5 Best Circular Saw Blades for Hardwood to Buy in 2022

Best Circular Saw Blades

With the best circular saw blade for hardwood, your work will be fast and smooth. Without an appropriate tool, you may spend hours or days trying to make proper cuts. Despite many workers still disdain circular saw, mistakenly believing it is not good for anything except lumber for framing houses, this tool is a must-have. Apart from wood, it works with aluminum, steel, and plywood.

An experienced and skillful woodworker can easily make furniture grade cuts in the wood. This saw works splendidly on lumber, even though it has nails inside. All you need is a greatly matched blade to your circular saw, and I`d like to help you find one.

5 Best Circular Saw Blades for Hardwood Reviewed

  1. Dewalt 60 Tooth Circular Saw Blade – Top pick
  2. Freud Diablo Ultra Finish Saw Blade – Runner up
  3. Twin-Town Saw Blade – Budget pick
  4. Overpeak Circular Saw Blade
  5. Whirlwind USA Circular Saw Blade

Get familiar with the list of the prime blades for the circular saw. You will find a detailed description and suggestions based on my personal experience. Keep in mind all the features of each blade while ordering one.

1. Dewalt 60-Tooth Blade – Best Saw Blade for Hardwood

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This blade is made of tungsten carbide of a high density. It is tough and durable. Anti-stick coating on the blade cuts gumming and friction. This product is great for any type of wood, even the one with nails. It fits well both cordless and corded saws.


  • Number of teeth: 60 teeth;
  • Size: 7 ¼ inches;
  • Material: carbide;
  • Accuracy: its kerf is .0125 inches per tooth. Apart from the wood, it cuts through copper, aluminum, and plastic.

Dewalt is a famous US developer. They started their business back in 1924. Since that year, they have created power tools and equipment intended for them. You may expect the long life of the instrument. The name of the company is its main guarantee of quality.

  • High accuracy of cuts;
  • Cuts through the nail embedded woods;
  • Great quality of material;
  • Durable;
  • Affordable price.

Could be better:

2. Freud Diablo Blade – 7 1/4 Circular Saw Blade for Hardwood

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The blade is thin enough to make precise cuts even if you are not an experienced woodworker. This tool is made with anti-vibration technology inside that not only stops the noise but prolongs the lifespan of the instrument. The coating on it is non-stick and Perma shield, which decreases friction. The blade is made of high-density carbide.


  • Number of teeth: 60;
  • Size: 7 ¼ inches diameter;
  • Material: carbide;
  • Accuracy: .059 inches Kerf, 10 degrees hook angle.

Freud offers power tools around the world. This saw blade is 7.25 inches, ultra-fine, and shock-resistant. I recommend you always remember your safety and not touch the blade while it is at work. The blade is super sharp. There is a lifetime warranty from a developer.


  • Non-stick coating;
  • Super thin kerf;
  • Anti-vibration technology;
  • Cuts through versatile materials;
  • Price is affordable.

Could be better:

  • You have to be extra careful with your hands during work.

3. Twin-Town Saw Blade – Leading Hardwood Circular Saw Blade Reviews

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This blade may not be as effective as others on the list with the metal, but it works splendidly on soft and hardwood as well as plywood. It has a standard for this list 7 ¼ inches diameter and 60 teeth, which make it a great tool for woodworkers. The arbor is 5/8 inches. The blade is made of tungsten carbide.


  • Number of teeth: 60;
  • Size: 7 ¼ inches diameter, 5/8 inch arbor;
  • Material: tungsten carbide;
  • Accuracy: .071 inches kerf provides accurate cuts.

Twin-Town developer specializes in cutting tools. They have existed since 1994. The company offers to use the blade for the miter saw, table saw, and circular saw.

The fast process is ensured by a thin kerf. The product is durable and may serve you for many years, with a proper attitude for its care and exploitation. Don’t leave it outside after the work is done. Make sure it is always clean and dry.


  • Durable materials;
  • Precise cuts;
  • Fast work;
  • Fits perfectly different types of saws;
  • Affordable price.

Could be better:

  • It works only with wood.

4. Overpeak Hardwood Saw Blade – Ultra Thin and Fast

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This 7 ¼ inches blade is made specifically for the circular saw. You don’t have to be a professional woodworker to work with this blade. However, I strongly advise you to always keep in mind your hands’ safety.

The tool has 40 teeth and is almost weightless, with only 0.49 pounds. The blade is made of tungsten carbide, which is tough enough to withstand crosscut wood, ripping wood, laminate, and plywood.


  • Number of teeth: 40;
  • Size: 7 ¼ inches;
  • Material: carbide;
  • Accuracy: there is no vibration. The blade cuts smoothly inside the wood.

The Overpeak company offers noiseless 4-laser cut slots and stabilizers. These features cool down the blade and prevent loud noise. Overpeak works mainly with diamond tools.

Every year, they make over 10 million circular saws and even more blades. Teeth are sharp enough to cut the wood like butter. These blades are incredibly durable.


  • Tough tungsten carbide;
  • Sharp teeth;
  • Noiseless work;
  • Straight cuts;
  • Affordable.

Could be better:

  • It has a smaller amount of teeth than other items on the list.

5. Whirlwind USA Circular Saw Blade for Ripping Hardwood – Pro Grade

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This 7 ¼ inches in diameter saw has 60 teeth and is made of steel. It is created for crosscutting and ripping medium and hardwood of 3 ½ inches thick. The blade is universal and can be attached to a hand saw, chop saw, miter, table saw, apart from the circular one.


  • Number of teeth: 60;
  • Size: 7 ¼;
  • Material: steel;
  • Accuracy: thin kerf.

Whirlwind USA is a national developer that offers multiple electric tools and equipment for them. This blade has a thin kerf that makes smooth direct cuts without any waste. It has a 5/8 inches arbor.


  • Cut through thick wood;
  • Suits for versatile saws;
  • Thin kerf;
  • High-quality steel;
  • Price is affordable.

Could be better:

  • Extra sharp. Keep your hands as far away as possible during work.

Circular Saw Blades for Hardwood Guide

Blade TWIN-TOWN at Circular Saw

The list above contains only the most advanced blades I have personally checked. I still use many of them. I suggest you pick not just one but several items for your work. Each will be useful, especially if you are a prolific woodworker.

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How to pick circular saw blade for hardwood

The first thing you need to find out is the diameter and the quality of wood you will work with. If you know that, choose the most appropriate tool. Below are the main specifics to consider.


The diameter of the blade is standard on the list. In all the reviewed products, it is 7 ¼ inches.

Number of teeth

The number of teeth can be different, but I recommend picking either 60 or 40 teeth. Remarkably, 80 will be too fast and sloppy, and 20 teeth are not enough.


Pay attention to the material of the blade. Usually, it is carbide and steel.


Do not neglect this aspect while choosing your preferable circular saw blade to work with. The coating must prevent the blade from overheating and make it more durable.

Tips for cutting hardwood

I have already told you that you need a specific blade of carbide to cut through the hardwood. It must be of a high density and with sharp teeth. Here are several tips that may also help you:

  • Safety goes first. Keep in mind the sharpness of the blade, no matter how small and lightweight it is.
  • Don’t move your hands close to the saw. Wear protective goggles in case of splinters;
  • Pick the right blade that fits the size of the wood perfectly;
  • Fix the wood on the bench;
  • For rip cuts, you need more teeth with more space between each other;
  • Make sure there is a direct line you are following. If there is no, make it yourself. If you don’t see it properly, stop your work and attach the LED light or laser to see;
  • Check out whether the blade is not overheated.

Circular Saw Blades for Hardwood FAQ

Overpeak 7-14 Inch Circular Saw Blade

Is more teeth on a circular saw blade better?

More teeth mean more precise cuts. However, fewer teeth make your work easier and faster. For example, a 14-teeth blade, which is the minimal number, cuts faster than a 120-teeth option, which is the maximum. Yet, if you want a smooth, clear cut, and not rough, you may want to stop somewhere in the middle.

How to rip hardwood flooring with a circular saw?

You don’t have to rush with cutting the hardwood flooring. Before you start, you need to fix the wood reliably and decide where you want to make a cut. Draw the line, and make sure it is not too thick and straight. Check out for the most suitable blade. Start working.

What to look for buying circular saw blades for hardwood?

I have already mentioned the most important factors, like the number of teeth, quality of material, and the size of the blade. Check out the company that develops these blades and read the reviews from the clients who have already bought them.

Which Blade to Choose?

If you are not a skillful woodworker with many years of experience in this area, you may struggle with a choice, even having read this list. While I always recommend Dewalt saw blade as a universal one that suits multiple types of work, I believe you need to have more of these blades at your workshop.

There will be different types of works and various kinds of woods with time. You may need to change the blade often. I have gathered only affordable options for you here. If you have used one or some of them before, share your opinion about these blades in the comments below. Which blade do you usually use? How many teeth do you prefer?


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