9 Best Circular Saw Blades to Buy in 2021

Best Circular Saw Blades

If you’ve done woodwork for some time, you must be aware of the significance of choosing the right blade. A blade is an extension of your cutting tool, and it determines the speed, input, and exactness of processing. Even though many people think that any blade will do, there are perks of knowing how to choose a good one.

With the Internet offering a large array of products, blade finding, and replacement to fit and work is not that difficult. But fear not, for I’ve prepared some high-quality options to help you acquire the best circular saw blade. Shall we?

Top 9 Best Circular Saw Blade Reviewed

  1. DEWALT DWA171460 7-1/4 Circular Saw Blade — Top Pick
  2. Freud D0740A Diablo 7-1/4 40 Tooth Finishing Blade — Runner-Up
  3. Freud D0760A Diablo 7-1/4 Fine Finishing Circular Blade — Premium Pick
  4. IRWIN Tools MARATHON Miter Circular Blade
  5. Makita B-61656 7-1/4″ Carbide-Tipped Circular Saw Blade
  6. Oshlun SBNF-072560 7-1/4 Saw Blade
  7. PORTER-CABLE 4-1/2 Circular Saw Blade
  8. Luckyway 2-Pack 7-1/4 TCT Circular Saw Blade
  9. OVERPEAK 7 1/4 Circular Saw Blade

As you see, there are quite a few products I have compiled to give you a better perspective on your options. Each is a rigid product designed specifically for dealing with different kinds of woodwork and for people who know how to use a circular saw.

Various materials can be difficult to process unless you have a proper tool. So, let’s pick the right one for you among these circular saw blade reviews.

1. DEWALT DWA171460 7-1/4 — Best Circular Saw Blade for Hardwood and Timber

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DeWalt is not only a top-notch tool producer. The company is a blade manufacturer whose product remains one of the best circular saw blades for wood cutting. Tough and speedy, the product is a great option for people who take woodwork seriously and need a blade for versatility.

With 60 teeth slightly tilted, the blade is perfect for tenacious, careful cutting. It’s compatible with most wood sorts, which, otherwise, can result in chipping or ripping. Each tooth is made of carbide, a material so dense and tough that breaking off and bending are not an option. Besides, the sharp edges are double-coated for moisture resistance to prevent rust and weakening.

The 7-¼-inch diameter is a universal size, used by many manufacturers, so the blade is quite suitable not only for DeWalt tools. Also, the tooth shoulder is tempered to withstand a direct impact from hard objects, like lumps, metal fragments, and so on.

This, along with its smoke and heat-reduction technology, makes this option the best 7 ¼ circular saw blade for professional woodwork.

As for the arbor, it’s slightly elongated to make it easier to fit the blade on the handle. There is no need to detach it using force, but you need to give it a little twist to push the blade out of the slot. Neat, right?


  • Extremely sturdy;
  • Warranty-based company policy;
  • Waterproof;
  • Resistant to blunting.

Could be better:

  • It gathers dust between the teeth.

2. Freud D0740A Diablo 7-1/4 40 — Best 7 ¼ Circular Saw Blade for Balance

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Providing impeccable balance and great thermal regulation, this blade is a nice add-on to your woodwork kit. Not only does it ensure razor-like grinding through wood and flexible metals, but it also stands out thanks to its longevity. Moreover, it’s made to decrease the noise impact and trembling when processing wood so that each cut is swift and aggressive.

The 40-tooth blade is meant for medium-to-hard processing. Although it’s meant for finishing, the blade provides good cuts, whether you need to make cross-cuts or accurate patterns.

Interestingly, the manufacturer uses laser-based technologies to carve the kerf, which comes to 0.59 of an inch. It’s perfect for finding a suitable position on the ⅝-inch arbor, as well as increases accuracy and tenacity of cutting.

Equipped with vent-like gaps, noise pollution is reduced, making your processing much quieter and less stressful. The same applies to shaking and sliding. Because it is stabilized with hook-like gaps, it is much more balanced than regular models.

The carbide core ensures longevity and dent-resilience. Even if the blade stumbles upon a nail, the kickback is softened by the shoulders, which also regulate the heat intakes and prevent smoking.


  • Fast and stable;
  • Laser-accurate incisions;
  • Long-lasting;
  • No smoke.

Could be better:

  • More suitable for solid wood than plywood.

3. Freud D0760A Diablo 7-1/4 Fine Finishing — Best 7 ¼ Circular Saw Blade for Softer Wood Types

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This one is another Freud blade, but this time it’s even better at detailed woodworking. Since the accuracy is enhanced, the product does well with small and medium incisions when you need to have smooth slicing. Besides, you need little to no sanding or polishing as the cuts are almost completely splinter-free.

To ensure precision, the manufacturer has added 20 teeth to the standard 40-tooth blade. Sharp and made of stainless steel, the teeth don’t gather dust or debris but sling them while rotating. It doesn’t do justice to call it the best circular saw blade for plywood because it does well with all kinds of materials. For instance, pine and oak are handled smoothly, too, without burning or chipping.

As a rule, a 7-¼-inch blade is commonly more comfortable to use than larger blades. It doesn’t have the aggression, which you would expect from tougher models, but offers a lot of freedom with cross-cutting. This is facilitated by a diamond coating, allowing the blade to sand the processed material on the spot, which also results in cooling it.


  • Stainless steel core;
  • Precise and sparing;
  • Tempered from denting;
  • Lightweight.

Could be better:

  • It may be hard to attach the blade to the wheel sometimes.

4. IRWIN Tools MARATHON — Best Circular Saw Blade for Cutting Aluminum

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You might be looking for a more versatile blade to cut metal and alloys. The IRWIN product is designed to handle thick metal sheets as well as wood. When activated, it ensures straight, accurate cuts to split thin-layered aluminum and soft steel in two without too much difficulty.

Offering a great array of size options, you pick the thickness and dimensions you want. On the other hand, the 10-inch IRWIN blades are quite versatile and suit most metal-processing cases. Because metals are much harder to cut, there are 80 razor-sharp teeth for smoother and easier cutting. The kerf edges are a little denser so that the teeth can cling to the processed material better, avoiding denting or tearing even the thinnest metal sheets.

The blade is used for a variety of purposes, from roof repair to ornamental aluminum cutting. It’s coated with carbide, which works as excellently as diamond dust, reducing the cutting temperature, but it still retains the optimal speed. Finally, don’t worry about water and mold. The product is perfectly moisture-resistant as for a metal cutting blade for a circular saw.


  • Efficient for soft metals;
  • Sturdy and dent-free;
  • Low-maintenance;
  • It comes with a warranty.

Could be better:

  • Light-duty only.

5. Makita B-61656 7-1/4″ Carbide-Tipped — Best Circular Saw Blade for Plywood and Pine

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More speed requires more power, and that’s what Makita is all about. The blade is a fit for skillful handymen who value their time and want to have everything done as fast as possible. Besides, the product is highly compatible with different circular saws regardless of how heavy-duty they are.

Much faster and versatile than other circular saw blade types, the blade can be equipped in saws with a single or double-bevel system. The 24 teeth are automatically adjustable to the type of saw they are utilized for.

This is simply great for workers who don’t want to waste money on buying different sets for different tools. Also, the carbide coating provides enough insulation to develop up to 8,300RPM and remain stable.

It’s proven that its processing productivity is almost 3 times higher than that of a regular blade. It develops sufficient speed to trim wood for frames, as well as finish without splinters or chipping. Save the reduced debris and wood dust; the product is easy to maintain and prepare for the next sessions.


  • Light and well-balanced;
  • Can be cleaned simply with a dust blower;
  • It cools down faster and becomes ready to use in no time;
  • Reasonable price.

Could be better:

  • It requires firm fixing to avoid wobbling,

6. Oshlun SBNF-072560 7-1/4 — Reinforced Metal Cutting Blade for Circular Saw

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In case you need strength and longevity, Oshlun should be on your Top list. This product is tempered, hardened, and reinforced from scuffing and cracking like no other. The manufacturer uses first-class carbide and anti-heat technologies to decrease the risk of overheating and burning both yourself and the wood.

The 7-¼-inch dimensions are rather standard, meaning that you should have any trouble inserting the blade. The same applies to the arbor, which has a diameter of ⅝ of an inch for a perfect and non-wobbly fit. Once mounted, the blade allows for a sufficient gap between its 60 stainless steel teeth and the saw guard. It’s great for two reasons. First, it’s much safer than if the product were a little elongated. Second, there is no friction, so the teeth don’t go blunt too fast.

Since the product is meant for metals only, copper and aluminum are sliced evenly even if your hand goes sideways. It’s ensured by the gripping tooth kerf and shoulder, which cling to the material until they are fully released.

Contrastingly, the temperature produced while processing is much lower than with regular blades. Because in-built vents cool down as they rotate, your saw can keep on grinding even longer now.


  • Perfect for ferrous metals;
  • Superb thermal regulation;
  • No smoke;
  • It causes no metal shavings.

Could be better:

  • A little overpriced.


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Coming back to wood-suitable blades, Porter is another product worth mentioning. It’s completely accurate regarding the number of teeth it has so that cracking or splintering is not an option. And yes, it’s a finish blade, which allows you to make the slightest, most tedious cuts unreachable for even the best circular saw blade for hardwood.

Although the diameter here is rather smaller, which comes to 4-½ inches, the blade is highly compatible with different circular saw models. Thankfully, it’s completely enclosed with teeth all over the edges to have a better cutting capacity. When grinding, the weightlessness is noticeable at once since the product doesn’t disbalance your steady grip.

With 120 teeth, you can perform any plywood cutting you want, giving the material the form and shapes blades with fewer teeth cannot. For this, you will need a ⅜-inch arbor, preferably DeWalt, to deliver sufficient revolutions per minute. Also, despite the fragile look, the product is made of stainless steel to resist pressure and withstand high-speed cutting.


  • Extremely accurate;
  • Compatible with different saw models;
  • Moisture-resistant;
  • Powerful.

Could be better:

  • It’s susceptible to overheating.

8. Luckyway 2-Pack 7-1/4 TCT — Two Circular Saw Blade Sizes for Versatility

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If you are opting between 40 and 60 teeth, you might want to consider acquiring this set by Luckyway. Both blades are equally capable of enabling your saw with stable, exact incisions, whether it’s compressed plywood or simple limber logs. Using the two is great for starting and finishing your cupboard, plank, or furniture woodwork in the yard.

Based on pure stainless steel, the blades are rather durable and promise long years of service. Both 7-¼ inches in diameter, they are highly compatible with modern and old circular saws, easily sliding onto the arbor of ⅝ of an inch. When it comes to the teeth, the 40-tooth option is perfect for general cutting and somewhat heavy-duty processing. Meanwhile, the 60-tooth blade is fit for more tedious and less chippy cutting, especially suitable for smoothening the edges.

Just like the best circular saw blade for cutting aluminum should go, this pair is ATB. The feature allows them to change the cutting direction along with the bevels. Whether it’s left or right, they leave no marks behind but ensure clear cuts for true handiness.


  • No smoke;
  • Easily interchangeable;
  • Heat-resistant;
  • Smooth cuts.

Could be better:

  • They require alternate sharpening.

9. OVERPEAK 7 1/4

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Finally, a finishing blade like this is a nice add-on to your tool kit if you are a professional, an enthusiast, or even a beginner. The weight is perfectly balanced for steady processing to prevent slipping or any injuries. Moreover, it’s coated for heat and vibration protection, keeping your grip firm and allowing you to do your magic without unnecessary pauses.

Embedded with laser-made gaps, the blade is much lighter than similar models and weighs only 12oz. It has the same capacity as blades of similar diameter, but it’s much thinner, coming to around 0.3 of an inch.

This allows the product to be exclusively invasive and easily maneuverable. As you start grinding, the 60-tooth rims create stable rotations to rip, crosscut, and slice wood.

If compared to a Skil Saw blade, this one is much sparing, leaving little waste and debris. It’s not aggressive at all, which ensures safety and control over each movement you make. Besides, the teeth and edges are covered in an anti-stick coating, so it doesn’t get stuck or stumble upon any lumps.


  • Ultralight;
  • Easy to handle;
  • ATB-based;
  • It has anti-scuff protection.

Could be better:

  • It’s not recommended for laminate.

How to Choose the Best Circular Saw Blade?

Freud D0760A Circular Saw Blade

You may need a little circular saw blade guide since finding the one you need online is not that simple. While each product is a superb option for a particular matter of use, it’s still essential to know what exactly you need in a blade. Well, pay attention to:

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There are around a dozen blade types, each with its sole purpose and perks. For instance, a ripping blade is great at making general cuts and performing heavy-duty processing. A plywood blade comes in handy, well, of course, with plywood.

But it’s also good for softwood and plastic wood sorts. Finishing blades are not for general use but rather for cutting smoothly and cleanly to prevent any further processing.


Circular saw blade sizes are different simply because of their capacity. Normally, the wider a blade is, the more wood it can handle. The choice should depend on the scope of wood you are planning on processing. So, you might want to get a 4-½-inch blade for in-barn mendings, whereas let’s leave the 8-½-inch option or construction sites.


Picking a toothed blade is harder than it seems. For instance, a 14-tooth blade will be the only fit for a large uncut piece of timber in your yard, while a 120-tooth blade is solely for brushing up an old cupboard. Use the principle ‘the more, the neater’ to determine the number of teeth you need.

Additional features

Modern manufacturers tend to reduce noise and vibration pollution for a steady cut. For this, they add vents throughout the surface to improve air circulations and decrease air friction. Whether you need them or not, the work goes easier once it’s not that noisy.

Safe Measures & Circular Saw Blades

Rumor has it that circular saws are among the most dangerous tools there can be. And it’s true. Thus, by following simple yet crucial guidelines, you can spare yourself a lot of trouble in the long run.

  • Put on your goggles before turning the machine on. The goggles prevent splinters and dust from getting into your eyes and causing irritation, blindness, or allergies. No one is invincible, especially with their eyes wide open.
  • Wear gloves. First, the machine can get hot, so hot that it burns through the skin, leaving scars. Second, your fingers have at least something between them and the blade. It might not seem like much, but it has saved many fingers and hands from injuries.
  • Check the tool for wobbly, unstable places. Take a thorough look at the machine, especially near the blade area. Look for cracks, loose bolts, or any other insecure details.
  • Clean the guard and blade. After each time you use the tool, it’s vital to maintain it before ever using it again. For this, clean the blade from debris and dust, and sharpen it if needed. Make sure that the guard is stable and that it firmly conjoins to the saw handle.
  • Make adjustments only when the tool is off. While setting the depth or bevel angle, unplug the tool and let it cool down.
  • Hide away all the cords. Strap the cord/s and move it/them aside from the blade to prevent electrocution.


Board after Freud D0760A Circular Saw Blade

Do you still have some more questions about circular saw blades? Take a look here!

What is the most popular circular saw blade size?

Generally preferred, 7-½-inch blades are the most versatile since they provide sufficient diameter to process medium and large wood pieces.

Is it worth sharpening circular saw blades?

Honing the teeth is a must simply because you don’t want to handle a kickback a circular saw when it’s at its full speed.

A Circular Blade Is What a Tie Is to a Suit – It Makes All the Difference

As you can see, the market is rich in circular saw blades. Created for different purposes and offering various features, the product is an important part of successful woodwork. Pick a smaller, 4-½-inch 120-tooth blade for tedious cutting, whereas you should consider a 7-½-inch 40-tooth option for heavy-duty processing.

Also, consider replacing a circular saw blade with a whole set if you do woodwork regularly. Using blades of the same manufacturer is great both for your processing techniques and wallet.

Nonetheless, I hope the products and information in the article have been helpful, and you have made up your mind. Now, tell me which blade do you prefer for your woodwork? Have you ever had a problem with adjusting the bevel and blade? How compatible is your current blade with your circular saw? Leave your comments below!


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