The 8 Best Cheap Tennis Ball Machines Reviews in 2021

Cheap Tennis Ball Machines

As more cheap tennis ball machines become readily available, you need to be careful when looking for product. Yes, it may be pocket-friendly. But will it produce desirable results? You don’t want a machine that lacks the power to shoot the tennis ball, do you? Yes, it may be accurate and easy to use. However, how easy is it to carry from one place to another, or insert the balls?  A good choice will not only have a decent holding capacity but will also make inserting the balls simple. Yes, the machine may be high quality, durable and practical.

However, does it shoot the balls far enough? Is it precise or the ball seems to have a mind of its own? These are but a few of the questions you need to answer when looking for the best cheap tennis ball machines. The good news is we’ve already dug deep into the market and identified some good pieces.

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#8 SPINSHOT-PRO TENNIS BALL MACHINE (Cheap Tennis Ball Machines) * Tennis Ball Throwing Machines * Portable Training Partner

SPINSHOT-PRO TENNIS BALL MACHINE (Cheap Tennis Ball Machines) Tennis Ball Throwing Machines Portable Training Partner

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The Spinshot machine is a likable piece and this probably explains why it’s a top choice for many people. Unlike most types, which are made of plastic, this is fully built of metal. This suggests that it is less likely to breakdown due to the stresses or mishandling, and can handle the weather and environmental factors better. You also know that metal lasts longer than plastic, don’t you.

Thanks to the 20KG design, feeding balls into the machine is much easier.  In fact, you won’t have challenges moving the accessory even when it is full of tennis balls. In addition, for easier operation, it makes use of the responsive two buttons remote control which also works from a long distance. It can be moved easily even with the hopper full of tennis balls. Moreover, the speed is variable and will shoot at a low speed of 10 kph or a super fast rate of 120 kph. Of course, the higher speeds suit experienced players or professionals while the lower speed is most useful for beginners or learners.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • It shoots the balls accurately
  • Feeding the balls is easy
  • It’s portable and easy to move even when full of balls

#7 Popsport HP-07 Table Tennis Robot Ping Pong Robot Automatic Table Tennis Machine (HP-07 Table Tennis Robot)

Popsport HP-07 Table Tennis Robot Ping Pong Robot Automatic Table Tennis Machine (HP-07 Table Tennis Robot)

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The Popsport HP-07 iRobot is not just a cheap tennis ball machine but also one of the reliable ones.  It is easily obtainable in the market and can be seen in training academies, schools, homes, and many other places. This machine, according to most users, is quite simple to use. It has minimal frills which make it friendly been for beginners. The design is also basic and adding the balls is straightforward.

The 100-240V item is suitable anywhere in the world. It offers a user 7 angle setting starting from 4 meters per second speed to a top rate of 40 meters per speed. Choosing the desired setting is easy and so is adjusting the 5 different swing frequencies.

It can handle as many 100 tennis balls and shoots them in an accurate manner. Moreover, you get a simple but effective remote control. This robot is ideal for beginners, training a seasoned player, or having fun with it. Its good quality and solid engineering assure the user of longlasting service whereas the portable nature improves handling and movement.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • Practical style and easy to operate
  • Moving it and inserting the balls is straightforward.
  • It’s versatile and suitable for many areas of use (teaching, practice….)

#6 Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine (Best Model for Junior Player)

Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine (Best Model for Junior Player)

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The Spinshot Lite machine will enhance the tennis training experience. It is a good choice for beginners or learners as well as intermediate plates. The unit is known for its lightness, which makes it easy to not only operate but also move from location to location. Furthermore, it gets praise for the relatively good ball carrying capacity of 40-50 balls. Loading the balls is straightforward even for newbies and they remain secure even during moving.

The machine propels them at a good speed and can be adjusted depending on the player’s skill, trainer’s preferences, as well as the area of play. The maximum speed it delivers the ball is 50kph, which makes it most suitable for juniors, beginners and intermediate. It’s easy to operate thanks to the nice design and the solid design guarantees the user of durable service. And since it rarely breaks down, this machine doesn’t need too much/frequent maintenance.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • Very portable and user-friendly
  • Easy to operate
  • Decent ball capacity and good speed

#5 HP-07 Ping Pong Robot with 36 Different Spin Balls Table Tennis Robots Automatic Ball Machine for Training (Cheap Tennis Ball Machines)

HP-07 Ping Pong Robot with 36 Different Spin Balls Table Tennis Robots Automatic Ball Machine for Training (Cheap Tennis Ball Machines)

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Capable of delivering as many as 110 ping pongs, the HP robot is effective for most requirements. It is sturdily built from hardwearing materials and is also high quality. However, despite the sturdy built and superior construction, the accessory is still among the most affordable. And because of these reasons, many users say it is among the best cheap tennis ball machines. The versatile unit delivers the balls in different fashions to cater for a range of requirements. It can spin, lop, toss, and single serve, double serve and much more. All these options take place in a hassle-free manner.

According to the company, the unit is ideal for balls with a 1.57-inch / 40mm diameter. Also important is ensuring there are at least 15 balls at any given time. This improves the delivery and also prevents the balls from not coming out. This normally happens if there are very few balls.  Filling the accessory with balls is simple courtesy of the functional design. Moreover, it is among the portable and lightweight pieces you get at such a competitive price.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • Filling it with balls is very easy
  • Good delivery and holding capacity
  • Easy to adjust the speed, and machine angle

#4 CHAOFAN 36 Spins Ping Pong Ball Machine with Automatic Table Tennis Machine for Training

CHAOFAN 36 Spins Ping Pong Ball Machine with Automatic Table Tennis Machine for Training

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The CHAOFAN machine should be what you want. It is a worthwhile pick for training beginners, having some fun with friend’s, family, or improving your skills. The large capacity of 110 table tennis balls saves you the hassle of regularly filling it up. At the same time, the large capacity doesn’t hinder movement. Installing the balls is easy and you have simple instructions to guide through the fill-up.

The item throws the ball at a good speed especially for beginners and is also accurate. You can vary the machine’s angle without difficulties. The Possibility of the ball falling short or going in the wrong direction is much lower in comparison to other alternatives. This piece is useful in many situations, both indoors and outdoors. It also moves easily on most terrains and is among the lightest.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • Filling it up with the balls is easy
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Adjusting the machine’s angle is easy

#3 Lobster Sports – Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine – Cheap Tennis Ball Machines –Full-Featured Tennis Ball Hopper– Battery Charger Included

Lobster Sports – Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine – Cheap Tennis Ball Machines – Lightweight – Full-Featured Tennis Ball Hopper– Battery Charger Included

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You don’t need to continue searching for the best cheap tennis ball machine. The Lobster Sports unit is good enough. The machine looks more professions than most in its category. It, therefore, can be used by beginners, intermediate as well as experienced individuals. The machine also has several modes to improve different areas. These include oscillation, machine angle, speed and more. All the features are easily controlled using the remote.

Moving the machine is simple thanks to its moderate lightweight of about 35 pounds. Furthermore, it has good ergonomics for better comfort and to boost safety.  Notwithstanding the good quality and top performance, the machine is pocket-friendly.

Filling it with the balls is a No Brainer even if you have never done the task before. It is built to put up with regular use, the elements, and this makes it a worthy pick for indoor and outdoor play. The slowest speed is 20mph whereas 70mph is the highest. For the angle of elevation, you can choose from a low 0 degree up to 50 degrees.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • Easy to transport
  • Lightweight, versatile and durable
  • Good speed and elevation angle

#2 Franklin Sports MLB Power Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine

Franklin Sports MLB Power Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine

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The Franklin Sports MLB Power Pitcher will help you improve your tennis game.  This is owing to its professional performance, which will come handy in training upcoming stars as well as improving individual skill. The item has been a top choice for a long time and a good number of users say it’s very sturdy and durable.  This explains its growing popularity. You have three speeds to choose from (10, 15 and 20 mph). Additionally, you get 3 different pitching angles which are also easy to select and adjust.

The telescopic feeder handles the balls well and throws them to a good distance. The 5-second pitching time works well with most users while a red light flashes at every pitching. The unit runs via 4 C alkaline batteries and works quite well for its size. It is also not a power hog and the batteries should last a good period. Alternatively, you have the 120V AC power option.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • The reliable telescopic ball feeder
  • Good ball delivery and speed
  • Strong and durable

#1 Spinshot-Player *Cheap Tennis Ball Machines with Phone Remote Supported

Spinshot-Player Cheap Tennis Ball Machines with Phone Remote Supported

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Search for the best cheap tennis ball machines and the Spinshot-Player unit appears.  It’s among the versatile and most user-friendly types in the market. The player has many options when it comes to oscillation, speed, and power. Fortunately, selecting and varying aspects is straightforward and very easy. You have a dependable remote control that has a good range and works accurately. Additionally, the machine has a good loading design for easy insertion of the balls. On top of this, the capacity is quite practical for everyday use.

This machine gives the player the power to vary the specs to his/her advantage. You can change the Speed, Height, Spin, Feed rate, and Angle by using the phone. In addition, you can also come up with drills to improve your game and performance. The sturdy construction allows the machine to be used regularly in different environments without being messed.  The main attribute is metal construction instead of plastic, which is found in other options.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • Easy to use and vary the parameters
  • Made of strong metal and durable
  • Has a good carrying capacity and is very portable

Best Cheap Tennis Ball Machines – Buying Guide

One of the best and quickest ways to train tennis is indeed by using tennis ball machines. There are many tennis ball machines available in the market that you can find. The trick is to pick the ones with quality and performance that can help you in training. If you want to know how, feel free to check out the buying guide for cheap tennis ball machines below.


This part depends on how long you want to train with the tennis machines. Most portable tennis ball machines have a capacity between 50 and 300 balls. It is important to determine the right capacity for your needs. It is not easy to clean them all up, put them back in the machine, and start it all over again. That is why you have to pick ones with the right capacity so that you can train once and call it a match. It is convenient and time-saving, and it also helps to increase you productivity as well.


Getting your training to next level is easy when your tennis ball machine comes with oscillation feature. Oscillation is the ability to shoot tennis balls in multiple directions because that is what going to happen in real matches. That way, you will be able to work with both your shoots and your speed as well as your footwork and positioning. The best option that you should go for is the horizontal oscillation. That is because it feeds the balls at random from side to side. This feature is absolutely helpful in your training, so make sure the machine that you choose has it.


Since you have to move the machine around before and after training, it is great to go for the portable ones. You have to know that you will not only just move the machine but also the tennis balls in it. So make sure that the tennis ball machines that you choose are easy to move across the court. The key is to look for the machines with built-in large wheels and sturdy wheel handle. That will make it extra easy for you to move it which is more convenient and time-saving.


There are two main types of tennis ball machines: spinning wheel (counter rotating wheels) and air pressure (pneumatic pressure). Each option is unique in their own way which is:

  • Air Pressure: is more of an old school style that shoots the tennis balls through a tube using air pressure. It requires a bit of power, and you may not be able to find the ones with battery powered. Their main advantage is their lower price compared to the spinning wheel machines.
  • Spinning Wheel: is the most popular type of tennis ball machines on the market today. It features two counter-rotating spinning wheels that feed you the tennis ball. You can easily adjust the speed of those two wheels to create forward or backspin at your preference. Also, most of them even include some sort of spin control feature for extra convenience.


We have done the research on the best cheap tennis ball machines in the market. Now, the ball is in your hands. the main things we delved on were shooting accuracy, ease of inserting the ball, the carrying capacity, ease of varying the dynamics( Speed, Oscillation, Angle, Feed rate, Height…..), and responsiveness of the remote control. We also looked at the construction quality, comments and reviews from experts and consumers, quality, affordability and reputation of the manufacturer. What we can tell you is the above pieces did score highly in every aspect. In fact, what gave one machine an edge over the other was something very little. Like one being able to shoot a bit further or having an extra feature. All said and done, the above items are without a doubt the best cheap tennis ball machines you can find in the market.


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