10 Best Camping Pillows In 2022

Best Camping Pillows

Some of the things that come to mind when it comes to planning your next camping adventure may be the trees, fresh air, lakes, and the after-dinner campfire. Camping is an activity that can transcend your mental state and truly refresh you after a long week of work. Getting out to the tranquility of the great outdoors is a wonderful venture. But there are some things you may not consider.

You won’t have all of your natural comforts of home. Your big kitchen filled with all your favorite foods, your morning newspaper to catch you up on the latest events, and your warm comfortable bed and your pillow. This is all well and good because camping provides many other benefits besides comfort. However, there are some choices you can make in order to satisfy a few of your pampering needs.

Buying the right gear will make your camping life that much more enjoyable. If you have a good tent, a reliable camping table, a good camping backpack, a good mattress, and a good pillow, you may be just as comfortable as you need to be. One of the most important aspects of a comfortable camping trip: your camping pillow.

A good camping pillow can make all the difference. Rolling up your sweatshirts into a ball and trying to find a comfortable spot may be a last resort, but it should not be the first resort. Later on, we will talk about what makes a good camping pillow. But first, here are our 10 best camping pillows in 2022.

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1. Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Pillow

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Pillow

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The Wise Owl Outfitters camping pillow puts comfort and convenience first. The memory like foam is designed to shape to your head nicely and cradle you to sleep as you listen to the crickets outside. The foam compresses and expands when you pull it out and put it back into the waterproof carry bag.

You can roll the pillow right up and store it away for lightweight, easy carrying. The pillow weighs next to nothing and will be unnoticeable weight wise when you’re going on longer hiking trips. The pillow is covered over with a microsuede cover to give you a pleasant surface which will not irritate your skin. The pillow is available in three sizes. 9/12, 14/18, and 16/23. Choose between 5 bold colors to match the rest of your camping gear and suit your style.

+ Lightweight
+ Waterproof carry bag
+ Three sizes
+ Memory like foam
+ Compressible

Why we like it – This is all around a great pillow. It is water resistant, breathable, comfortable, and easy to pack. You can’t really ask for more from a comfortable camping pillow.

2. Leisure Co Ultralight Inflatable Pillow

Leisure Co Ultralight Inflatable Pillow

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Leisure Co Ultralight inflatable pillow is a great option for one of the most lightweight camping pillows you will find. It weighs only 4oz and will be one of the easiest pillows to store and carry. Instead of using the foam to provide comfort, you inflate and deflate the pillow to provide the level of comfort you want. This is a convenient aspect because having control over the firmness of your pillow can allow you to customize it to your preferences.

To protect the inside of the pillow and keep you comfortable, it is covered with a brushed cotton blend and a padded synthetic lining. When the pillow is inflated it is 14/10/4″, and when you deflate and roll it up it fits into the waterproof bag that keeps it as small as a pair of hiking socks. It is a durable camping pillow that is washable and easy to clean if you get any stains on it.

+ Washable
+ Superlight
+ Inflatable
+ Portable
+ Comfortable

3. Therm-a-Rest Travel Pillow

Therm-a-Rest Travel Pillow

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This is a really versatile camping pillow. It is great to have overnight in the woods, but will also work on planes, trains, and automobiles. It is constructed using memory foam to conform to the shape of your neck and provide an optimal level of comfort. The exterior is made of a soft, washable polyester covering.

It is designed with a little less volume around the back and slightly more around the frontal lobes. This gives your neck a slightly more natural resting position and more bulk to rest if your head decides to go sideways. It folds up slightly smaller and is easy to clip onto your hiking bag so you won’t lose it while on the move. It weighs 7 oz and is 12/12/4″. This is a great pillow for the occasional camper who also travels around the world frequently.

+ Versatile
+ Memory foam
+ Natural neck support
+ Washable Liner
+ Lightweight/portable

Why we like it – This can be a comfortable camping pillow for regular camping outings. It is comfy and easy to pack and store. It is also versatile for the drive to and from the campsite if you happened to miss out on a few Z’s the night before.

4. TETON Sports Camp Pillow

TETON Sports Camp Pillow

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TETON is a well-trusted name in the world of camping. They make high-quality camping gear and continue to do so with the sports camp pillow. This is another wonderfully comfortable option to keep you cozy on a cold night in the woods. the material is comfortable, warm flannel and is machine washable to help get the smell of campfire out of the fabric.

You do not need to inflate the pillow as when you take it out of the bag and unfurl it, the foam automatically fluffs up. It will provide support for your neck to help you stave off unwanted stains. Their versatile designs allow you to pick out the color that matches the rest of your gear. You can roll up this comfortable camping pillow to store and carry it with absolute ease.

+ No inflation needed
+ Flannel material
+ Washable
+ Good support
+ Various colors available

Why we like it – Who doesn’t love a plaid pattern with your camping gear? This gives you the true lumberjack feeling as you list away dreamily on the comfortable flannel material. It gives you the support you need and the portability to take it anywhere with you.

5. Trekology Ultralight Inflating Pillow

Trekology Ultralight Inflating Pillow

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Have you ever imagined that you would be sleeping on a pillow that stores into a compact size smaller and lighter than a soda can? Well, take a deep breath because that dream is a reality. This pillow weighs only 2.8 oz, and packs in so small you will need to check twice to make sure you remembered it.

The curved design affords your neck and heads the support you need on the hard ground. The sleeping surface is coated with durable elastic TRU fabric to allow you to avoid any irritation during the night. The dimensions are 12/16/4.9″ when it is in the fully loaded position. You can inflate the pillow easily in 3-5 adult sized breaths, and the air will stay tight in the sealed cap. Easily deflate by pressing in on the deflation button.

+ Inflatable
+ Superlight/portable
+ Ergonomic design
+ Comfortable fabric lining
+ Easy to pack

Why we like it – The thing that differentiates this camping pillow is the curved design. It slightly cradles your head and neck to give you the support you need. THe packed up size is quite amazing as well and is one of the smallest camping pillows ever. 2.8 oz will hardly be noticeable in your bag.

6. WELLAX Ultralight Camping Pillow

WELLAX Ultralight Camping Pillow

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This camping pillow is designed to stay right in place while providing exceptional comfort and portability. Similar to our previous pick, this pillow, when deflated and stowed, compresses to a 5/2″ size. It will be super easy to throw in your hiking back and carry without adding any extra weight or size. The lining is made of elastic TPU fabric which is pleasant on your skin. This fabric is durable, water resistant, and elastic to give you the comfort you need.

It is really easy to inflate with a few breaths, and just as easy to deflate when it is time for you to hit the trail. The curved design is ideal for back, side, and stomach sleepers. It will cradle your head and won’t encourage too much movement to keep you comfortably sleeping through the entire night. It works well in many travel situations and can be relied on to give you the comfort you need on your camping adventure.

+ Inflatable
+ Water-resistant
+ Portable and lightweight
+ Ergonomic and comfortable

Why we like it – This is a comfortable option that is easy to pack and easy to maintain. Give yourself the joy of cradled comfort with this pillow and inflate and deflate with ease. The water-resistant material will keep out moisture and ensure the long life of the pillow.

7. Coop Home Goods Camping and Travel Pillow

Coop Home Goods Camping and Travel Pillow

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Coop Home Goods manufactures all of its products in the USA. This pillow does not inflate but rather compresses and expands to provide you the comfort you need and the portability you need. The outer layer is made of bamboo-derived viscose rayon and poly blend.

This is a very durable and flexible material which will be super comfortable for you in the woods. The material naturally regulates the temperature to keep you from sweating too much or getting chilly. A hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant lining help keep this pillow clean and bug-free.

All Coop Home Goods pillows are made with safe materials that contain no chemicals or harmful ingredients. Although these are small and compact travel pillows, they are designed to offer an adult the proper amount of support and comfort they need no matter where you need to get your beauty sleep.

+ Compressible
+ Comfortable memory foam
+ Hypoallergenic covering
+ American made
+ No chemicals needed

Why we like it – This camping pillow is fantastic for sleeping in the bush. It is easy to keep clean and the natural temperature regulation is really comfortable. Waking up with a sweaty pillow can be super uncomfortable, but you don’t have to deal with that business with this pillow.

8. Wenzel Camp Pillow

Wenzel Camp Pillow

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Here you have a standard, run of the mill type of travel pillow. It is great for camping, riding in cars, or planes. The pillow cover is made of flannel which offers a super soft, comfortable material for you to rest easily on. Just like any good camping pillow, you can roll it up and compress the foam to allow it to fit nicely into the carrying bag if you’re on a longer hiking trip. The bottom fabric is polyester which sticks to the surface of your camping pad to keep it from sliding around and landing your face on the ground.

When fully expanded, the pillow is 12/20″ which is big enough for a single adult to sleep easily on. The inside is stuffed with Omega ll fill which is super soft and comfortable. It does not contain all of the extra features like water resistance and super lightweight size, but sometimes you don’t need that. You will be able to get the best nights to sleep on this pillow in any camping situation.

+ Simple design
+ Flannel fabric
+ Compact
+ Comfortable
+ Washable

Why we like it – No surprises and no issues with this pillow. When you’re going camping, you can’t ask for a better companion. It is comfortable, cozy and reminds you of chopping down trees with the flannel, plaid design.

9. REDCAMP Outdoor Camping Pillow

REDCAMP Outdoor Camping Pillow

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Simplicity and practicality come with the camping pillow made by REDCAMP. It is designed to last through all of your camping trips and stay intact and comfortable. You can pull out the inside stuffing bag and wash the outer layer. The shell is made of flannel and the lining is comprised of non woven fabric.

It is really lightweight at 320g, so it is easy to pack up and fit into your hiking bag when you’re ready to hit the road. When in sleeper position, the pillow is 12/20″ which is the optimal size for a single adult to sleep on. It is designed to be thick and comfortable enough to give any user a great nights’ sleep.

+ Washable
+ Lightweight
+ Non-woven fabric
+ Portable

Why we like it – This pillow has everything you need. It is lightweight, portable, comfortable, and durable. You will sleep well and will have easy maintenance with this outdoor camping pillow.

10. OpePlus Inflatable Camping Pillow

OpePlus Inflatable Camping Pillow

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Featuring an ergonomic, anti-slip design, this camping pillow is designed to give you the highest level of comfort no matter where you are. The cover is made of hypoallergenic material to keep any unwanted natural spices off of the surface and allow you to have a blissful sleep.

The design is meant to conform to the natural curve of your spine to give you the greatest amount of comfort possible. The size is 16/12″ which it is fully inflated and packs down to the compact size so you can carry and store it easily. It is an easy pillow to inflate and deflate. It is a pillow that is sturdy, durable and soft to the touch all at the same time.

+ Super comfortable
+ Full support
+ Inflatable
+ Durable and soft
+ Hypoallergenic

Why we like it – This is as good as a camping pillow can get. It is portable, comfortable, and slip resistant. You really can’t ask for more with a pillow and it lets you sleep comfortably through the night.

Camping Pillows Buyers Guide

What to look for in a camping Pillow

As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to a good camping pillow. But how do you know what you need? This decision could make all the difference in allowing you to have the kind of sleep you need and want. Get one that isn’t comfortable enough and you won’t sleep well, but get the right one and you’ll definitely be sweetly dreaming. Here are some of the factors to pay attention to when you are choosing your camping pillow.

How Big Should My Pillow Be?

The size of the pillow is basically as important as the fabric and the filling. The size that you need will be determined by a number of factors. Your size, the type of camping you will be doing, and how portable you need the pillow to be will affect your choice.

If you are doing longer hikes which have you carrying everything you need on your back, then you will want to pick up a pillow that will easily pack into your bag without taking up too much space or adding too much weight.

If you’re doing drive-in camping, then your portability will not be as big of a deal. In more cases, cars have a lot more room to store your items portability will not be as high on the list of priorities.

In many cases, if you have the option of small, medium, and large pillows, the expert recommendation is to go with the medium pillow. Or, if you need that extra bulk the large pillow will do. The thing is, having a small pillow can be extremely uncomfortable to sleep on. And, when you pack down the pillows into their sacks, the difference in size becomes quite minimal as far as pack weight goes. The extra sleeping bulk will please you when the time comes.

What Type Of Material Should It Be?

As you can see, camping pillows come in many materials. Some are flannel, some are TPU fabric, and some are polyester. Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too, but sometimes you may sacrifice comfort for cleanliness or vice versa.

Flannel is super comfortable and soft. It will provide you with the highest level of comfort you need and the sleep might be better with flannel. It is generally washable so you don’t need to worry too much about cleanliness on short trips. It can pick up extra bugs and smells on longer trips and if you forget to wash it in between trips. If you’re an infrequent camper, then flannel should be a good option.

If you’ve got a pillow made of cotton, you get the best of both worlds. It is comfortable to sleep on and pretty easy to clean. The cotton is usually pretty thin and supported with polyester liners to keep the pillow waterproof and durable. If you want the ease and comfort in a cotton liner, then go with this fabric.

Inflatable or Not?

Inflatable pillows can get you a little more of a compact design when you’re taking it in the bag for longer trips. Even when a pillow is inflatable, it generally has enough of a coating of padding to give you a naturally comfortable surface to lay your head. The nice thing about inflatable pillows is that you get to choose how soft or firm you make the pillow. If it is too soft, just blow a tiny bit of air into it, and there you have it. One of the downsides of using foam filled pillows.

Foam pillows are nothing to overlook either. they are generally very comfortable and the feeling may be very similar to what you are used to sleeping on at home. You don’t really need to worry too much about the compact nature of the foam. Foam is easy enough to compress and fit into your waterproof carry bag as well. You may not be able to get quite the minimalism that you would with an inflatable pillow, but foam makes up for it in other ways.


You should be able to go and pick out your new camping pillow with ease and confidence now. Pay attention to the factors we have outlined and get ready to enjoy the beautiful ease of a well-designed camping pillow.

Expert tip

If you’re using an inflatable pillow and you wear earrings. Make sure to take them out before you go to sleep. Inflatable pillows are filled with air. When you puncture them, the air slowly seeps out. You don’t want to accidentally pop your pillow in the middle of the night.

Did you know?

Camping pillows really can be used anywhere. Since most of them are packable and lightweight, taking your camping pillow on a plane, bus or car is really not a travel faux paw and will give you a little more comfort if you’re trying to get your rest on the go.


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