Top 10 Best Camera Sliders in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Camera Sliders

The fact that you are looking for the best camera slider, shows that you are really serious about the quality of the videos you take. This is your chance to get rid of all the vibrations, and ensure that the footage you end up with, is smoother than ever. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or an amateur, a camera slider will make your work flawless. There are no limitations when it comes to who can use a slider and who can’t. We all want to take great shots, so having the proper kind of equipment is essential.

The best camera sliders are available from different types of brands, and some even have very unique features to them. Despite this, they all work in the same way. This means that even if you owned a different type from the ones in this review, you will not get stranded. In fact, you will be glad to have one of the Top 10 Best Camera Sliders in 2020, as a replacement. This is exactly what you need, on your way to producing footage which is professional grade.

How to Choose a Camera Slider

When purchasing a camera slider, there are several things that you need to look at:

  • Compatibility: How compatible is your camera with the slider? This is important because, if overlooked you may end up with a slider that you don’t even use. Make sure the slider can work with your camera’s model, to avoid frustrations.
  • The length of the slider: Some camera sliders are longer than others. If you want a slider that you can use for a variety of situations, then a longer one is the recommended choice. As much as the length of the slider is a crucial factor, it all comes down to the budget you are working with. Shorter sliders are more affordable and will also give you good quality.
  • The weight of the camera slider and its carrying capacity: A camera slider that can’t handle your camera’s weight, will not be of any use to you. The slider will not work as it is supposed to. This is especially important, if you plan to also add on accessories to your camera. You also need to make sure that, you can handle the weight of the slider itself. Since you will be carrying it, ensure that it doesn’t take a toll on you.

Why do you need a Camera Slider?

  • They help produce high quality work: As mentioned earlier in the beginning of the review, using a camera slider enhances your footage. Vibrations during camera movement will no longer be an issue for you.
  • Camera sliders help amateurs improve: If you are not yet a professional, using a slider will help produce work that which is of higher skills.
  • For moves that can’t be done manually: Depending on the type of film you are making, a camera slider may be crucial. For absolute excellence, you will need one to take some shots at wide ranges.

Best Camera Sliders in 2020


10. GVM Motorized Camera Slider DSLR Dolly 

GVM Motorized Camera Slider DSLR Dolly with Automatic Looping Real Time Shooting Time Lapse Shots, Very Light Carbon Fiber, 32'' L

You need a camera slider which will not interfere with your work flow. GVM offers a slider designed with start and stop points which are easy to set. It is very fast to operate and operates in a silent manner. This is very important, especially when interviews are being conducted and also during post production.

For noise reduction, the slider was constructed with bass motors. It comes with a time lapse feature and also has intervals which can be adjusted.  Check price on Amazon

9. COOCHEER Camera Slider 32″/80cm, Aluminum DSLR Dolly Track Rail

COOCHEER Camera Slider 32"/80cm, Aluminum DSLR Dolly Track Rail Dolly for Photography and Video Recording with 1/4" 3/8" Screw Up to 17.5lbs/8kg Load Capacity,for YouTube video and short filmmakers

Coocheer is a great option for people who want a light camera slider, with a large load capacity. This particular one can support up to 17.5lbs. It is capable of a 32”/80cm camera distance, and has 19mm track rails.

The sliding action will be stable, thanks to its non-skid rubber feet. The rubber increases the friction between the slider and ground, for that purpose. Your camera will be leveled to the horizon, since it has an integrated bubble level. You can conveniently adjust it as much as you need to.  Check price on Amazon

8. A&J ANJMVSL80 Camera Slider with Aluminum Alloy

A&J ANJMVSL80 Camera Slider with Aluminum Alloy 4 Wheels Video Rail Track Slider Dolly Stabilizer for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR camera, 31.5", Black

A&J has a great product for those of you, with the Canon Nikon Sony DSLR camera. It has been constructed with four rubber wheels, are also removable. They come in handy as a Dolly, during curve filming and can be adjusted for a proper shooting height.

The bearings used are high precision, and the rails are even made of quality aluminum. You will also be able to mount any tripod you want, since it has 1/4″ and 3/8″ screw holes.  Check price on Amazon

7. Zecti 15.7” Portable Carbon Fiber Camera Slider Dolly Track

Zecti 15.7” Portable Carbon Fiber Camera Slider Dolly Track With 4 Roller Bearing for Video Movie Photography Making Stabilizing Nikon Canon Pentax Sony Cameras 17.6lbs Loading

Zecti offers a 15.7” solution for your photography, video and movie making needs. What makes it have an edge is the fact that it can be used on any kind of surface. It was designed with legs which can be adjusted and it can also meet any multiple shooting needs.

Whether you need to position it horizontally, vertically or slantingly, it will not disappoint. You will also get a free carrying bag, which is scratch resistant.  Check price on Amazon

6. Selens 31″ 80cm Carbon Fiber Dslr Camera Slider Rail Track Dolly 

Selens 31" 80cm Carbon Fiber Dslr Camera Slider Rail Track Dolly Video Stabilization (Blue)

This Selens camera slider was constructed in a very outstanding manner. In order for it to support up to 22lbs, it has 8 layer carbon fiber tubes. They are very strong and are also reliable. It has also been designed with 6 bearings, to prevent any outward expansion. This is most likely to happen, when the camera slider has been used for a long.  Check price on Amazon

5. Kamerar 31” Fluid Motion Video Slider

Kamerar 31” Fluid Motion Video Slider: Flywheel, Counterweight, Light Carbon Fiber Rails, Adjustable Legs, DSLR Camera/Camcorder Stabilization Track

Kamerar doesn’t offer you the average camera slider. It uses the flywheel counterweight system, which enhances its performance by far. Once you use it, you will realize how the slides are much smoother and consistent with it.

The slider has been designed with an additional handle. This enables the user to operate it in different ways. It even has a crank to allow you full movement control.  Check price on Amazon

4. GVM Camera Slider Track Dolly Slider Rail System

Camera Slider Track Dolly Slider Rail System with Motorized Time Lapse and Video Shot Follow Focus Shot and 120 Degree Panoramic Shooting 31"80cm

GVM is always giving its competitors a run for their money. This camera slider is capable of performing 6 actions. You will be able to perform panoramic shooting, track shooting, time lapse, video capture, and free set starting point and end point.

For 120 degree panoramic shooting, the red knob is slid to the lower left and upper right corner positions. It has also been designed with 1/4 “and 3/8” screw holes, to help support multiple angles.  Check price on Amazon

3. Neewer 47.2″/1.2m Carbon Fiber Camera Track Dolly Slider

Neewer 47.2"/1.2m Carbon Fiber Camera Track Dolly Slider Rail System with 17.5lbs/8kg Load Capacity for Stabilizing Movie Film Video Making Photography DSLR Camera Nikon Canon Pentax Sony

The Neewer camera slider has been designed with a Gear-shaped joint interface. Together with the slider’s locking knobs, the two features make the leg’s position locking better. The leg’s height are such that, they can only be adjusted between 10.5cm to 13.5cm.

The high-grade carbon fiber tubes, are subjected to minimum abrasion. This is thanks to the U-shaped ball bearings under the slider part. They also help ensure that the motion is smooth. The camera slider also has threaded holes, which make it capable of vertical, horizontal and 45 degrees shooting.  Check price on Amazon

2. Neewer 47 “/120cm Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider

Neewer 47 inches/120 centimeters Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider Video Stabilizer Rail for DSLR Camera DV Video Camcorder Film Photography, Load up to 11 pounds/5 kilograms

Neewer secures yet another position in our review today. This specific camera slider is professional grade, and is designed for heavy duty camera systems. The stability it provides is completely shake free.

It has a double interior rail system and can be used for any project requiring smooth movement. The camera slider can be used as a crane on a tripod, sloped on a tripod, positioned vertically on a tripod or even attached flipped over on two tripods.  Check price on Amazon

1. IMORDEN 32″/80cm Carbon Fiber Video Stabilization Camera Slider

IMORDEN 32"/80cm Carbon Fiber Video Stabilization Camera Slider(Up to 6kg/13.2lbs)DSLR Rail Dolly Track Film Making Kit for Youtuber, Works with Canon, Sony, Nikon Camera,Phone, Gopro and Tripod

This is the ultimate camera slider in the market today. IMORDEN holds the position of the best camera slider today. It is very sturdy, yet it’s also ultra-light compared to aluminum sliders. To obtain quiet movement, it has six roller bearings in the triangle under the carriage.

You will be glad to know, that it can be used in many different environments. The slider has resistance to corrosion and rust as well.

It works great with Canon, Sony, Nikon Camera, Phones, GoPro and Tripod. This camera slider can even be used by YouTubers too. It is versatile to camera attachment and provides fluid footage.  Check price on Amazon

This sums up our review today, concerning the Top 10 Best Camera Sliders in 2020. As you have seen, some of them have more features to them than others. You need to consider whether the particular benefits that come with the slider, will also work with your project needs. The best camera slider, will definitely increase your love for filming.


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