.

This type of desk name plate is made of acrylic materials ideal for office desks where you can customize the name and title. So, if you want to have personal feel on your desk name plate you can try this Acrylic Name Plate Office Desk Bar Custom Personalized Engraved. It’s a ½” acrylic material that can change the look of your desk.

8. Executive Name Plate Rosewood Piano Finish Gold Plate 2″ x10″ – Customize

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This is the perfect desk name plate for executive people like you. If you are looking for the right style and design desk name plate, this is the right one for you. You will never get wrong with Executive Name Plate Rosewood Piano Finish Gold Plate – it’s classy, classic, it has a character, and most of all it’s made of high quality wood.

This type of desk name plate is made of rosewood piano finish with gold engrave name plate to have executive touch. It’s laser-engraved to ensure quality engraving. SO, if you are an executive person and looking for the best name plate that you will have on your desk, then don’t go too far because this beautiful name plate is already within your reach. Try to imagine your name engraved in that beautiful piece of art. I’m sure you will have that goose-bump as you look at your name engraved with your title/position in the company/office.

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7. Personalized Business Desk Name Plate, Black Piano Finish – Free Engraving

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Do you have a friend or family member who have just been promoted or started a business? And to congratulate them with their achievement, you can give them a gift for a job well done. The best gift that you can give will be a desk name plate with their name and title on it. I would recommend the Personalized Business Desk Name Plate, Black Piano Finish I promise that he/she will love this as he/she put this on their new desk feeling proud of their achievement and success.

Now, why would you choose this design as a gift for your friend or family? Let me tell you the features that make it exceptional compared to other name plates. One, it’s a personalized business desk name plate with black piano finish. Two, it includes piano black block base and black brass engraved plate with the name plate size of 2” x 8”. I promise you who ever that person you will surprise with this beautiful gift, rest assured he/she will love it!

6. Personalized Business Desk Name Plate with Card Holder

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Another preferred desk name plate of mine. If the desk name plate has a calling/business card holder I’m down with it. The reason why I love this kind of design is because of the card holder feature. I can simply place my business cards on the card holder and every time I have a client or visitor in my office, I could easily access my business card and give it to the client. I don’t need to grab my wallet from my pocket just to get a business card. I’m sure that will all the business cards that will be given away, there will be a return from the client and possible close business deal in the future.

5. Custom Desk Name Plate | Silver Aluminum Plate on Black Wedge

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Did you start your own business? Do you have an office with desk? Aside from desktop computer/laptop, file rack, and rubber table mat, what else do you have on your desk? Have you ever thought of putting a desk name plate so people can easily know who you are? Yes you heard me right desk name plates where you put your name and title in it. I’m sure you have seen one of these when you go to government offices especially with those who have high positions like the Mayor, Councilman, Congressman, Senator, and so on… You will always see a name plate on their desk with their names and titles so people would easily determine who they are.

So, if you also want to have that feel in your own office, I would suggest that you also put a desk name plate on your office desk. This can boost your self-esteem as it adds to the character of your office. As soon as the client comes into your office they will eventually know who you are and they would pay you with respect that you deserve.

4. Desk Name Plate With Card Holder | Custom Name Plate | Free Engraving

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Are you planning to buy a desk name plate that you want to put on your office desk or give it as a gift for your husband, brother, or father? Then you are where you suppose to be. Did you know that you can customize your own name plate? Yes you can! I know this made you more excited because you can actually add personal touch to the plate to make it special and unique, like it is tailored made for that particular person.

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Just like this beautiful Desk Name Plate with Card Holder Custom Name Plate where you can create your own design and choose the color that you want for a unique result. There are instructions that you need to follow when customizing the name plate just simply click the “Customize Now” and just follow the instruction provided. After which, you can now start customizing your amazing and eye-catching desk name plate. Pretty sure whoever the lucky person whom you will give this gift will be very happy and satisfied.

3. Office Desk Name Plate 1/2″ glass-like acrylic personalized/customized

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Name plates are dramatically becoming more and more popular as years pass. Because of the identity that wants to be represented, you don’t need to show people show people your identification every time. Every time they enter your office, they will quickly identify who you are and your profession. Like for example if you are an attorney, when they see your name plate with your full name and title, they will immediately know that you are an attorney. Same goes with doctors, engineers, architects, and other profession.

This is the reason why many people put name plates on their desks. Have you been to a government office or other big companies where there are so many desks of different people? It’s a bit confusing where and how to find the person you are looking for. But because of the name plates, you can easily determine the person sitting in that particular desk and what type of services he/she offers.

Because of the big demand of name plates in the market, there different varieties and styles of name plates that you can choose from and one of them is the Office Desk Name Plate 1/2″ glass-like acrylic personalized/customized. This type of name plate is a laser cut from ½” this glass like acrylic. The measurement is 2 ½” x 8” x 2”. You can personalize your name and title/position.

2. Rosewood Piano Finish Desk Name Plate 2 X 8 – Black Plate, Gold Engraving – Free Engraving

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Are you planning to buy/order a name plate online? Name plates are very popular these days especially with executives just like the Rosewood Piano Finish Desk Name Plate 2 x 8 – Black Plate, Gold Engraving. This helps boost their egos as their names and position were engraved in that piece of plate. But there are risks when purchasing online and you need to be careful in choosing the right store. I’ve read so many mediocre comments about name plates being purchased online. But of course not all are bad comments. There are also good and positive comments depending on how they were accommodated by the seller.

In most case, the most common issues I’ve known so far is the expectations of the buyer were not met. Like the product that they received from the package doesn’t look exactly or not even close to what was described from the description of the product. So, I hope you will not experience the same thing but instead you will find the right sellers who are honest and reliable.

1. Personalized Office Name Plate with Wall or Desk Holder – 2×8 – CUSTOMIZE

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Because of name plates placed on doors and desks, ever since it has made our life easy because all we need to do is to look at the door we already know that we are on the right place/room. Could you imagine an office without name plates on their doors or desks? It’s very confusing because you don’t know which door to knock or if you are on the place or person. But thanks to these amazing name plates because we can easily identify each room/office and the people who works inside.

The good thing about this name plates because it can be personalized/customized with names and positions. Like if you go to a hospital, you would know where the business office is, the doctor’s clinics/offices, nurses station, laboratory, and so on… the same thing with government offices it’s easier to find the people around because of the name plates displayed outside their offices and desks.

What are the pros and cons of buying name plates?


  • Can be customized/personalized
  • Made from durable materials like wood, aluminum, acrylic, and glass
  • Ideal for executive people for identity
  • Perfect as gift
  • Amazing desk décor
  • Helps people to easily find the right desk

Cons (only for acrylic and glass-type)

  • Fragile or Breakable

Final Words

If you are here looking for the right style and design of desk name plates, my advice to you is be very keen in choosing the name plates. You have to know what you want. Like, do you want a wood base of acrylic type? Because if you don’t know what you want, then you will be wasting your time and effort looking for something that you don’t need. So, just a tip let me give a bit of idea to start with. First, you have to make sure that the name plate you will buy will match the theme of your desk or door. Second, what specific materials are you looking for with name plates since there are different varieties to choose from? Third, how much are you willing to pay for a specific custom design name plate? And last but not the least, make sure that whatever you will choose, it will meet your needs and your satisfaction.


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