Top 10 Best Camera Tripods in 2021

Best Camera Tripods

Choosing a camera tripod is not as easy as walking at the park. They discover that there are a lot of things that need to be considered. Camera tripod needs to very stable so as to take the blur-free shots, it should be easy to carry around, setting it up should be child’s play, and it should also support the camera in hand. The considerations also involve looking at the durability of the item, how well it will put-up in windy areas, and the ease of folding it down into smaller sizes. Did I mention that you also need to look at the weightheightcostlegs design, feetcenter postheadQuick-Release System and other features? Well, you don’t really need to go to such great lengths to own a good product. All you need is to follow out top 10 best camera tripods in 2021 review.

Best Camera Tripods in 2021


10. Deals Number One Tripod

Deals Number One Tripod

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Boasting of being the only camera tripod on our list with a remote shutter release is this Deals Number One tripod. It has a maximum height of 60 inches and will work with most types of cameras including Canon, Sony, Pentax, and Samsung.

It’s also very light thanks to the aluminum construction but is still well built and sturdy to use with heavy cameras. To avoid the blurs that come when you move slightly, this tripod is equipped with a remote. Adjusting the height is very easy and the construction is also good. What isn’t right with this unit is the rather short clicker cord.

Item length :  60 inches

Weight : 0.99 kg / 2.2 lbs

9. ZOMEI Q111 55-inch Camera Tripod

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The first camera on our list is the ZOMEI Q111 camera tripod. We love its simple design that makes mounting different cameras easy for both newbies and professionals. This is made possible by the well designed 1 / 4 mount and 3-way pan head.

We also found the 55-inch length suitable for most people and this made it easier to not only assemble but also use. Carrying the unit isn’t an issue as it’s mainly made from lightweight aluminum and plastic. It comes with a convenient carry bag, quick-release mechanism, and offers smooth operation. The unit, however, comes with many plastic parts that make it look cheap.

Item length : 55inch

Item weight : 1.252kg / 2.76Lb

8. Sony VCT-R100 Lightweight Tripod

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Taking the best shots with your camera or making high-quality videos is more certain with this lightweight tripod. It’s made from a combination of aluminum and ABS plastic, both of which are known also for durability and rust resistance.

Swiveling and tilting the camera is made more convenient and smooth by the 3-way pan head whereas the Tilt correction angles of 60, 90 and 360 degrees allow you to shot from any angle and position. A few consumers have issues with the many plastic parts that make the tripod appear cheap and also the fact that it can’t support very heavy cameras.

Item length :  40 inches

Weight : 0.82 kg / 1.81 lbs

7. Zomei Z818 Professional Tripod

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The crown goes to the Zomei Z818 camera tripod. It’s very well made and suitable even for professional application. It comes with strong legs and non-slip feet that will firmly secure the unit as well as the camera. Setting up this unit is easy and simple and so is adjusting the height from 18 up to 65 inches.

Besides being a tripod, it can also be converted into a monopod very easily and this makes it more portable and also saves space. And for added stability, the tripod leg can be screwed to the removable center column. It takes the first position because it’s well built, suitable for heavy-duty application, doesn’t wobble or shake even in windy settings and is also light and portable. It nonetheless lost a few points due to the instructions not being very clear.

Item length :   65 inches

Weight : 1.7kg/ 3.7lbs

6. Ravelli AVT Professional Tripod

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This tripod offers a perfect mount for cameras, camcorders, and video cameras as well. It is among the longest with a maximum height of 67 inches and also one of the strongest with a maximum load capacity of 16 lbs. Adjusting the unit is straightforward and easy courtesy of the 3 adjustable leg sections and quick release plate.

We found the padded foam grips very convenient especially for carrying while the dual control handles improve handling and maneuverability. Consumers also appreciate the good quality, affordable price, but some say the base it a little wide.

Item length :  67 inches

Weight : 4.4 kg / 9.8 lbs

5. eCost Elite Series Professional Tripod

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If you own a Nikon, Sony, Canon, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonic, Samsung or any other camera, this tripod by eCost should serve you well. Its maximum length of 72 inches makes it very suitable for tall users but it can be shrunk to a smaller size of up to 26 inches. Although lightweight, this accessory is very strong courtesy of the aluminum alloy.

It will support heavy cameras and still remain steady in windy areas. For easy operation, it features two bubble level indicators and 2 section legs. We love this tripod because of its user friendliness, compactness, easy to assemble and also very portable. Some users nonetheless say it isn’t very suitable for heavy cameras.

Item length : 72 inches

Weight : 1.4kg / 3.08 lbs

4. ButterflyPhoto Professional Tripod

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This is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and easy to use tripods in the market. It comes with 3-section legs that offer very firm and steady support, 3-way pan head that is easy to tilt and swivel, and built-in bubble level that helps you keep your camera level.

The easy-to-adjust unit can be extended up to 72 inches for tall users and can be locked easily using the quick lever lock. The light item remains firmly in place thanks to the rubber leg tip while the light weight improves portability. The tripod, however, is somewhat thin and not suited for heavy-duty work.

Item length : 72 inches

Weight : 2.8 lbs / 1.27kg

3. Dolica AX620B100 Tripod

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You may rule out this tripod by Dolica simply because of its very light nature, which is courtesy of thealuminum construction. However, closer inspection reveals that it can support weight up to 13.2 pounds.

This makes it perfect for most cameras on the market. It also offers very smooth and seamless operation thanks to the quality ball head and quick release plate. You don’t need to strain yourself as it comes with adjustable height but 62 inches is the highest it goes. Users seem to like the large camera adapter plate, nonslip rubber feet, and quick release leg locks.

Item length : 72 inches

Weight : 1.4kg / 3.08 lbs

2. AmazonBasics 60-Inch tripod

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Also from AmazonBasics is this tripod whose length ranges from a low 25 inches to a high 60 inches. This makes it suitable for any kind of user whether short or tall and can be used to make shots from low to very high angles. It comes in a basic design which although not that fancy is quite functional.

This is bettered by the 3-way pan head and dual bubble levels. Transitioning from one shot to another isn’t a problem thanks to the quick-release plate. However, with a max load capacity of 3lkg (6.6 lbs), this unit isn’t fit for heavy cameras.

Item length : 62 inches

Weight : 4 lbs / 1.8kg

1. AmazonBasics 50-inch Tripod

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AmazonBasics is a brand that is making waves in the tripod market. We can see why by looking at this stylish and well-crafted tripod that can be used with most cameras on the market. The 50-inch piece comes with a 3-way head for swiveling and tilting the camera and it’s also very smooth and easy to operate.

For the shorter people, you can reduce the height to as low as 16.5 inches. Weighing approximately 1 pound, it’s got to be among the lightest tripods in the market; nonetheless, it will still support heavy cameras and withstand fairly strong wind.

Item length : 50 inches

Weight : 1.2 lbs / 0.54kg


After going through the above review, you most likely are more confident of owning the best camera tripod in the market. What’s more exciting is that you no longer have to review each and every item as we have already done that for you. You simply need to go through the list again, and based on the type of camera or personal preference and choose a product. Not only does this save time and effort, by you will be more at peace knowing you have the best camera tripod in 2021.


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