Top 10 Best Car Seat Gap Fillers in 2020 – Reviews

Best Car Seat Gap Fillers

If you have ever dropped your wallet, phone or other smaller items through the gap between your car seats, then, you don’t need anyone to explain why fillers are necessary. These must-haves come in different sizes for different car seat gap fillers.

Others have been designed to fit every car. Their sole purpose is to prevent items from falling through which may cause dangerous distractions as you drive. On the market, you’ll find some car seat gap fillers which have been engineered to create an extended storage compartment. These will not only fill that space but also offer you a harbor for your phones, maps, pens, lip balms and other items.

While choosing the best for your car would be a painstaking task, this section has the best-selling fillers on the market today. These have received much praise from previous users. As such, we can’t hesitate to recommend them to you.

Best Sellers

1Drop Stop – The Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler (AS SEEN ON Shark Tank) – Set of 2$22.99View on Amazon
2JESTOP Car Seat Gap Filler, 2 Packs Leather Car Front Seat Storage with Dual USB Charging, Auto…$23.99View on Amazon
3SUNWORD Car Seat Gap Organizer Front Seat Gap Filler, Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer, Premium…$20.99View on Amazon
4Car Seat Gap Filler Organizer – 2 Pack Multifunctional Car Front Seat Storage Box with Cup Holder…$19.99View on Amazon
5Car Seat Gap Filler, Leather Side Insert Multifunctional Center Console Pocket Organizer and Storage…$20.89View on Amazon
6CHARMINER Car Seat Filler, 2 Pack PU Car Seat Organizer, Car Seat Storage with Cup Holder, for…$18.99View on Amazon
7PLANTURECO Gap Filler, Car Seat Organizer with Cup Holder and USB Charging Hole, Seat Console Side…$19.99View on Amazon
8Jeteven Car Seat Gap Filler,Side Pocket Organizer PU Leather Car Front Seat Storage Box with Cup…$27.99View on Amazon
9Jeteven Car Seat Gap Filler, Car Seat Gap Organizer, Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer with Cup…$23.99View on Amazon
10XCEL 4 Pack Car Gap Filler, Water and Weather Proof, Highly Dense and Flexible, Fits Most Vehicles,…$17.95View on Amazon

Best Car Seat Gap Fillers in 2020

10. CAMTOA Car Seat 2 Pack PU Gap Filler with Cup Holder


CAMTOA Car Seat 2 Pack PU Gap Filler

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If you are among those car drivers who like simplicity, this is an ideal Car seat gap filler for you. It can be used to prevent your keys, phones, and other small items such as (money, driver license, cigarettes, drink, and so on) from dropping into the seat gap. This gap filler is ideal for most cars with a seat gap of less than 0.6 inches; therefore, it is essential to measure the car seats’ distance before procuring one.

This product is constructed from top quality PU leather with stainless steel pins, perfect red stitching, and nylon threads. This makes it durable and has a great appearance that looks awesome in your expensive vehicle. Moreover, its excellent workmanship, non-slip padding, exquisite design ensure that this product is comfortable and sturdy to use.

9. EGBANG Console Side Pocket Car Seat Gap Filler


EGBANG Console Side Pocket Car Seat Gap Filler

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The EGBANG car Seat Pockets Organizer assures you the best experience when driving as it organizes and stores different items in the car. This seat gap filler is constructed from high-quality ABS and Microfiber Leather materials that make it durable and long-lasting. Other than that, it is extremely, very easy to install, and you just need to insert it into the gaps between the console and seats. The unit has a universal design, and it is suitable for most cars

This car Seat items organizer has four separate slots design that prevents your items from dropping where it is hard to reach and helps to make use of the gap spaces to store things close at your hands. This gap filler has luster crystals decoration; hence it will bring decorative effects to your car.

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8. SENLIXIN Caddy Catcher Car Seat Gap filler


SENLIXIN Caddy Catcher Car Seat Gap filler

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The SENLIXIN Car Seat Pockets Organizer comes in a unique design, making it very reliable for dairy applications. It is going to create an extra space for your stuff, including coins, hand cream, keys, cigarette, wallet, smartphone, pens, maps, documents, credit card, sunglasses, etc. this product is going to the gaps and stops the drop blocks between the center console and car seat. Typically, this product is adjustable; hence you do not need to worry about the seat gap is narrow or wide.

This product has a user-friendly design and has an anti-noise design on the back to avoid abnormal noise when driving. It can be firmly be placed on the car seat gaps, so; it will never fall down from the car seat. Above all, it is very easy to install, and it is suitable for every car.

7. alavisxf xx Universal Car Seat Gap Filler 

By: alavisxf xx

alavisxf xx Universal Car Seat Gap Filler 

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If you are looking for an elegant and classy car seat Gap Filler, then this is surely one of the best. It is going to keep your car clean and neat, and it has a universal fit to be used in most vehicles. This gap filler measures 14 inches x4.5 inches x1.5 inches and fits gap spaces between 0.50 inches to 1.5 inches. Moreover, it has the 4 spacers that prevent it from falling. This product is constructed from high-quality PU leather materials making it strong, durable, and weather-resistant; hence, you don’t have to worry about your accessories getting wet.

This Gap Filler will Increase your in-car storage space allowing you to keep bank cards, keys, smartphones, coins, and other fall off items that you can’t find while driving.

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6. inpoc Console Side Pocket Car Organizer,  Fills the Gap 

By: inpoc


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Inlock Pocket Car organizer and the filler is more than you could ask for. This one is purposely designed to relief your pockets of any items that may distract you and keep them in a central place for easy accessibility.

This car organizer is made of quality BPA-free plastic and is unbelievably durable. It’s large enough to hold your phone, lipstick, facial mist, maps, and cigarette amongst other items. When kept in the space between the console and the seat, Inlock will also protect items from falling over.

5. Lebogner between Car Seat Multifunction Storage Box Gap Filler 

By: Lebogner

Lebogner between Car Seat Multifunction Storage Box Gap Filler 

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This Car seat gap filler by Lebogner is ideal for keeping the phone and other accessories at the tips of your finger while traveling. Moreover, it keeps your pocket necessarily well organized, thus saving you from distraction while driving. This gap filler measures 9.5 inches x 7.5 inches x 2 inches and includes adhesive-backed foam pads that help keep it in place, thus preventing slipping when moving the seat.

Ideally, this car seat gap filler is constructed from abs plastic material that is durable and makes your car to have a good look. You can use this practical storage box to prevent your credit cards, money, sunglasses, phone, and wallet from falling down between the car seat gaps.

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4. JYSW Car Seat Organizer Car Gap Filler 


JYSW Car Seat Organizer Car Gap Filler 

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JYSW Car Seat Organizer will enable the driver to void the tyranny of distractions when driving 80km/h on the highway. It can effectively prevent the items from dipping into the car seat gap, ensuring your safety when driving. This gap filler measures 13.8 in x 4.1in x 1.6in, and it can fit gaps of the seat between 0.79in to 1.6 in. Besides that, it is made from high-quality PU leather, making it durable and waterproof.

This seat storage box can fit most vehicles and does not require complicated installation. It can be used to hold many things, including keys, sunglasses, and phone, which keeps your vehicle more cleaner and organized and also makes your life easier.

3. Power Tiger CAR ACCESSORIES Leather Car Seat Gap Filler


Power Tiger CAR ACCESSORIES Car Seat Pockets

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Getting extra storage space is now easier than ever. You will have more room for; cigarette, keys, hand cream, coins, gloves, credit card, documents, pens maps, sunglasses, your smartphone, and wallet, among others. These car seat gap fillers are beneficial because they are multi-functional. You can even use them as a phone stand or container. They are very easy to install and come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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2. Lebogner Premium Full Leather Seat Gap Filler

By: Lebogner

2 Pack Car Seat Gap Filler By Lebogner - Premium PU Full Leather Seat Console Organizer, Car Pocket Organizer, Car Interior Accessories, Car Seat Side Drop...

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You have your wallet for keeping money and credit cards but where does that leave your phone, keys? In your pocket? On the dashboard? Considering that they have to go somewhere easy to see and reach.

This gap filler by Lebogner offer organized extra storage on the cheap. It is super easy to install too. What’s more, the durable, high-quality PU leather paired with Velcro strips with a sticker is perfect at fastening to your car seat so your gap filler won’t sleep down between the seats.

1. Drop Stop Patented Seat Gap Filler

By: Drop Stop


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From Drop Stop, this is the best-selling car seat gap filler on Amazon today. It’s made of black neoprene material that mimics the natural black color that seat gaps leave. The most unique feature about it is that it can be stretched or squished to fit almost any gap.

Its versatility and applicability has seen it featured on Shark Tank. The package has 2 fillers for the driver and the passenger’s side. It comes in only one color-black- that blends well with most aesthetic designs.

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It’s very unlikely that you won’t find a filler to fit your car here. The different designs and themes that we covered are to make sure that everyone get’s their needs met. These fillers also make great gifts for those that you love.


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