Best Chair Height Toilets for Tall and Seniors


First and foremost, do you know what a high seat toilet is? These are taller toilets manufactured purposefully for comfort and accessibility. They are made specifically for people who go through the challenge of joint stretching when using the traditional loo.

The size of such equipment is significantly bigger. Thus, tall people who challenged using standard toilets may find it more natural to use with ease for sitting and standing due to their height.

Even though these extra tall toilets may not seem significant to other people, they can make an enormous difference. Most of these bathroom products are manufactured with ADA criteria in mind, making it not only comfortable but also accommodative to the disabled.

It is arguably true that a little consciousness can go a long way. Thus, arming yourself with the knowledge on the best comfort height toilets helps you identify what’s essential and in tandem with your bathroom needs.

Top 5 Best Comfort Height Toilets Reviewed

Chair Height Toilets

Even though these modern age toilets are built purposefully for comfort, their service delivery is overwhelmingly different. Get expert comfort height toilet reviews to equip yourself with the knowledge of the most desirable toilets you should hardly miss.

1. TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet – Best Comfort Height Toilet

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TOTO Drake toilet is among the most renowned and preferred tall toilets. Even though its tank stands higher, and the bowl is elongated, this product occupies a minimal space compared to other toilets of this status. It is fully glazed with ceramic and chrome.

This is an element that demonstrates why it is ADA approved, hence, ideal for both commercial and residential installation purposes.

TOTO Drake is functionality-, efficacy-, and performance-oriented. That is why it is built with 1.6-gallon tank capacity and 125% larger flush valves than the rest of the toilets on the market. Its 3-inch pipe and more jumbo siphon jets make it hard to clog.

Moreover, its tank is replaceable depending on the lid size. If the lid is bigger than the tank, you can make some replacement by acquiring a container that can accommodate the cover adequately.

Moreover, the tank can be insulated to prevent condensation, hence, economizing water that would be lost through evaporation. It is also fitted with the G-Max flushing technology that minimizes noise whenever a flush is commanded. The Sana gloss finish in its bowl prevents the build-up of molds and mild dew as well as hinders stains from sticking in the toilet.

Aesthetically, this TOTO toilet is great. Even though designed for simplicity, it has a dual flush technology and an incredible coat that plays a role in maintaining the bowl, making it more durable and clean.

TOTO Drake covers an average of twelve inches from the edge to the wall when installed. Moreover, it is simple to install and comes at affordable rates. Its ADA compliance means that it is friendly for all users. Hence, invest in it either for residential or commercial purposes and enjoy the credibility and reliability of its services.

ADA certified;1-year warranty;G-Max flushing technique;comfortable to is sold separately.

2. 20 Inch Extra Tall Toilet – A Convenient Height Toilet

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Are you in the pursuit of the best ADA toilet approved for individuals with limited mobility? This 20-inch reliable height product with a gradually closing seat is one of the ideal tall toilets for elderly persons and people with extravagant heights, with both mobility issues and the ones seeking bathroom comfortability.

It is the most appropriate selection for individuals with self-caring issues and bathroom independence. It has 20-inches of height from the bowl. Moreover, the seating allowance provides an additional inch, rendering it a little higher.

It has a premium quality and an additional safety layer. Thus, when put into comparison with the ordinary toilet, its extra height renders it the most convenient tall toilet for seniors. Also, it’s the best option for tall people struggling to stand. Moreover, its 8-9 inches’ vertical length from the bowl to the rim prevents backsplash caused by waste intensity.

Its 27”x14 ¾”x36 dimension makes it the ideal toilet both for official setting and domestic spaces. It has little yet powerful valves that ensure a total wash in every flash commanded. The cleaning power is triggered by the siphon intensity created by the flush valves to administer a fresh flush after every bathroom use.

Besides, the pressure of the wash provides a minimal instance for the waste to stick on the bowl. Hence, it remains clean all the time. Moreover, its robust flushing ability is ensured with 1.28 gallons per solid and 0.9 per liquid flush.

Besides the dual technique, the device entails slow-closing seats. Hence, it is a functional toilet for the entire family. Both the older people and the kids can comfortably use the device, and the dual flushing alternatives gives the user the mandate of either choosing solid or liquid flash depending on how they’ve used the bathroom.

Most importantly, these toilets are flush flexible. Thus, the user has the opportunity to enhance the water sprinkling intensity in the equipment’s bowl to wash away the waste favorably using a greater force. To improve your flashing intensity, calibrate the valve with a filler.

A significant number of toilets have undergone incorrect flush installation due to plumbing inexpertise. This leads to limited wash intensity in a dual flush bathroom. To enhance the flush power, instruct your plumber to orchestrate a fill valve calibration to allow more water. The screw on the fill valve is adjustable. Hence, when turned clockwise, it allows more water to flow into the tank.

Therefore, it is undeniably true that when there’s a reliable water capacity in the tank, the probability of encountering a better flash is high. What’s more, calibrating the dual flush valve enhances the waste wash power at the expense of much less water involved.

easy to install;noiseless flush;spare parts easy to find;3-years may need to calibrate the mechanism for the most powerful flush.

3. Kohler K-3818-0 Memoirs Comfort Height Two-Piece Elongated

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This Kohler toilet features a Stanley design that gives it an elegant architectural appearance of the Memoirs collection. It is a two-piece washroom product that entails a combination of both standard and traditional style water-saving features when it comes to its flush technology.

Moreover, it has a higher efficiency of about 1.28 gallons per flush, hence, saving 16500 water gallons annually. It uses a force of gravity flash technology to create a robust siphoning during flash in the precision-engineered tanks.

The aqua piston is made with canisters that allow water to move inside the equipment’s bowl from 360 degrees angle, hence, increasing the intensity and the pressure of the flush.

What’s more, it also has harnessed natural gravity force by a flush valve at ration 3:2, which affects the pressure to a higher intensity. Therefore, if you are spending too much water that accumulates your bill even higher can be due to a wrong decision for toilet type selection.

Kohler K-3818-0 is made with a durable canister that provides a 90% seal of the inner material from exposure. Hence, giving a leak-proof quality performance. What’s more, it’s the perfect bathroom equipment for individuals with mobility challenges.

It is tall with an elongated clean finish to provide pleasant use to individuals seeking tall toilet seat. It is 17 inches high. Thus, it is the perfect equipment not only for the tallest handicap toilet users but also for people seeking a higher comfortable bathroom use.

Aesthetically, it is regarded as one of the tallest ADA toilets. Its exteriors come with a striking biscuit color ranging from white to sandbar. It has a tall toilet bowl that provides extra credibility and pleasure to use due to the more room it offers.

It has 30” x 16.8” x30.5 dimension, an element that makes it be on par with the other ordinary bathrooms in terms of size and sitting area. Therefore, for a homeowner looking forward to adding a touch of opulence to his bathroom, Kohler K-3818-0 is the ideal washroom product to give you a spectacular service.

water-saving;double canister, hence, zero leakage;powerful flush technology;elongated shape, hence, creates room for sitting allowance.toilet seat is not included.

4. KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated – Best Water Saving Tall Toilet

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This brand is designed smartly with simple yet quick installation purposes. It entails a metal bracket situated below the tanks with no boltholes. So, no virtual drilling takes place when it comes to installation, an element that eliminates chances for water leakage.

This Kohler Cimarron toilet is inbuilt with a powerful flash engine and the aqua piston that lets water flow into the toilet bowl at a 360 degrees angle to trigger a powerful yet plug-free water flush. It washes the waste instantly in one command. Besides, the Kohler K-3609-0 carries the WaterSense label, and it follows the EPA waste cleaning guidelines strictly. Therefore, compared to the 1.6-gallon toilet, this bathroom product uses 20% less water.

It uses approximately 1.28 gallons per flush, hence, saving a substantial amount of water of up to 16,500 annually compared to the 3.5-gallon toilets. Therefore, Kohler K-3609-0 saves a substantial amount of water without sacrificing any single performance in a bid to save water consumption.

Moreover, these comfortable toilets stand at a bowl height equivalent to a standard chair, an element that renders them credible to use by most people. For example, it is useful for both individuals with limited mobility and tall adults who find it a challenge sitting or standing when using standard toilets.

This toilet product features a five flushing system that delivers an overwhelmingly bulky flush to provide the best cleaning effect. Its Cimarron two-piece status and natural curves complement a variety of washroom environments.

WaterSense certified;soft-close seats;accommodative seating allowance for tall may be difficult to clean a trapway.

5. American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 FloWise 2-Piece – Best Chair Height Toilet

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The American Standard Cadet 3 provides the user with a powerful one-touch flush. It is built with a 1.28-gallon water retention capacity, hence, saves a substantial amount of water per flush. Moreover, its two-piece status water-saving flush gives it the honor to preserve 20% more than what the ordinary product can do per flush. The standard design trip lever activates the siphon jet that sends pressured water waves to the bowl.

It has a concealed trapway with an elongated bowl that makes it easy and quick to clean. Moreover, its power wash rim provides scrubbing effects on the bowl that accompany every flush. Furthermore, it is built with a round front edge to fit the smaller bathrooms perfectly.

Besides, the FloWise high-tech that saves water, it has slow-closing lids and seats to provide convenience and silence during use – no slamming of the lid or the seat.

American Standard toilets give any room a spectacular look. It will be a perfect product for both your private and guest bathroom. Go ahead and pursue what your heart desires. Get this chair height round toilet and comfort your family with a fantastic bathroom experience.

It is built with a large valve that maximizes gravity to provide an overwhelming flush intensity. Only one push and the wastes are washed away effortlessly.

It is manufactured with an ever-clean coating, an element that preempts build-up of molds, mildew and even prevents dirty water stain. The coating plays a significant role not only in making the device durable but also accelerates the process of odor reduction.

It offers users the best chair height toilet experience. It is regarded as the top bathroom product with excitement and comfort that an individual shouldn’t miss out. Moreover, its full gazed trapway with ideal pressure provides a one-tap wash away per flush.

Therefore, if you are in pursuit of a standard yet the best toilet for tall person, American Standard Cadet 3 will give you a fantastic experience. Besides, it is manufactured with a five years warranty period.

EverClean facets keep molds and stains away;5-years warranty;soft-close seat and lead;easy to maintain.not the easiest seat installation.

Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Best Comfort Height Toilet

nice modern bathroom

Don’t be convinced by a big price tag as the ultimate determinant of the quality of a commode. Thus, to vindicate the quality of these toilet products, we relied on a series of battery tests, which include engineer’s analysis and consumer feedback. I’ve examined the products based on waste removal, clogging the drain-line, and the bowl cleaning ability.

I usually research the bowl cleaning potential by drawing a line inside the bowl then flushing the water to judge how much paint is left after the wash.

However, to taste removal capacity, I used plastic beads the same size to a marble, filled water bags, and sponges to measure how effective each flash handles the simultaneous waste. On the other side, I used the line drawn in the toilet bowl to test how effective the water pushes the waste passed the drain-line.

It is arguably true that a proper toilet should take at least 12 months or more in good operating condition. Use our consumer guide to help you acquire a more reliable product that fits your home bathroom needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Tall Is a Comfort Height Toilet?

People of average height who don’t suffer from any moving difficulties should use average-height toilets to ensure a healthy process. If your height is above average, consider high-seat toilets to avoid joint stretching and other (sometimes harmful) inconveniences.

What Is ADA Compliant Toilet?

To meet ADA regulations, the toilet height must be between 17”-19”. It must be installed in a gap that’s at least 25” in depth to provide enough space for people with disabilities. Next, the toilet mustn’t be lower than 17”, and have an easy-to-reach flush controller no higher than 44” from the floor. The flush force must be 5lbs or more.

Who Will Appreciate Chair Height Toilet?

Chair height toiler is the right solution for the elderly, disabled, tall, and handicapped people.

Closing Remarks

Therefore, with all these professional reviews in place, choosing the most appropriate chair height toilet to buy should not be a problem. Summarize the information provided above, come up with the most suitable choice of these products based on your purpose and buying capacity.

Making the right decision has become more natural. Similar to any crucial daily life activity, the bathroom situation should be a priority. Suffer in silence no more, come out and put your bathroom troubles to light so that you can get proper help and enhance your washroom condition.

Turn the process, which was once an ordinary, into an enjoyable and accommodative experience by choosing a toilet that gives you a spectacular service and functions your family in the right way. Therefore, review these professional thoughts and pick the bathroom products that would make you visit the washroom with expectation for the best service.

Moreover, if you are living in the water-scarce prone areas, you still stand a chance to unlock the opportunity to walk away with water-saving toilet devices that don’t trigger higher bills. Gratify your toilet feeling today by acquiring a piece of these products. Is there any feature that you consider to be crucial when shopping for a height toilet? What is it? Do you always find it? Share your views by leaving a comment.


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