4 Best Car Jump Starters


There are a number of factors and considerations to look into when looking to buy the best car jump starter to meet your needs and preferences. Jump starters serve a number of functions, which help it meet its service. The market is flooded with different types of jump starters each promising to deliver one thing or another. While they all allow you to power up batteries, they come with unique features to help them stand out in the market. Despite the different features, the objective remains to find the best jump starter to meet your needs.

Current Best Jump Starter Comparison

While all jump starters will power up a car, it is important to look at the jump starters that are taking the market by storm according to consumers. Before looking at the top rated best jump starters, it is important that you keep in mind that the best way to consider a jump starter is by first putting your wants and preferences in order. This will help you make the best choice so as to meet your needs and objectives. However, the following have gained favor from the market at large.

The Best Jump Starters Consumer Report

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter

4 Best Car Jump Starters|The Consumer Reports


This jump starter has gained popularity due to its functionality as well as design. It is also diverse as it serves both personal and professional functions despite its minimal dimensions. Its design allows it to power up your battery with ease. It is so powerful that it can serve the purpose even at a garage or other repair shops.

This unit measures 4.5 inches height, 13.1 inches width, and 14.5 inches length. It weighs about 19 pounds overall. This combination tells you that it is portable and that you can easily move it around and that it can fit in your truck’s boot just fine without taking up all the space. With all its features, you can consider this starter one of the most affordable in the market despite its diversity.

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL 900 Peak Amp Jump Starter

4 Best Car Jump Starters|The Consumer Reports


Also from the Clore brand, this model is a great definition of portability. It comes in a compact size while at the same time matching up competitors that seek to perform its functions. This starter is specifically designed to power up your car battery. It holds one of the latest technological advances as well as flashlight to help in the event you are stuck during the night. It comes in the smallest of dimensions.

This unit measures 7.25 inches height, 7.75 inches width, and 12 inches length. It weighs about 5 pounds overall which is one of the lightest weight if not the lightest and still very functional. This is why it is the king of portability. It does not need any kind of assistance even for a teen to move it around. It comes with manufacturer’s warranty, which is a key aspect for many consumers seeking to obtain peace of mind. Any car no matter how small should be able to find space for it. In terms of price, it is very affordable.

Schumacher DSR ProSeries DSR115 4400 Amp 12V Rechargeable AGM Pro Jump Starter

4 Best Car Jump Starters|The Consumer Reports


This unit comes with one of the highest peak amps the market has to offer in addition to the cranking amps. In addition to this two-amp capability, it also comes with an additional cold cranking amp of 525/350. In this, even if you have a dead car battery, you can get it on the road without any problems. This brand is suitable for supplying power to devices that are rechargeable with a 12-volt DC power outlet.

This unit measures 14 inches height, 10 inches width, and 18 inches length. It weighs about 41.2 pounds overall. It is slightly larger than the average jump starter but it comes with more power and some additional features to meet more functions other than just jump-starting your car. It is also very suitable when powering up a dead battery.

DBPOWER 800A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

4 Best Car Jump Starters|The Consumer Reports


This offers individuals a new twist to the usage of a jump starter. It comes with a number of charging adapters that can be used with all your electric devices. In reference to powering up your car, it is powerful to the point that it is 20 times better when it is fully charged. It also comes with additional features such as an LED flash light, in-built safety measures and is complete with a compact design. Charge other appliances with its DC power outlet.

What Exactly Is A Jump Starter?

A jump starter acts as a portable power source that holds about 12 volts that is somewhat similar to that in cars. On average, they weigh between 25-30 pounds and their design is more compact as opposed to car batteries. This makes them easy to maneuver, as they are light yet compact. In a more domestic situation, many use it to power up their cars during winter seasons when the engine gets cold or when you need a power source when enjoying the outdoors for example during camping. In addition, they come in handy when a power source lacks like during natural disasters.

Other advantages of owning a jump starter is that you can use it with some electronic appliances such as televisions, phones, laptops etc. to power them up for use. Other uses will depend with the additional features that come with specific jump starters. Overall, it is great for emergencies in time of power need. Keep in mind that the best jump starter can only be defined by your needs and aspects such as durability.

 Best Jump Starter Buying Guide For You

When looking for the best jump starter to purchase, there are things you need to put into consideration so that you pick one that is suitable for you. The market offers this product in varying sizes, styles, as well as technological advances. Understanding the features also comes in handy. However, when looking to buy a jump starter, it is advisable that you first look into the overall capability of the jump starter before being specific and looking into respective features. When buying a jump starter, you are looking for one that will best suit your needs and not simply the best from another individual’s perspective. Remember, as you look at one aspect, there are several others to look at so each aspect helps you to narrow down your selection.

 Key Specifications For The Best Jump Starter To Consider

The key specifications of a jump starter indicate the features that each jump starter must come with. These are not to be compromised. However, keep in mind that though they are in every jump starter, different brands package them uniquely and they also come in varying capabilities. The two most important specifications include their jump starter power and their battery type. To pick out the best jump starter, you need to look at the specific specification’s strengths.

 Jump Starter Power

Depending on what you intend to use the jump starter for, it is important that you look at its power. It is not just about getting the highest-powered starter but about the necessary power supply for your needs. For example, if you are looking into using it for charging your car battery, you need to consider the amount of power that is required to start the specific battery. At the shops, you will see a specification that is backed by the symbol amps and cranking amps. Others have additional cold cranking amps. This offers the rate of their power. In reference to the cranking amps, the higher the number indicated the more powerful the product is. There is a difference between amps, cold cranking amps and cranking amps. The cranking amps are broken down to give you a reading in amps. In this, cranking amps equate to a number of amps.

Some of the best jump starters such as the Schumacher PSJ-1812 DSR Pro Series come with 1800 amps and cranking amps of 280 and an additional 225 cold cranking amps. A close competitor is the Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR that comes with 1700 amps and 425 cold cranking amps. Looking at the examples above, the Schumacher is more powerful. If you are looking at using it for a number of applications, it is advisable that you consider a jump starter with a battery power of 1200 and above peak amps and cranking power of 225 or more. This will serve a more multi-purpose concept of powering more than just your car battery. However, this has to be in consideration of the goals you want to meet.

 Battery Type

You need to put into consideration the battery type of the car you intend to charge. Whilst many will have a 12-volt battery, others such as classic cars may come with a 6-volt battery. You need enough power to jump-start your car and by being able to identify your cars battery type, you can minimize your jump starter’s battery power, which may also reflect on the entire cost.

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Jump Starter To Meet Your Needs

 Its portability

Jump starters are designed to be portable. Depending on the purpose, you are buying it for, it is important to look at its maneuverability and the ease of moving it from point one to point next. If the unit is easily portable, then you can begin to consider it. This also addresses the units of the jump starter unit which will help you identify how large or tall it is. While you can easily move it, keep in mind that it must satisfy other needs. The measurements will depend on if it can fit into your car trunk considering that many purchase it to ensure that they do not get stranded. In this, it has to be alongside you at all times unless you are not driving to your point of destination.

 Its Weight

While it is rather obvious that the lighter a piece of equipment is the more portable it is, it is best that you look at weight against functionality. However, it would be nice to pick out a starter that you can easily bring out without seeking the help of someone else.

 Overall Appearance

This may sound like you are trying to buy a fashion and design piece but you must agree that when shopping, the first thing that will attract your eye is the first thing you will approach. This is a minor determinant but it is the first reason you will try to find out more about it. It is then that you will consider the other specifications and features. There are quite a number of shapes, designs, color combinations, as well as sizes available to suit different requirements.

 Its Reliability

Jump starters are meant for emergencies. In this, the aspect of reliability comes in handy when you are looking to buy one. It is advisable that you carry out some research on the reliability of the product before anything else. You may decide to read online reviews by other initial users. Other sites that offer forums on the same will help you make the right choice that will help you settle for the right jump starter. The higher the rating, the better it is and you can make a solid decision you will be proud of should you ever need to use it.

 Safety Measures

Since this piece of equipment is designed to act as a powerful power source, it comes with some risks attached to it if not used in the right manner. Sometimes, it can be purely accidental. In an attempt to prevent injury and the risk of other accidents, it is important to consider starter units that come with safety measures. Some of these include an auto shut down immediately it completes charging the dead battery.

 Ability To Power-up Dead Batteries

With the different types of jump starters in the market, they offer different services. While shopping around, consider to check if your starter of consideration has the capability to jump start/ power up a dead battery. Others only have the capability to power up a battery that is low in power and not dead. It can be devastating to keep track of how low your battery is to jump-start before it is dead. You are more likely to discover that your battery is dead than discover that it is low on power.

 Jump Starter Cables

Starter cables are an important consideration though many tend to ignore them. Incorrect use of cables will lead to the destruction of your battery n the long run. It is advisable that you consider two cables each measuring 40 inches long. In addition, ensure that on either of their ends, they are equipped with bull nose clips. Also, consider the thickness of the gauge. Ideally, the thicker the cable the more it will power it can supply to your battery which gives it a better jump-start to power up.


A warranty offers consumers the peace of mind they are looking for in the event they face some difficulties with the functionality of the equipment. Depending on the equipment and its brand, you will have the faulty part replaced as long as it is within the period covered by the warranty. Different brands offer varying time for their products. While others offer a 2-year warranty such as the Black and Decker JUS500LB, others will offer a 90-day parts warranty such as the Peak PKC0AO 300 Amp Jump Starter. Read the warranty and understand the various limitations. Some will replace the entire unit while others will only replace some specific parts.

 Key Features For Best Jump Starter

The following features outline the outstanding features that boost the functionality of a jump starter. These are the factors to consider when purchasing a jump starter:

 Easy Recharge

As an emergency tool, it is important that it ready for use when you need it to be. In reference to this equipment, you need to ensure that it is charged. Some starters have an in-built AC cord, which comes in handy when you want to recharge the equipment. It is therefore advisable that your equipment of choice comes with an onboard means of recharging your battery.

 Heavy Duty Insulated Clamps

Heavy-duty clamps are essential for getting power underneath all the dirt, dust or any accumulated barriers to the battery in question. In addition, ensure that the clamps are insulated to prevent getting shocked while supplying power. This is a safety measure that ensures that you are safe.

 Cable Length

When choosing the length of the cable, it is important to consider the aspect of flexibility. It is therefore advisable to consider a jump starter with a cord length of three feet and more. It will allow you the flexibility of placing the jump starter battery while you power up your car.


Under normal circumstances, it is important that you consider the weight of the starter, which is determined by the size of the battery as well as its capacity. If you tend to jump start once in a very long time, then it is better that, you get a small unit that is also light in weight. Looking at other factors that can add weight are things like built-in compressor or power outlets, then your unit will tend to be heavier.


As indicated earlier, warranties are different depending on the manufacturer and the battery type of the jump starter in question. While time difference is evident, you will also realize that different parts of the unit will have different warranties. Be sure to understand the package before parting with your money. The best jump starter should come with a warranty to give you peace of mind.

There are also a number of optional features that come with jump starters. Unlike the above features that cannot be left out when purchasing a jump starter, the following are optional features that are present but you can fore go in the event you do not need them.

 Jump Starter Optional Features

 Power Outlets

As one of the purposes of a jump starter, you can use it not only to power up your car battery but also to power your devices when on the road or out camping. In this, you can be sure that your phone or laptop and other electronic devices are fully charged every time you need it to be. When looking at the power outlets, the following come with different starter brands.

  • AC outlet that can be used to power your video player and laptop.
  • DC outlets are suitable for use with your mobile phone USB and MP3 players.

With the devices mentioned, these feature can be a plus when purchasing your jump starter as it meets you needs.


Rather than always carrying around a torch or any other device as a source of light, you can purchase a jump starter with this feature and carry around one piece of equipment that serves all your needs and wants. Some jump starters come with an inbuilt light to serve this purpose.


During emergencies such as being stuck during winter or a blizzard is underway, then it is important to ensure that you know what is going on around you. A radio comes in handy. You car may not start but you can be in the knowhow and help you from getting into a worse situation.

Air Compressor

An air compressor serves the purpose of inflating your car tire when you get a flat tire. Many starters will come with this feature to help serve in times of emergencies. Keep I mind that this works for flat tires or leaking tires and not damaged tires. In this, you can safely get to a more secure place more so a garage and see a mechanic rather than start looking for a mechanic to leave their post and help your situation.

Benefits Of Purchasing The Best Jump Starter For Your Needs

The key is to ensure that you purchase the best jump starter to meet your needs. Looking at the various features to look at and the factors to consider for the best jump starter, you are bound to reap benefits with the right selection. Below are benefits you will gain by making the right choice.

 It comes in handy during power emergencies.

On several occasions, there are instances where you find yourself in a power related emergency situation. You wake up in the morning, turn your ignition key and nothing happens other than an irritating sound that indicates your battery needs to power up. Other times you are traveling and your phone goes off. Rather than packing a torch to the camp site, why not use your jump starter? The best jump starter will cater for all these emergencies without having to give up and get desperate. You may as well use it during a natural disaster to help victims out as power cables are likely to have a malfunction. Depending on the services you are seeking, the best jump starter will meet all the desired needs.

 Peace of mind

It would be nice to know that despite anything, you are prepared to handle it. The best jump starter should be able to give you peace of mind due to its ability to meet your needs and wants. For example: if you are looking for a jump starter to power up your car battery and you enjoy camping, you should have that jump starts cars and it comes with a flash light to use at night out while camping. In addition, why not get one with a DC power outlet to charge your phone as sockets are not available out in the fields. In this, you do not have to get worked up every time you plan for a camping adventure with your family.

 Sufficient power storage

This benefit is also relevant to your overall needs for a jump starter. Jump starters come with different power capabilities and the much the battery can hold. If you will be using your jump starter more often for a number of uses, it is best to consider one that can hold a lot of power. Go for a 1700 peak amp power jump starter. This will be a little too much if you will be using it t simply jump start your car once in a while. In this, by purchasing a jump starter that is sufficient to meet your power needs, it is the best jump starter for your household. It becomes sufficient and you are able to complete tasks. Rather than spending so much on a starter you will not use effectively, get one to simply meet your needs.

 It is more affordable

The best jump starters are versatile and they will meet more than one purpose. This becomes an affordable piece of equipment. Consider buying different equipment to serve different purposes. For example: Buy a torch (which will need constant buying of batteries or power charge), going off when traveling as your phone battery goes low, calling a tow truck when your car will not start, e.t.c. These are recurring costs that can be minimized with the use of one piece equipment. Adding up the two costs, considering a jump starter tends to be affordable. Remember, the more the capabilities of the jump starter, the more you will spend. In this, remember to outline what you need in your jump starter to avoid purchasing features you do not need.

 It is efficient and convenient

The essence of purchasing a tool is to make work easier and promote efficiency. This is no different with a jump starter. The best jump starter should be able to meet your every demand therefore promoting these two factors. It is always at the back on your trunk therefore always available. Its portability makes it ideal to use even when you are on your own. Anytime you need it, it is right there and many make it very easy to use. They also occupy little space so you do not need a lot of space to store it.

 Bottom Line

Jump starters serve a number of functions, which help them meet their services as required by specific consumers. The market has so much to offer in respect to what consumers may seek to purchase a jump starter for. In this, the market is flooded with different types of jump starters each promising to deliver one thing or another in an effort to beat competition.

While they all allow you to power up car batteries, they come with unique features and specifications to help them stand out in the market either as a product or as a brand. The market offers this product in varying sizes, styles, as well as technological advances. It is therefore important that you consider your preferences before going out to search for this product. The probability that you will end up with a product that serves more than you need is high if you will just walk out to purchase a jump starter. In this, carry out sufficient research to help find the best jump starter.

Understanding the features of the jump starter you are putting into consideration to buy also comes in handy. However, when looking to buy a jump starter, it is advisable that you first look into the overall capability of the jump starter before being specific and looking into respective features. The features capability may be different but they all may have the specific feature you are looking for. For example: you may be looking for a jump starter that has cranking amp. These short lists the jump starters you can purchase. However, you will also discover that different brands have different cranking amp power all the way to past 2000 amps.

When buying a jump starter, you are looking for one that will best suit your needs and not simply the best from another individual’s perspective. Remember, as you look at one aspect, there are several others to look at so each aspect helps you to narrow down the selection. Finding the best jump starter will take some time but it is worth the time.


  1. ANY jump starter you carry in the car will be virtually useless in the winter when you are likely going to need it most because it will be the same temperature as the car battery.
    ALL batteries lose power the colder it gets and you will NEVER see anyone showing how well they work when they are cooled to below zero.
    So the trick is to keep a couple hand warmers in the jump starter case so if you need to use it in the winter, you can first warm the unit up to room temperature so that it puts out maximum power.


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