Top 10 Best Climbing Shoes for Men in 2021 – Reviews with Buyer’s Tips

Best Climbing Shoes

One of the prominent game in the world is rock climbing. It has increased much popularity; however, it is the most dangerous game. You can attempt it but make sure that you have all equipment such as shoes and the rest of things are in right conditions.

From this list below, we are selected our Top 10 Best Climbing Shoes for men in 2021. The list has the top products from which you can pick for your mountain climbing. Ensure that you have read the product review before you make any choice.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Climbing Shoes for Men

Climbing Shoes Type

You can choose from aggressive, moderate and neutral types of climbing shoes contingent upon the kind of climbing that you are concerned with.  With Neutral climbing shoes deliver all time comfort however not ideal for challenging overhanging ways. Moderate climbing shoes usually have reasonable downturn making the shoe ideal for more difficult routes. When it comes to Aggressive types, they are exceedingly down-turned for steeply climbing conditions.


Materials that are used to make climbing shoes are either synthetic or leather. A leather type provides the simplest care, as well as deodorizing. But, the best performing shoes for climbing are synthetic. These shoes are great for professional and vegans rock climbers.

Footwear Closure

With regards to footwear closure, you select between slip-on, strap and lace-up. Lace-up closures are very versatile since they permit you to loosen your shoes after the feet get hot. With Strap closures provides superior off/ on convenience and on the other hand slip-on closures provides the highest sensitivity.

The Shoes Outsole

The outsole is usually the rubber part of climbing shoes that come into contacts the rock. Its feature has a straight effect on performance of the shoes. A decent rubber of the outsole ought to provide good stickiness and grip. Firmer rubbers deliver better support and edging for your feet. Outsole thickness likewise affects the shoes performance. With thicker soles gives good support for better edging whereas thinner soles are finest for smearing on slab ways.

Best Climbing Shoes for Men in 2021


10. La Sportiva Maverink Men’s Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva Maverink Men's Climbing Shoe

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This is a great-soft performance slipper that works perfectly for young men climbers who are developing skills and strength. It has a construction that is suitable for growing foot. This shoe is made with No-Edge technology making it very ideal and sensitive for stepping steep faces, bouldering and overhanging routes.

The Maverink Climbing Shoe helps teenagers and adolescents by assisting them exercise in the gym, Climb Mountains and push grades.


  • Construction is ideal for the growing foot
  • P3 innovation lets you crank on overhangs
  • Sticky XS Vibram Edge2 rubber
  • Synthetic

9. Black Diamond Momentum Men’s Climbing Shoe

Black Diamond Momentum Men's Climbing Shoe

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Constructed for great comfort during all time in gym sessions and climbing mountains, the Black Diamond Momentum shoe usually combines advanced technology with a flat-last and classic design. This is an entry-level shoe that outshines in performance. The upper fabric is well Engineered Knit innovation; this shoe delivers stretch where you require it and support where it required and a brilliant breathability. It has additionally has a micro-fiber liner on the front of this shoe to maximize comfort and minimize stretch.

The shoe is made with a durable rubber that it is molded to give an excellent look. It is engineered to enhance the shoe’s rands and rubber for comfort and durability.  It is designed to provide an all-day comfort on boulders, gym sessions and moderate routes, this shoe has a soft-flex midsole for lace-up adjustability and sensitivity, making it an ideal entry level shoe for climbing.


  • It’s a Comfortable climbing shoe intended for beginners
  • Unique knit upper decreases stretch and enhance breathability
  • NeoFriection rubber is molded on the upper to bring lasting traction
  • Low asymmetry and flat last ensures all-day comfort

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8. Mad Remora Rock Climbing Shoe

Mad Remora Rock Climbing Shoe

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The Remoras provides a cheap option for learner climbers searching for a first slipper, or an intermediate climber who needs all time shoe that is simple to put on. This shoe is likewise ideal as stretch kicks in the gym.

With a slightly downturned design and moderately stiff, this Remora shoe performs perfectly any climb at a vertical to steep angles. Its SynFlex upper fit in your foot without having much stretch.


  • Synthetic
  • A SynFlex material provides precise and consistent fit.
  • Its slight downturn does perfectly on steep to vertical climbs
  • A do-it-all slipper for sport routes, boulders and gym climbs

7. Five Ten Men’s 5.10 Team Climbing Shoe

Five Ten Men's 5.10 Team Climbing Shoe

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Commonly known as the “label of the brave” climbing shoe is created to provide you the greatest that you request for in climbing shoes. It has a closure system that have elastic Velcro straps for easy removal and seamless wear.

In addition, it has a medium-stiff midsole for sufficient foot support; this climbing shoe contains an ultra-thin HF Stealth rubber sole that provide additional support, stability and reliability. Actually, reliability ought to be the first concern when selecting a pair of climbing shoes for men.


  • Closure: Velcro Brand Strap/ Elastic
  • Medium Stiff Midsole
  • Extended toe rand
  • Microfiber Polyester
  • Rubber sole

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6. Five Ten Men’s Hiangle Climbing Shoes

Five Ten Men's Hiangle Climbing Shoes

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With a medium-high level of performance and comfortable fit, this Hiangle is brilliant for mountain climbers searching for the first aggressive pair of shoes or individuals who require a higher level of good performance in gym.

Its unlined upper leather can stretch for about a half-size and its single loop-and-hook closure is usually designed for ease of access and comfortability. This shoe performs perfectly both outdoor and indoor by blending durability and friction.


  • Aggressive Stiffest model
  • Split Grain Leather
  • Single-strand Velcro closure system
  • Stiff toe box
  • Rubber sole

5. SCARPA Origin Hiking Climbing Shoe

SCARPA Origin Hiking Climbing Shoe

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If you require having a great climbing career, then this shoe should be the best starting point for you towards achievement. The shoe has the decent genetic building blocks which are at all times ready to make your climbing careers successes.

It’ll provide you a luxurious upper that provide you a feeling of a great padded luxury and that’s why I encourage you to begin your career of climbing with this kind of shoe.


  • 100 percent Suede
  • Rubber sole
  • Passive randing provides classic performance
  • Scarpa’s proprietary vision rubber
  • Flat lasted construction that provides all-day performance and comfort

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4. La Sportiva Mythos Men’s Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva Mythos Men's Climbing Shoe

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The thin toe and low-cut profile of these shoes is outlined to work perfectly on thin cracks, nevertheless the midsoles are rigid enough to have some bite when edging. Its wrap-around system for lacing enables you to customize the fitting along the topmost of your foot and regulate the cupping on your heel.

It has soft unlined leather upper that usually adapts the shape of your foot at whatever it is and it is perfect for all time multi-pitch ways where the feet have a habit of to swell. It has a perforated Vibram rubber rand that permits comfort and stretch. It also has a Slip-lasted construction.


  • patented to-the-toe lacing
  • Multi-pitch comfort
  • Unlined upper stretches enables fitting for every foot
  • Solid footholds with perfect sensitivity without cramping

3. SCARPA Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe

SCARPA Men's Instinct VS Climbing Shoe

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This’s a shoe that is continuously termed to be softer all day. It has a slipper design in order for it to have a single strap and to be able to resist any kind of deformation that occurs when you are standing on the edges or even on micro-flakes.

All the individuals who have purchased this Scarpa shoe have liked it because it has managed to combine modernity and tradition.


  • Textile
  • Synthetic sole
  • provides maximum toe power
  • provides unbelievable grip and durability
  • Mid length outsole construction

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2. Five Ten Anasazi Men’s Moccasym Climbing Shoe

Five Ten Anasazi Men's Moccasym Climbing Shoe

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This climbing shoe is proved classic with more than 20 years on the market.  The climbing shoe is a sticky rubber that supports you when you are climbing. It is honestly hard and created for edging and having hard friction thus you will not slip after it matters most.  It also provides your feet much of what is needed for additional traction on technical paths.

It will stretch as you utilize it and also get comfy. Its Asym slingshot provides high heel tension for any kind of climbing that you want to go.


  • Rubber sole
  • Side-exit heel seam
  • Triple pull tabs
  • Stealth C4 rubber 4.2mm
  • Slingshot heel

1. Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Men’s Shoe

Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Men's Shoe

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This Mad Rock climbing shoe is designed with the traditional upper leather that has been created to provide you a great life and that is the reason why this shoe is able to provide you a great performance in order for you to maintain a consistent make.

It contains a 3D shaped heel that is going to make sure that you have maximized friction which will decrease the impact force which is a problem to many individuals.


  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight with Weight 223g
  • Closure with 2-strap
  • Classification: All Around
  • Asymetic Shape

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All the above shoes that we have reviewed above are high-performance shoes and are perfect both amateur and professional climbers. We have covered all shapes, surfaces and purposes in our list therefore I’m sure that you will be able to select at least a pair that caters all your requirements.


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