Top 10 Best Cocktail Tables and Tablecloths in 2021 – Reviews

Best Cocktail Tables

Maybe you are not sure of the best tablecloths to use on a cocktail. Besides, no reception would seem complete without cocktails. But you will need cocktail tables to make the event fulfilling. Now, the trickiest part is when choosing the right tablecloths with cocktail tables.

How do you ensure you have a perfect match? You need to find the best material, size, and color. For your cocktail to be outstanding, everyone must feel comfortable. This won’t happen if your tables aren’t alluring to the eyes of your visitors. We have selected the best and top rated cocktail tablecloths in 2021.

Best Cocktail Tables and Tablecloths in 2021


10. Yourchaircovers Highboy 30-Inch Cocktail-Fitted Spandex Table Cover, Black

By: Your Chair Covers

Yourchaircovers Highboy 30-Inch Cocktail-Fitted Spandex Table Cover, Black

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When buying a cocktail table cover, there are many things you have to observe. One brand that has the best qualities for a cocktail tablecloth is Yourchaircovers. It is unique from the rest in that it features spandex material that boasts great flexibility.

So, it fits well with all the sizes of a cocktail table. Apart from that, this tablecloth winkle fee and stain resistant, thanks to the awesome qualities of spandex material. The standard size when not stretched is 30 inches in diameter and 42 inches height. Also, the deep canvas foot pockets make it very useful.


  • Doesn’t require ironing
  • Four-way stretch capability
  • Easy to wash
  • Durable due to awesome flexibility

9. Tina’s Cocktail 32×43 Square Corners Tablecloth, Spandex Stretch, Black

By: Tina’s

Tina's Cocktail 32x43 Square Corners Tablecloth, Spandex Stretch, Black

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You need to ensure that cocktail tablecloth you buy is of premium quality. So, to avoid all doubts when equipping your tables, invest in Tina’s square spandex stretchable cloth. The size of this cloth is designed to fit tables measuring 32 by 43 inches. However, they are uniquely designed to fit tables that feature square base.

Also, spandex material of this cloth is incredibly flexible and is reusable. On the other hand, the material is very easy to wash and very durable. The wrinkle-resistant fabric and ease of washing make it suitable for all kinds of parties. Whether it is a wedding, bar use, restaurants or any other special event, this is an ideal choice product.
• Excellent stretch
• Perfect fit
• Easy to clean
• Durable and reusable

8. Flash Furniture Round Adjustable 23.5” Height Glass Table

By: Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture Round Adjustable 23.5'' Height Glass Table

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Flash furniture secures a top of the list position among the best maker for furniture. With this round cocktail table, you have every reason to make your guests happy with their favorite beverage. The table features a glass material that brings a stunning look to any event.

Due to the excellent blend of features, this multi-functional table brings an environment, perfect for socializing experience. The adjustable height of this pedestal table will make a super gorgeous space for accommodating any event. Featuring a chrome base, this table enhances a contemporary design that makes every guest full of delight.


  • Protective plastic rings on the base
  • Ideal as a standalone
  • Sleek design
  • Multi-purpose design

7. Costway Modern Round bar Table, Adjustable Bistro Pub Counter Wood-Top Swivel

By: CostWay

Costway Modern Round bar Table, Adjustable Bistro Pub Counter Wood-Top Swivel

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If you want to enjoy pure elegance and maximum functionality, Costway Bistro Round Table is the best option. It features a classic design characterized by adjustable height. Thanks to the side pneumatic handle which facilitates easy and effortless adjustment.

The height adjusts from 28 to 26 inches. So, everyone can enjoy maximum comfort. The 360 degrees swivel designs allow maximum maneuverability for everyone around the table to appreciate fully. With the sturdy and circular chrome base and 18 inches rubber ring, this table doesn’t leave marks or scratches on your floors.


  • Easy to clean
  • Rotating mechanism
  • Adjustable height
  • Sturdy chrome base

6. Goldstream Point White Spandex Cover Stretch Cocktail Tablecloth, 32 Inches Round X 43 Inch

By: Goldstream Point

Goldstream Point White Spandex Cover Stretch Cocktail Tablecloth, 32 Inches Round X 43 Inch

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Goldstream Round Cocktail Tablecloth features a unique design that makes it stand out from the others. This tablecloth features a perfect blend of polyester and spandex materials. Its size is specially formulated to fit tables measuring 30 by 43 inches.

It features a lightweight design that removes the need to clamp the legs of your table. Moreover, once you are done with the cocktail, you can fold the table together with the cloth. They are reusable, durable and easy to clean.


  • Anti-tear pocket foot design
  • Stain and wrinkle free
  • Machine washable
  • Good flexibility

5. Topeakmart Pub Table Adjustable Bar Round MDF Top, 360 degrees Swivel

By: Topeakmart

Topeakmart Pub Table Adjustable Bar Round MDF Top, 360 degrees Swivel

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Having the right cocktail table for every occasion seems to be a daunting task. But, with a top rated table such as this one from Topeakmart makes you feel ready for hosting any event. The table features a rounded top made of beautiful MDF board. This unique board is easy to clean by just using a damp cloth. So, unlike with other tabletop designs; you will be ready for any stains.

The steel frame is designed for long lasting service of the table. The base is quite comprehensive and sturdy to enhance excellent stability. Due to the amazing feature, this table is practical for all places including kitchens, basements, dining and coffee hours. The top features a stylish vinyl cover which is pretty looking and easy to wipe.


  • Easy assembly
  • Hydraulic gas lift
  • Nice looking MDF board
  • Solid structure

4. Flash Furniture 36 inches Round Wood Cocktail Table

By: Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture 36 inches Round Wood Cocktail Table

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Tired of using old-fashioned cocktail tables? You better try Flash furniture round cocktail tables. it is awesomely built and features 36 inches diameter top. It looks stylish and easy to clean, thanks to the quadruple coated PU varnish finish top and bottom. It looks classic, and all kinds of visitors from all life classes will like it.

It also features a black PVC edge and together with chrome column finish they make a masterpiece cocktail table. The height easily adjusts from 30 to 24 inches so you can choose your preferred height which the users feel comfortable. With the star-shaped and chrome plated base, the table looks elegant and boasts excellent sturdiness.


  • Durable PU top board coating
  • Precise and easy height adjustments
  • Very strong base
  • Pretty easy assembly and disassembly

3. Winsome Obsidian Pub Table Round MDF Top, Black

By: Winsome

Winsome Obsidian Pub Table Round MDF Top, Black

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A cocktail needs to take place in a cozy and a cool conversational spot of your home. Well, winsome Obsidian Pub table can transform any area of your residence to allow stylish cocktail take place. This table features all black design which blends well with the colorful event.

The sleek and stylish design of this pub table makes it ideal for social gathering and dining. Moreover, the design permits the table to be a perfect tall accent serving table. Both the top and bottom pars are rounded, and they all match in black accent. This table dismantles into parts easily.


  • Perfect stability
  • Adjustable height
  • Smooth finish
  • Affordable price

2. Flash Furniture 32 Inch Round Plastic Bar-Height Folding Table, Granite White

Flash Furniture 32 Inch Round Plastic Bar-Height Folding Table, Granite White

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It seems Flash furniture is unshakable in term of production of premium quality cocktail tables. Now, this model here features a granite white table top. With this excellent quality finish, the table is waterproof and is resistant to impacts and stains formation. For the legs, it features bar height gray finish legs which are very strong.

At the tip of the legs , it features rubber caps that prevent floor damage. The four legs are interconnected through strong welded seams. Due to the ergonomic construction of this table, it boasts 165 pounds static weight capacity. Moreover, it is easily foldable and hence can be transported to any place where you want to hold various events. Apparently, this table is commercially rated for use in hotels, banquet halls and outdoor.


  • Thick and strong table top
  • Ergonomic leg construction
  • Folds compactly
  • Easy to clean

1. Keter 7.5-Gallon Cool Bar Outdoor Patio Pool Cooler & Table, Rattan Style, Brown

Keter 7.5-Gallon Cool Bar Outdoor Patio Pool Cooler & Table, Rattan Style, Brown

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Without question, everyone would understand why this Keter Bar table is the best. Through the innovative design, it combines a table and a cooler all in one single design. So, this equipment will keep the drinks cool as you await your guests. And once they arrive, you can have longer conversations since you won’t mind drinks getting warm.

That sounds great, and this cocktail table obviously has caught the market by surprise. Due to the combinative design, this equipment is good for indoor and outdoor use. It delivers unique purpose as an ideal BBQ and summer accessory. Moreover, with drain plug, it is pretty easy cleaning this whole equipment. More so, this cocktail equipment is made of recyclable plastic resins which are also incredibly durable.


  • Elegant rattan finish
  • Strong PU resin
  • Pull up table top
  • Drain plug for effortless cleaning


We have a dynamic market for cocktail tables and cocktail tablecloths. But, nothing can go against expert opinion when selecting the best. We have just highlighted and reviewed important brands. They feature fantastic designs making them unbeatable as they secure their positions as the best cocktail tables. Also, equipping the table with the best tablecloth makes them look more beautiful than without. So, go ahead and choose your favorite cocktail table and tablecloths and wait for the next cocktail meeting confidently.


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