Top 10 Best Compact Powders in 2022 – Reviews

Best Compact Powders

Compact powder is a must for anyone seeking to enhance the facial outlook. This product is dusted on the face to help concealers, foundations and other makeup products hold well onto the face.

Furthermore, the powder helps even out the skin tone, mask imperfections and also absorb excess skin oil. The end result is smooth, flawless and elegant skin. But, to get the best results you need to invest in a top product.

It will comprise of compounds that allow makeup to remain on the face for longer without smudging and will work with any kind of foundation or concealer. Fortunately, you can save time, effort and avoid making a wrong choice by following our 10 best compact powder for 2022 review.

Best Compact Powders in 2022


10. COVERGIRL Compact Powder


This compact powder will hide any blemish from your skin and also creates a good base for concealers and foundations. The gorgeous pocket powder comes in a handy 10.5 g (0.37 oz) pack and will easily fit in your purse, handbag, makeup holder or organizer.

The powder easily spreads on the face like a cream ensuring that all spots are well covered without clogging the skin pores. The extra-fine powder effectively absorbs oil and moisture controlling the shine and evening skin tone.


9. xtava Compact Skin Powder


Avoid shiny or oily skin by applying the Xtava skin powder pact. Consisting of ingredients such as sweet almond, the pressed powder absorbs oil giving you the perfect matte finish.

The extra-fine powder has good matte coverage and won’t clog the pores thus allowing your skin to breathe freely thus minimizing any eruptions. The palm-sized product is easy and convenient to use and carry and will easily fit in the clutch, tote, or purse.


8. COVERGIRL truBlend Compact Powder


The truBlend pressed blendable powder provides natural-looking finish and is suitable for any skin type. It comprises of pigments that brighten the skin tone and hide imperfections while the glides smoothen and even the tone.

The Dermatological tested and certified silky-smooth formula will not clog pores and is ideal for any skin including the sensitive type. It is available in 6 different shades and comes in a small and handy 11 g/0.3 oz pack.


7. Maybelline New York Compact powder


Give your skin the best finish by applying the Maybelline New York compact powder. The pressed powder is designed to control excess oil that normally causes makeup to smudge or not adhere to the skin very well.

The non-oily powder creates an oil-free surface giving the skin a matte finish and smooth texture. Besides controlling oil and shine, the pressed powder provides a vibrant and elegant finish and is also suited for people with sensitive skin such as those affected by acne, psoriasis.


6. Rimmel Stay Pressed Powder


People searching for smooth, vibrant and flawless facial outlook will find this pressed powder a good option. Available in three shades, the Rimmel Stay pressed powder controls skin oil that may ruin your makeup or cause smudging.

The finely-pressed powder has large coverage, doesn’t clog the pores and gives your skin a natural appearance. It is suitable for any skin including the sensitive type and can last for as many as 5 hours.


5. Clinique Stay-Matte Pressed Powder


Your foundation, concealer and other makeup will remain intact for much longer after applying Clinique Stay Matte Pressed powder. Comprising of ultra-fine powder, the silky-smooth formula is perfect for oily and normal skin and absorbs the excess oil that is symbolic with a shiny finish.

Just like the powder, your face will have the ultra-sheer texture that guarantees you of a natural, fresh and amazing look. One application will last for several hours without needing any reapplication but still ensuring your makeup stands out.


4. L’Oreal Paris True Match Compact Makeup


The True Match Blendable compact makeup by L’Oreal Paris will match the tone and undertone of your skin leaving it looking natural. The non-comedogenic and oil-free SPF 17 formula nourishes the skin and masks any skin imperfections without leaving the cakey or greasy appearance.

Choosing the perfect shade is also easy as it is available in 18 different shades that come in cool, warm or neutral tones. The lack of heavy textures makes this ultra-pure formula weightless while the absence of pore-clogging fillers ensures your skin remains natural and breathes easily.


3. Maybelline New York, Matte Compact Powder


This Matte Plus powder boasts of unique formulas that control oil and minimize skin imperfections. The powder is ideal for normal, oily and sensitive skin and can tolerate the harsh environmental factors.

The translucent powder adheres to skin without blocking the pores and will keep the makeup intact for many hours. The ultra-lightweight powder comes in a 0.29 ounce ingenious pack that is easy to carry and will fit in your purse, tote, handbag and other places.


2. GloPressed Powder Foundation


Achieve silky-smooth and semi-matte finish by using the GloPressed Base Powder. Made using natural minerals, this high-pigment formula offers full coverage and is suitable for any skin type.

The triple-milled powder contains vitamins A, C &E, green tea extracts and antioxidants that combat free radicals that contribute to aging. Also, the product protects your skin from harmful UV rays while creating the desired skin tone and texture.


1. L’Oreal Paris Powder


This Super-Blendable powder is available in natural beige and comes packed in a 0.33 oz container that can easily fit in a purse, tote, handbag, or makeup organizer/drawer. The L’Oreal Paris powder is made from advanced formula and suitable for normal, oily, dry and sensitive skin and will precisely match any skin color or tone giving you a natural matte finish and silky-smooth texture.

To avoid leaving your face all “cakey or chalkey”, the powder is made from ultra-fine and extremely light compounds that won’t clog the skin pores.



Masking the imperfections on your face shouldn’t be a tiring process. Your foundation, concealer and other makeup shouldn’t smudge or get ruined because of lacking a good base or too much oiliness or moisture. You also shouldn’t take the risk of using unknown or uncertified products.

The above is a compilation of the top compact powders in 2022 that guarantee you of the best results. They are quite popular, highly-rated and backed by positive comments from previous and current users. Choose the 10 best compact powder for 2022 and enjoy flawless, smooth and vibrant facial outlook.


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