Top 14 Best Car Windows Tinting in 2022

Best Car Windows Tinting

Hot weather can make us never miss getting behind the wheel but with the right tinting for your window that is a goner. Tinting your windows ensures a 99% blockage of harmful UV rays, reduces heat inside the vehicle (up to 70%) and protects windshield glare in case of direct sunrays or shiny headlights at night.

It adds a touch of beauty, class & style to your car. Your privacy is ensured once you roll up your tinted windows. Tinting also offers shattered glass protection in case of an accident. Lastly, the interiors are secured from cracks & warping, giving your vehicle a longer newer look.

Now imagine having the perfect solution to all of the above just by ordering the right tinting film, ensuring value for your money. Let me take you through the best options there is in the market today.

List of Top 14 Best Car Windows Tinting 

14. LEXEN 2PLY Ceramic All Windows Precut Tint Kit- High Heat Reduction

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This is one of the best tint kits by LEXEN because it has ceramic which means it gives your car windows more protection from harsh sunny conditions.

This product has a Nano Particle Technology film which contains Ceramic and has different tint shades to choose from for any type of vehicle.

If you love doing your thing at the privacy of your home or are looking for a tint kit that will ensure you save a few dollars, this is the right product since it is pre-cut and all you have to do is follow the fitting manual, which it comes with, and DIY (Do It Yourself). And for the fact that it has ceramic is an added advantage because it offers excellent heat rejection. It comes in different shades of 45 %( light), 40%, 35 %( medium), 30%, 25%, 20 %( dark), 15%, 5 %( limo-darkest) hence you have a variety to choose from. But it’s important to note that the third brake light cutout pattern is only available upon personal request.

13. VViViD Colorful Transparent Vinyl Car Window Tinting 30Inch*60Inch 2 Roll Pack (Red)

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If you love color and love shouting themes then this is the best go-for vinyl by VViViD. It is ideal for long-term interior and crafting applications. Red never looked as classy as when you have it fixed to your car’s windows.

It is composed of adhesive-backed vinyl sheets, weighs 1pound and measures 31*2*1* inches. It not subjected to folding.

When this product is applied to your window, it blocks 99% of harmful UV rays. It gives your car a colorful red shade and a classy look. To top that, it is dust, dirt and grime resistant, giving your car windows a shiny look all the time. Its adhesive-backed vinyl sheets are so easy to fix and remove when need be. It consists of 2 rolls of 30” *60” vinyl.

12. ATMOMO 79% VLT Car Window Film Auto Window Tinting Side Window Film Solar Protection Film 0.5m*3m

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As far as the brand of ATMOMO is concerned, this is a go-to product for you who don’t like the darker shades of tint. It is color 79% VLT, weighs 8.8 ounces and measures 19.7*118*0.4 inches.

ATMOMO 79% VLT Car Window Film has a transmittance rate of 79%, a UV protection of 98.6% and insulation at 20%.

It’s technologically produced to ensure that your skin is well taken care of and protects the interior of your vehicle from fading and aging fast. It can also be used for different purposes such as tinting the windows at your home, office, and cars. It effectively blocks sunrays and headlights thus protecting your eyes from strong lights. A fuel saver since you avoid the use of the air conditioner as it helps prevent overheating in your car.

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11. ATK Essential Products Car Windows Shades for Baby 2020 Premium Version

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A product of ATK Essential, this is a breakthrough for those who take long rides with your kid(s) or pet(s). The car sunscreen for children has been tested in the Australian Radiation Protection Agency and certified to absorb 98% of UV sunrays.

The shade weighs 5 ounces and measures 7.9*0.8*11 inches. It is available for Black normal Cars/ Small SUV.

You don’t want to miss out on the best part of this product. It protects your baby from harmful UV rays of the sun hence ensuring a comfortable ride for your kids or pets. It is compatible with all types of car models which is a plus for you. It is also stretchy hence fit easily and you can DIY within a few seconds. Unfortunately, you can’t fit it on sliding doors or three-door cars.

10. The Online Liquidator 30” *25’ feet Black Window Tint Film Roll

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A product by The Online Liquidator that has used advanced technology to come up with a shield-like layer that adds protection and comfort to your driving experience.

This sheet weighs 1 pound and its dimensions are 30” * 25’ ft.

If you are looking to give your car a sharper, classier and cleaner look then this is the product for you. It has a 1.5mil thick 2ply vinyl with a scratch-resistant coating that ensures durable lifelong color stability. It has added privacy and protection as it holds the shattered glass in case of an accident. It is nonconductive hence there can’t be a loss of radio signal.

9. Black Out Window Film Static Cling Window Tint 100% Light Blocking Glass Film

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For those of you looking for a film that will offer you total privacy by blocking 100% of vision on both sides of the glass then this is the product for you. IT has a modern black appearance and blocks 100% of light ensuring a dark room.

Color: Matte Black. Its size is 17.7*78.7 Inches and weighs 9.6 ounces.

It is ideal for rooms where babies or toddlers need to sleep during daytime hours. It is also most convenient for shift workers who sleep during the day. Not to forget that your privacy is ensured 24/7. This product is reusable, static without glue and removable with no residue. It is not recommended for dual pane windows.

8. Mkbrother 2PLY 1.5mil Professional Uncut Roll Window Tint Film 20% VLT

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A product of Mkbrothers, this is a 2ply 1.8mil thick film ideal for your car windows.

It has a size of 30 inch*10 ft and weighs 8ounces. It comes with a standard charcoal black-grey color and non-metalized protection.

This film has a 50% heat rejection and gives you 99% protection from harmful UV sunrays. The non-metallic technology ensures you don’t get signal interference. The film is also scratch resistance hence giving the windows a longer newer look. When all is said and done, a 50% rate of heat rejection means your car will stay cold in the colder season hence you have to use the AC system and not really save on your fuel usage.

7. Gila Static Cling 20% VLT Auto Motive Window Tint DIY Easy Install Glare Control Privacy

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Gila Static Cling 20% VLT Automotive Window Tint is a scientifically-formulated static cling material is set to transform your car.

Color: 20% Limo Black, this film weighs 1 pound and measures 2ft*6.5ft.

It blocks 80% of light hence reduces glare while giving your car a sleek classy look. You are guaranteed its durability and to top it all,it is easy to install. The best part is that it can be easily removed if need be and reused on another vehicle. If you’re looking to upgrade your style and increase your privacy when you need to grab this window tint now.

6. Lecone Upgraded Car Window Tint Film, Reusable Static Cling Shade, Electrostatic Self- Adhesive Black Sun Blocker Screen

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An upgraded static cling car window shade without spots product by Lecone, it is a film that is carefully designed to ensure longevity and value for your money and can be used on most car brands worldwide and SUVs.

Color: No Dot Pack, this product weighs 8.6 ounces. It is an upgrade from the dotted film by Lecone.

It is easy to install as it has a static cling technology and you don’t have to go to a garage. You can water- wash it when dirty, it is also reusable which is an added advantage for those of you who want to save money. You and your family’s safety is ensured since it has the ability to block up to 90% harmful UV rays. It also prevents the leathered interior of your car from aging. It is a heat-blocking material that refracts the light &heatwave, keeping your car cozy. Plenty of water needs to be used during installation.

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5. LEXEN 2Ply Premium Carbon 20” * 100ft Roll Window Tint Film Auto Car (20% Dark Shade)

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This is a window tinting film by LEXEN whose color is Standard black. Its Tint shades are available in 50%(light), 35%(medium), 20%(dark), 15%(dark), 5%(Limo).

It is a Nano Carbon Particle Technology Film, offering Excellent Heat Rejection.

This product is perfect for your car as it is scratch-resistant, blocks 99% UV rays and ensures no radio signal interference. It has a great wet/dry heat shrink ability, ensures your privacy and protects your car’s interiors from heat destruction.

4​​.​​​ Mkbrother Uncut Roll Window Tint Film 5% VLT 24” in *20’ft Feet Car Home Office Glass

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An excellent tint product by Mkbrother that meets your house, office, and car glass need, this standard charcoal black-grey colored film will ensure you get the perfect solution to your window tinting.

It’s a 1.5 Mil Thickness 1 PLY Film that is non-metalized and scratch-resistant suitable for all types of vehicles. Measures 24 Inch by 20 Feet and weighs 13.0 ounces.

It gives you a stylish look with an outstanding color standard. It will keep your skin from 99% harmful UV rays while its non- metallic technology ensures no radio or satellite signal interference. No need to worry about the heat coming through your windows and making your space uncomfortable to inhibit as it has a 50% heat rejection ability.

3. JNK NETWORKS Real Precut Tint Film for Any Car, Truck, Minivan, SUV, (All Windows Plus Back Windshield)

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Made in Korea by JNT NETWORKS, this window film ensures you get quality over value for your money. It comes as a precut kit that is easy to install, giving your vehicle a professional classy look.

The brand has 3 tint shades to choose from; 5%, 15%, and 30% meaning you can choose the shade that suits your needs. With JNK NETWORKS Real Precut Tint Film for Any Car, Truck, Minivan, SUV, (All Windows Plus Back Windshield), you are assured that the interior of your car is protected.

It comes as a precut package hence makes fitting in by yourself easy. All that is needed is a professional tint squeegee application kit and heat shrinking to ensure it fits into any curvature of your windows.  It protects your car’s interiors from heat damage and also protects you from the harmful UV rays. However, you have to dig deeper into your pockets in order to get a piece of film to fit on your Windshield.

2. LEXEN 2PLY 20” *10’ Premium Carbon Window Tint Film Roll (20% Dark Shade)

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Here is a 20% Dark Shade, Nano Carbon Particles in Clear Polyester Film for you who are looking for quality tinting products.

It has a standard black color and a layer of 2-ply thickness. Size: 20” *10ft. A 10ft size covers up to 3 side door windows for most cars.

The film is reflective, it is a non- metal hence there is no interference with a radio signal. It also keeps you and your family safe from harmful UV rays as it blocks 99% of it. It comes with a yellow squeegee, cutter and instructions. Its Particle technology offers excellent heat rejection and color stability for life. It is scratch resistant.

1. LEXEN 2Ply Carbon All Windows Pre-Cut Tint Kit- Great Heat Reduction

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Give your car a classy look with another amazing window tinting film product by LEXEN for you.

The complete precut tint kit contains Front /Rear driver and passenger side, Back windshield, Yellow Squeegee, Any or All Quarter/Cargo windows, and Detailed instruction.

It is easy to fit in as it comes with instructions and you can do it yourself at the privacy of your home.  It has a great dry/ wet heat shrink ability. It’s a non- metal, meaning you won’t have signal interference. It protects you from 99% UV rays and offers you excellent optical visibility. Important to note that the 3rd brake light cutout pattern is only available upon request only.

Final Word

Whether you’re looking to give your car that cozy, classy look, want to ensure your own privacy from glaring eyes or are in need of protection from harmful UV lights and overheating in your car…all you need is to choose one of the above window tints. I guarantee that when you pick one that suits your class, you will be good to go anywhere any day at any time.


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