Top 5 Best Ceiling Fan Chains


When shopping for the best ceiling fan chain, it’s important to look at the quality of the product. Most households use ceiling fans throughout the year, which means the chain is used frequently. Therefore, you will want to buy a strong and durable chain that will not wear down easily. Keep reading for ceiling fan chain reviews and ratings.

The 5 Top Ceiling Fan Chains

The chain of a ceiling fan doesn’t have to be simple to be strong and durable. When browsing the selection of pull chains online, I found there is a wide selection of unique designs to choose from. Here are my suggestions for the top 5 best ceiling fan chain options for you to consider.

Editor’s PicksBrandRating *
Best Choice2 Ice Cracked Blue Ball Pull Chains for Ceiling Fan Light♥♥♥♥♥
Premium PickKinghouse 4-Item Bronze Fan Pull Chain Set♥♥♥♥♥
Best Valuelongsheng Set of 4 Clear Crystal Ceiling Fan Pull Extensions♥♥♥♡♡
Runner UpCanomo 2 Pieces 12-Inch Trophy Lighting Pull Chain♥♥♥♥♡
Honorable MentionFOWALCOO Charm Pendant Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Extender♥♥♥♥♡

* Ratings are determined using our specialized rating system.★ Best Choice

Best Choice: 2 Ice Cracked Blue Ball Pull Chains for Ceiling Fan Light

Top 5 Best Ceiling Fan Chains 1

The 2 Ice Cracked Blue Ball Pull Chains for Ceiling Fan Light are the best ceiling fan chains because they’re stylish and can extend the chain length by 50 cm, making it easy to reach any fan.

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This ice-cracked pull chain for ceiling fans by Longsheng is a decorative two-piece set with a 50 cm extension chain. The large crystal balls make reaching for the ceiling fan chains much easier. This ceiling fan chain set will be a decorative replacement for your standard pull chains, and the balls are made from K9 Crystal Prisms and cast a rainbow of colors when they catch the light from your led bulbs. The chains are adjustable, allowing you to cut them to your desired length.

These shimmering replacement pieces easily attach to your existing pull chains. Available in eight designer colors including Blue, Amber, and Pink, this set can add an elegant touch to any room they are placed in. You can add them to your ceiling fan, ceiling light fixture, desk lamp, and any application that features a pull chain. I especially like that they are available in a rainbow of colors so that you can add a variety of color to each room in your home that has a ceiling fan.


  • Convenient two-pack of pull chains
  • Choose from five different colors
  • Made from quality K9 crystal prisms


  • The balls cannot be removed from the chain

♛ Premium Pick

Premium Pick: Kinghouse 4-Item Bronze Fan Pull Chain Set

Top 5 Best Ceiling Fan Chains 2

The Kinghouse 4-Item Bronze Fan Pull Chain Set is the best ceiling fan chain because it comes with four chains, so you can outfit multiple ceiling fans with brand new chains.

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This set of two pairs include beaded and pull loop connectors to suit your personal preference. Both sets feature handles that are a miniature light bulb and a mini ceiling fan. With these convenient handles, you will never have to guess which chain is for the lights and which operates your fan. This feature makes these pull chains a good choice for the ceiling fan in your guest bedroom. Now your guests will always know how to operate your ceiling fan or ceiling lights.

These chains are strong, durable, and adjustable. They are made from quality metal materials and feature an oil rubbed bronze finish giving them a classic vintage style. This set is one of my favorites because of the convenient handles and the fact that you receive two pairs with each set.


  • Money-saving four-piece set.
  • Bulb and fan handles take the guesswork out of operating your fan.
  • Made from quality metal materials.
  • Feature a classic vintage style.


  • Handles are a smaller than pictured

$ Best Value

Best Value: longsheng Set of 4 Clear Crystal Ceiling Fan Pull Extensions

Top 5 Best Ceiling Fan Chains 3

The Longsheng Set of 4 Clear Crystal Ceiling Fan Pull Extensions are the best ceiling fan chains because they come in a set of four, and each one ends in a different shaped crystal handle.

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This set of ceiling fan chains will add a dazzling touch to your room. It includes four chains, all with a different crystal prism on the end. The quality crystal handles create clear light reflections throughout the room and feature excellent detail. This set makes a good replacement for your handle or extension pull chains. They may be used with a ceiling fan, ceiling light, or a desk lamp.

The chains are adjustable, and users can cut them to meet a specific length for large rooms and small rooms alike. They come in a convenient gift box which makes them a good choice for holidays or housewarming gifts. I especially love the clear crystal design because they make a nice, elegant addition to any room they are in.


  • Made from premium quality crystal
  • Four pull chains with different handle designs
  • Chains are adjustable


  • The crystal handles are fragile, making them easy to break

♥ Top Pick

Runner Up: Canomo 2 Pieces 12-Inch Trophy Lighting Pull Chain

Top 5 Best Ceiling Fan Chains 7

The Canomo 2 Pieces 12-Inch Ceiling Fan Trophy Pull Chains are the best ceiling fan chains because they have a sleek, modern design that fit well in many different rooms.

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With its elegant style, these bead pull chains will instantly give your ceiling fan an upgraded look. The chains feature traditional trophy handles that goes well with most home decor. And the bronze accents pair well with bronze lighting and fans or any fixtures that have a vintage look.

This set includes a pair of 12″ beaded extension chains, a two-piece, a 3′ pull chain extension, and 5 connectors. The pull chains are ideal for use with high ceiling light fixtures or fans. The beaded chains are also adjustable, allowing you to cut or connect to make them shorter or longer if needed. I love this set because of its unique design and the benefit of the extra-long pull chains. If you have high ceilings in your home, this replacement pull chain set can make operating your fan much easier.


  • Traditional design with bronze accents
  • 3′ beaded pull chain extension
  • Adjustable chains may be cut or extended with connectors


  • The handles may have flaws in the painting

♥ Top Pick

Runner Up: FOWALCOO Charm Pendant Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Extender

Top 5 Best Ceiling Fan Chains 8

The FOWALCOO Charm Pendant Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Extenders are the best ceiling fan chains because they’re shaped like adorable owls and come in a pack of eight different deisgns.

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This 8-piece set of pull chains features a different owl handle design on each one. The handles are hollowed-out vintage bronze charms that are sure to add a unique look to your old ceiling fan. The versatile charms can also be used to create your own DIY necklace, bracelets, and more.

If you have more than one ceiling fan in your home, this is a great set to have. You can keep a pair or two for use as backup if you need a replacement or change the pull chains out when you want something new. These chains can also be used for ceiling lights, or anything that requires a pull chain, such as a desk lamp. I personally love this beautiful set because of the detail of the friendly little owls, and the fact that each one is so different.


  • Versatile 8-piece set
  • Owl pendant charms can also be used with jewelry
  • Unique decorative set will add a fun touch to any room


  • Not for people who don’t like owls

Features to Consider for the Best Ceiling Fan Chain

If you are buying a new set of ceiling fan chains to control fan speed and air movement, there are a few things you should consider in addition to ceiling fan chain reviews. Here is a short buyer’s guide for you to refer to while browsing my suggestions for the best ceiling fan chain products.

The Quality

One of the main things you want to look for when buying a new set of pull chains for your three-speed fan is how strong and durable they are. If you are buying a replacement set because your old chains broke, this is especially important. You don’t want to end up buying another new set in the near future, so finding pull chains made from high quality materials will help you save time and money. Some products mentioned in this list for the best ceiling fan chain are made from durable wood or metal materials to ensure they will last for years to come.

The Number of Chains Per Set

The ceiling fan chain sets mentioned in this list are available in various quantities. Some only have two chains per set, which is fine if that’s all you need, but other sets have between 4 and 8 chains. If you have multiple ceiling fans or lights throughout your home, you can buy one set and replace all the chains at once. Or, you can keep the extra chains for backup in case any become damaged later on.

The Design

Some customers may not be too concerned with the design of their ceiling fan pull chains, much like with a ceiling fan duster, so long as they have a nice set designed to last. Others, like myself, may want to add a bit of style to their fans by choosing pull chains with decorative handles. The crystal options in this list can add an enchanting touch to any room. And the unique decorative handles, such as the owl pendants on my runner-up choice, allow you to decorate your fan with something you love. Be sure to browse the different color and design selections when looking for a new ceiling fan chain set. It’s easy to find chains that match the material your fan is made from, such as a brushed nickel ceiling fan.

Additional Features

It’s always a good thing when a simple product like a ceiling fan pull chain has additional benefits. Chains that feature handles to help you tell the difference between the on and off switch for the fan or light can be especially useful on a bedroom ceiling fan. This is especially helpful if it isn’t a remote control ceiling fanOthers that have extra long chains for high ceilings, or large handles that are easier to grasp and can beneficial as well.

Benefits of Using Ceiling Fan Chains

The products mentioned in this list can offer many benefits aside from simply operating your fan. If you want to add a bit of flair to your living room or bedroom, a pull chain that has a dazzling handle will do the trick, just like you can customize a DIY fan duster. Buying chains with crystal pieces on them can be a good way to get some of the sparkle of a chandelier ceiling fan without spending the extra money to completely replace your fan. Ceiling fan chains that are extra long or include extension chains can also be very beneficial. If you have high ceilings in your home, or if you just want a chain that is easier to access, the added length is helpful.

Ceiling fan chains are also universal and can fit onto nearly any type of ceiling fan. The only exception to this is with fans that are extremely old or don’t use chains at all, like some models of enclosed ceiling fans that exclusively use remotes.

One of my favorite features that I’ve seen on ceiling fans, including one set in this list, are the handles that specify which chain is for the lights, and which is for the fan operation. If you have guests staying at your home who don’t know which chain to use, these pull chains can help take away a lot of guesswork. They can also be useful for anyone who often forgets which chain to use.

Some of the best ceiling fan chain products are those made from high-quality materials. These are designed to last for years without the need to be replaced. Therefore, you should look for ceiling fan chains made from metal or wood materials.

Precautions of Using Ceiling Fan Chains

Ceiling fan pull chains are typically not dangerous to use alongside a light switch and can be installed in seconds. However, there are a few products on this list that could cause an injury. Pull chains featuring glass handles such as the crystal ball chains could contain broken glass on the inside. This helps to give the crystals their sparkling appearance. If they happen to shatter and break, the broken glass could be dangerous, especially for children and pets.

Make sure that your glass or other fragile pull chain handles stay on the fan where they belong to help prevent any accidents or injuries. Also, if you have additional long chains to use for backup, always be sure to keep them out of reach of children as well, since they could be a choking hazard. Any ceiling fan chains that feature small parts should also be kept in a safe place. Additionally, using switches with dimmable lights will not allow for the dimmer effect to stay.

If you’re looking for a replacement chain for an outdoor ceiling fan or double ceiling fan, make sure you choose one made out of materials that won’t rust or warp. You don’t want to risk tetanus or splinters trying to turn your fan on.

Next, if you use a ceiling fan chain a low-profile ceiling fan, you may need an extra-long chain in order to reach the chain, particularly if there’s a short downrod. However, if there are low ceilings, you may instead need a shorter chain so it can’t be easily walked into.

Aside from those few precautions, ceiling fan chains are safe to use and simple to install. There’s no need to deal with your ceiling fan or light kit’s electrical wires to install them. Simply connect the chain to the existing chain on your fan and you are ready to enjoy operating your fan once again.


My top pick for the best ceiling fan chain is the 2 Ice Cracked Blue Ball Pull Chains for Ceiling Fan Light. I absolutely love the design of the crystal balls on the handles. And the fact that the set is available in multiple colors means I can order different sets to change up the look of my living room as I want. I would definitely suggest this set to anyone looking for a replacement pull chain set to augment their fan features. But if you are looking for a simpler pull chain, or something even more unique, be sure to check out my other suggestions to find the best ceiling fan chain for you.


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