Best Cordless Pole Saw – Read the Reviews and Pick the Best One for You

Best Cordless Pole Saw

Despite the extensive choice of available options in the market, it is a big challenge to pick the right saw that will serve you well. I have tried different brands and models for this tool. Also, I have unbeatable expertise in agricultural machine handling – all in the account of the numerous years I have spent working in a gardening company. This experience gives me priceless knowledge about tools that are essential for gardening. That is why I am ready to share my own experience through these reviews.

At first sight, gardening seems to be a primitive affair or hobby. Unfortunately, without reliable and strong tools, this hobby can become a fatal one. To create safe working conditions for you and your family, I highly recommend you read the reviews below. I gathered only the most important facts that will help you make the right choice. Remember that utilizing pole saws is favorable as you avert the danger posed by hanging branches without climbing the tree.

Pole saws are flexible to help you reach the required tallness without raising your toes. You do not need a stepping tool, which can be challenging to put up in sloppy areas. Besides using the pole saws, I have worked with sawslawnmowers, and a wide assortment of gardening tools. I know that clearing enormous logs that fell on the fence and thinning the dense branches can be tedious without procuring proficient lumberjacks. I have evaluated the cost of hiring lumberjacks and buying a shaft saw, and there is a considerable contrast between the two. Cordless shaft saws come at an advantage you shouldn’t miss.

I have prepared this blog post explicitly to help you to make an informed decision when buying any sawing item. In this article, you can find some reviews of the best cordless pole saws that you will find useful and informative.

Best Cord or Cordless Pole Saw – All You Need to Know Before Purchase

One of the biggest challenges of buying a product is the lack of knowledge of where to buy it. The other issue is not recognizing what features to look for when making a purchase. Finally, you may not have worked with such a tool before. Thus, you need an easy-to-use one. Therefore, I have highlighted the specifics of each reviewed cordless pole saw to make you informed about it.

Look at the following reviews of the best cord or cordless pole saw options and consider their pros and cons. I have sorted these reviews depending on:

  • Price
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Durability

So, read the text below and find the tool that will meet your requirements.

1. Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch – Electric Pole Chain Saw

Sun joe swj800e pole chain - photo 1

If you are having a hard time reaching some elongated branches in your garden, this pole chainsaw will solve your problems. Its handle is made of high-quality material to guarantee it won’t break as you reach those overhead branches. The pole saw is close to 9 feet tall, and this will enable you to reach over a 14 feet high branch. Thus, its height allows you to stay on a safe distance from the branch you are cutting.

Cutting overhead branches couldn’t be possible if the product weren’t lightweight. For this model, the manufacturer took care to provide you with the lightest tool so that you can keep it up for a really long work time. Besides cutting hanging branches, you can use this pole chainsaw in sectioning small trunks of close to 8 inches in thickness.

The product comes with a two-year warranty. A 6.5 Amp engine that is suitable for little to average jobs powers the machine. I want to point out that it is a reliable pole saw with good battery life. You can work up to a day without charging. The item is anything but difficult to use, and its assembly will only take minutes. Lack of expertise in handling such tools would not cause a hard time using the machine. The only difficulty I have faced at the start was getting how the trigger works.

I bought the product after I encountered troubles reaching tall branches using my ordinary chainsaw. This pole chainsaw came exceptionally cumbersome, even for the branches 5 feet above my head. The Sun Joe Saw model functioned admirably, and I still have it intact three months since purchase. It is a must-have tool for light backyard activities. The cost is affordable, so you don’t have to worry about that. I profoundly recommend you considering this item for yourself, and I am confident that you will not regret the choice you made.

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  • Long enough to reach the tallest branches
  • Cordless
  • Lightweight for maximum use
  • Solid handle


  • Requires some time to understand how the trigger works

2. Greenworks 8.5′ Cordless Pole Saw – Best Cheap Cordless Pole Saw in USA

Greenworks cordless pole saw - photo 2

This adjustable pole saw will help you to reach long twigs while securely stepping on solid ground. You won’t have to climb anymore and use bulky ladders in hilly and sloppy regions. This model can become your best companion in such situations.

This tool is equipped with a 40V battery that is enough for a full day’s work. I have used the machine for two months now, and so far it works great. I cannot remark on durability, as it is still in use.

What I can tell for sure is that it is really easy to utilize this cordless pole saw. After purchase, I have acquainted myself with the instructions, and I managed to assemble the tool in less than 60 minutes. The manual that accompanies the item is excessively simple to read and understand.

The saw is sharp for cutting all sorts of trees although I got some slight challenges when cutting a notoriously hard citrus tree. All in all, after sharpening, I was able to complete pruning that hard tree. That is where I came up with my main point on efficiency. I would recommend this item to be used on soft and less fibrous trees. When cutting logs, do not use it on trunks over 8 inches thick. The machine will work on those thick logs, but you will strain a lot before completing the work.

You can work with this pole in quiet environments as it doesn’t cause much noise being on. It is a convertible pole saw, meaning you can still use it like a chainsaw for near branches or fallen logs. The handle is sturdy enough to hold the lightweight machine in the air for quite a while. Chain oiling is automated to guarantee a constant workflow. You do not need to pull any cord to power the saw on as your machine will start working with a single press of the start button.

The only con of this model is the fact that the battery is not included in the package. Buying the battery separately might be problematic, as the machine is only compatible with two Max batteries. In case you have the G-Max batteries compatible with the product, then the earlier stated challenge becomes a non-issue to you.

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  • High-quality
  • Simple to use as a chainsaw and pole saw
  • Cordless
  • Powerful battery


  • The battery is not included

3. Oregon Cordless PS250 8-Inch – A Nice Choice for Homeowners

Oregon cordless ps250 pole saw - photo 3

I like the great design and the easiness of making chain adjustments in this model. Extending the chainsaw into a pole saw will only take seconds. You do not need unique expertise to handle the machine. You only have to keep a safe distance off the branch you are working on.

If you have ever used a chainsaw, you are aware of the vibration resulting from the running motor. With this machine, the handle is well-balanced to ensure minimum vibration.

The chainsaw is delivered with a 40V battery for a full day’s work. The 2.6 Ah battery can get charged for over three years without getting spoilt. The bar is good enough for any backyard work. As you may know, when a gas-powered machine gets cold, starting it up is extremely hard. However, this pole saw starts up in a click and saves you from the hard work of pulling a cord. The battery contains enough power to make over 300 cuts in a single charge.

The ease of handling the machine ensures you get more than you need to complete any task in place. The handle is well-built and sturdy. Oiling is automated, so you won’t have to deal with any messing around with grease.

The main problem I have experienced with many pole saws is that it was hard to reach high branched. With the use of a bulky machine, making several cuts in a day becomes almost an impossible task. But I can assure you that the weight of this device will not deter you from making the work needed. You can easily raise this tool with one hand and keep it up for a long time. The saw can extend up to 10.5 feet. Therefore, you can work on close to 15 feet tall branches while securely standing on safe ground.

I want to mention that this machine is not too noisy so that you can use it at home with no disturbance. I profoundly recommend you to buy the machine as it proved to deliver an excellent service, and its cost is quite affordable.

The only con I want to point out is that at the high frequencies, the chain can slip off the bar. Setting it back takes a matter of seconds, but you have to adjust its tension again. Such a tension adjustment is tool-free and not an issue to worry about. I wish there were ways to fix the chain as it would be easier to work with this tool without sudden interruptions.

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  • Can be extended to reach high branches
  • Comes accompanied by a 2.6Ah battery
  • Not too noisy
  • Oiling is automated


  • The chain may slip off the bar

4. BLACK+DECKER LPP120 Cordless Pole Saw – One of the Best Rated Options

Black decker 20v pole saw - photo 1

The pole saw is among the best rated cordless pole saws on Amazon. Its ease of use, simplicity in assembling, and ability to cut sturdy trees are among the many reasons you should consider using this item.

I rarely go ahead commenting on products unless I have a good or bad experience with the item. I have been searching for a pole saw that would meet my spending limit without luck. I found several products on Amazon, but the price was a bit above my budget. Then, I saw this pole saw, and with the Black + Decker model, I have to admit no negativities so far I have been using this model for quite a while.

When working all day, all you need is a powerful battery to last long. That has never been a problem with this tool as the battery is well-suited for more than a day’s work. Also, you can use the MAX 20V battery on several products operating by the same cell if needed.

The machine is lightweight for easy control. Other remarkable features are the sharpness and sturdiness of the chain that help you to use the item on any fibrous or hardwood tree. I suggest the product to anyone who needs a powerful tool for the hardest pruning tasks.

The only con is the small bar that makes it ideal only for thin logs. The cost is also relatively high, but the quality is unbeatable.

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  • Suitable for use on fibrous trees
  • High-quality
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Relatively costly
  • Best for thin logs

5. WORX WG323 20V 10″ Cordless Pole/Chain Saw with Auto-Tension

Worx wg323 cordless pole saw - photo 1

It is an affordable pole saw for powerful cutting of hard-to-reach branches. The shaft is separable for easier storing and maneuvering, and the manufacturer delivers the pole as part of the package. The machine is powerful to last you a considerable length of time. It is accompanied by a simple to understand manual. I want to say that the battery will last you really long.

The machine starts instantly and spares you from the cumbersome draw of the cord. It is lightweight for maximum use without exhaustion. The tool is all you need for simple household tasks. Keep your patio clean with this easy to utilize and moderate machine.

In the two months, I have been using the product. I have not recognized many negativities to put over. The product is a fine one for amateurs. However, I want to state that this machine is more appropriate as a chainsaw than a pole saw. This is because of the bulkiness of the pole. Utilizing the device is hard as it limits the height I can raise it. The battery also takes quite some time to charge.

That said, I would still go ahead to recommend the product for relatively low-level branch thinning. You can use it as a cutting tool for light work around the house.

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  • Assembling is easy
  • High battery power
  • Durable


  • Substantial when you join the pole
  • The battery takes so long to charge

6. EGO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch

Ego power a1000 pole saw - photo 2

If you have ever utilized EGO goods, you probably know that their products are always made of high-quality materials. Almost everybody who reviews the best cordless pole saw options mentions at least one EGO product. On the off chance, you have never utilized any EGO product, take your chance, and equip yourself with one. I can certainly guarantee there will be no regrets upon purchase.

The EGO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch pole saw is lightweight. I acquired the item, and it arrived in no time. The casing was hard, and I appreciate that the chain was mounted and balanced well. I was glad to know that the oiling process is automated for continuous work. The locking cap to the reservoir is attached to the machine. The tool is hard enough to slice through all kinds of materials. There are, however, some slight factors that failed to impress me.

First, you cannot use this product without a powerhead, which is sold independently. The price is exceptionally high, given that the battery is also not included in the package. When you add the battery, the weight is somewhat unbearable. The battery is also accessible at an extreme cost, which may ward off potential customers from securing the services of this superb tool. However, if you are not tight on budget, consider this model as one of the real quality.

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  • Has a good cutting edge
  • Durable
  • High-quality


  • Extremely expensive
  • The battery and header are not included

7. Ryobi 8 Inch Cordless Pole Saw

Ryobi one cordless electric pale saw - photo 1

Ryobi Saw features are definitely worth the cost. The machine can extend up to 9.5 feet. The length is perfect for cutting up to 14 feet high branches. Oiling is automated to ensure minimal workflow interruptions. The saw is not that heavy, and I can raise it with ease to reach the most top branches. Trimming has never been this easy. I am pleased of having purchased the right tool.

The best thing about this pole saw is that it is electric. It produces less noise than most models in the market, and it is more powerful than chargeable pole saws. I have used this pole saw to cut small to medium-sized branches without any hitches.

The speed of the machine is a bit slow as the manufacturer has laid more emphasis on power. It can cut even hard and fibrous trees if well-sharpened, though this would take you a long while.

I have had some problems with the chain adjustment bolt as it is found close to the dust discharge path. This makes it oily, but a duster can keep it clean for use in adjustments. The battery is also sold separately, so you need to keep it in mind.

I would recommend this tool for housework and small to medium branches. It can be easily used by you, and your family members as the model come long and lightweight.

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  • Long
  • User-friendly
  • No exhaust and smoke generation
  • Durable


  • The battery is sold separately
  • Poorly located chain adjustment bolt

8. Remington RM1035P Ranger II Pole Saw

Remington rm1035p ranger pole saw - photo 2

This tool is also electric. It ensures negligible noise and no smoke when cutting. A dominant 8 Amp engine powers the machine. The item is adjustable for simple change between a chainsaw to a pole saw without breaking a sweat. You, consequently, do not have to buy a chainsaw for wood slicing if you needed one.

There are several advantages when utilizing this Remington pole saw model. I have used the pole for three months, and so far, no breakdown or malfunction was spotted. The product became one of the first Remington goods I have purchased, and I fully appreciated it. I admit that this manufacturer delivers high-quality and sturdy products so that you can rely on it.

Remember to consider some safety tips. Always stay a considerable distance off the branch you are working on and watch out for strong wind. It can divert a falling branch in your direction. It is, therefore, safe to work on a calm day to prevent those unfortunate circumstances.

For instance, for wood slicing, you need to remove the pole extension and work on a heap of wood effortlessly. The firm, yet comfortable grip is all you need to raise the machine as long as work lasts. The solid material the pole is made of ensures it doesn’t break during work. It’s definitely worth the money if it’s within your budget.

The main problem is the moderately high weight of the machine. I will still recommend the product since you can utilize it like a chainsaw. This is one of the most powerful tools at an appropriate cost you can find in the market.

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  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Affordable


  • May be heavy

9. Kobalt 40-Volt(Li-Ion) 8-In Cordless Electric Pole Saw

Kobalt lithium cordless pale saw - photo 3

The features of this model are exceptional, and it is delivered with all required accessories in the package. I have tested this tool, and I can state that quality is not compromised. This one of the handiest pole saws I have ever used.

The Kobalt pole saw is lightweight to guarantee you work for extended periods without getting exhausted. It is not a two-in-one saw, but it is completely made to cut raised branches easily. The 40V Max li-ion battery can be used interchangeably with other compatible devices, so make a note about it. The battery will serve up to 3 hours of continuous use.

It is an electric pole saw, so the noise associated with most saws is not a concern here. The anti-slip handle makes pruning tall branches comfortable and straightforward. You do not need to stress over the exhaust, as there is no smoke discharged. The machine is eco-friendly and robust in contrast to other battery-powered saws.

The machine is costly, but keep in mind that the accessories and battery are part of the conveyed package. All in all, it will solve all your trimming problems with ease. Consider this tool if you need quiet and eco-friendly equipment.

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  • Eco-friendly
  • Quiet
  • Cordless


  • It is expensive

10. Craftsman 14-Foot (Cmccsp20m1) – The Best Pole Saw Cordless

Craftsman v20 pale saw - photo 3

Pruning will never be any hard with this pole saw. The saw is by far all you need for any hard trimming work. It comes with a really powerful battery that is compatible with a ton of other Max products.

The 4.0Ah high-capacity battery will enable you to work over 6 hours without the need to charge. The machine is lightweight at only 5.3 pounds. The pole is adjustable for storage and moving. The available hook will help you remove branches that got stuck. The tool is sharp to work on soft and fibrous trees in minutes.

Any machine’s cost is a significant factor to consider when making your purchase. With this item, the price favors even the strictest spending limits and ensures you get unbeatable quality at a bargain. The most exciting feature is that the item is delivered with a charger and a battery. Not many pole saws come in as a complete package. For most pole saws, you will have to buy these items separately. What is also remarkable, the spare parts needed for this product are all available in the market. You can purchase them from the same store you bought the machine.

I profoundly recommend you to buy if you need a long-lasting, lightweight pole saw. It will serve you for all light gardening tasks.

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  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful battery
  • Conveyed with battery and charger


  • Pole is a bit soft
  • Would be more appropriate for soft other than highly fibrous tree

So, Which Is The Best Cordless Pole Saw at Amazon?

I am concluding my best cordless pole saw reviews, and I want to pick three of the most exceptional pole saws based on:

  • Cost

The Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw is the most affordable pole saw. So, if you need a cheap tool for light work in the backyard, go for this one.

  • Overall efficiency

Efficiency depends on the balance between the cost and the quality of the product. These two make what I allude as the best bargain. Any person needing a tool for a moderately hard job other than weekly and monthly pruning needs should consider the Greenworks 8.5′ 40V Cordless Pole Saw. It will solve your gardening needs and last you more time than most pole saws.

  • Strength and durability

I looked at the best machine under this category in terms of longevity of service. My preferred pick is BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw. All your regular trimming problems will be tackled in a whiz. Solve your average and complex tasks using this exceptional tool. I recommend it based on my prolonged use of this model.

That said, I want to remind you of some safety tips:

  • Keep a safe distance from the branch you are cutting.
  • Wear gloves when using the saw. This will keep the handle from slipping.
  • Do not work when the wind is too strong. More so, never work against the direction of the wind. There have been fatal cases when winds changed the direction of a falling tree.

I hope that these reviews helped you to select the right pole saw. What model have you settled your choice one? What compels you to buy the best cordless pole saws? Is it their quality or price? Leave your comment in the section below, as I am interested in your experience. I will be happy to discuss these tools, and I will be back soon with more reviews to share.


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