Top 10 Best Car Phone Holders in 2022 – Reviews

Best Car Phone Holders

Mobile phones have become an irresistible part of our daily life. We need them almost anywhere. In fact, some of us will find it somehow hard to navigate through new towns without having a phone with GPS on board. Despite their extended importance, most accidents on our roads have been linked to their use. It’s for such reasons that investing in one is paramount.

Car mounts allow us to use our mobile devices hands-free without causing any distractions. They also allow us to make or receive calls even without touching the gadgets. Moreover, you can play music or movies for your passengers without distracting any other’s view. The following are our best picks from the market today.

Best Car Phone Holders in 2022


10. EnergyPal HC84K Car Mount

This is not only a phone holder but a way of improving your car’s interior aesthetics. Energy Pal HC84K doubles as a charger too, thanks to its 2 USB ports onboard.

This car mount is purposely designed for the large devices. However, their HC85N model is a perfect fit for the smaller gadgets. Its charging system has been equipped with protective technology that’ll shield your phone from over currents, over voltage and short circuits.  

9. TaoTronics Car Phone Holder


Tao Tronics Car Phone Holder is an advanced model in this niche and amongst the most sought after. The manufacturer has left no details in delivering what could be your lifetime car phone holder. This tool won’t grab much space on your dashboard or windscreen.

It uses a suction pad with an ultra sticky gel that firmly mounts on any smooth surface. Its adjustable arm and swiveling deck allow you an unrestricted view of the phone or GPS. This phone holder’s arms can extend up to 3.9’’ to accommodate big sized devices including Galaxy Note 4.  

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8. Anker CD Slot Car Mount


This car phone holder by Anker is amongst the best reliable driving companions. Its adjustability makes it compatible with different phones including iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, 6, Samsung S7 and S6, Nexus and a broad range of other Smartphones.

It fits perfectly into your car’s CD slot and has a highly-flexible ball-joint that allows you to view or use the phone from different angles. The clamps are rubber-coated to prevent leaving scratches on your gadgets. This item comes with a user-friendly 18 months warranty.  

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7. Soaiy 3-In-1 Car Mount Phone Holder


This phone holder by Soaiy has several out-of-this-world features that make it amongst the few units that should top your to-buy list today and now. The price it comes at is a real steal given its versatility. It’s a 3-in-1 tool bringing a charger, a phone holder, and a voltage detector all in one unit.

This holder mounts on your car’s cigarette lighter. It has a flexible gooseneck lifting your device and 2 USB ports where you can charge 2 phones at a go. The voltage detector monitor’s your car’s battery’s health.  

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6. Koomus CD-Air Slot Car Mount Holder


The ergonomic design featured in this holder makes it easy to insert or remove your phone on its grips single-handedly. Uniquely, it’s also meant to fit well into your car’s CD slot face up or down.

This, therefore, makes it easy to use it in different vehicles. Its ball-joint design is 3600 rotatable and, therefore, allows landscape or portrait views. Koomus CD Slot Mount Holder also has a compact size that won’t obstruct you in any way.  

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5. Luxury Car Phone Mount


This is the best-selling car mount on Amazon today. Luxury car phone mount by Auto Tech holds your device in style while offering you all the safety and convenience you require. Its construction design allows it to go well with any vent and with a wide range of devices.

This car mount offers your gadget an unbeatable grip that won’t allow it to make the slightest move even when driving on rough roads. And amazingly, it won’t leave any stains, scratches, or dents on your vehicles’ vents.  

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4. iOttie Easy Touch Mount Holder


With over 25,000 reviews and a high rating of 4.3 stars, iOttie Easy One Touch Car Holder is doubtlessly today’s best mount on the market. In fact, it’s the best-selling unit on Amazon today. With this, you just need to make a little push with your finger to have your device firmly held or released.

Its telescoping arm allows you to pull the device close for customized views. Its grip system opens up to 3.2’’ offering a wide room for wide gadgets. With its sticky gel pad, you can easily install it either on flat and smooth surfaces or curved and textured places.  

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3. Wiz Gear Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount Holder


This most noticeable feature about this car mount holder from Wiz Gear is its size. You can easily grab it and install it on another vehicle in a breeze. It uses a reinforced magnetic force that’s strong enough to hold almost any phone. Wiz Gear has a high-quality construction that guarantees you lifetime service.

Its design allows easy swiveling of the devices for convenience. The claws have a rugged design that helps hold the phone intact even in pothole-riddled terrains. Moreover, it won’t leave any dent or scratch on the air vent. 

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2. Mpow Car Phone Mount

Mpow Car Phone Mount,CD Slot Car Phone Holder Universal Car Cradle Mount with Three-Side Grips and One-Touch Design for iPhone X/8/8Plus/7/7Plus/6s/6P/5S,...

This CD mounted phone holder is another good reason why you should not drive with your mobile phone in your pocket or on the dashboard. Who still uses CDs anyway when there are much smaller options out there? Whether your phone comes with a metal back cover, or you’re using a protective cover, the rubbery surface is smooth enough not to leave marks and scratches on your adorable gadget. Another option with lots of three side grips on it meaning after setting your phone and squeezing the side, it is safe and secure.

The dedicated grips will only release your gadget after you press a little button on the sides. To get this mount up and running, you’ll need to firmly insert the cradle in the CD slot of your stereo. As an added advantage, the bottom side of the bracket has a detachable ledge that offers more support for your device.   It’s about time you got yourself this cool and extremely smartphone holder.  

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1. Beam Electronics Smart Phone Car  Mount Holder 

Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount Holder Cradle Compatible with iPhone X 8 8 Plus 7 7 Plus SE 6s 6 Plus 6 5s 5 4s 4 Samsung Galaxy S6...

  Your old car phone holder is not simple at all. This reliable mount holder is. One of the most helpful design elements with this car mount is the 360 ̊rotatable pivot which means you get to decide whether to operate your mobile device in portrait or landscape mode. While on the mount it is firm and steady, yet releasing it is touch-of-a-button easy.

At just the push of a button, the device pops out without any scratches thanks to the rubbery inner surface. For mounting, you have a cushioned silicone-pad clip that can be accommodated on most car vents; be it horizontal, vertical, or round.  

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While the best car phone holder lies on your personal preference, iOttie Easy Touch Mount Holder remains to be our best pick. Wiz Gear is also a highly recommendable bet due to its magnetic strength. If your budget is tight, Luxury is an incredibly reliable and affordable mount for you.


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