Top 10 Best Can Openers in 2021

Best Can Openers

Picking the best can opener needs several things to be considered. One, you need to make sure it’s made from a sturdy material that won’t bend or break due to pressure. Steel and iron are the common choices. Two, its necessary to make certain the device is hygienic to prevent germs and food poisoning.Stainless steel is known for its rust resistance, corrosion resistance, and easy cleaning. Three, a good can opener is versatile and will work with different kinds of cans. Four, it should be comfortable and easy to handle.A good handle is long enough, smooth, and also ergonomically designed. Five, It should require minimum effort to open a can. The following devices are regarded as the top 10 best can openers in 2021.

Best Can Openers in 2021


10. OXO Good Grips Can Opener

Coming in multiple colors, this opener will simplify can opening. It’s fairly large for a better grip and features comfortable handles that feel right in the hands. It’s made of strong stainless steel that is effective on any can and is also safe and easy to clean.

Opening the can will take a short time thanks to the good and effective design and the oversized turning knob. This accessory works on both small and large cans and maintains a firm hold even on wet cans. Also featured is a stylish bottle opener.  Check price on Amazon

9. KitchenAid Gourmet Can Opener with Soft Grip, Red

Opening a can will take lesser effort and minimal time with this trendy looking can opener by KitchenAid. The gourmet opener works on different cans and is made of strong stainless steel for efficiency and reliability.

It comes in a red color and has ergonomically designed handles for a firm and safe grip. Turning the oversized knob is all it takes to activate the can opener, and thanks to magnetic attachment, removing the lid is equally easy and safe.  Check price on Amazon

8. Adoric Life Stainless Steel Can Opener, Black

This stainless steel opener will make opening cans easy and safe. The large size opener together with the oversized knob improves handling and makes it easy it operates.

The unit has long handles that offer a nice and firm grip to prevent slippage. The black-colored accessory comes with a hygienic design that minimizes contact with the food. It doesn’t leave a jagged or sharp edge that might injure the user and ensures the lid is safely removed to minimize touching it. Cleaning the can opener is easy because of its stainless steel construction and it also doesn’t rust or corrode.  Check price on Amazon

7. OHSAY USA Carbon Steel Blade Can Opener

Described as amongst the best can openers in 2021, the OHSAY USA can opener will serve you quite well and for a long time. The sturdy unit is made from carbon steel to handle the demanding situations and also to last for a long time.

It has a long and soft grip handles and the cutter turns smoothly and effortless courtesy of the decently sized knob. The easy turning crank prevents straining the hand or wrist. It’s easy to wash because the blade is zinc plated and the carbon steel is resistant to corrosion.  Check price on Amazon

6. Sokos Electric Can Opener, Wine Red

Forget can openers that require you to turn a knob or crank handle. With this can opener by Sokos, you simply place the unit on the can, press the switch and it does the work for you.

It cuts the lid pretty fast and without producing too much noise. It also doesn’t leave jagged or sharp edges which can injure you. It comes in a trendy wine red color and is made from safe materials that don’t rust or corrode and are very easy to clean. The handy unit is powered by 2 AA batteries which last for good period.  Check price on Amazon

5. Hicober Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Manual Can Opener

If you are tired of can openers that bend or snap when opening cans, then this unit by Hicober will be a good replacement. The heavy-duty piece will handle any kind of can and is very effective thanks to the strong stainless steel construction.

It comprises an easy-to-turn knob and removes the lid fairly fast without leaving sharp edges. Like other top can openers, it has an ergonomic soft grip handle for minimal effort and also protects your hands and wrist from strain or fatigue. Cleaning the multicolored unit is simple and easy.  Check price on Amazon

4. Kuhn Rikon Automatic Master Can Opener, 8.75-Inch, Black same

Removing the lid from a can will be easy with this can opener. It automatically snaps on the can and maintains a firm grip and to prevent accidental falls. The stainless steel unit cuts smoothly without leaving a jagged edge and also lifts the lid for easy access to the contents.

The black can opener has large ergonomically designed handles and feels soft to the hands. Unlike other pieces that require a knob or handle to be turned, in this one, you only need to press a button.  Check price on Amazon

3. Hicober Heavy Duty Manual Can Opener

Opening tough cans is a breeze with this can opener. The heavy-duty piece is crafted from strong stainless steel metal and won’t bend or warp even when opening tough cans. It comprises a reliable cutter that will open the lid while ensuring there are no sharp edges. The ergonomic knob is easy to turn while the soft grip handles for better handling.

Compared to other units, this opener is longer and this improves the handling. Although it’s a heavy-duty piece, this item is lightweight and also very portable.  Check price on Amazon

2. ZYLISS Lock N’ Lift Can Opener, White

You shouldn’t struggle opening cans or injure yourself because of the lid’s jagged edge. With this white can opener by Zyliss, opening is a breeze. Simply place the cutter on the edge, lock it, and turn the oversized handle. Consumers say it has a practical handle and also feels smooth on the hand.

It takes a pretty short time to remove the lid and to keep it safe and secure; it comes with a lid lifting magnet. It’s made from rustproof and corrosion resistant stainless steel and maintains its good looks for long.  Check price on Amazon

1. Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch Black and Chrome Can Opener

Measuring about 5 x 4 x 9 inches, the 76606ZA can opener by Hamilton Beach is a good choice for any cans. It very stylish and trendy due to the combination of black and chrome colors and is also very sturdily built to withstand the daily demands.

The opener has a large ergonomic lever that requires minimal effort and will work amazingly fast. And thanks to the reliable side-cutting mechanism, it will safely remove the lid as it turns and won’t leave a sharp edge.  Check price on Amazon

You don’t need to exert lots of effort or pressure when opening a can. You shouldn’t task injury because of a weak opener that can snap during operation. You also shouldn’t struggle to clean or maintain an opener or put-up with rust, staining, and corrosion.

With the best product, opening the can will be easier, convenient, and safer. You will also do it fast and you won’t need different types to open different cans. Use these top 10 best can openers in 2021 reviews to buy a good item.


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