10 Best Camping Backpacks In 2022

Best Camping Backpacks

When you’re going camping and hiking, you need to have a great backpack. The backpack is where you will be carrying all of your belongings that will make your life easier later on. Your backpack needs to be comfortable, durable, and lightweight.

The size will play a huge factor in the practicality of any given camping bag. If you get a backpack that is too small, you won’t be able to fit everything in. If you get one that is too big, you’ll have too much extra space, and it likely won’t fit as well.

The bag needs to be comfortable to grant you more contentment during your long walks. An uncomfortable bag can seriously dampen your spirits if your back is already sore and you still have 10km left to go. And, your camping backpack must be durable. When you’re walking, bags get snagged on branches and trees all the time. A backpack that easily rips or tears easily will not be deal in the long run. The bag is there to keep all of your items contained and protected from the outdoor elements.

Later, we will go further into detail with a buyers guide on how to determine whether or not a bag is right for you. But for now, what are some of the best camping backpacks in 2022? We have broken down a list of the 10 best camping backpacks and laid out all of their features in an easy to digest manner here.

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1. TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

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TETON sports put out a wide variety of backpacks to fit a diverse range of camping and hiking needs. With the Scout 3400, they have created a 55L backpack that is versatile and budget-friendly. It is designed to work for men and women, and people all heights from 5’0 to about 6’4. The size is adjustable to make it comfortable for people who contain differing statures.

It houses an internal frame which keeps the structural integrity of the backpack intact while you are walking, packing, or storing the bag. It is also designed to allow a comfortable amount of airflow between your back and the bag. This will cut down on the discomfort of sweat which can build up and make you colder later on when the wind picks up and you don’t have your bag on anymore.

It is well padded on the shoulders and back to give you an elevated degree of comfort. And, you should be able to holster yourself securely in the hip straps starting at a waist circumference of 25″.

It is not an overly bulky backpack at 4.5 pounds and is able to hold enough supplies for shorter trips. About 5 days is the max you would want to go with this bag unless you’re a very minimalist packer.

Along with the main storage compartment, it gives you extra options with external storage with more pockets, bungee storage, and a sleeping bag pocket – you may have to carry any camping pillows by hand. You could also always strap your bag to the outside for easy access on a dry day. For your convenience on wet days, there is a built-in rain cover which is easy to deploy and cover up your bag with.

+ Fairly lightweight
+ Built-in frame
+ 55L
+ Budget-friendly
+ Good for short trips

Why we like it – This is not an overly bulky bag and has everything you need for the everyman style of hiking. If you’re doing smaller and shorter trips, you will do just fine to pack everything you need into this bag.

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2. Seenlast 50L Hiking Backpack

Seenlast 50L Hiking Backpack

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This is another great backpack that will give you everything you need for a 4-5 day hiking trip. It is strong, comfortable, and has a ton of places for you to store your necessities. The material used is high-quality water resistant, and it is built to stand up to tears and cuts.

The material on the back is soft and breathable. It has a mesh backing and is designed to allow air to flow through to cut down on the amount of sweat you’ll experience. If you need to store things like trekking poles, water bottles, sleeping bags, maps, cell phones, etc, this camping bag has a lot of external pockets and straps to keep everything locked into place.

It has been designed size wise to fit most airline requirements for cargo bags. That way you can go as far as you want to in order to see those amazing sights. It is an easily adjustable bag with a wide array of strap settings and is fit for people between 5 and 6′ tall.

+ 50L
+ Easily adjustable
+ Tons of external storage
+ Comfortable back design
+ Strong, durable, water resistant

Why we like it – This is a really strong bag. It is one of the best camping bags you will find if you are taking it out for shorter trips. It is great to be able to strap everything onto the side of the bag and keep it all secure without having to worry about it.

3. MOUNTAINTOP 40L Hiking Backpack

MOUNTAINTOP 40L Hiking Backpack

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For the times when you don’t need a ton of extra space, this is a wonderful option for short camping trips. If you’re going on a trip between 2-4 nights, you will have everything you need in the Mountaintop 40L. It is outfitted with lots of convenient external straps to secure sleeping bags, tents, poles, water bottles and more. The mesh side pockets are stretchy and give you the ability to put items of different sizes and keep them secure.

It’s got a few external pockets for smaller items, and a laptop specific pocket so you can store your notebooks. It is designed with comfort in mind with highly adjustable shoulder, hip, and sternum straps. And, the back cushions have an air-flow design to keep the sweat production to a minimum. On empty, the bag weighs only 22 pounds and will fit into the plane, bus, or car quite easily. If it is not too full, you may also be able to carry this camping bag right onto the cabin.

+ Good for short trips
+ Budget Friendly
+ Lots of external storage
+ Adjustable
+ Lightweight

Why we like it – This is a simple bag that gives you everything you need for camping and hiking. You wouldn’t want to take this on a really long adventure through treacherous weather conditions, but for a casual, couple of day stroll, it will do just fine.

4. Venture Pal Lightweight

Venture Pal Lightweight

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Venture Pal backpacks are great for really minimalist packing strategies They are not designed to give you the intense and rugged performance of a long hike specific bag, but for simple camping trips, they are fantastic. They are made with extremely durable material, and the smaller versions can roll right up to pack them into a separate carrying bag.

It comes in high-quality tear resistant and water resistant material. Made of nylon, and will not break apart if you happen to get snagged on a branch. These camping backpacks are stylish and can be worn just as easily walking around town inconspicuously. They come with breathable padding on the shoulders and back to offer optimal comfort.

You can buy Venture Pal backpacks in a variety of volumes from 15L to 35L. They are all made with the same high-quality material and will be great for day hiking trips of single night trips. They do not have a ton of extra storage, so make sure you keep it simple with Venture Pal.

+ Minimalist
+ Durable
+ Lightweight
+ Various sizes
Comfortable pads

Why we like it – For a single day hiking backpack, Venture Pal will do just fine. They are built with durability in mind and will keep everything safe and sound. The smaller bags can be folded into a smaller storage bag when not in use.

5. TETON Sports Explorer 4000

TETON Sports Explorer 4000

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This is our first option for the longer and more rugged camping trips. It has a 65L capacity and will be enough to carry everything you need for 5-9 day camping trips. When it is empty, the weight is 5 pounds which is pretty lightweight. Any hiker knows how important keeping the weight down is.

With multi-position size adjustments, you can customize the dimensions to fit your specific body type and size. It comes with a built-in hydration bladder storage area which can hold up to 3 liters. The padded waist belt will allow you to adjust the waist size to fit your needs. The back panel is designed to provide the most comfort and air-flow possible, and the internal frame upholds the structural integrity of the bag while in use, or while packing.

+ 65L
+ Good for long hiking trips
+ Internal Frame
+ Comfortable back and shoulder straps

Why we like it – This is a great, rugged backpack which will be great for longer trips. With all of the pockets and external storage that you could ask for. It will be everything you need.

6. G4Free Lightweight Packable

G4Free Lightweight Packable

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This may be the most compact and lightweight camping backpack you can find. The 11L backpack is all you will need for single day camping trips. If you’re heading into the campground at night and leaving the next morning, this can be a great bag if you want to take a short walk before you leave the campground. 11L is more than enough to carry the layers that you’re wearing and tearing along with external mesh pockets for water bottles.

It is made with water and tear resistant material to keep everything in your bag dry. And, it can be folded right up into a tiny carrier pouch. This would work as a great accompanying bag to take as a day pack on a longer camping trip if you are hiking out and back to camp again. It comes with adjustable straps with mesh padding and two-way zippers for convenient retrieval of items.

+ Good as a day pack
+ Water and scratch resistant
+ Comfortable padding
+ Breathable back mesh
+ Sturdy external pockets

Why we like it – This is all you need to be able to store your extra belongings like water, snack, and layers for day hikes when you’re out camping.

7. Loowoko Hiking Backpack 50L

Loowoko Hiking Backpack 50L

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Loowoko hiking backpacks are made with all of the reliability to could want from a good camping backpack. The 50L backpack will be great for trips which are 2-5 days long. It is made of strong material to stand up to anything that may challenge the integrity of the structure and comes with a rain cover to easily protect everything if the sky starts to fall.

The backpack is comfortable as all f the straps are totally adjustable to fit various body sizes. You can strap the waist adjuster to keep the extra weight off of your back. You have enough compartments to keep all of your belongings safe and sound inside. The back is breathable, and it comes with ripstop materials to keep away tears and rips.

+ Good for long hiking trips
+ Tear resistant
+ Fully adjustable
+ Lots of external compartments
+ Included rain cover

Why we like it – This is a strong, durable camping backpack that will give you everything you need in order to go on longer trips.

8. AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking

AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking

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This hiking backpack made by AmazonBasics is comprised of high-quality polyester, which makes it the perfect camping and hiking companion. It is outfitted with multi-directional compression straps, which will offer you a high level of comfort. There are tons of pockets to help you store all of your necessities like clothing, stoves, cooking supplies, water, and food.

The internal frame helps the bag keep its shape when in use or when in packing mode. It is designed with back airflow technology to cut down on sweat production. You can also choose between 55, 65, and 75L options to ft the type of hiking you are doing.

+ Durable material
+ Many pockets
+ Highly comfortable
+ 55-75L
+ Internal Frame

Why we like it – This will be a backpack that will do what you need for longer camping trips. You can fit everything you need inside, it is durable and lightweight.

9. KAUKKO Laptop Outdoor Backpack

KAUKKO Laptop Outdoor Backpack

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This is another simple, day use camping backpack. It will have enough room to fit everything you need for a short hike through the woods. If you need to take your notebook to get some serenity based writing done, this bag is perfect. It is made of high-quality 600D Polyester fabric. It is soft and comfortable, with well-padded shoulder straps and back panel.

The capacity is 15L which is enough to hold all of your daily activity items like layered clothing, water bottles, and snacks. It can also be used as a day bag when you’re in the city and fits in with any style you have. It comes in a wide variety of colors.

+ Camping and streetwear
+ Good day bag
+ 15L
+ Comfortable design
+ High-quality polyester

Why we like it – The best part of this bag is its versatility. It is not just for camping, you can wear it in the city to store everything you need for the day as well.

10. REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical

REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical

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This tactical military backpack is made to stand up to almost anything. It ha high-quality and high-durability fabric to keep out water and to stave of rips and tears. The capacity is 40L which is enough to accompany you for 2-3 day camping trips. It has double stitched, heavy duty zippers and utility-style cord pulls.

The straps are breathable and comfortable with airflow capabilities in the back. All of the straps are adjustable to allow people of various heights and weights to wear the bag without discomfort. It is outfitted with a hydration bladder storage compartment if you need a place to put your water container.

+ Hydration bladder compartment
+ 40L
+ Durable
+ Adjustable

Why we like it – This is one of the most durable bags you will find and can be trusted on a hiking and camping trip which lasts for a couple of days.

Camping Backpacks Buyers Guide

What to look for in a good camping Backpack

Not all backpacks are created equal. You can find bags that will work great for long trips, for short trips, and just for day trips. The durability, size, and capability will widely vary in many backpacks. With so many options available, it can be difficult to figure out which bag is best for your purposes. Here is a short explanation of the things to think about when buying a camping backpack.


The most important question you’ll want to answer is, what will you be using your bag for. Will you be taking longer camping/hiking trips, or will you mostly be going for 2-3 days? The longer you are going, the more size and capability you will need.

For longer trips, you need to go with higher capacities. In order to be able to hold all of the necessary items you will need for a 5-10 day hiking trip, you will need to get a 50-75L bag. 75L will be about as big as you need for a bag, especially if you have external storage areas.

For shorter trips, you’ll want a 30-54L bag to fit all of your two to three-day belongings. This will be big enough to keep your cooking materials, clothing, and food while still being small enough to not have a ton of extra room.


The stronger the bag the better. When you’re carrying items like cooking supplies, and walking through the bush where there are lots of areas for you to cause rips, you need to get material that is going to stand up to the elements. High-quality polyester will be strong enough to protect your bag and your belongings.

If you do not get a bag that has a high enough durability factor, you could be in for a world of annoyance. If your clothes get wet overnight, or something falls through a small hole that you didn’t notice, you could be out of luck. It is important to keep all of your belongings safe and secure and to protect your backpack investment by making sure that it is designed with durability in mind.

Also getting a bag with water resistance is good. If you do not have a rain cover, then water resistance will make the biggest difference in keeping you comfortable with a dry change of clothes on.


If you are going to be taking long hikes or hiking to all of your campsites, pay close attention to the comfort level of your bag. Comfort comes in many forms with bags. First, you need to make sure that the size is the right one for you. Get a bag that is too small or too big for your frame, and it won’t sit properly on your shoulder or back.

The padding should be nice and soft, and, the more adjustments you can make, the better. That will allow you more wiggle room to get the comfort adjustments exactly as you need them to be. If your comfort level is not right, you will truly regret it as the day goes on and the bag gets heavier.


Most of your things will be kept in the main storage compartment of the bag. But when you have extra compartments to hold water bottles, maps, cell phones, snacks, tents, and trekking poles, it will make your life a little easier.

You don’t always have room for these items in your main compartment, so having external straps for larger, more awkwardly shaped items can be crucial for having a convenient place to store the hiking supplies that you will need.


The best camping backpack will have all of the best qualities. Durability, comfort, capacity, and style. With so many options available, there is no doubt you’ll be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Just keep the buying factors in mind while making a decision and your next camping trip will be a breeze.


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