Top 10 Best Car Alarms in 2020 – Reviews

Best Car Alarms

A reliable car alarm system is always the thin line between you and a thief who is waiting for an opportunity to make illegal possession transfer. With the market offering thousands of these units, it could be a real painstaking task to choose an ideal system for you.

As such, our team identified 10 of the best-selling units and compared their different features. We also sought to understand what previous users had to say about their experience with these gadgets. Below is a comprehensive list of what we got for you.

Best Car Alarms in 2020


10. uxcell Universal Car Central Kit Remote Control

uxcell Universal Car Central Kit Remote Control

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This alarm system for your vehicle has a lot of valuable features for example Automatic central lock and operator programmable override coded switch. The system is very simple to use with the Remote control that unlock and lock your vehicle, this car alarm can be used by any car
This car alarm has led Indicators that helps you to indicate lights in case there is an issue. It also features Remote car location, Direction light flashing and Remote trunk release. Have yourself one and your car will be safe.

9. Megatronix Viking – VS3030 – Remote Car Alarm with Keyless Entry

Megatronix Viking - VS3030 - Remote Car Alarm with Keyless Entry

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The car security alarm system uses a lot of features to guard your car from being stolen. Those features comprises an intrusion alert with passive arming, current sense, anti-carjacking and auto rearming. It also has random code hopping system that has anti-scan technology
This security system has a shock sensor and two 5-button transmitters that contain long range 433.92MHz receiver permitting a range of up to 500 feet system with anti-scan technology. It also has programmable intelligent automatic call progress detection that allows automatic hang-up on the CPC silence busy signal. It likewise has weather resistant features

8. Yescom Vehicle Security Paging 2-Way Alarm


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Yescom is a 2-way paging car security system with almost everything you would require. It has a communication range of over 3000 ft. Amongst other features, it offers keyless entry, distant engine start and gear position checking, and automatic window rolling-up.

Uniquely, the 2 remotes have LCD display to keep you posted on your vehicle’s real-time condition. Even more, Yescom has a 6-tone 120dB siren which is loud enough to attract the attention of a person over a mile away. This car security system also comes with several interfaces for customized sensors.

7. EASYGUARD EC002 Car Alarm Smart Key RFID PKE System

EASYGUARD EC002 Car Alarm Smart Key RFID PKE System

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This is a delightful EASYGUARD EC002 car alarm system that has remote engine starting push button. It also has a start touch keyboard password entry function. This car alarm is fit almost all the DC12V cars available in the market, including both petrol and diesel cars, auto gear cars and manual gear cars. This alarm also comes with an installation guide and English user manual.
If your vehicle is diesel powered with engine that starts within 3 seconds, you can always turn ON the dashboard first in order to pre-warm the car spark plug and then start your car.

6. Crimestopper SP-502 2-Way Combo Alarm


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Crimestopper SP-502 is amongst the most advanced car alarm systems this year. This one has a rechargeable LCD pager that keeps you posted on your car’s real-time alarm status. SP-502 utilizes the best technology in car alarm systems.

Its high-end shock sensor, for instance, can differentiate between light vibrations and attempted vandalism. The sensor switches warning mode in case of light vibrations to warn the possible intruder. In the event of a heavy impact, it triggers off the alarm and turns the system’s siren to full volume.

This system also has amongst the best ranges. You can start, lock and unlock the doors, and even open the truck at a distance of up to 3500 ft. Notifications are then sent to the handheld LCD confirming all the commands received and completed.

5. XO Vision DX382 Car Alarm System

XO Vision DX382 Car Alarm System

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XO Vision is another way of ensuring your peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe from thieves. Notably, you’re not forking out a fortune for it. This car alarm system has modern alarm features including a hi-tech electronic sensor, remote arming and disarming, and carjacking prevention mode amongst others.

In the case of a carjacking attempt, for instance, forceful door opening, DX382 activates the ’carjacking mode’’ which can only be disabled through the remote. If not disabled, the alarm will be activated and the engine shut off.

4. Performance Teknique ICBM-7071 Security System

Performance Teknique ICBM-7071 Security System

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ICBM-7071 is a 2-way alarm system with a remote communication range of up to 3000ft. The main unit has a feedback range of 3500ft. Performance Teknique produces a siren chirp and flash in case of light impact or to alert an oncoming intruder.

You can also use your remote to arm/disarm the system and to lock and unlock the doors. Even better, it’ll remind you to arm your vehicle.

3. Crimestopper SP-101 1-Way Alarm System


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Costing slightly over 20 bucks and with a communication range of up to 1500ft, Crimestopper SP-101 has the best feature-to-buck ratio. It features 2 4-button remote controls and transmitters with a range of between 500-1500 depending on the environment.

It supports keyless entry and emergency override in case the transmitter is lost. Notably, it’s has a DIY design and offers straightforward functionalities. Previous reviewers reported that nothing about it felt cheap or junk.

2. Viper 350 PLUS 1-Way 3105V Car Alarm Keyless Entry

Viper 350 PLUS 1-Way 3105V Car Alarm Keyless Entry

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Viper is a renowned security brand that utilizes technology for the satisfaction of the car owners. Viper car alarm is one of the decent car alarms that have FailSafe kill starter system to make sure that your car has maximum safety. Its anti-carjacking mode does not let everyone to open the vehicle whereas the revenger 6 soft tone siren and parking light alarm response usually alert the owner of the car in case of any panic situation or emergency.

Blue lights will turn on when somebody touches the car and alarm alert send the information to the vehicle owner hence can take action on time. This alarm system is well equipped with very sensitive sensors that start warns if they detect any unusual disturbance. Double zone shock sensors are exists in the car to adjust and reduce sensitivity of this alarm according to your desires and avert false alarms.

1. Docooler Central Lock Car Remote with Remote Controllers

Docooler Central Lock Car Remote with Remote Controllers

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This Keyless Entry System enables you to unlock, lock and trunks release your car. Also, it has two-button transmitters that are simple to control module that is very simple to install. It has air lock and electric lock that ensures that your car is safe. Plus, it accompanies with a Keyless Entry System, Wire, two Remote Controllers and a User Manual

This car rock is suitable in all types of car. Also has remote car location and LED indicator that warns the thieves and also gives you alert information.


With these reviews, we hope you’re now more informed about car security systems. We trust that you now know what to look out for and the leading branding on the market. Go ahead and pick any of these car alarm systems and improve the level of your car’s security.


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