Top 10 Best Christmas Throw Pillow Covers in 2022

Best Christmas Throw Pillow Covers

With Christmas approaching, many people are up and about looking for the best gifts. In fact, many feel under pressure to find the perfect item. This is however not easy since there are so many things on offer. What may seem perfect for you may not be so pleasing to another person. To keep up with the Christmas spirit, many options to go with Christmas-themed items.

Throw pillow covers are popular in the period and more reason you should think of getting one this time around. In the following review, we have briefly looked at the top 10 best Christmas throw pillow covers in 2022.

Best Christmas Throw Pillow Covers in 2022


10. Beautyvan Christmas Pillow Case

Coming in a size of 45(L) x 45(W) cm, this square pillowcase will fit many throw pillows. Its one of the easiest to use thanks to the simple design and light materials. The cotton and linen item is strong enough to withstand everyday use and is also very smooth and comfortable.

The beautiful decorations make the item very trendy and will enhance the décor of the room. It’s ideal for the sofa, chair, car and other places. The case’s positive include good quality, nice size, elegant, and very comfortable. The negative is that it’s not super strong.

9. Beautyvan Christmas Pillow Case

Also from the Beautyvan brand, this square pillowcase will look perfect in your home, car, sofa, chair, and other places. The 45 x 45 cm accessory is made from strong linen and cotton fabric. The fairly-thin fabric easily slides over the throw pillow and is also easy to remove for cleaning.

The flax pillow comes with a beautiful design for extra elegance and is very comfortable. Advantages of the pillowcase include nice quality, affordable, beautiful design, and comfy. A few customers nevertheless say that the color isn’t very vibrant.

8. BLUETTEK Merry Christmas Series Throw Pillow Cases

Ever since it came into the market, BLUETTEK has released quite a number of covers for throw pillows. This one, in particular, is one of the top and is a good option this Christmas. The square accessory is 18 (45 cm) inches long and 18 (45cm) inches wide. It’s made from a combination of cotton and linen fabric for extra strength and comfort.

The beautifully-embroidered cover comes with a hidden zipper for extra convenience and appeal and is also machine safe. Its main merits are cute textured design, smooth & soft, nice fabric, and comfortable. The demerit is that the fabric is a little thick.

7. BPFY Christmas Pillow Covers, 4- Pack

With this set of 4 covers, your throw pillows will look more appealing this Christmas. The 45 x 45 cm/ 18 x 18-inch cases feature the images of Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Reindeer, as well as a snowman. Not only will they enhance the décor bit will liven up the Christmas spirit. The strong and cozy pillow covers are made from cotton and linen and feature a well-hidden zipper.

They are ideal for the living room, sofa, coffee shop, bench and other places. Some notable positives include good quality, very elegant, beautiful designs, and nice fabric.

6. HOSL SD21 Throw Pillow Case, Merry Christmas Series

Don’t be left out this Christmas. With the HOSL SD21 throw pillowcase, you’ll turn your living room, car, bed, couch, coffee shop, or bench into a Christmas environment. The square cover measures 45 x45 cm (18 x 18 inches) and includes an invisible zipper. It comes in a set of 6 to cater for several objects and also to create uniformity.

One side boasts of a Merry Christmas theme to keep up with the spirit. The fairly-light fabric is easy to put on the throw pillow and feels quite soft. Reasons you should buy this cover include good quality, nice design, soft and comfortable. You may find it a little scratchy at first.

5. JinStyles Quatrefoil Cotton Throw Pillow Cover

Measuring 12 x 18 inches, this rectangular cover is what will transform your throw pillows into beautiful Christmas-themed items. The case comprises of red and white colors which are symbolic with Christmas and also includes a hidden zipper that matches with the cover. It’s made from 100% cotton fabric that gives it the strength to tolerate regular use as well as the smooth surface.

To prevent ripping or coming apart, all the edges bear zigzag overlock stitching. Main positives are nice quality, sturdy, super cute, eco-friendly, and flexible. The dangling zipper seems to be the key negative.

4. WOMHOPE Canvas Cotton Embroidery Throw Covers

Transform your home into a Christmas paradise with this fashionable covers. Each covers in the set of 4 measures 18 x 18 inches and comes in Christmas-inspired designs and colors. The Griedge cases are made using premium cotton fabric for sturdiness and have a smooth surface for extra comfort. They can be placed in many areas including the living room, bedroom, car, coffee shop, couch, and sofa.

The elegant Christmas embroidery pattern is not only trendy but goes a long way in spreading the Christmas spirit. Advantages of the covers include. Good stitching, decent size, nice weight, and very cozy. The disadvantage is that they aren’t very stretchy.

3. Hippih Christmas, Happy Halloween Square Pillowcases

Make Christmas more enjoyable and memorable with this Christmas-Inspired throw pillow cases. The Hippih pillowcases are square in shape and measure 18 x 18 inches. The set of 4 bears decorations images of a reindeer, Christmas tree, Santa Claus and a deer. It includes tight stitching to prevent ripping and discrete zipper for improved functionality.

They are perfect for the bed, sofa, couch, chair, car set, and many other places. Consumers love the good size, nice construction, quality material, and vibrant images. A few nonetheless say the covers aren’t very fluffy.

2. Elife Square Christmas Snowflake-themed Throw Pillow Cover

If you are searching for the perfect covers for your throw pillows for the Christmas season then you should choose the Elife covers. It measures 45 x45 cm (18 x 18 inches) and will easily fit on many pillows. It features snowflake designs and soft colors for the perfect theme. The canvas cotton fabric is sturdy to withstand daily use but will keep you warm and cozy.

The polyester filling enhances the comfort whereas the hidden zipper closure keeps the cover secured on the pillow. The cover’s positives are great looks, stylish, quality material and strong. The negative is that it isn’t super colorful.

1. Sykting Embroidery Throw Pillow Case, 4 pcs Home Car Decorative

Christmas can never be without the red color, and this is more reason you should acquire this red-colored throw pillow case. It is 18 (45cm) long, 18(45cm) wide and is made from cotton blend linen. The set comprises of 4 similar covers but doesn’t include any inserts. The throw pillow can be used in many locations including the home, coffee shop, car, and holiday home.

Main pros of the set include high-quality fabric, solid stitching, versatile design, and super comfortable. The key con is that the embroidery pattern is found on one side only.

Christmas throw pillowcases will make a perfect gift item. You may decide to gift yourself after a long year of hard work or present it to a loved one, maybe your parents, siblings, or spouse. To make sure that it will be well appreciated and serves the purpose, it’s crucial to ensure it’s of good quality, comfortable, durable, functional, reliable, and elegant.

We have listed down the top 10 best Christmas throw pillow covers in 2022. The next move is yours where you get to pick one, two or more items from the review. Don’t be left behind! Make this Christmas memorable with the best throw pillow covers.


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